Chapter 648A – We’ve Returned

Demonic Path, Holy Palace –

Decorate lights were hung everywhere and the atmosphere was festive with celebration. The cultivators of the Holy Palace all had bright smiles on their faces.

The reason was simple. His Majesty the Holy Monarch was getting married today. Moreover, it was the Holy Queen and Holy Concubine together. It could be said that a double happiness was arriving.

The Holy Concubine was You Qi – this was within everyone’s expectations. But, the Holy Queen was an incomparably mysterious person. Everyone had only heard that she was a woman as beautiful as a flower, and thus she was able to catch the heart of His Majesty the Holy Monarch.

In the rear halls of the Holy Palace, Shen Yuanyin was wearing a bright red wedding dress. She leaned into Qin Yu’s embrace, whispering, “I never thought that this day would come.”

Qin Yu hugged her. “I already decided to marry you many years ago and now I’m finally going to…but I still have wronged you.”

Shen Yuanyin shook her head, “You Qi has already spoken with me a great deal and told me everything that you’ve experienced together. Without her, there wouldn’t be us. For us to be together, we both have to thank her. So I don’t feel wronged at all and there is also no reason for you to feel guilty.”

“Thank you!”

“Don’t thank me. Because from this day forth, there is no longer Shen Yuanyin, only Ning Ling…only your wife.”

The great wedding was like a dream, coming to a perfect conclusion with guests in attendance from all around.

Immortal Sect.

Within a shattered hall, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master sat down facing each other. They each held a jade slip in their hands that contained a list of the losses the Immortal Sect suffered in this catastrophe.

Calamity Immortals lost – 13.

Cites destroyed – 270.

Ordinary cultivators and others that died – countless!


The jade slip in the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s hand was smashed to pieces. His expression was fierce as he raged, “Marriage, they actually dare to hold a marriage. Good! Very good!”

The Nether Domain Master was without expression, “What do we do?”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign coldly replied, “We reply with an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth!” His expression darkened even further. “Marriage? Then I’ll give them a great present!”

He stood up and flicked his sleeves. The ground split apart, revealing stone steps that led downwards. It was unknown just where it was connected to.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stepped onto the stone steps. The Nether Domain Master followed behind. After walking through this crack for a long time, they arrived at a great temple hidden deep below the earth.

A light gray altar was placed in the center of the temple. It was the same color of grass that was burnt to ashes. It was deathly still with not a single bit of vitality to it.

“As a head of the Immortal Sect, glory and responsibility come together. Shen Yuanyin abandoned the Immortal Sect so she must suffer the punishment of doing so…does she think she can live a life without worries after having escaped? She is far too naïve!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s cold voice echoed through the temple. He bowed deeply and said, “With my title as the Buddhist Nation Sovereign, I ask Immortal Origin to kill the traitor Shen Yuanyin!”

The Nether Domain Master bowed, “With my title as the master of the Lucid Nether Domain, I ask Immortal Origin to kill the rebel!”

Hum –

The altar trembled as faint traces of aura gushed out. It formed a balance scale atop the altar. The balance scale sank to one side as a round bead appeared on it. Shen Yuanyin’s figure could be seen flashing within.

“Do we need to offer a sacrifice of lives?” The Nether Domain Master frowned.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stood up. He slowly said, “It’s time to make use of what we prepared many years ago. We just happened to have collected a sufficient amount of sacrifices.”

The Nether Domain Master furrowed his eyebrows, “Right now?”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign said, “Even if the losses are serious, as long as you and I exist then the Immortal Sect’s background will be preserved. They wouldn’t dare to tear apart the agreement. Moreover, in this matter, those sinners in the north are even more worried than we are…before we begin our plan, there is something else that must be dealt with ahead of time.”

The Nether Domain Master said in a low voice, “Solitary Westgate!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s eyes were cold. “What I regret the most is that I didn’t firm my heart and decide to kill him no matter what the price was, leading to today’s disaster!” He took a deep breath and stood up, “I will immediately go to Absolute Capital and invite Emperor Zhou to join us.”

The Nether Domain Master furrowed his eyebrows. “With Emperor Zhou’s personality, he won’t necessarily interfere.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stood up, “I will offer half a country as a bargaining chip. I don’t believe he can remain indifferent!”

He walked away, soon vanishing from sight.

The city-state, Zhou. Absolute Capital –

In a teahouse on the side of a street, an old monk with a warm and benign appearance bowed. The originally hard-hearted teahouse owner felt an unexpected flash of compassion. He looked at the travel-worn appearance of the old monk and respectfully asked him to enter the teahouse to rest.

“Thank you, benefactor. I am only a little thirsty. A cup of water would be more than enough.”

Seeing the dazed waiter, the teahouse owner glared at him. The waiter hurried to bring a cup of warm clear water. When the waiter saw the teahouse owner hold the hands of the old monk with a respectful expression, he couldn’t help but twist his face in confusion.

This was his mean-spirited and cheap boss? This was much harder to believe than flying pigs!

The old monk sat down in a corner of the teahouse and started to quietly drink tea. A moment later, the curtains of the teahouse were pushed apart and a blue-clothed man waked in. He casually glanced at the old monk and sat across from him. Then, eyeing the waiter, he said, “A pot of dragon green tea.”

The owner sent the old monk a worried look but didn’t dare to say anything. He personally offered up the highest quality dragon green tea they had in the storehouse and then bowed before carefully walking away.

The blue-clothed man seemed to be around 40 years of age and had an imposing momentum. He lifted the teapot and poured his cup to the brim. After drinking three cups he laid the teacup down with a loud ‘pa’.

Hum –

The space around the tea table twisted. Although there was no change from the outside, all perception was blocked out.

The old monk smiled and bowed.

The blue-clothed man said without expression, “Great monk, did you come to Absolute Capital for something?”

The old monk nodded, “There is something I wish to discuss with Your Majesty.”

The blue-clothed man’s lips twisted up. “Hiding yourself in the shadows. Don’t you think you lack too much sincerity?”

The old monk smiled. “My true body is outside the city. If Your Majesty wishes for it, I will come and personally greet you.”

The blue-clothed man humphed. “No need. Just tell me what your purpose in coming here is.”

The old monk said, “There will soon be a great upheaval in the world. If Your Majesty is willing to help, I would be deeply grateful.”

The blue-clothed man’s eyes flashed. “What are you asking me to do?”

“Block the Dao Arena Master.”

“Monk, you are too impolite. Solitary Westgate isn’t someone who is easy to mess with and I have no reason to provoke a powerful enemy for myself.”

“The land of half a country!” The old monk raised a hand and crossed a finger across his palm. “I vow to Your Majesty that as long as you help, no matter what the result is you will obtain a territory of no less than 5 million miles around Absolute Capital.”

The blue-clothed man’s eyes flashed like lightning. “Monk, do you know what the fate is for those that deceive me?”

The old monk lowered his head, “Your Majesty has no need to worry.”

“Good! Then I agree!”

The old monk stood up. “Thank you, Your Majesty. Please wait for further news.”

He bowed and turned to leave. After arriving in front of the teahouse owner he smiled and walked out. His figure vanished into the stream of people. 

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