Chapter 647A – Medicine Garden and Tonic

They were pressed for time and disaster could arrive at any moment. Since Qin Yu had made a decision, he no longer hesitated. He began to send out a distant call through a far-off connection.

Time passed one breath at a time. When Qin Yu thought that the little blue lamp had chosen to refuse him, a tranquil thought fluctuation suddenly passed back to him. “Qin Yu, are you sure that you wish to use my strength? There is a high likelihood that this will have incomparably terrifying consequences.”

Qin Yu forced a smile. “If I don’t summon you then I fear I will die here today!”

The little blue lamp was silent for several breaths of time. “I will help you. However, the consequences will all depend on your fate.”

Within the world of Qin Yu’s mind, above the endless earth, the silver-haired god imprisoned in the towering golden altar suddenly opened his eyes, his body shivering.

The phantom of a great sun arrived above the altar, shining down its light. The god was covered within and he suddenly felt small and weak, as if he were no different from an ant. In particular, the aura of this great sun caused him to instinctively feel fear and horror in the depths of his heart, with such intensity that he couldn’t even hope to contend with it…he even suspected that if this great sun phantom wished for him to die, he would do so without any hesitation.

Just what was it?

Suddenly, an even brighter ray of sunlight shot out like an arrow, submerging into the chest of the panic-stricken god.

“Protect the human who is imprisoning you. If he can arrive at the end, then you will achieve true eternal life!”

Shua –

The great sun phantom vanished. In the next moment, golden flames began to shine at the peak of the golden altar. And, the source of these flames was the god that was being imprisoned.

“This…this is…Undying Godfire…” The god looked at the place where the great sun phantom vanished, thick disbelief etched across his face. His innermost feelings shook as if tsunamis were sweeping through his mind. As a god, he knew what this meant.

Gods evolved from living beings and stood upon the peak of the world. But at the same time, there were also strict divisions of order between them. He didn’t know what the next boundary was, but he knew that only by reaching that boundary would he have the chance to light the Undying Godfire. Once his soul was fused within, that was when he would gain the ability to be reborn in flames and would become nearly unkillable.

Before the great catastrophe of the past arrived, he had already faintly touched upon this boundary, and it was because of this that he had a full understanding of how difficult it was to make this breakthrough. Even if the catastrophe never occurred and he had survived until this day, he still wasn’t sure if he would have been able to make this breakthrough.

But what happened now? Just a ray of light had forcefully promoted him to another level. Although he could only temporarily control the Godfire, this in itself was sufficiently amazing!

The god couldn’t help but fall into thought once more. Just what was the origin of this great sun phantom? It actually possessed such inconceivable might!

This was a question doomed to receive no answer. But, this didn’t stop the god from drawing a conclusion: there had to be a strong relationship between the great sun phantom and Qin Yu. In a spark of time, the god came to a decision. Perhaps this would be the greatest lucky chance of his life. If he could grasp it then his future would be unimaginable!

At the top of the God Imprisoning Altar where the golden Undying Godfire blazed, the god fell down to his knees and lowered his proud head. “My name is Silverfrost Frigidsky, God of Frozen Ice. I am willing to submit to my lord, giving my life’s loyalty to my lord. This is a vow that shall never change!”

True name!

When a god condensed their godhead, they would automatically produce a unique title, one that was theirs alone. This title was also called their real name, and only the god themselves would know what it was…because once someone grasped their real name, they would have the qualifications to sign a contract and summon the god.

To know a god’s true name was the same as grasping their life. Only extremely high ranking gods in the spiritual god system had the qualifications to obtain the loyalty of other low ranking gods. But today, as a human, Qin Yu obtained the submission of a genuine god. Even throughout the myriad worlds and endless heavens, this was an extremely rare occurrence.

After Qin Yu heard this true name it turned into a mark that fused into his soul. Qin Yu instantly understood what this meant. He sucked in a deep breath and suppressed the joy in his heart and said in his mind. “Immediately break through the imprisonment!”

Atop the God Imprisoning Altar, the god stood up and said with extreme respect, “I abide by your will.”

In front of the spatial crack, Qin Yu’s eyes were closed and no fluctuations of aura came from him. To some, this might have seemed as if he were deep in thought, but to most it seemed as if he had given up resistance. Everyone felt their hearts sinking as their complexions sank. Were they really going to die in the Immortal Sect today?

The Dark Night Supreme Seat clenched his teeth. It was one thing if he didn’t obtain any advantages for having come this far, but if he even had to lose his avatar, then he would really owe an apology to his family. But, the more worried ones should be Qin Yu and the Dao Arena Master. They had both come here with their true bodies. If they died then that would mean the end of their lives.

Yama’s eyes were gloomy beneath her golden mask. Her worries weren’t placed on her avatar, but the Samsara she had just taken back. From this day forth the Immortal Sect would know how much this treasure mattered to the Blue Skies Yellow Springs lineage. If she wanted to take it back again in the future, her chances would be far more unlikely.

Solitary Westgate’s blood red eyes grew increasingly deep. A terrifying aura erupted from his body. Since he couldn’t leave then he might as well fight. Even if the Immortal Sect had unfathomably terrifying methods, so what? If they wanted to kill him it wouldn’t be that simple…no one knew who would die here and who would live today!

Only Shen Yuanyin still looked at Qin Yu’s back with a calm expression. In a short period of time he had come this far, one step at a time. She believed that there was nothing in this world that could stop him…at the very least, even if she couldn’t escape this tribulation, to die together with him was also something she was willing to do.

This calm and loving gaze stabbed deeply into the minds of the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master. They smiled with anger. “Shen Yuanyin, you can give up any idea of taking even half a step out of the Immortal Sect. To betray the Immortal Sect and tarnish the unsurpassed glory of being one of the three heads, you will suffer annihilation as punishment!”

“Today, you will die and the Demon Sovereign must also die. Since you don’t want to part with him, then the both of you can suffer torment in hell together, never to be freed!” At this time, the one person these two hated the most were not those from the Demonic Path or Dao Arena, but this woman who had betrayed the Immortal Sect.

Shen Yuanyin’s body trembled but she immediately composed herself. She looked up, a gentle expression on her face, “Even if I must die, I will not regret.”

Shua –

Qin Yu opened his eyes and warmly smiled. “You and I have an endless future to enjoy, so how can we die here today?” He looked at the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master. “Let’s end things here for today. No matter what methods you two have in the future, I will receive them then.”

He punched out. A towering figure appeared between the heavens and earth and a formidable aura swept through the world. The Thunder Kirin standing behind Solitary Westgate fiercely opened its eyes as if it was seeing something inconceivable occur.

As Qin Yu punched out, this figure also thrust out a fist. A wild strength rampaged outwards like flood dragons, howling into the pitch black spatial crack. The sound of clear shattering sounds, like plates and bowls cracking on the ground, spread to everyone’s ears.

“Impossible!” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign roared out loud. But as he did he spat out a mouthful of blood and his face paled. When his avatar had been destroyed he had suffered a backlash. But, he had managed to forcefully suppress it due to his terrifying cultivation. Now, the imprisoning strength surrounding the Immortal Sect world had been broken through. Even though it was only a tiny crack, this was enough to initiate a second backlash that thoroughly blew open his previous injuries.

The Nether Domain Master was left in an even more pitiful state. The point between his eyebrows split open to reveal white bone. It was like he had been slashed with a saber, blood drenching his face! And this was merely the visible injuries. What was even more horrifying was that his soul had been injured in the same way as his body. The point between its eyes had been slashed, shaking its foundation…to a supreme being of the world, this was an incredibly deep wound.

Qin Yu took hold of Shen Yuanyin’s hand, “Let’s go!”

Shua –

They flew into the crack first.

Solitary Westgate, the Dark Night Supreme Seat, Yama, and the others followed close behind.

When they entered the spatial crack, all they saw was a pitch black nothingness that was like a fog that could never be dispersed. As everyone saw this black fog, an ice cold feeling covered their bodies. Luckily, the strike just now had opened up a hole in the fog, allowing everyone to pass through.

Besides the Dark Night Supreme Seat, everyone had grateful looks as they stared at Qin Yu at the front. They had all been on the verge of death, but in a critical moment the situation had reversed. The sudden changes had caused their emotions to surge even more.

When a cultivator reached the Calamity Immortal level their feelings were formidable and tough. If it weren’t for all these events they wouldn’t have been affected so much.

In the Immortal Sect world, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master reared back their heads and roared in anger. Their billowing voices were flooded with rage and unwillingness. They had lost their avatars and hadn’t hesitated to pay the price to bring their true bodies here. But just as they were about to bring down disaster upon their enemies, they had managed to escape in the end. How could they accept this result?

“Don’t even think about leaving!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stood up and thrust his hand towards the ground, The earth shattered and the phantom of a net appeared, howling into his palm. If one looked carefully, they would discover that every line of this so-called ‘net’ actually correspondingly matched every crack on the earth.

Since they had escaped the Immortal Sect world, wanting to kill all of them was impossible. But at the very least they needed to catch the prime culprits of this disaster to dispel some of the hatred in their hearts. For instance, the Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch…to control the strength of the broken boundary with his true body’s cultivation wasn’t difficult at all!

Of course, there was another reason he had to kill Qin Yu. Qin Yu was able to control the godhead and erupt with a power that shattered the imprisonment around the Immortal Sect world. No matter what the reason was, this was simply far too terrifying.

Taking a step forward, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign walked into the spatial crack. 

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