Chapter 646 – None of You Can Leave

Kong Yisheng was wrapped in gray flames as he floated above a city. Right now he was watching as this city was being torn apart by fissures and countess Immortal Sect cultivators were screaming pitifully as they were dragged in. He recklessly laughed into the skies while striking back the small number of cultivators that were able to escape the winding fissures. He listened to their cries of despair and watched their looks of hatred as they fell back down into the chasm, and the only feeling that flowed in his chest was a comfortable warmth.

He wanted to continue watching. He wanted to bear witness to the Immortal Sect as they thoroughly crashed into the abyss of destruction, one step at a time. But what a pity, he no longer had any time left. After reaching the pinnacle of excitement, a deep emptiness appeared right after. Kong Yisheng’s eyes suddenly turned around. Unfortunately, before any tears could fall down his cheeks they were burned away by the gray flames.

“Kong Yisheng…an empty life…it seems that even reincarnating into a new life requires some technical skills. My surname isn’t good and my given name wasn’t good, so everything in my life ended up empty anyways. I cannot leave behind even the smallest mark in this world. I pray for this dirty world to forget me, as if I never existed here at all.”

He closed his eyes. Then, standing in the gray flames, Kong Yisheng twisted like a plume of smoke before vanishing from sight. He should have died long ago. The only reason he barely managed to maintain a feeble existence until this day was all in order to take revenge upon the Immortal Sect.

Today, he killed those he should have, those he shouldn’t have, and many, many others. Thinking about it, if she could see him from down below, she should be satisfied…

From the moment Kong Yisheng entered the Immortal Sect, he never had any thoughts of leaving alive.

The sharp screams of a woman came from within a floating black cloud of fog. “I’m not like that lunatic Kong Yisheng! I still haven’t lived long enough!”

She howled into the skies. During this process she didn’t forget to grab several panicking Immortal Sect cultivators that were flying past her. Then, after bursts of pained screams, several bodies crashed into the earth like stones.

After doing what she did today, she never imagined she would be able to live on peacefully.

But this was the only chance for her to retaliate against the Immortal Sect. If she were to miss out on this chance she wouldn’t have had a second time. Moreover, she had already done it, so what was the point in feeling any regret?

“These Immortal Sect brats, you definitely know who I am! I will wait for you to come and find me!”

The old man carrying a jar could hear the rampant laughing of a woman from far away. He suddenly shook and muttered beneath his breath, “What a crazy woman. I should get far away from her in the future so I’m not drawn into her mess.”

As he spoke, he looked around with worry on his face. That group of old ancestors should be returning right now. If they weren’t running back, were they waiting for their master to come and fry them all in oil?

But just as he was worrying, loud rumbles rose up from all around him. The black centipede, dark green toad, woman-headed snake, scorpion, ant, and butterfly were all racing towards him, leaving plumes of smoke in their wake. One could hear their shouts from far away.

“Old Man Wu, hurry up and open the door!”

“Make haste you old thing, we don’t want to die!”

“Quick, quick, this young lady is afraid, I want to go home!”

The old man quickly opened the jar. The strange creatures punched and kicked each other as they struggled to race into the jar. Then, they crazily urged, “Leave, leave!”

“I know, I know!” The old man picked up the jar and flew into the sky. He really couldn’t stay in the Immortal Sect any longer.

What? You said what do gods need to fear?

Humph, how naïve. If gods really were fearless, then how could the Twilight of the Gods arrive?

This black pool of water that was the Immortal Sect was simply far too deep. After taking a small advantage, the wisest choice would be to flee before asking for more. Otherwise, prepare to be abandoned!

“None of you will leave. Not a single one of you…none of you!”

In the infinite darkness, a low and deep voice constantly reverberated. As the syllables grew louder and louder, a bright light rapidly spread outwards.

The darkness was torn into shreds that quickly faded away. Like ice under running water, it shrank until it all disappeared.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s main body appeared in the light. His calm and warm complexion formed a distinctive contrast with the cruel anger in his eyes.

“All of you will stay behind.”

Shua –

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s main body vanished.

The Holy Palace was shaking and shattering the skies. But, there was no joy on Qin Yu’s face. He looked at the dark cracks, an incomparably dignified look in his eyes. Cracked space didn’t mean it was an exit; it could be an infinite abyss that swallowed all. The giant cracks that were torn open in the skies above the Immortal Sect world gave off such a feeling.

Shua –

Shua –

Those that flew close came to a screeching halt. They were Calamity Immortals and thus had powerful sensory abilities. They naturally realized that something was wrong with these cracks. Everyone’s complexions changed. Some had harsh and stern eyes and some had panicked and anxious looks. They all knew that once the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master lost their avatars, they wouldn’t give up here. If so, then the Immortal Sect world was going to become a purgatory. If they couldn’t escape from this world as soon as possible, their fates were bound to be pitiful.

All eyes focused on the Dao Arena Master and Qin Yu. When a living being was in danger, they instinctually looked towards powerhouses. These two people had suppressed the god and captured its godhead, even joining forces to slay the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s avatar and compel the Nether Domain Master to implode his avatar. With these accomplishments, they naturally became the greatest dependence in everyone’s minds.

“Not a single one of you can leave!” A billowing roar rumbled through the skies like crackling thunder. Every syllable contained a terrifying strength and dreadful killing intent, causing the faces of those gathered in front of the spatial crack to change.

Buddhist Nation Sovereign!

A dot of light appeared. It rapidly grew as it released light that swept out in all directions, becoming as bright as a sun. The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s figure appeared and his ice cold eyes covered everyone. In the next moment another dot of light appeared. The Nether Domain Master followed behind. Two supreme beings of the world had arrived with their true bodies.

“In the endless years of the Immortal Sect’s inheritance, when have we ever withstood shame like today? You must all be buried as an apology!”

Without any further words, these two heads sat down cross-legged and instantly merged into one whole with the Immortal Sect world. Rumbles came from the fissures all around, accompanied by a terrifying aura.

As this aura covered them, even the Calamity Immortals paled. Fear surged from deep within their soul, so heavy that they couldn’t suppress it. They had no idea what was hiding beneath the fissures…but it could easily kill them all!

The black fog woman’s voice rose up, “Dao Arena Master, you promised us before this that you would guarantee our safety. What are you planning to do now?”

Solitary Westgate’s blood red eyes locked onto the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master. He coldly said, “Since their true bodies have already appeared, we might as well make use of this opportunity to thoroughly eradicate them!”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat coldly sneered. “Stop daydreaming. You and I both know that wanting to erase the Immoral Sect today is only the babblings of a fool! Hurry and find a way to leave here, otherwise none of us will be able to escape!”

As he spoke to here, his complexion became increasingly ugly. Today he had tried to gain an advantage but only ended up worse off. Qin Yu had used him as a shield, leaving him with nothing, and there was even a chance he would lose this avatar. Just thinking about this caused the Supreme Seat’s teeth to itch with anger.

Solitary Westgate’s aura erupted. Qin Yu said in a low voice, “Westgate! Don’t forget what I said to you just now. It is more important to withdraw from the Immortal Sect world right now. This isn’t fleeing in fear, it is just temporarily withdrawing so we can bring the Immortal Sect to complete ruin in the future.”

“This world has been imprisoned by a great strength. I can try to break through but I don’t have full confidence I can.” Solitary Westgate took a deep calming breath. He glared at the Dark Night Supreme Seat, turned, and then punched out.

The Thunder Kirin beside him howled out loud and turned into a flow of light that fused into his arm. His arm swelled up several times over and his robes were burst open. Then, a dazzling bolt of thunder howled out like an arrow, shooting into the dark cracks.

Rumble rumble –

There was a deep thumping sound from within, like 10,000 horses galloping across the field. But, everyone’s complexions soon turned ugly. This was because the sound became quieter and quieter until it finally disappeared.

There were no changes to the dark cracks. It was like the large gaping maw of a monster, swallowing up Solitary Westgate’s punch that had been infused with the power of a god.

Everyone knew that Solitary Westgate hadn’t held back. But, even such a powerful punch was useless. There was even less need to discuss what would happen after they ventured in.

A chill rose up in everyone’s hearts as fear colored their eyes. Then, they all looked at Qin Yu. He was their final hope. If even if he was at a loss, that would only leave a single road open to them – to engage in one final battle with the Immortal Sect and risk them all dying here!

Shen Yuanyin bit her lips. But before she could speak, Qin Yu interrupted her, “I’ll try.” He patted her hands and let her go. Then, he took a step forward. Facing the black cracks, he slowly closed his eyes.

Within his soul space, his soul opened its eyes as his consciousness arrived. He directly asked, “Purple Moon, do you have any means?”

From the purple moonlight, a beautiful lady in imperial dress appeared, a chilling atmosphere around her. She shook her head. “My strength is insufficient to break through this world’s seal.” She paused for a moment before saying, “Perhaps you should seek help from that one who has always been quiet. Although I have never seen them, if they can shield themself from my senses, they should be absolutely terrifying.”

Qin Yu fell silent. He knew what Purple Moon was referring to. His thoughts raced and he soon came to a decision – to seek help from the little blue lamp.



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