Chapter 645B – The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s Avatar Dies

The Nether Domain Master’s complexion changed. But, before he could move to stop anything, Yama rushed in front of him and thrust her hand out. The spinning black pan covered him and the surrounding space collapsed inwards, forming six black holes that momentarily imprisoned him inside.

A blood red light pierced through space and left behind a series of afterimages as it approached the Buddhist Nation Sovereign. Then, it intersected him without hesitation. The blood red light came to a stop right behind the Buddhist Nation Sovereign to reveal Solitary Westgate’s figure. In his hand was a heart condensed by countless runes.

“Immortal Sect…I swear upon my life that I will bring about your destruction during my lifetime. I will make sure that not a single one of you remains alive!”

The Nether Domain Master roared, “Stop!”

Solitary Westgate clenched his fingers together. The heart of runes in his hands collapsed into countless pieces that poured out from his palm. They disintegrated in midair before finally vanishing.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign slowly looked down at the massive hole in his chest. His lips moved but before he could say a single word his body gave way and turned into dust that blew away with the wind.

Hu –

Sounds of grief and mourning filled the heavens and earth and endless black clouds billowed forth. With loud rumbles, thunder blasted in the skies and a torrential downpour of rain fell down. Traces of sadness came from the rainwater. It carried with it a formidable strength that bathed all the souls in this rain, making them feel an unstoppable sense of sorrow.

When a supreme being of the world fell, the heavens and earth grieved…even if it were only an avatar, they still possessed a part of a supreme being’s might and could thus resonate with the world. And, this resonance was not limited to just the world of the Immortal Sect, but radiated outwards to everywhere that the rules touched.


Emperor Zhou suddenly furrowed his eyebrows and looked up at the rapidly darkening skies. With loud rumbles, thunder roared. Soon after there were flashes of lightning as rain flooded one’s entire field of vision, drenching everything in painful sobs.

Surprise flashed in the depths of his eyes. After several breaths of silence, Emperor Zhou said in a soft voice, “Things have become messy.” He was already prepared to deal with the worst possible result, but when it happened he still felt it was unbelievable. It had to be known that being called a supreme being of this world was not a hollow title. It represented not just transcendent status but also an absolutely formidable strength.

It wasn’t difficult for Emperor Zhou to suppress a supreme being of the world with his cultivation. But, if he wanted to kill them, it wouldn’t be easy to slay even an avatar. For beings that could control the rules and move the world with a thought, escaping from battle was extremely easy. It seemed that something unexpected occurred in the Immortal Sect or some immense accident happened.

After hesitating for a moment, Emperor Zhou raised his hand. Space split apart and a giant opening appeared. But at this time, Emperor Zhou’s eyes shimmered and he didn’t step inside. He turned and looked behind him, saying in an indifferent tone, “Who dares to spy on me?”

His voice was calm but each syllable contained an immeasurable degree of might. They were enough to touch the rules and shake the world, creating incomparably terrifying fluctuations of strength that were able to crush and erase everything.

The fluctuations split in half, as if they were cut apart by a sharp invisible knife. Mi Ganyuan stepped out, his expression indifferent. He slightly bowed, “Greetings, Your Majesty Emperor Zhou.” Then, he stood up tall. He was like a straight mountain peak that held up the skies, proud and aloof.

The reason he bowed was because Emperor Zhou was the first one to dominate the entire world, and that was his goal. But, he was still the emperor of the Chu Empire, one of the peak existences of this world. In some ways, he could even toss aside the description of ‘one of’!

Mi Ganyuan had his own pride and confidence in his strength. In front of Emperor Zhou he was neither arrogant nor servile and his mind was calm. If it weren’t for this, he wouldn’t have taken the initiative to appear.

Emperor Zhou said without expression, “Mi Ganyuan, you want to stop me?” In his eyes, these so-called seven great empires were nothing but rebels and fake pseudo-nations.

Mi Ganyuan smiled. “I only hope that Emperor Zhou doesn’t meddle in the affairs of the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path. No matter what the result will be, allow them to determine it themselves.”

Emperor Zhou said, “And if I don’t agree?”

Mi Ganyuan’s smile faded and the aura of an emperor erupted from him like a sun. “Then I can only express my regrets.”

Emperor Zhou’s eyes were ice cold. “Good! I also want to know just how strong the Chu Empire is that is trying to replace my Great Zhou!”

Mi Ganyuan said, “I will try not to disappoint Emperor Zhou.”

Bang –

Space instantly shattered, turning into a thick black paste that rapidly spread outwards. Everything in its scope was sent into the abyss of destruction. One was the founding emperor of an empire that once conquered the world, and the other was the current ruler of the most powerful empire in the world. Both sides collided without hesitation.

This was because each side knew the thoughts and desires of the other. Emperor Zhou couldn’t stare on helplessly as the Demonic Path reigned supreme. As for Mi Ganyuan, he hoped for both sides to be mutually wounded. One side wanted to meddle and the other side wanted to stop anyone from interfering. This was a disagreement that could not be resolved.

On this day, black clouds and pouring rains covered the entirety of the Land of Divinity and Demons. When cultivators learned of what happened their faces would pale and they would feel fear and trepidation rising from the depths of their hearts.

The seven great empires and all other top influences immediately reacted. Once the situation collapsed they would move to protect their own benefits…or to seek out greater benefits!

The Immortal and Demonic sides were two towering divine mountains that stood above all others and naturally possessed the largest benefits in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Countless people were looking forward to their decline, as this would usher in a new future. An anxious and constrained atmosphere covered the world. It brewed deep below like a fermenting volcano. Once a turning point arrived, there would be a terrifying eruption!

All eyes turned to the Immortal Sect world, waiting for news of the final result to come.

Qin Yu attacked, Yama hindered, and Solitary Westgate slayed…this process seemed simple, but one couldn’t forget that this tactic used three supreme beings of the world. Moreover, the most critical point was that Qin Yu’s will instantly stunned the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s mind, causing a fatal opening to appear. If it weren’t for that, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s avatar wouldn’t have been killed so easily.

The importance of an avatar to a supreme being was self-evident. Once killed, not only would they need to use up a massive amount of time and energy to condense a new one, but a more serious consequence was that it would cause a backlash to one’s main body.

As for what the consequences of the backlash would be, to put it simply it would all depend on one's luck. The lightest consequence was to vomit a few mouthfuls of blood and the heaviest consequence was to have one’s soul damaged or even broken!

The Nether Domain Master never thought that the Immortal Sect would face such a situation. He had no idea what would happen with Shen Yuanyin betraying the Immortal Sect and the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s avatar being killed. His heart shook. A dark and gloomy grief filled the air, soon becoming a rage that could not be suppressed.

He swept his eyes at the figures of the Dao Arena Master, Qin Yu, Yama, the Supreme Seat, and all the others. Then, an animalistic howl came out from his mouth. His body shattered into countless rule fragments that smashed into the earth.

Qin Yu’s heart shook as an intense feeling of threat appeared. In the next moment, loud rumblings came from deep below the ground. The earth began to crack and split apart into horrifying fissure that extended without end. They broke mountains and swallowed cities, chopping apart rivers and making all living beings cry in sorrow.

These fissures connected to each other. If one stood in the highest skies, they would find that these fissures composed a strange image that spread over the entire Immortal Sect.

“Today, the Immortal Sect will pay any price to make you all stay behind and be buried in the nine nether abyss, never to escape!” The Nether Domain Master’s voice reverberated through the world, filled with a manic craziness!

It took a great amount of courage to destroy one’s own avatar, and this amount of courage was equal to how much hatred was in his heart. When had the solemn Immortal Sect ever been in such a distressed state? He wanted all these people to pay the price!

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, Purple Moon said, “Qin Yu, leave immediately!” Her tone was unexpectedly filled with disbelief.

Qin Yu took a deep breath and looked at Solitary Westgate. “We need to leave! Remember, your most important priority right now is not to take revenge but to revive your loved ones!”

Blood red light surged in Solitary Westgate’s eyes. He roared out loud and punched the earth. The ground collapsed downwards, forming a fathomless black pit.

“Immortal Sect, today was only repaying some interest. The hatred between you and me will never fade!”

Qin Yu loudly said, “Let’s go!”

The phantom of the Holy Palace rumbled and formidable fluctuations of aura erupted, resisting the strength that was bombarding them from all sides. With loud heaven-rumbling sounds, the skies around the Holy Palace shattered and began to spread outwards, like mirror images of the terrifying fissure in the ground below.


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