Chapter 645A - The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s Avatar Dies

He lifted a hand and light scales appeared around his fingers. His nails started to elongate and sharpen until they were like the claws of a beast. An imprisoning strength erupted and covered the godhead.

But before the Dark Night Supreme Seat’s smile could fully bloom, his expression stiffened. He looked up into the skies. There, a space shattered and a beam of light came crashing down. The aura of this beam of light was the same as when the Buddhist Nation Sovereign had combusted his avatar to attempt to kill Solitary Westgate.

This was the contingency plan that the Immortal Sect had placed upon the godhead. Once any different aura touched the godhead, it would summon a terrifying killing strike on the level of the Great Dao realm. The light beam came down far too quickly and had locked onto the Dark Night Supreme Seat’s aura. He roared out loud, knowing that he had no time to dodge. He raised his hands above him. Scales appeared on his other hand and both his hands became like the claws of a beast.

The power of darkness burst free from his body, wrapping around him and forming a giant black ball. In the next moment, the beam of light pierced right through the black ball. The black ball collapsed to reveal the figure of the Dark Night Supreme Seat. His chest had been pierced through and one could see a hole opened up through him. But, no blood flowed out. Rather, one could see countless runes shimmering around the wound. They trembled and collapsed, and each time they did the Dark Night Supreme Seat would tremble and his aura would weaken.

After being freed from the Dark Night Supreme Seat’s grasp, the godhead flew without pausing. It was so fast that it was nearly impossible to lock onto it. If it were given a breath of time it could escape this area and escape into the boundless world, where no one would be able to find it again.

But after the mantis failed to catch a cicada, there was a sparrow who loved to eat insects staring at it. The godhead wailed out loud and suddenly swerved in a different direction. Then, beneath the disbelieving gaze of the Dark Night Supreme Seat, it flew into Qin Yu’s hand.

“Holy Monarch…” Just as the Dark Night Supreme Seat said this, Qin Yu did something unknown and the godhead in his hand vanished from sight.

Qin Yu looked up, a calm expression on his face, “I have abided by my promise to not compete with the Supreme Seat. But since this godhead came to me of its own volition, I will kindly accept it.”

Even a ghost wouldn’t believe such words. The Dark Night Supreme Seat’s face instantly twisted. If his injuries weren’t so severe and his avatar weakened so much, then he absolutely would have leapt up and fought Qin Yu! This bastard, this bastard of a bastard! Did he really think this father was so stupid!?

In fact, the Supreme Seat already realized that Qin Yu had deliberately not competed with him for the godhead just now. This was because Qin Yu must have known something was wrong with the godhead and regarded him as a living human shield. After hiding behind him and emerging unscathed, he came back out to take everything! He glared at Qin Yu and nearly gnashed his teeth to pieces.

“Your Majesty Holy Monarch, this godhead is of great use to me. If Your Majesty is willing to part with it, I can pay any price!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I apologize, Supreme Seat, but you spoke too late. This godhead is already mine and no one can think of taking it away.”

Within the endless world of his mind, there was a towering golden altar that stood as high as the heavens. When the godhead appeared, it started to shine as runes rapidly raced around it. Then, without giving any chance for the godhead to respond, it forcefully completed the contract.

The raising of a god was successful!

Qin Yu’s happiness nearly leapt out of his chest. He couldn’t help but reveal a delighted smile. Although he knew that this smile wasn’t sincere and would be an immense psychological attack for the Dark Night Supreme Seat, he still couldn’t help it.

Ignoring the Dark Night Supreme Seat’s pale complexion, Qin Yu looked up at where Yama was fiercely fighting with Shen Yuanyin. The latter stiffened for a moment and Yama seized this chance to send her hurtling away.

Qin Yu’s body flickered and he stopped in front of Yama, preventing her from pursuing her enemy. “Leave Shen Yuanyin to me.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s eyes widened. He seemed to suddenly realize something and he fiercely roared, “Flee! Don’t fight with him!”

But this warning came too late. Qin Yu stepped forward and punched out a fist. Shen Yuanyin condensed an ice sword in her hands and stabbed forward.

Puff –

The ice sword pierced through Qin Yu’s chest and penetrated his lung. His face instantly paled but the corners of his lips still lifted in a smile. “Got you.” Across from him, Shen Yuanyin’s complexion changed. In the next moment, an endlessly formidable aura gushed out from his body like a broken dam and flooded into hers.

This was the aura of a god. Although it was weak, it still represented a level that no one could contend with. It instantly suppressed the consciousness that had taken control of Shen Yuanyin’s body. After a brief struggle, she fell unconscious.

Qin Yu held Shen Yuanyin in his arms. He looked at her strange yet familiar face. Although he had high hopes in his heart, his palms were still sweaty with worry. Now was the time for him to accept the final result of all his efforts…was she Ning Ling?

Long eyelashes shivered. When her eyes slowly opened and Qin Yu saw her dull pupils begin to brighten and shine, all the terror in his heart vanished, replaced with joy.

It was her!

It was her!

When their eyes met, the look that passed between the two could not be faked. It was a familiar one that he had experienced countless times before. It could only be Ning Ling!

At this time, Qin Yu wished he could rear back his head and shout into the heavens. He hugged Shen Yuanyin tight to his chest and when he felt her struggle, he loudly said, “Ning Ling, I know it’s you. Don’t be afraid of a backlash from the Sublime Lost Emotion Code; I have already helped you suppress it. From here on out, no one can stop you and I from being together. We will never separate from each other again!”

After a moment of dazedness, Shen Yuanyin sensed her condition. Her thoughts tumbled but the power of the Sublime Lost Emotion Code remained motionless, with no sign that there would be a backlash…her body shivered and her eyes began to redden.

“Qin Yu!”

Shen Yuanyin lifted her arms and wrapped them around his back. She clung against his warm chest, as if she wanted to melt into his body.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean to injure you and I didn’t want to not recognize you…I…I am really sorry…I didn’t…”

Qin Yu lowered his head and kissed her, stopping her from saying anything else. When he did, he could taste the salty and bitter tears that rolled down from her eyes and his heart filled with a sweet warmth.

The entire Immortal Sect world fell into a deathly silence. No one expected that such a scene would appear – the Immortal Sect’s Palace Master and the Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch were holding onto each other and kissing…this was an image that subverted everyone’s imaginations. If they didn’t see this with their own eyes they simply wouldn’t believe it.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master suddenly had looks of grief. It was only at the very end that they realized what Qin Yu’s goal was. He had entered the Immortal Sect and forced out the god with the help of Solitary Westgate…all of this was for Shen Yuanyin!

He had succeeded. But to the Immortal Sect, this was a ruinous attack.


Shen Yuanyin was one of the three heads of the Immortal Sect, the master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace and one of the world’s supreme beings. If she were to betray them, no one knew what the consequences of this would be. But, they would surely sweep through the world and cause earth-shaking changes…just thinking about this, all of the Immortal Sect cultivators felt their bodies stream with sweat.

“Shen Yuanyin!” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s angry shout resounded through the world. “Don’t forget who you are! If you dare to betray the Immortal Sect, I vow upon my life that I will kill you no matter the price!”

The Nether Domain Master’s expression was dark and gloomy. “Shen Yuanyin, could it be that you don’t care about that person beneath Torment Pagoda?”

Shen Yuanyin rose up and looked at those two people with anger in her eyes. She slowly said, “I have already secretly sent away that person in Torment Pagoda. It was just that I didn’t want to cause any grievances so I did not mention it. Starting from today, I no longer have any relationship with the Immortal Sect.” Now that the Sublime Lost Emotion Code’s backlash had been suppressed, she wouldn’t be separated from Qin Yu ever again.

She held onto Qin Yu’s hand and smiled. She had waited for this day for a long, long time. It was such a long time that it seemed she had already lived an entire lifetime. Even now she couldn’t believe it.

This was the most direct response she could give, without allowing any room for argument!

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s eyes blazed with killing intent. “Shen Yuanyin, for the rest of your life you will be hunted down by the Immortal Sect!”

Qin Yu looked up. Thunder seemed to flash in his eyes. “Then let me send the Buddhist Nation Sovereign along on the road first!” He gripped Shen Yuanyin’s hand tightly before letting her go. Then, he took a step forward and punched out.

“What arrogance!” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign wasn’t afraid. Even though he was injured he was still a supreme being of the world. Though this was only an avatar, it wasn’t easy to kill regardless. He flicked his sleeves and endless Buddhist light erupted in crashing waves around him.

The strength of Qin Yu’s fist crashed into the Buddhist light and easily broke it apart. But, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s eyes remained indifferent. The shattered Buddhist light instantly condensed, forming a swamp that stranded the rampaging dragon-like strength within and slowly grinded it away.

But at this time, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s heart shrank as he felt an intense threat. He looked up to see Qin Yu’s eyes shining bright like twin suns in the clear sky. Then, a horrifying feeling covered his mind. Before he could respond he stuffily coughed and turned deathly pale. It was like he had been pierced through by an invisible arrow. Because of the pain, he froze in place.

The power of the fist stranded in the Buddhist light suddenly broke free. The destructive force raged about, tearing apart the Buddhist light all around it. At the same time, Qin Yu roared, “Westgate!”

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