Chapter 644B – Awakening Ning Ling

The coldness in the Nether Domain Master’s eyes could freeze the world. “I vow that the Demonic Path will pay the price for all that happened today. That day will eventually arrive!”

Qin Yu was silent for a moment. “I won’t deny that the Nether Domain Master has the strength to achieve that. But, it is something destined to happen in the future, not right now.”

The Nether Domain Master coldly humphed. Avatar after avatar appeared around him, so many that they flooded out one’s field of sight, each one emanating the same aura.

Countless Nether Domain Masters lifted their hands, shattering space. Before they had even made a move, they already released an aura that was capable of crushing everything around them. The terrifying fluctuations of strength seemed to be enough to destroy the world and made fear surge from the depths of one’s soul.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows before composing himself. “There are countless avatars yet only one main body. But, their auras are completely the same, meaning that all these avatars may be regarded as the main body. I only need to suppress one to suppress them all.”

He lifted a hand into the skies and the projection of the Holy Palace came thundering down. It rumbled like endless thunder, shaking the earth. Then, an invisible pressure descended like a million mountains, ruthlessly suppressing one of the avatars.

The Nether Domain Master coldly sneered. “Holy Monarch, do you really believe that you can suppress me like this?” But just as his voice fell his complexion suddenly changed. This was because his countless avatars simultaneously felt the terrifying pressure that came pressing down from the skies!

“That’s impossible! How did you do this!?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “The Immortal Sect has managed to perfectly conceal the existence of a god this entire time, so it's natural for the Demonic Path to also have some minor secrets. For instance, some extremely practical abilities of the Holy Palace…they just happen to perfectly counter your supernatural arts…taking a step back, even if the Holy Palace didn’t have such abilities, I would still do my best to stop you.”

He turned and glanced at Yama. “The strength of the Blue Skies Yellow Springs has always been a little on the weak side. Since the Immortal Sect has given you such a good opportunity today, you shouldn’t miss out on it.”

Yama smiled and nodded. “Of course. Today I really must thank everyone of the Immortal Sect.” The black grinding pan above her head started to rapidly spin around. She pressed a hand forward and suppressed a Calamity Immortal of the Immortal Sect, dragging them right into the grinding pan.

Of course, the Six Path Samsara great supernatural art didn’t succeed every time. If the will of the Calamity Immortal who was seized was formidable enough and they were able to resist the bombardment coming from the Samsara grinding pan, then that person would be exiled into the three paths of animals, hungry ghosts, and hell from the six paths of Samsara, resulting in their strength and vitality being completely eliminated.

As for the previous analogy of running into someone else’s watermelon fielding and stealing a watermelon, if that watermelon just happened to not taste good, would it still be returned back to where it was? Of course that was impossible…if the person didn’t submit, then they would die!

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign was being dragged down by the Dark Night Supreme Seat and the Nether Domain Master was being suppressed by Qin Yu using the Holy Palace. These two supreme beings of the world were so angered that their eyes nearly popped out of their heads. Every time a Calamity Immortal was stolen it was like a bone was pulled out from the Immortal Sect. No matter how strong a giant was, they still wouldn’t be able to withstand this.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign fiercely turned his head towards another corner of the Immortal Sect world. He angrily roared, “Shen Yuanyin, are you still not going to leave seclusion at this point!?”

It wasn’t a secret that the master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace had suffered a backlash and had gone into seclusion. If it weren’t for the situation spiraling out of control, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign wouldn’t have wanted to force Shen Yuanyin out.

Although she had the status of being a supreme being of the world, that was in name only. She wasn’t able to free herself from life and death and condense an avatar. If she accidentally died, the Immortal Sect would lose this new head.

Within the 10,000 miles of ice-bound land, the world was deathly still. Besides a cold wind howling through the air, there was no other sound. At the center of this frost and snow was Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, where Shen Yuanyin was deep in seclusion.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s raging voice tore through the cold wind and reverberated in the skies above the palace. Loud sounds of cracking ice came from deep within. As it did, the temperature in the surrounding world began to drastically fall. A storm of snow covered up everything in sight.

Bang –

After a deep and hollow bang, the ice smashed into pieces and fluttered through the air. A cold and expressionless Shen Yuanyin stepped out. She looked towards where the battle was occurring and her pupils shrank. Her voice was so cold that it seemed it could even freeze the wind. “It’s you again?”

Her figure flickered and she flew forward. Although she didn’t seem fast, the space in front of her folded atop itself. With one step up and one step down, she had already passed an endless distance. The wind, snow, and extremely low temperatures that accompanied her followed in her wake!

When the Buddhist Nation Sovereign spoke, Qin Yu had already turned to look at the direction of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace. A cold wind appeared as the surrounding temperature rapidly fell. Ice spread across the earth.

Frost covered Qin Yu’s eyebrows and began to extend outwards. The cold was like ice needles that constantly stabbed into his body. But, there was no sign of pain on his face. Seeing the figure walking in through the wind and snow, his eyes filled with warmth.

As this warm gaze fell on Shen Yuanyin, her eyes became even colder. The killing intent around her was so thick that it almost condensed into substance. She sternly said to Qin Yu, “Take your disgusting eyes off me!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I can tell that this isn’t you.” There was no fluctuation in his expression and his eyes were as bright as stars in the night sky. “You are not her and neither are you that body’s master.”

Shen Yuanyin’s eyes were faint. She didn’t deny this. “With your help, this body will soon belong to me.”

Qin Yu shook his head. “Please believe me. I will not give you a chance, not even the smallest one.” He no longer spoke to her but glanced at Yama.

Yama stepped forward, “I ask Palace Master Shen Yuanyin to enlighten me.”

Bang –

The earth suddenly shattered as an ice mountain rose up from the ground. Its peak was like a sharp arrow howling into the skies, piercing through the heavens.

Yama’s eyes were crystal clear beneath her dark gold mask. She lifted a hand and pressed up. The ice mountain seemed to crash into an invisible barrier. It rumbled and broke into countless blocks.

Even though Yama was only an avatar, after obtaining Samsara she was strong enough to temporarily fight with Shen Yuanyin.

And this time was enough for Solitary Westgate to break apart the body of the god beneath the black fireball.

Until now, the Immortal Sect thought that the Demonic Path was joining forces with the Dao Arena Master to slay their god and ruin the background of the Immortal Sect. But, they didn’t know that their thoughts were too simple.

Qin Yu never wanted to kill the god. Rather, he wanted to take the god and use it for himself. Moreover, he wanted to take Shen Yuanyin away so that the Immortal Sect would forever lose their master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace.


The god’s shouts became even more pitiful and despairing. It was clear that he wasn’t able to last much longer. The black fireball had scorched his handsome face, cracking his skin and making him look like a porcelain doll that had failed in the kiln. His silver white hair was withered and blackened, like dead grass in the late autumn that had lost all moisture and life.

No miracle had arrived. The god could feel his body on the verge of collapse. He slowly closed his eyes. Once his divine body collapsed, it would be impossible for him to rely on his extremely weak godhead to resist the strength of a God Devourer.

Time seemed to distort, becoming especially long. When the god exhausted the last of his strength and his body dissipated into ashes, what was left behind was a glittering diamond with numerous facets. Even though it was weak and without much light, just by glancing at it one could feel a terrifying oppression as if one faced the heavens and earth.

This was a godhead!

Hum –

A halo of light erupted. The godhead flew out like a small meteor, smashing into the cage of thunder and black fire. This was its final desperate struggle. It used the gifts that the heavens bestowed upon it to attempt to flee.

“Qin Yu!”

Solitary Westgate’s low and hoarse voice sounded out in Qin Yu’s ears. In the next moment the black fireball bulged out and blew apart. The godhead flew forth from the opening.

The Dark Night Supreme Seat was fighting with the Buddhist Nation Sovereign. At this time he shouted out loud and his body grew to be a hundred feet tall. He flicked his sleeves and a net of pure darkness fell atop the Buddhist Nation Sovereign. Then, he stepped backwards and rapidly stormed away.

“Holy Monarch, abide by our agreement! That godhead is mine!”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. But at this time, in his soul space, Purple Moon’s cold voice echoed out, “Don’t compete with him.”

There were many possible explanations for these words. But, the purple moon knew how important this godhead was to Qin Yu. If so, there was only a single possibility…this seemingly weakened godhead wasn’t so easy to take away.

Qin Yu’s thoughts raced and he soon chose to believe Purple Moon. Because if it were him, after capturing a god, whether it was for safety or control purposes he would definitely plan something ahead of time.

The Dark Night Supreme Seat had been paying attention to Qin Yu this entire time. Although he never mentioned anything, the Dark Night Supreme Seat was a man who had become wise in his old age. He didn’t believe that Qin Yu would be so magnanimous. After giving Yama her Samsara, how could he give up the godhead? Could it be that he had nothing he wanted here?

Seeing Qin Yu’s expressionless face, the Dark Night Supreme Seat was overjoyed. In any case, as long as the Holy Monarch didn’t steal it from him, then this godhead was his. 

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