Chapter 644A – Awakening Ning Ling

The god’s robes and the wounds on his face began to rapidly regenerate. The aura he emitted grew crazily. A destructive aura swept out, instantly flooding the heavens and earth. But the moment this strength approached Solitary Westgate, it melted away like snow beneath a blazing sun, being rapidly swallowed and absorbed.

The god’s calm and serene expression finally changed. When he saw his scattered strength being swallowed up, his face became increasingly pale. One could even sense a shred of fear in his eyes.

But this fear was instantly suppressed. The god knew that his existence was the Immortal Sect’s greatest secret. Since he had been awakened there was no path for him to retreat – he could only face this challenge head on.

“I never thought that in the limitless heavens and earth, the race of God Devourers would still survive. But, your strength is far too small and weak. I can suppress you and kill you and obtain a gift from the god system that exists in this world.”

The god’s eyes brightened. This was because today might be the opportunity for him to break free from his imprisonment and regain his freedom! But, the premise of this all depended on him killing this God Devourer!

“God said, there is a prison between the heavens and earth.”

His deep voice spread through the world. As it did, a trillion rules trembled. They wildly shattered and reformed, fusing back together in new shapes. Then, a black cage appeared from nothingness. It possessed the attribute of absorbing all strength. Even rays of light that approached it were dragged in, forever vanishing.

“God said, there is an evil demon within this prison.”

The space around Solitary Westgate instantly collapsed, submerging him. In the next moment he appeared in the cage. Black chains emerged from thin air, twining around his body. Each black chain flowed with runes condensed from the rules.

“God said, all these evil demons must die.”

The black chains rapidly tightened. The runes flowing on their surface had the attribute to ignore all defenses and melt away all strength. They easily tore through flesh and blood, digging into the body and rubbing against bone.

The god stood outside the cage, staring into the rich darkness within. There was no relief on his face. Rather, his complexion became increasingly dignified. This was because everything was happening too smoothly…if this was anyone else, even a supreme being of the world wouldn’t be able to contend with the strength of a god. But, what lay in front of him was a God Devourer.

This was a terrifying race that had caused a catastrophe for the spiritual god system and destroyed countless gods. They had an aura that could annihilate the power of gods and they hunted gods down as food. How could such a person be slain so easily?

To the god, this silence represented an even greater danger. But, he couldn’t figure out where the source of this danger was.

What had gone wrong?

Within the prison of darkness, Solitary Westgate’s calm voice sounded out, “Let me tell you where you went wrong…it is because you are not the first god I have faced.”

Bang –

The incomparably rich darkness was torn apart by sharp claws, revealing the large fierce beast within. It stood by the side of Solitary Westgate and was shaped like a kirin and bathed in thunder. Countless tiny sparks of lightning splashed out from its body, landing on the cage and creating ripples.

Sharp claws rose and fell, easily breaking the black chains that twined about him. Solitary Westgate’s wounds recovered at a speed visible to the naked eye. He walked to the edge of the cage and reached out a hand, gripping it. “You cannot suppress me, nor do you have any chance of killing me.”

Bang –

The cage shattered!

The rumor that the Dao Arena Master fought with the heavens and survived was actually false. It was just that in that battle, the sounds of thunder had spread throughout the highest heavens, and it was so terrifying and had such dreadful momentum that everyone was misled into believing this. In truth, Solitary Westgate’s real opponent had been this thunder-attribute God Beast standing by his side. It was also from this God Beast that he discovered he had the bloodline of the God Devouring race flowing in his body, unraveling an enigma that had long puzzled his heart.

The God Devourers were said to hunt down gods and eat them as food. So, when this thunder-attribute God Beast fell into Solitary Westgate’s hands, there was no reason for it to continue surviving. However, in order to ensure that the souls of his wife and child remained in this world and didn’t disperse, he used an unimaginable degree of willpower to forcefully overcome the strong instincts of the God Devouring bloodline and keep this thunder-attribute God Beast’s godhead alive. To some degree it was similar to raising a god, and all of this led to today’s current scene.

The god who had finally awoken after countless years of slumber began to pale. This was how the world was – completely outrageous and utterly unreasonable. His strength was clearly enough to kill everyone here today, but it was a truth that he had been captured and enslaved. And, what was even more frightening was that there was a chance he would be slain by a human that was much weaker and smaller than he was. This was simply the greatest sorrow of his life.

But any existence that could free themselves from the mortal coil and transform into a god had an incomparably formidable mindset and will. Even though he felt some dread and regret, he soon composed himself. As long as he hadn’t died, a favorable turn could appear at any moment. No matter how small his chances were, he could never give up hope.

The thunder-attribute God Beast had been named Thunder Kirin. This was a simple and direct name. It roared out loud, lightning leaping all over its scales. Countless rule phantoms appeared and condensed. Lightning splashed down, forming a cage of lightning around the god.

Moments ago, the god had imprisoned Solitary Westgate using the rules. Now, he had been caged by the rules instead. Retribution in life sometimes came back this fast. Moreover, the god was in a much more dangerous situation than Solitary Westgate was. Because not only did he face the aggressive and threatening Thunder Kirin, but there was also a God Devourer staring at him who could suppress him.

The third eye of the idol behind Solitary Westgate started to tremble and open. Black magma and flames flowed out. It gushed out like an endless river and was drawn towards the cage of thunder, rapidly turning into a massive black fireball.


No one knew what was happening inside and the black fireball isolated all strength outside, so no one could sense what occurred within. However, the god’s pained screams and shrieks caused everyone’s minds to shake and their imaginations to come up with all sorts of possibilities.

Even though Solitary Westgate was weaker, he had been able to subdue a stronger being, playing around with them in the palm of his hand. This name of the God Devouring race shocked the minds of every cultivator present, becoming something they would never forget for the rest of their lives. But, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master were in no mood to be shaken and awed by this. They only knew that they couldn’t stare only helplessly as their god was killed.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign lifted his hands up into the air. The phantom of the Buddhist Nation appeared. This time, this phantom was even clearer and one could see the countless beings living within. They felt the will that came from the Buddhist Nation Sovereign. They all sat down-cross legged, looks of reverent awe and joy on their faces. They closed their eyes, offering their everything without hesitation to their Buddha.

“With the lives of those beneath my Buddha as a sacrifice, I invite the Buddhas of the heavens to descend!” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s cold and compassionate voice resounded through the Buddhist Nation. Throughout the city, these pious believers had looks of ecstatic joy spread across their faces. They simultaneously pulled out short swords from their clothes and, without hesitation, stabbed themselves in the chest.

Blades tore through flesh and blood, sinking right in to the hilt. Blood gushed out from their chests, dying their robes red and flowing to the ground in deep puddles. These pious believers didn’t seem to feel any pain at all. There were even looks of happiness and excitement on their faces. To be able to offer up everything for their Buddha, including their lives, was the best fate for them.

Bubbles appeared in the pool of blood. Faint traces of blood red mist rose up and gathered in the skies above the Buddhist Nation. Then, this blood red mist condensed into the figures of massive Buddhas that seemed to lift up the heavens. Their faces were filled with mercy and compassion. They lowered their heads and looked upon the followers that were bleeding out and slowly dying. Their eyes were like seas that could contain everything within…or swallow all!

Blood flowed out from their chests at an increasing speed. It came out faster and more violently until even the short swords stabbed into their chests were pushed out. The bodies of these followers began to wither away into dried up corpses. The looks of pure delight on their faces gained a tinge of fierceness.

After sucking up all the blood from the followers, the phantoms of the Buddhas became even more realistic and solid. The looks of mercy and compassion on their faces also seemed much thicker. They opened their mouths and spoke Buddhist sutras. Their voices broke open the world of the Buddhist Nation, allowing them to step out and arrive in the skies above the Immortal Sect.

Qin Yu had a dignified expression. He didn’t doubt the might of this supernatural art that the Buddhist Nation Sovereign had activated by killing his followers. But even though he knew that the Buddhist Nation Sovereign was trying to stop Solitary Westgate, he still had no intention of making a move because he knew there was someone even more anxious than he was.

Bang –

A wild aura soared into the heavens like a vast mountain rising straight from the ground. The Dark Night Supreme Seat’s eyes had turned pitch black and the aura around him was so deep that it seemed it could swallow everything. Then, infinite darkness gushed out from his body, rapidly flowing outwards like the arrival of an endless night.

“Allow me to experience the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s great supernatural art for myself!” If the god didn’t die then how could he obtain the godhead? He would not allow the Buddhist Nation Sovereign to affect Solitary Westgate. With a thought, the inexhaustible darkness rose up into the heavens, like a massive open maw wanting to swallow the phantoms of the Buddhas.

Qin Yu looked at the Nether Domain Master, his expression light. “If the Nether Domain Master has any method then I shall receive it…from this day forth, the Immortal Sect has no more god!”



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