Chapter 643B – God Devouring Race

“You will all die!” With a loud roar, Solitary Westgate stepped forward. His aura began to wildly rise, soon reaching inconceivable levels. Even the strength of the Immortal Sect’s world started to shake and tremble as it was suppressed.

Was this a true supreme being of the world? It was truly far more terrifying than an avatar! Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. Solitary Westgate coming here with his true body was a surprise. Even if he didn’t know this ahead of time, it was good news nonetheless.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master were forced into a hopeless situation. Even if they wanted to bring out their true bodies, that would still require a certain amount of time. And, in this period, the Dao Arena Master would have more than enough time to kill their avatars. If they didn’t want to lose their avatars, that only left them a single choice…to awaken the god!

Yama stimulated the Six Path Samsara supernatural art with all her strength, seizing the Calamity Immortals of the Immortal Sect at the fastest speed possible. Of the three factions of the Demonic Path, the Blue Skies Yellow Springs had always been the weakest. But, the main reason for that was because they were lacking their peerless treasure, Samsara. Now that she had such a great opportunity today, she definitely wouldn’t miss out on it. Every person she seized would increase the strength of the future Blue Skies Yellow Springs by that much.

This was similar to going into someone else’s farm and picking up the biggest and ripest watermelons there. These watermelons being eaten were sweet and juicy beyond imagination! Unfortunately, she didn’t have much time remaining. The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master weren’t fools. Even if they wanted to hide the secret of their god, they wouldn’t discard their avatars and allow the foundation of the Immortal Sect to be ruined.

Between the 36 mountain peaks, the giant stone tablet had been standing there peacefully for a long time. It had stood here for millions of years and without accident it would stand here for tens of millions and even hundreds of millions more, until it reached the end of time.

But the appearance of ‘accidents’ was beyond the control of anyone to begin with. Ripples of light shimmered across the surface of the giant stone tablet, like the surface of a spring lake being blown by a gentle breeze. A face appeared within these ripples. He tried for a long time and finally managed to open his eyes. After a brief moment of absent-mindedness, all that was left was an atmosphere of vicissitudes so thick that it couldn’t be unraveled.

His eyes earnestly and carefully looked through every inch of the surrounding world. Joy and then greed appeared in his pupils. Then, the face let out a satisfied sigh, “I never thought that there would be a day when I could see the world again.” As this voice sounded out, the ripples spreading out on the stone tablet rapidly grew larger. Unexpectedly, it gave off a sense of oppression as if stormy black clouds were forming up above. It seemed that there was a whole world hidden within the ripples.

The face started to rise up from the stone tablet a little bit at a time, separating from it. First there was a head, then two arms, then a chest. Soon those two arms grabbed the edge of the stone tablet, and with a great push, an entire body came out. This was a blindingly beautiful man. He had long silver hair and silver eyebrows and his pitch black eyes were like the deep winter night. Just by standing there he seemed to be the center of the world.

He stretched his waist and extended his arms to embrace this world he hadn’t seen for a long, long time. He took a deep breath, puffing up his chest and then letting it out. After that, winds and clouds stirred all around him and a trillion rules trembled instinctually.

“You should all die! You should all die!” The flames that surrounded the Buddhist Nation Sovereign had been extinguished and his face was incomparably pale. He roared in rage, his voice cold and gloomy. Beside him, the Nether Domain Master’s complexion was even uglier – blue and distorted so much that it seemed he wanted to eat others.

If they had a choice they absolutely would not take this step. This was because the difference in controlling a sleeping god and an awake god was as vast as the heavens and earth. There was even a chance that an accident would occur that spun beyond their control, and the consequences of this accident would likely be a disaster.

But it was too late to consider any of this…even if the Immortal Sect would encounter trouble, they had to deal with these people in front of them first!

The rules trembled and hummed. Fluctuations spread out from them like a tsunami, soon encompassing the entire world. As long as there were cultivators who had the qualifications to touch upon the rules, they could clearly feel this. Then, a feeling of dread drilled out from their hearts, as if they would be erased from the world at any moment.

Qin Yu looked up towards the end of the skies; that was the source of the trembling rules. The Immortal Sect had finally awakened their god. This was one of his most important goals in coming here.

The Dark Night Supreme Seat’s eyes wavered. He had already learned of the existence of this god from Qin Yu’s mouth and also knew that Qin Yu wouldn’t joke around about something like this. Still, when the aura of the god truly appeared, his emotions shook. A numb feeling spread throughout his entire body, turning into a recklessly wild ‘hungry’ feeling.

If he could swallow this god’s godhead…the Dark Night Supreme Seat suppressed the tumbling emotions in his heart and lowered his head, forcing himself to not pay too much attention to this new development. He had a deep understanding of how terrifying gods were. Even a glance was enough to expose himself.

He had to wait. Wait until the Dao Arena Master suppressed this god. That would be the opportunity he needed to attack and seize the godhead!

The Nether Domain Master’s faint voice echoed through the world. “You all really thought you could annihilate my Immortal Sect? A year from now I will personally pour out a cup of wine in remembrance for your memorial.”

A figure stepped forth. His long silver white hair fluttered behind him. Qin Yu was able to instantly determine that this was the god who had fused together with Woodchopper Fu in the Sealed Stone World.

But at this moment, the distant god suddenly looked over, his eyes like two streaks of lightning cutting through the darkness. A buzz sounded in Qin Yu’s ears and he felt a cracking pain in his head. Though he soon sobered himself, his heart still shook. What terrifying strength. If it weren’t for him having completed the substantialization of his will, he feared a look alone would have broken his mind.

“Oh?” A surprised voice sounded in everyone’s ears. Before the voice fell, the distant god had already arrived in front of them all. The god looked at Qin Yu and furrowed his eyebrows a little, “My godhead fragment should be with you. Give me back my godhead and I will grant you a painless death.”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed and the air around him suddenly turned as thick and sticky as a swamp, pushing his body downwards. Although he could clearly feel this, it was like his body wasn’t his own. He couldn’t summon any resistance.

Every action and movement the god took caused the rules to tremble. With a single thought, the world would follow along in unison – this was an accurate description of a god. His power was hard to describe in words. To face a god was similar to facing the heavens and earth.

To judge the life and death of the Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch wasn’t because he was arrogant. Rather, with his status as a god, he had sufficient qualifications to.

Within Qin Yu’s soul space, the purple moon suddenly trembled. Faint traces of moonlight fell down, fusing directly into Qin Yu’s soul. An inexplicable aura spread out from within his body, instantly causing the oppression pushing down on Qin Yu to disappear.

A brilliant light erupted in the god’s eyes. He looked at Qin Yu with a deep and profound gaze, as if two nebulas were spinning in his pupils.

But what caused this god’s heart to shake was that his eyes couldn’t see through the depths of Qin Yu’s strength. Although there appeared to be no hindrance, there was actually a thick fog within that couldn’t be overcome. It covered and concealed all of the auras inside him.

He had no idea what this thick fog was, but what was horrifying was that it gave off a feeling that caused him to instinctually tremble. This was a feeling that hadn’t appeared for many, many years after he became a god.

“Just who are you?”

Qin Yu replied in his heart. “I am the master that is going to raise you.” He looked at Solitary Westgate; it was about time he took action.

Solitary Westgate didn’t leave him disappointed. Even when facing a god, his aura was calm and steady, without any fluctuations. Just this point alone surpassed all others here. Solitary Westgate stepped forward. His blood red eyes shined, becoming even deeper, as if two endless seas of blood were within them. Now, these seas were raging and rising, as if some kind of terrifying existence was emerging from the blood.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign pointed a finger, “I ask this spiritual god to kill this man!” Even though this god was essentially a prisoner of the Immortal Sect, the strength of a god still had to be respected.

The god turned around and looked at the Dao Arena Master. His eyebrows furrowed once again. This was because he discovered an extremely terrifying aura hidden within Solitary Westgate, one that caused feelings of hate and loathing to rise in his heart!

Without hesitation, the god lifted a hand and pressed down. A dreadful palm appeared in the skies. It erupted with an unimaginable might as it pressed down on Solitary Westgate.

This was a world-killing tribulation that couldn’t be avoided!

Solitary Westgate roared out loud. This voice was different from his usual voice. It seemed to come from the pits of purgatory, possessing a hatred that could destroy everything. The sea of blood within his eyes finally shattered. A massive idol broke free from the waters. Standing in his eyes, it was the equivalent of descending upon the world.

With another roar, the phantom of the idol appeared behind Solitary Westgate. Seas of blood roiled in its incomparably large eyes. A third eye, tightly shut, lay between its eyebrows. It was unknown just what was hidden behind it.

At this time, the idol was glaring at the god. It stubbornly roared out loud, crazy and strange syllables rushing out like a hurricane. Countless tears were opened up on the god’s robes. Several bloody lines appeared on the god’s handsome face.

“God Devouring race!”

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