Chapter 642C – Immortal Sect Catastrophe

A cloud of black fog howled through the skies, sharp laughs spreading out from it. The sounds were like rusty nails rubbing across porcelain plates, leaving one’s scalp tingling. The mass of black fog stopped outside a city. Then, a part of it protruded outwards and condensed into the upper half of a woman’s body. Her chest was incomparably large and heavy and it shook and quaked as she laughed.

Taking a deep breath, the woman revealed an intoxicated expression. “What a delicious scent. Only in the Immortal Sect’s world can one find so many formidable souls. Then, this old lady won’t be polite.”

Her body blew apart, turning into endless black fog. She was like a black curtain that covered the skies, shrouding the entire city in darkness.

Endless screams of panic and despair came from beneath the black fog. When they gathered together, they became a gorgeous dirge of death. The woman’s sharp laughter was like sweet singing, recklessly releasing the aura of oblivion.

As time gradually passed, the city beneath the black fog seemed to fall into a deep slumber, until finally no more sounds emerged.

The black fog surged towards a corner of the city and the upper half of the woman reappeared. She licked her seductive fire-red lips, a look of enjoyment on her face.

“I fear such a chance won’t appear even if I wait another million years. This is only a small city; my stomach still isn’t full.”

Whoosh –

The black fog flew far away.

On the ground, the city that was filled with bustling activity just moments before was now deathly silent. Everyone’s mouths were wide open and twisted in pain. Their eyes were glazed over, extinguished, and full of fear. Among them were good people and bad people, but none of that was important. In the face of pure slaughter, all of them died equally.

An old man sat down cross-legged on the ground. His skin was dark and he wore black robes with a scarf tied around his head. His eyes swept around and he nodded in satisfaction, as if he had found a place that met his requirements.

He lifted a hand and took out a jar, placing it in front of him. Then, he bit his fingers with great strength. After some time he finally managed to squeeze out a drop of blood from his pale white flesh.

The jar absorbed the blood. From the point where the drop of blood landed, blood runes appeared that began to rapidly spread outwards. The runes soon covered the entire jar, and then a light whisper came from within it.

“Old Man Wu, how much blood do you still have left that you dare wake us up? Be careful, otherwise you might find that we have sucked all of your blood dry!”

The old man grinned and revealed cracked and jagged yellow teeth. “I wouldn’t provoke you without good reason. I found a great pasture for all of you. You can eat your fill so that I can live for a few more days.”

There was a light rustling sound. A black centipede emerged from the jar. Its carapace gleamed with a bright luster and when it opened its mouth, words actually came out, “Humph! I hope that what you say is true, otherwise, this day next year will be the anniversary of your death!”

It crawled out from the jar. Then, the centipede trembled and screamed, “Old Man Wu, you have gone crazy! Are you already tired of living!? This is the Immortal Sect’s world. You bastard, do you plan on using the knife of others to kill us all!?”

The old man waved his hand again and again, “I don’t dare, I wouldn’t dare. Sense your surroundings carefully. The current Immortal Sect world is the best pasture for you all!”

The black centipede rose into the air. Its antenna wildly twisted about. Then, it released a strange cry, “A group of heroes are fighting with the Immortal Sect. What an amazingly dramatic play! However, watching this play isn’t as important as filling my belly. I am going to choose a direction and head out first. None of you had better fight with me!”

The centipede rapidly crawled away, quickly vanishing from sight.

Soon after, a dark green toad emerged from the jar. One of its eyes was enlarged and it jumped up and down as it cursed, “That damned smelly centipede, just because it has more legs it gave me a kick before it left! I won’t let things end like this!”

With a few more curses, it leapt out and ran off in another direction.

“Old Man Wu, forget about them and pull me out. These little brats in here are really ruthless in their actions!”

Although this voice spoke in a cursing tone, it was still pleasant to the ears. Just listening to this voice caused one’s bones to relax and feel better.

The old man shook his head and placed his hands behind his back. “I don’t dare. Last time you almost chewed my finger off!”

The head of a beautiful young lady drilled out from the jar. What lay beneath her flowing black hair was the body of a white snake. Her eyes were filled with bitterness as she grumbled, “You narrow-minded old man, I already apologized last time and yet you still remember it.”

The snake with a woman’s head swung its tail about and then headed off in a third direction.

Following that, a scorpion, ant, and butterfly flew out from the jar. They laid down some words before flying off in their own directions.

The old man let out a long breath and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead. “I finally managed to send these ancestors away…” He suddenly smiled, “The Immortal Sect will definitely hate me this time. Mm…30,000 years, no, I must go into seclusion for 50,000 years after this!”

Eliminate the Immortal Sect?

Whether it was Kong Yisheng who only lived on because of his desire for revenge, or the evil spirit woman who recklessly swallowed souls, none of them believed that the Demonic Path would achieve their goal today.

The Immortal Sect had survived for hundreds of millions of years and had withstood countless waves without falling. Their background was unfathomably deep, so deep that no one had managed to find out how far their depths went.

Even though the Immortal Sect seemed to have fallen into a disadvantage right now, taking a step back, as long as the heads of the Immortal Sect didn’t die then their foundation would be preserved. After some time, they would be able to recover from all the damage they received today.

The old man slapped his head. “If the Demonic Path and Dao Arena are clearly aware that they cannot finish off the Immortal Sect, why are they still doing all of this? I can’t figure it out, I really can’t!”

Some people had deep-seated grudges with the Immortal Sect, but there were even more people that were taking advantage of the chaos to plunder and slaughter as much as they pleased. But no matter what their motive was, with almost ten Calamity Immortals attacking, the entire Immortal Sect world was soon turned upside down, death and destruction covering the land.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign was in combat with the Supreme Seat and the Nether Domain Master was tied down by Qin Yu. Their complexions grew increasingly ugly. They didn’t care about the deaths of their subordinate cultivators, but there was clearly a limit to this. If the situation worsened, this would become a catastrophe for the entire Immortal Sect world.

These people were being far too dissolute!

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign roared, “Bones of the Arhat!”

Rumble rumble –

The phantom of the Buddhist Nation appeared. In the City of Nirvanic Joy, the 12 skeletons of Arhats that protected the Buddhist Sovereign’s divine palace suddenly opened their eyes simultaneously. The chains of Buddhist light that pierced through their shoulders disintegrated and an incomparably terrifying aura of destruction erupted from within their bodies.

Then, the 12 Arhat skeletons flew into the air. The phantom of the Buddhist Nation fluctuated, and these 12 skeletons then emerged from the fluctuations.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows for a brief moment before composing himself. He lifted a hand and pointed at the skies. The phantom of the Holy Palace started to roar and shake. Figures dressed in black armor and wielding long spears suddenly walked out. These were the greatest powerhouses of the previous generations of the Holy Nether Guard. Before they died, they willingly pledged their souls to become the Dead Soul Guards who eternally defended His Majesty the Holy Monarch. By coincidence, there just happened to be 12 of them.

“Kill them all!”

The Dead Soul Guards lifted their spears. The space beneath their feet collapsed and they produced a series of afterimages as they clashed with the Arhat skeletons.

Qin Yu lifted a hand and punched at the Nether Domain Master. Right now, what he needed to do was use every method at his disposal to force the Immortal Sect to awaken their god…today, he was going to capture that god!

The Immortal Sect’s world had been completely cut off from contact with the outside. Even so, this massive event was unable to be concealed. The various influences that had their spies planted in the Immortal Sect reported back about this matter immediately. Soon, every single influence in the Land of Divinity and Demons was sent into sudden shock.

No one knew exactly what happened. But as if by prior agreement, their eyes all shifted towards the Demonic Path. To dare to move against the Immortal Sect and have the strength to do so, only the Demonic Path was capable of this. And, the Demonic Path’s silence seemed to verify everyone’s guesses.

This was different from when the Demon Sovereign visited the Immortal Sect and was besieged outside of Thistle Capital. At most, that was a sharp conflict between two superpowers. But today, there was the possibility of a war of extermination…the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path were two mountains that stood above all others. Could it be that one of these towering mountains was going to collapse today?

Even if this was only a one in a million chance, no one dared to neglect this possibility. Just thinking about it, whether people felt happiness or fear, they all felt a trembling come from the depths of their souls. No one could think of what sort of new future would appear once either the Immortal or Demonic side were destroyed.

In the Land of Divinity and Demons, the extreme polar north –

This was a land covered in snow and ice year round. The sinners banished here were the descendants of the monster race. In the distant past they became entangled with demons that came from beyond the world and as a result they were exiled to these far off lands. Tens of millions of years had passed sine then.

The tribe had been reduced in numbers by over 90%. But, those of the monster race that survived were all formidable and vicious. They were like orphaned wolves licking their wounds in the snowfields, their green eyes staring greedily at the warm and fertile territories to the south. They never ever gave up the thought of returning to their former homeland and freeing their people from the clutches of perpetual hunger and death.

Everything was proceeding smoothly. After waiting for so many years, the monster race finally found a perfect opportunity. But just as the time to implement their plan appeared, there was suddenly a great accident. Whenever the monster race people who knew about the plan mentioned this, their words would become stuck in their throats.

A white-clothed and frail-bodied monster race Great Sage stood in front of a cave. The wind howled against him as snow stacked up on his shoulders. He looked towards the south, an uncontainable grief in his eyes.

“Oh heavens, why must you treat my monster race so harshly? Underneath the skies, aren’t all lives still living beings that you gave birth to? Tens of millions of years have passed. Atop this frozen earth, how many children of my monster race have been buried here? Whether this is a punishment or a sacrifice, it has been more than enough!”

His voice was swept away by the wind. The Great Sage clenched his fists together, his knuckles turning white. He didn’t mind sacrificing his life to obtain a new life for the survival of his people. But if he were to die for nothing…how could he be resigned to this? Now, he could only hope that the Immortal Sect would be able to safely emerge from this great turmoil.

Besides that, there was also one more factor that stabilized the Great Sage’s heart a little. There was one person that would never allow the Land of Divinity and Demons to fall into a unique situation where they were ruled over by a singular power. This was because in his eyes, this world had always been his and his alone.

“My peoples’ master, you won’t watch helplessly and allow this sort of situation to occur, right? You won’t, you definitely won't!”

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