Chapter 642B – Immortal Sect Catastrophe

The Dao Arena Master suddenly looked up. There seemed to be a sea of blood boiling within his eyes. He lifted a hand and punched out, and a terrifying strength instantly erupted. Like a river in the skies bursting free from its dam, this strength seemed like it would drown the world beneath.

A blood red-robed Buddhist Nation Sovereign stepped out. Behind him were a trillion Buddha phantoms. They read sutras that reverberated through the heavens.

He lifted a hand and thrust down. These two supreme beings of the world directly clashed without any hesitation.

The explosive shockwaves were loud enough to sunder the skies. The thick fog all around instantly dispersed and the true appearances of the mountains were revealed. Countless ancient trees, birds, and beasts were exposed to the world.

But in the next moment, an invisible hand seemed to fall down and wipe everything away. Everything that was within line of sight was immediately reduced to nothing.

And what was even more terrifying was that destructive shockwaves began to spread outwards from the point of collision.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign was without expression. He looked at everything happening around him but remained unmoved. “Dao Arena Master, why are you collaborating with the Demonic Path to invade my Immortal Sect?”

Solitary Westgate roared out loud, “A debt of blood must be paid with blood!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s pupils shrank as everything returned to deathly silence. As expected, there was no such thing as an eternal secret in this world. He didn’t care about where the Dao Arena Master learned of this secret. All he knew was that the enmity of killing a wife and child could only be cleaned with dripping blood.

Perhaps this would be the blood of the Immortal Sect, or perhaps it would be the blood of the Dao Arena Master…only when one side was brought to complete ruin would things come to a conclusion.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign lifted his hand and grasped forward. Countless Buddha phantoms appeared, all of them screaming and crying.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Each shout of ‘kill’ was its own wisp of killing intent. These killing intents crossed space to gather in the hands of the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and turn into a gray bowl. The gray bowl had the images of buddhas imprinted on it. Their angry glares exuded a desire for destruction.


With a loud shout the bowl flew out. As it did, it immediately grew until it was a thousand feet in size. The buddha images on its surface became even more lifelike as if they would emerge from it at any moment. A boundless suppressive strength erupted, covering the Dao Arena Master.

“By borrowing the power of Buddha in heaven, a punishment of annihilation will be bestowed upon you. All demons of the world will be purified and brought to the shores of nirvana!”

The Dao Arena Master howled, “You bald thief, your Buddha is only your own Buddha, not the Buddha of the world or the great dao! Even though you proclaim yourself to be the Buddhist Nation Sovereign, you are nothing but a useless and pathetic old man playing dress up! Today I will take your head and refine you soul! I will sever your Great Dao and destroy your inheritance, forever plunging you into an infinite abyss where you will never be reincarnated!”

Qin Yu suddenly said, “Today, the Immortal Sect’s enemy is not just the Dao Arena Master alone. The Immortal and Demonic sides have struggled against each other for countless years. Then, it’s time for us to bring things to an end.”

He reached up a hand and grasped at the heavens. Then, as if he had grabbed something, he ruthlessly pulled down.

Rumble rumble –

Countless cracks suddenly appeared in the skies above the Immortal Sect. Then, they loudly collapsed.

A towering palace phantom appeared. It was like the legendary dwelling of a god. As it appeared, a dreadful aura erupted that blocked out the surrounding world.

From this moment on, the Immortal Sect’s small world was isolated from the outside. No one could enter or leave!

“Your Majesty Holy Monarch, your injuries have just healed and you should be resting to recuperate your strength right now. Why must you come to my Immortal Sect to stir up trouble? Do you not know that a single misstep will cause calamity to spread throughout the world, one that will cause lives to perish like coals in the wind?”

Space twisted and the Nether Domain Master emerged. His calm eyes swept over the Dao Arena Master and the three heads of the Demonic Path.

This was the confidence of a supreme being of the world. Even though they faced multiple enemies of the same level, they didn’t feel any fear at all. For beings like them who had reached their level of cultivation, as long as they didn’t want to die it was difficult for anything to kill them.

Moreover, this was the Immortal Sect’s small world, their main stage. Who cared if it was two against one? That didn’t mean their strategies had any chance of success.

Qin Yu said, “Why bother speaking at this time? I have heard that the Nether Domain Master possesses astounding strength. I have wanted to experience it myself for a long time.” He took a step forward. His blood roared through his body. The twisted rules in the space around him began to break apart.

A towering phantom appeared behind Qin Yu. The Ancient race was not accommodated by the heavens and earth. But, as long as Qin Yu didn’t become an incarnation of an Ancient, those unfamiliar with the Ancient race simply wouldn’t know what it was.

Even though this was only a phantom, it still possessed the heaven-supporting atmosphere and boundless aura of the Ancients. Massive shockwaves began to spread outwards.

The Nether Domain Master’s expression changed. “Your Majesty Holy Monarch is truly impressive.” His figure flickered and divided into three. Each one had the same aura. They opened their mouths and said, “In order to prevent the Demon Sovereign from being able to enjoy himself, I can only fill in what I lack with numbers. I really do blush with shame.”

Qin Yu coldly snorted. He lifted a hand and pressed down. The phantom of a magnificent mountain appeared. It carried with it an endless might that could suppress the highest heavens!

One of the Ancients’ three Holy Mountains – Suppressing Sea!

Qin Yu glanced at the Dark Night Supreme Seat. “If you want the godhead then you’ll have to contribute. Otherwise, even if I agree, I’m not sure the Dao Arena Master will.”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat sneered, “I’m well aware. There is no need for the Holy Monarch to remind me!” He stepped forward. Then, it was like a bucket of ink had been flipped over. The skies turned black and the darkness started to spread at an alarming rate.

Yama nodded towards Qin Yu. She turned and stepped away, her figure instantly vanishing from sight. She had to bring back the treasure that the Blue Skies Yellow Springs lineage had lost countless years ago.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Immortal Sect Calamity Immortals chased after Yama, but none of them dared to stop her. They knew just how terrifying a supreme being of the world was. To stop her would only invite death.


The Calamity Immortals of the Demonic Path and Dao Arena engaged with the Calamity Immortals of the Immortal Sect. In ordinary times, these people would be mighty characters that dominated all beings around them. But today, they had become minor characters fighting on the sidelines.

Five supreme beings of the world faced each other. The shockwaves that came from their confrontation were terrifying. Even these Calamity Immortals didn’t dare to easily touch them.


Because of the plotting of the Demonic Path and Dao Arena, a number of the Immortal Sect’s powerhouses were stranded in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Thus, in this battle, the Demonic Path and Dao Arena held an advantage in the number of Calamity Immortal cultivators. Within the chaotic battle, someone extricated themselves from the melee. They looked upon the boundless Immortal Sect small world and their breathing started to deepen.

This cultivator with a head of white hair and a face covered with scars was called Kong Yisheng. He was once a handsome and dashing young man, but he fell in love with someone he shouldn’t have fallen in love with. He was expelled from the Immortal Sect and he and his dao companion were hunted down.

In the end, one of them was wounded and another died…the one who survived was him. But, he no longer looked like a man or ghost. If it weren’t for his obsessive desire to take revenge against the Immortal Sect taking root in his mind, he would have long since ended his own life.

“Haha…hahaha…Immortal Sect, oh Immortal Sect. I bet none of you ever guessed that there would be a day when I, Kong Yisheng, would return here? I have waited for this day for far, far too long. Then, let’s settle the enmity between us, once and for all.

Bang –

Gray flames ignited on the surface of his body. They gave off a sense of despair, silence, and destruction. Beneath these flames, Kong Yisheng’s aura began to rise at a rapid rate. Yet, after reaching a certain limit, they completely vanished. He was like a torch that had burnt out, not a single fluctuation coming from him anymore.

Kong Yisheng laughed out loud and grasped his hands forward. A massive mountain in front of him was rapidly refined, condensing into a giant black stone rod. Gray flames spread over the stone rod, causing gray flowers to appear on its surface. Ghastly faces appeared within each flower. These faces eerily cackled, as if they sensed the coming destruction.

Holding the burning stone rod, Kong Yisheng stepped through the void. Soon, he encountered a crowd of Immortal Sect cultivators. The old man leading the group saw Kong Yisheng and his eyes flew open. He shouted, “Kong Yisheng, you rebel who abandoned the Immortal Sect, you dare to return!? Everyone, obey my command and kill this man immediately!”

Kong Yisheng’s face lit up with ecstatic joy. “Is that you? My dear, beloved master. I never thought that us master and disciple would ever be able to see each other again in this lifetime.” His voice shivered as he said, “I am so grateful to you, grateful that you managed to live until today so that I have a chance to personally kill you and avenge my dead wife.”

He raised the stone rod and laughed, “Please go on the road with all these fellow juniors!” Then, he swept out with the rod. Numerous threatening and aggressive Immortal Sect cultivators widened their eyes, endless fear beginning to rise on their faces. But, it was too late.

Countless severed limbs and body parts danced through the air. Dark red flowers bloomed all throughout the skies as the thick stench of blood filled the air.

Kong Yisheng was bathed in blood. The ghastly faces within the flowers on the stone rod were chewing and swallowing in great gulps. The things that were screaming out in pain as they were being chewed upon by these faces were the souls of the Immortal Sect cultivators he killed.

“Hahaha! Wonderful, too wonderful!” He laughed into the skies and continued forwards. Whenever he ran into an Immortal Sect cultivator he would smash them with his rod, exterminating their body and soul. 

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