Chapter 642A – Immortal Sect Catastrophe

Within a chamber, a flickering lamp illuminated Solitary Westgate’s face. His emotionless expression and his eyes that were still flushed red combined together to create an image that froze the soul.

He looked through the information on the jade slip. Then, with a little bit of strength he crushed it to pieces. He stood up and said, “Everyone, the Demonic Path had completed the preparations on their side. We should embark now.”

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

13 figures shot into the skies. As if submerging into a barrier, they simultaneously vanished from sight.


Three days later, a flying drought demon appeared in the Yan Empire. All life vanished for 10,000 miles around.

The Yan Empire dispatched experts, but in the end none of them survived. The royal family sent out a Calamity Immortal but he barely managed to return to Thistle Capital covered with grave injuries.

The Yan Empire was shaken for some time. The Yan Emperor approached the Immortal Sect to request reinforcements. They hoped the Immortal Sect could send powerhouses that could help the Yan Empire eradicate this evil being.

This was well within reason. Since the Immortal Sect received all kinds of support and provisions from the Yan Empire, they naturally had to play the role of protector.

Soon, three Immortal Sect Elders brought their subordinates to Thistle Capital. Moving like a storm, they went straight to where the flying drought demon was said to have appeared.

Following that, accidents happened throughout the world one after another, drawing out different numbers of Immortal Sect experts to locations scattered throughout the Land of Divinity and Demons.

The Luo Nation was located between the Qi and Wei Empires. It was a slightly stronger medium-sized country. On the surface, they were vassals of the Great Wei Empire but in truth they obeyed both sides. They barely managed to eke out a living in the gap between these two empires.

In the capital, Aid City –

The city was thick with smoke. The long streets were lined with shops on both sides. Although bloody clashes occurred all the time on the border frontiers, this didn’t stop the capital from being prosperous.

Among these dense rows of shops, a dwindling medicine shop closed for a day. This was a truly common and unnoticeable sight. A nearby shop owner glanced at the closed doors of this shop and coldly sneered, thinking that it had finally closed down because its failing business could no longer support it.

Some people were already thinking of quickly contacting the owner of this medicine shop. They didn’t want to purchase anything. Rather, this location was extremely good and the land was worthy of purchase. To have a business in this area was no different from a hen that laid golden eggs.

But these people didn’t know that in this medicine shop they wanted to purchase, there was currently a force gathered together that could flip the entire Land of Divinity and Demons upside down.

The Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch, Dark Night Supreme Seat, Yellow Springs Yama, and the Dao Arena Master! In this world, how many supreme beings were there? And yet four of them had gathered here. Moreover, these four people each had great numbers of Calamity Immortal powerhouses standing behind them.

Just as these people couldn’t imagine that so many terrifying powerhouses would appear here, they also wouldn’t think that this medicine shop that had barely managed to survive through the years was actually a hidden foothold of the Immortal Sect, one with a transmission array that headed straight into the Immortal Sect’s small world.

When it came to dealing with the Immortal Sect, no one dared to underestimate them, even if it was all of them working together!

The first step of the strategy was to weaken the power of the Immortal Sect by drawing out as many powerhouses as they could. To launch an unexpected attack was the second step. Now that all the arrangements had been made, the only thing left to do was to kill their way into the Immortal Sect.

The Dao Arena Master said in a low tone, “Everyone, let us begin!”

Hum –

The transmission array buried deep beneath the ground started to shine. Everyone stepped inside. Space twisted and they all vanished from sight.

The mountains were wreathed in fog and clouds. Ancient trees lingered throughout, their branches looming. Beasts raced through the forest below, occasionally issuing deep roars that reverberated through the mist. Occasionally, birds burst out from the fog, their wings spread out and reflecting the sunlight that shined down.

From afar, this was an image of country paradise. Several female cultivators of the Immortal Sect were walking about. They were responsible for tending to the spirit beasts and spirit birds that the sect raised. They had gentle and happy expressions, and their eyes shined with a hint of smug conceit. Even if they were only the lowliest of cultivators who were responsible for raising some animals, they were still cultivators of the Immortal Sect. This was the greatest point of pride in their lives.

A female cultivator suddenly said, “Senior-apprentice Sister Qi, your assessment results this time were excellent and you have entered the inspection process. It seems you will become an official disciple of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace soon. When we see you next time, we will all have to call you Senior-apprentice Sister Qi then.”

Everyone had looks of envy on their faces. Although they were all cultivators of the Immortal Sect, there was still a vast disparity between them and a genuine disciple.

The female cultivator smiled. She had a tall figure and dark eyebrows. “Nothing is for sure yet. There is no need for junior-apprentice sisters to speak about it anymore, otherwise others might laugh at me.” Although she said that, there was confidence in her eyes.

Her talent wasn’t the best, but she dared to think she was the most hardworking and diligent out of all her fellow disciples. Thus, her efforts led to today. After she entered Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, her life would reach a completely different level…Qi Xuan’s future was destined to be brilliant!

At this time, several female cultivators behind her suddenly cried out in alarm. A meteor seemed to crash down from the heavens, pounding open a hole in the skies.

Their expressions were frozen between stunned shock and surprise. They didn’t even have time to feel fear before they were swept up and swallowed by a  massive shockwave of dust that exterminated their souls and bodies. Like that, this hardworking cultivator called Qi Xuan who had high hopes for her future had died, thoroughly disappearing from the world.

This was the ice-cold brutality of reality. It never took into consideration the will of others, nor was there an absolute line that divided right and wrong. If there was a word that could be used to describe it, then perhaps one could only say it was…luck!

This might seem irresponsible, but this was a fact. Qi Xuan and the others indeed had horrible luck. They just happened to be where the transmission array arrival point was and they were instantly killed by the shockwaves of aura. The ones who killed them hadn’t even noticed the existence of this group of innocent women. Or, even if they did notice, they simply didn’t care.

A mountain wouldn’t care about the life or death of the ants that crawled about its base…this might seem coldly indifferent, but it was the truth. Moreover, these people had come to the Immortal Sect today to kill.

Behind the Dao Arena Master, an old man with white hair and a scarred face took in a deep breath as if he were entranced. “The scent of the Immortal Sect. It’s really been a long time, so long that my hands are starting to shiver and my blood is seething with excitement!”

His eyes surged with a manic light.

To the left, Yama’s breathing had become rapid. She stared stubbornly at a direction, her eyes filled with excitement. This was the aura of Samsara!

Qin Yu glanced at her. “Wait a moment. Once we delay the heads of the Immortal Sect, Yama, you can go take it back!” He looked up at the Dao Arena Master. “Fellow daoist Westgate, I believe it’s time that we give our greetings to the Immortal Sect.”

Solitary Westgate’s pupils were blood red, “Good!”

He took a step forward and his aura that belonged to a supreme being of this world suddenly erupted like a volcano. It swept out in all directions. Then, Qin Yu, the Supreme Seat, and Yama all followed in kind, released their own auras. It was like four invisible hands reaching into the heavens, stirring up wind and cloud.

In that moment, every corner of the Immortal Sect’s small world was flooded with the aura of destruction.

Countless Immortal Sect cultivators revealed looks of alarm. They looked up into the distance where the black cloud appeared from the collapsing skies. The aura was so thick and heavy that it made endless fear gush out in their hearts!

Layers of light revealed an aura of compassion and mercy, slowly spreading throughout the heavens and earth. The Buddhist Nation Sovereign sat in the center of these layers of light. All lives through the Buddhist Nation were bathed in the light he sent out.

A trillion lives were kneeling on the ground and bowing with deep devotion and piety, worshipping the city where the Buddhist Nation Sovereign was located. Their faces were full of joy and safety, as if they had arrived in their own paradise.

Suddenly, the Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s eyes flashed open. The Buddhist light that emanated from him instantly darkened.

Buddhas had many faces. They could look down upon the world with mercy and compassion and they could also glare down from the heavens and lower retribution.

“How bold!”

As the Buddhist Nation Sovereign roared, the entire nation shook around him.

Beneath the darkened light, the citizens of the Buddhist Nation seemed to have torn the masks off from their faces. They howled and screeched like evil spirits emerging from hell.

“Kill! Kill! Kill!”

They viciously roared out, their hectic voices rampaging through the world.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign stood up and his long pure white robes suddenly turned blood red. He took a step out and vanished from sight.

Space was warped and twisted into countless layers. They were like layers of ice, or mirrors randomly stacked upon each other that each reflected the image of the Nether Domain Master. Each one gave off an illusionary feeling. But, if one carefully sensed it they would discover that each one truly existed, as if they could emerge from this warped space from any time.

The Nether Domain Master lifted a hand. The countless copies of him that existed within the warped space also lifted a hand. As their fingertips pointed into nothingness, a black dot appeared and burst out with a terrifying swallowing strength…

In particular, when this swallowing strength was superimposed upon itself countless times over, it surpassed what could be described as merely ‘terrifying’.

In that moment, within the layers of warped space, everything was instantly destroyed. A swallowing strength flooded outwards, wildly transforming. They fused together or tore each other apart, capable of destroying any life form that fell into this chaos.

At this time, the Nether Domain Master opened his eyes in the warped space, anger in his face. He had practiced this great supernatural art for 10 million years but hadn’t been able to take the final step. Today, his cultivation was finally about to reach large success, but he met with a great accident.

Could it be that this was preordained by destiny? With a gentle sigh, the Nether Domain Master stepped out of the warped space. He turned and looked out the countless reflections of himself and his face filled with dignity as well as a bit of anticipation.

Shua –

He vanished from sight.

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