Chapter 641B – Invading the Immortal Sect

The Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch had healed from his injuries and emerged from seclusion. When news of this spread out, the entire Demonic Path danced in joy and celebration. This had an immediate influence on the front lines of the battlefield, causing the enemy armies to retreat a thousand miles.

“Your Majesty…are you really fine?” The Demon Envoy hurried over as soon as he heard the news. His face was glowing with excitement.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. “There are some minor remnants that can be erased at any time. There is no need to worry.” He paused and continued, “You have done well these past years. I am satisfied with your performance.”

The Demon Envoy fell to his knees. “For Your Majesty to be safe and sound, that is the good fortune of the entire Demonic Path. This subordinate was only following your orders, thus I don’t dare to claim credit.”

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and pulled him up. “Send a message to the Dark Night Demon Region and Blue Skies Yellow Springs. I am inviting the Supreme Seat and Yama to gather at the Holy Palace…remember, this matter must be kept secret. No one must know about it!”

The Demon Envoy’s heart chilled. He could smell the scent of blood and destruction from these words. “I will go immediately!”

He turned and left in a hurry.

You Qi came from behind the hall. She bowed and said, “Your Majesty.”

Qin Yu stood up and walked down from the throne. He said, “There is no need for such things between you and me.”

You Qi stood up, worry in her eyes. “I know how Your Majesty feels about Ning Ling, but I still ask you to be careful. As long as you survive, anything is possible. If nothing else can be done…please remember that I am still waiting here for you.”

Qin Yu pulled her into his arms. He whispered in a soft voice, “Don’t worry. I will definitely succeed and return alive.”

In a world of eternal darkness, there was no light. The dark cold and gloominess could freeze the soul.

Suddenly, a voice sounded up. “An invitation from the Demon Sovereign…this junior, what other matters does he have to speak about?”

After several breaths of silence, this voice coldly snorted. Then, that endless darkness withdrew like a falling tide.

A vast canyon emerged from the darkness. It winded through the earth, as if it was a trail left behind by some massive creature crawling through the ground.

Light footsteps echoed from deep within the canyon. The tall Supreme Seat emerged. With every step he took, the world shook.

Rumble rumble –

A black disc spun in the air. It was so large that it seemed to block out the heavens. Yama sat down cross-legged. Her red dress hung around her, sticking to her body.

A dark golden mask covered her face. All that was revealed were her mouth and eyes. She exuded an aura of mystery.

She raised a hand and grasped forward. When the jade slip entered her hand, she probed it. Then, her eyes flew upon. A demonic light flowed around her pupils, so enchanting that they seemed they could suck out a person’s soul and thrust them directly into samsara.

“The Holy Monarch’s invitation!”

She stood up. With a single step forward, she vanished.

Everyone had been ordered to leave the Holy Palace’s grand hall. Nine stone doors slowly fell down, rumbling as they struck the ground.

The Supreme Seat and Yama had dignified expressions. These nine stone doors possessed an immense power. They were able to completely isolate the outside world and not even the power of the rules could seep through them. From this alone, they could tell that something extraordinary was happening.

Qin Yu sat upon his throne. He said, “I asked the Supreme Seat and Yama to come here today to discuss an important matter. If I was rude in any way, I ask that you not mind.”

Yama’s voice was gentle, like water running through a brook. “There is no need for the Holy Monarch to be so cautious. If there is any matter then please speak openly.”

The Supreme Seat was without expression. “I was just in seclusion so it wasn’t a good time for me to come out.”

Qin Yu nodded at Yama and also looked at the Dark Night Supreme Seat. “Good, I’ll get to the point then.” He lowered his voice, “A few days ago, the Dao Arena Master, Solitary Westgate, met with me privately and invited me to invade the Immortal Sect with him. I came here to discuss this matter with you two.”

“Invade the Immortal Sect?” The Dark Night Supreme Seat furrowed his eyebrows, his gaze stern and sharp. “Holy Monarch, do you know what this means? What sort of consequences there will be?”

Qin Yu nodded, “I am well aware.”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat sneered, “I oppose! The Immortal Sect stands on even grounds with my Demonic Path. We are both influences that dominate all others in this world. We have struggled in the open and in secret for countless years. If we had the confidence to destroy the other party we would have already made a move. We wouldn’t have needed to wait until today.

“Solitary Westgate might not be on good terms with the Immortal Sect, but there is no blood grudge between them. If he now suddenly desires to attack the Immortal Sect, do you not fear that he might be colluding with them to harm my Demonic Path? I know that the Holy Monarch has a deep hatred with the Immortal Sect, but you must consider the interests of the Demonic Path first. You cannot let everything go to waste for your own personal reasons!”

Yama had a doubtful expression. Could it be as the Supreme Seat said? She hesitated for a moment and asked, “What does the Holy Monarch know about this?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “As the master of the Holy Palace, I place the interests of the Demonic Path above all. Supreme Seat, there is no need to be so anxious. You are curious about why the Dao Arena Master suddenly wishes to attack the Immortal Sect? The reason is simple. The Dao Arena Master has found out that what happened in the past is all because of the Immortal Sect. As for what matter I am referring to, do I need to narrate it for you?”

“What? Such a thing actually happened!?” Yama had a dignified expression. “Holy Monarch, are you sure about this?”

Qin Yu nodded, “I am.”

Yama took a deep breath. “Then, this matter shouldn’t be a lie…who would have thought that the bodiless murder case that shook the world so long ago was actually the work of the Immortal Sect. If so, then it’s within reason for the Dao Arena Master to go insane.”

Solitary Westgate’s beloved wife and child had been killed. He had almost gone insane due to that. After that incident, waves of bloodshed and death were raised throughout the land and countless cultivators were buried because of it. Afterwards, because of the knot that formed in his heart, it was hard for him to make any further advances in his cultivation. Everyone in this world knew how much he loved his wife and child.

The Dark Night Supreme Seat said, “Even so, I still oppose. So what if the Dao Arena Master has gone crazy? Even if we add in his strength, is it possible for my Demonic Path to eliminate the Immortal Sect? If things really were so easy, either the Immortal or Demonic side would have been destroyed long ago.

“If we attack recklessly, that will only trigger an absolute war with the Immortal Sect. The most likely outcome is that both sides will be grievously wounded, giving other influences in this world the opportunity to take advantage of us. Don’t forget that within the seven empires there is still Great Chu. That Majesty over there has never once given up on his aspirations to dominate the world.

“In addition, the founding emperor of Great Zhou has reappeared in the world. He has returned to the ancient capital city of Zhou, and while he hasn’t made any movements recently, once he does he will surely shake the world! The Land of Divinity and Demons might seem stable right now but the truth is that mighty currents rage beneath the surface. The Demonic Path cannot take such a great risk in this current situation. If the Holy Monarch has no other matters to discuss, I will bid my farewells first!”

He stood up and started to walk away.

The nine stone doors could sever the rules, but they couldn’t stop him from leaving.

From behind, Qin Yu’s calm voice rose up. “The Immortal Sect has a god…a living, genuine god.”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat came to a screeching halt. He slowly turned around, “That’s impossible!”

Qin Yu said, “I personally experienced it. Several days ago, I fought with this god.” His eyes were cold. “The Immortal Sect has kept a god hidden in secret. Through the countless years, not a single bit of information has been released concerning this. There must be a great plot occurring in the shadows. If we don’t take advantage of this chance to attack the Immortal Sect, the Demonic Path will surely suffer disaster one day.”

Yama suddenly said, “There is a forbidden land in the Immortal Sect’s small world. To the outside world, it is said that one of the Immortal Sect’s greatest supernatural inheritance arts is located there and that no one but the three heads can approach. The Demonic Path has attempted countless times to investigate, but we have never been able to glean any information related to this place…now, it seems that this forbidden land is where this god is hidden.”

The hall fell silent.

As supreme beings of the world, as people who stood upon the pinnacle of society, they had an even greater understanding of how terrifying the strength of a god was. They were transcendent existences that dominated above the entire current cultivation system of the world. To be honest, if this god had its freedom, the entire world would grovel below its feet.

The Dark Night Supreme Seat sat back down. His words pierced to the bone. “Demon Sovereign, you must take responsibility for your words!”

Qin Yu’s expression was calm. “The Immortal Sect has a god; this is an absolute truth.” Finally, he tossed out another powerful convincing argument. “This is the reason why I hope the two of you can agree with me. Because the Dao Arena Master has promised that if the Immortal Sect begins to use their god, he will move to suppress it.”

As a man who once fought against the heavens and didn’t die, no one knew how deep Solitary Westgate’s true strength was. But it was undoubtedly terrifying. As a result, only he would dare to say something so boastful like suppressing a god.

Yama said, “Then I agree to attack!”

Qin Yu looked at the Dark Night Supreme Seat.

After a long silence, he opened his mouth and said, “I can also agree. But, I have a condition. If we succeed in killing that god, I want the godhead.”

Yama frowned, “Supreme Seat, your appetite is a little too large.”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat looked at Qin Yu. “What does the Demon Sovereign say?”

Qin Yu nodded, “As long as the Supreme Seat has the ability to take it, I won’t seize it.”

“Good!” The Dark Night Supreme Seat stood up. “Time is of the essence. We should gather our subordinates.”

Qin Yu lifted his hands. “Hold on!” He looked at Yama, “I heard that in the Immortal Sect, there is a treasure called Samsara. It was something that the Blue Skies Yellow Springs lost many years ago. I promise to Yama that if there is a chance, I will help take it back for the lineage of the Blue Skies Yellow Springs.”

Yama’s eyes brightened. “I thank Your Majesty Holy Monarch! The Blue Skies Yellow Springs will do our best!”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat coldly snorted. He took a step out and vanished from sight.

Yama slightly bowed and also disappeared.

Qin Yu looked up, his eyes seeming to pierce through the void and into the far off distance. “Immortal Sect, I will soon teach you a lesson you will never forget!”

The three heads joined forces. While everything seemed calm on the surface, currents roiled below. Countless powerhouses were ordered to assemble.

It was time for war!


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