Chapter 641A – Invading the Immortal Sect

Within the Immortal Sect’s small world, there were 36 mountain peaks that rose high up from the ground. They had different shapes, including swords, sabers, halberds, and spears, but all of them had a swift and fierce aura, an invisible killing intent that flowed down like a quiet stream. However, once a foreign aura entered, these mountain peaks would activate, flooding the world with killing intent and becoming seas of destruction that would destroy any unauthorized trespassers.

A giant stone tablet stood between the 36 mountain peaks. It was like a moon surrounded by stars, but in reality, these mountain peaks gathered their vast pressure together in a grand array of suppression. They pressed down on top of the stone tablet, placing an inconceivable degree of imprisonment upon it.

These 36 mountain peaks were a forbidden zone in the Immortal Sect. Besides the three heads of the Immortal Sect, no one could approach this place. Many people speculated about what was hidden here, but no matter how much they probed they found nothing useful. Of course, it could be that any cultivators who found a clue of what was here had quietly died, becoming nothing but ghosts.

At this moment, within the mountain range, the stone tablet started to fluctuate as faint ripples of aura dissipated outwards. Although these ripples appeared weak, they easily split up space and created terrifying ravines in the round. Soon after, two figures stepped out one after another. Powerful auras lingered around them, causing the surrounding rules to twist and blur.

Just by standing here they were like two blazing suns, radiating an invisible heat that swept through the world and caused the rules to collapse. These two people were the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master. They were two heads of the Immortal Sect, unsurpassed supreme beings of the world!

But the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master were clearly in a poor mood. An invisible pressure emanated from them, causing the atmosphere to be thick and suffocating. They were like two volcanoes on the verge of erupting.

Some time ago, the god imprisoned here had suddenly flown into a rage. The reason was simple: it had lost connection to the godhead fragment given to Woodchopper Fu. The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master were well aware of what this meant. The two joined forces to subdue the crazed god and thus they were left in a dismal mood.

“What trash!” The Buddhist Nation Sovereign angrily shouted. Stars seemed to revolve in the depths of his eyes, capable of grinding apart all.

The Nether Domain Master furrowed his eyebrows together, “I still cannot figure it out. With Woodchopper Fu’s strength, it would be difficult for you and me to kill him after he fused together with the godhead fragment, so how did the Demon Sovereign accomplish this? Could it be that his cultivation has made great strides in a short several years? The closer one’s cultivation approaches to the peak, the more difficult it is to climb. Even if a person were to use up many years they still wouldn’t necessarily have any improvements.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign took in a deep breath. “No matter what the reason is, the reality is clear. The Demon Sovereign has slain Woodchopper Fu and taken over his status as a sequencer. Perhaps he might have already returned to the Land of Divinity and Demons…this will inevitably influence our plans.”

The Nether Domain Master frowned. “You are saying you wish to target the Demon Sovereign?”

“He is our greatest variable. In order to ensure our plan proceeds smoothly, we have no other choice.”

The Nether Domain Master sighed. “The Immortal and Demonic sides are just a single point away from completely tearing apart any pretense of civility. To scheme against the Demon Sovereign in such a situation…that is difficult!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign was expressionless. “As long as we have the will, we can always find a way.”

At almost the same time as the Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master decided to plot against Qin Yu, Qin Yu also decided that he would make a move against the Immortal Sect.

This was not only because of his enmity with the Immortal Sect. The more essential point was that since he had already obtained the God Imprisoning Altar, he needed to seize a true god so that he could start raising it.

And there was a god within the Immortal Sect!

This was an important piece of information that Woodchopper Fu left to Qin Yu before he died. And, what was even more wonderful was that in order to retaliate against the Immortal Sect, Woodchopper Fu had given Qin Yu his fragment of the godhead. With this godhead fragment in his hand, his plan to catch that god would be much simpler.

But to say this was simple was only speaking in relative terms. To enter the Immortal Sect and capture the god that they were secretly raising, the difficulty of this mission could be imagined.

Disregarding all else, the Demonic Path simply hadn’t detected that the Immortal Sect had hidden a god in their ranks at all throughout all the years since it began. From this, it could be seen that the Immortal Sect kept this god hidden in an extremely secret place. Even if he had the God Imprisoning Altar and the godhead fragment in his hand, he still needed to find out where this god was located and force it to appear. Only like that would he have the chance to capture it.

Even though Qin Yu had grown much stronger than before, it was still impossible for him to do this alone. So, he required formidable helpers.

Standing atop a mountain, Qin Yu allowed the winds to brush back his robes and hair. He narrowed his eyes and took a step forward, vanishing from sight.

Half a day later, in a top training room of a Dao Arena, Qin Yu saw Solitary Westgate for the first time in several years. Solitary Westgate was indeed worthy of being known as a man who once fought against the heavens. With just a single glance at Qin Yu he could sense the changes beneath the surface.

“Substantialization of will!” With a loud acclaim of surprise, even the proud and arrogant Dao Arena Master couldn’t help but feel a tiny bit of inferiority when facing Qin Yu.

This boy was simply a freak!

Qin Yu smiled and cupped his hands together. “I need to thank fellow daoist Westgate for the guidance.”

Solitary Westgate shook his head. “There is no need to thank me. It is you who was strong enough to do everything you’ve done. I thought you would need at least a hundred years before coming back out…in short, while I must admit I am dumbfounded, this is still a good thing.”

The stronger Qin Yu was, the closer Yun Niang and Anning’s resurrection would be, and the higher the chances of success.

“One of the reasons I came here is to thank fellow daoist Westgate. But, there is another reason besides that.” A serious expression suddenly crossed Qin Yu’s face. “Within the Sealed Stone World, I found Woodchopper Fu. He was one of the sealed stone sequencers.”

Solitary Westgate’s eyes flashed. “You killed him and became the new sequencer, thus you were able to leave?”

Qin Yu nodded. “That is exactly what happened. But before I killed him, Woodchopper Fu used a godhead fragment to make a transaction with me.”

Solitary Westgate’s pupils shrank. He clearly knew what a ‘godhead fragment’ was. He quietly asked, “And this transaction is related to me?”

Qin Yu said, “Yes. Woodchopper Fu asked me to convey some words to fellow daoist Westgate. I hope that from here on out, no matter what I say, you can remain calm.”

He took a breath and said, “What happened in the past is because of the Immortal Sect!”

Bang –

The Dao Arena Master took a step forward. A terrifying aura erupted from his body. Faintly, Qin Yu could see a towering divine idol appear behind him. This divine idol had three eyes, and at this moment its third eye was trembling as if it was about to open.

Kacha –

Kacha –

Space began to collapse all around.

“Was that it?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “He also said that beneath the stones of the eastern emperor, blood stained the evening for a moment…after you hear this, you will know whether it is truth or lies.”

Bang –

The shattered space was instantly crushed to pieces. An incomparably wild strength rampaged in the dark void. Solitary Westgate’s eyes turned red and his aura was like the arrival of a devil. The divine idol behind him opened its third eye just a tiny bit to reveal pitch black darkness.

“Immortal Sect! Immortal Sect!”

His pained cries were filled with endless hatred. He turned and took a step away but was grabbed by Qin Yu. As their bodies touched their strengths clashed. The entire Dao Arena shook and these fluctuations even spread outside to the city beyond.

All the cultivators within range suddenly turned pale white as the blood drained from their faces. They had no idea what had happened but felt an instinctual sense of terror, as if destruction was about to descend upon them at any moment.

Their instincts were right. If the Dao Arena Master couldn’t suppress his anger and his strength erupted, that would be enough to raze this city to the ground.

Solitary Westgate roared, “Let me go!”

Qin Yu said, “Calm down and don’t be impulsive! With your strength alone, you cannot shake the Immortal Sect. If you were to attack them now, you would only alert them!”

Solitary Westgate stiffened. His cruel and raging aura slowly restrained itself. But, the feeling he gave off was even more dangerous. He turned and looked at Qin Yu, “You will help me?”

Qin Yu nodded. “To be more exact, we will be helping each other.” Without reserve, he explained the situation about raising a god. Otherwise, if he didn’t, his actions today would have placed Solitary Westgate into a trap. “I want to capture the Immortal Sect’s god and take away Shen Yuanyin.”

Solitary Westgate was without expression. “I can help you suppress this god!”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Thank you, fellow daoist Westgate. But, entering the Immortal Sect will be a truly arduous battle. Having just the two of us is still far from enough. So, if we want to heavily damage or even ruin the Immortal Sect, we need to gather more powerhouses to work with us.”

The blood red color in Solitary Westgate’s eyes didn’t fade away but he clearly regained his cognitive abilities. He nodded and said, “You’re right. If we want to make the Immortal Sect pay a steep price, just the two of us isn’t enough. Qin Yu, hurry back to the Demonic Path. You must convince the Dark Night Demon Region and Blue Skies Yellow Springs to help you, as well as assembling the full strength of the entire Demonic Path. As for me, I will also mobilize all forces and gather all the Calamity Immortals in the Dao Arena system…I must have the Immortal Sect pay this blood debt with their own blood!”

Qin Yu said, “I will try my best!”

Solitary Westgate furrowed his eyes together. “I understand how the Dark Night Demon Region and Blue Skies Yellow Springs normally act. If you want them to give up all their caution and wage open war with the Immortal Sect, it won’t be easy…Qin Yu, try turning things around. Say that I asked you to enter the Immortal Sect and that this might be the Demonic Path’s best chance. This might be more effective.”

Qin Yu said, “Alright. Then let’s split up here. If there is any change in the situation, we should contact each other as soon as possible.”

He turned and left.

It was said that for a gentleman taking revenge, waiting ten years wasn’t too late…but this was because the gentleman had no skills. If one truly desired revenge, then they would find it difficult to even wait a single extra second.

Qin Yu was like this and so was Solitary Westgate!

No one knew that at this time, an earth-shaking event had occurred just moments after the two met.

Their spear was pointed straight at the Immortal Sect!

And this great event would initiate a series of waves that would sweep through the entire Land of Divinity and Demons, eventually becoming a great current that would rewrite the future. 

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