Chapter 640B – Sealed Stone World’s Great Dao Boundary

After determining that this person really wouldn’t reveal anything, Qin Yu then asked, “One last question. This Great Dao realm existence, what seal sequencer are they at?”

The blue-robed man hesitated for a moment, “Eight seals!” He dismissively waved his hands, “To speak of such things already goes against the rules. Young man, you are far too intelligent. But, let me remind you of something. Sometimes in this world, it is the smart that die first.”

The eight mark. That was just a step away from gathering all nine seals. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. This matter clearly wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

The blue-robed man said, “Stop mulling such things over. If your cultivation rises high enough in the future, you will naturally come to understand everything. Otherwise it will be meaningless no matter how much you think about it.”

Qin Yu nodded, “I will be leaving the Sealed Stone World soon. But before I do, I hope I can clarify something with you.”

The blue-robed man furrowed his eyebrows.

Qin Yu said, “This has nothing to do with what we spoke about before.” His eyes turned earnest. “I want to know how to raise a god…to be more exact, with my current cultivation, is it possible to raise a god?”

To raise a god was the same as controlling the strength of a true god. This held an extraordinary significance because once he successfully raised a god, he could help Shen Yuanyin resist the backlash that came from the Sublime Lost Emotion Code. If she really was Ning Ling, then no one could stop them from being together.

“Raising a god?” The blue-robed man’s eyebrows furrowed together. “Young man, you must avoid aiming too far and high. Only by stepping along a steady path will you be able to reach the summit. By borrowing outside strengths, no matter how strong they are, there will always be a fatal flaw. For instance, that one seal sequencer that you killed just now is the perfect proof of this. Do you plan on taking the same crooked path as him?”

Qin Yu said, “The reason I want to raise a god isn’t for myself. If there is any chance then I ask for senior to please inform me. I will be deeply grateful!”

As his voice fell he cupped his hands together and bowed.

There wasn’t a direct rejection, thus hope still existed!

The blue-robed man was left speechless. “The youth these days are really realistic. When they find me useful they immediately call me senior. Your past attitude wasn’t like this.”

Qin Yu said, “If senior is dissatisfied, then you may tell me. I am willing to endure any punishment.”

“It looks like you really want it…” The blue-robed man rubbed his chin. He thoughtfully said, “In the past before the Fifth Chieftain perished, he had a disciple that he placed in the highest regards. To ensure her safety, he specially refined a God Imprisoning Contract with a lowered threshold for use. But before he could give it to her, he fell from the skies.

“With your cultivation, you can use it. But this contract was specifically refined and only that disciple’s aura can activate it. Even if I gave it to you it would be useless. When that heaven-shocking battle occurred in the past, the disciple vanished somewhere. And now, so many years have passed that it is impossible to find her.”

Qin Yu’s eyes darkened. But then he suddenly thought of the skeleton he found in the palace. His heart skipped a beat. “Senior, may I ask you what sort of cultivation method that disciple practiced? And what unique characteristics would appear with it?”

The blue-robed man clearly thought Qin Yu hadn’t given up. He shook his head, “What she cultivated was the Fifth Chieftain’s direct lineage technique, the Heaven Aiming Record. It is difficult to cross the threshold for this technique and it has an incredibly high requirement for one’s talent. But, once they cultivate it and have some achievements, they can draw in the strength of the heavens and earth to fill their body, condensing Heaven Aiming Runes that cover their bones. After that, they can freely walk wherever they please with a constant source of strength…you shouldn’t think of such random things, it is simply impossible!”

But before his voice fell, Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. With a flash of light, a white skeleton appeared in front of him. Starting from its feet, there were unusual runes that covered its body. “Senior, please help me take a look and tell me if these are Heaven Aiming Runes?”

The blue-robed man didn’t respond. His jaw fell down so deep that one worried it would break off.

This was already a reply. Qin Yu couldn’t help but clench his fists in joy. Seeing that the blue-robed man still hadn’t regained his senses, he coughed and said, “Senior, can you take out the contract?”

The blue-robed man nodded absent-mindedly. He thrust a hand forward and space collapsed inwards. He searched inside and when he took out his hand, there was a white roll of cloth covered in gold thread.

As if it had waited for countless years, the gold threads on the cloth lit up impatiently. The golden light it released was like blazing flames!

The blue-robed man’s heart shook as he saw this sight. He looked back up at Qin Yu, unsure of what to say.

“Senior, there is no need to think too much. I inadvertently found this skeleton in the palace within the Sea of Bewildering Fog. Because its aura was so strange I decided to take it. I never expected that it would be the skeleton of the disciple that senior spoke of. It really is just a coincidence!”

After a long silence, the blue-robed man finally spoke up, “With such good luck, you might as well recognize the heavens as your foster father!”

Qin Yu licked his lips. “Senior, this contract…”

The blue-robed man’s eyes twitched. “Take it. A drop of blood is enough.”

Qin Yu took hold of it and sensed it to make sure nothing was wrong. Then, as the blue-robed man was curling his lips, he slashed his finger and let a drop of blood land on it.

The blood was instantly absorbed. The cloth that bore the God Imprisoning Contract burnt away, turning into a golden light that submerged into Qin Yu’s body.

The world within his mind quaked with heaven-shaking rumbles. From the endless earth, a golden altar rose up. It was vast and towering, seeming to stand on par with the heavens. At the same time, it also seemed as if it could imprison all existences in the world.

Gods surpassed the rules but also walked through the heavens and earth. This altar was prepared for them. Its name – God Imprisoning!

If one could not imprison a god, how could one raise them? Otherwise, if one were to move against a god, all that would remain was death. After this altar was established, Qin Yu naturally knew all the key points to raising a god. He opened his eyes and cupped his hands together, “I thank senior for the help.”

The blue-robed man sneered, “I have no idea whether I should admire you for being careful or mock you for being too discreet. I hope that by the next time we meet, your strength can give me a pleasant surprise.”

He turned and vanished from sight. As for Qin Yu becoming the incarnation of an Ancient, both sides didn’t speak of it. Perhaps they both knew that this was a taboo that shouldn’t be mentioned.

Qin Yu bowed to see the blue-robed man off. When he straightened back up, there was a smile on his face. His happiness right now was no less than when his will had completed its substantialization.

Impatience rose up in his heart. Qin Yu wanted to immediately return to the Land of Divinity and Demons. But before doing that, there were some things he needed to deal with.

He sensed his surroundings and stepped forward. His figure flickered and vanished. When he reappeared he was standing right in front of Zuo Dongdong, who was still holding tightly onto the stone that sent him flying away.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. Zuo Dongdong coughed and weakly opened his eyes. When he saw Qin Yu he batted his eyes and suddenly began to cry out loud, “Mother, I died in such an unexpected way. I don’t even know how I died. What an injustice!”

Qin Yu’s face stiffened. As he thought about that person’s possible identity, he lightly coughed and said, “Don’t cry, you are still alive right now.”

Zuo Dongdong punched his face. With a loud howl he leapt onto his feet. It was unknown how much effort he used, but half of his face was swollen and red. Still, he laughed and smiled like a fool. But soon he regained his composure. Since Qin Yu was in front of him, then what about that sequencer Lord Woodchopper? Was everything that happened just a dream?

A thought jumped out from his mind. Zuo Dongdong’s eyes widened and he gasped like a cow. “You…you…you…”

He was speechless.

Qin Yu said, “Starting from today, I am the new sequencer.” Everything that happened after that proceeded smoothly. Zuo Dongdong had been thinking of grabbing onto Qin Yu’s thigh, and when he heard that there was a chance his precious son-in-law might be a friend Qin Yu lost many years ago, he smiled so widely that his molars were revealed.

After boarding the ship and ordering his subordinates to set sail, they soared directly to the Divine Wind Trade Association.

Two days later, at the edge of the sealed stone ‘nebula’, Qin Yu saw Xue Zheng standing atop a sealed stone.

When Xue Zheng hurried out and saw Qin Yu, he was left stunned for a long time.

Qin Yu stood up and smiled. “Commander Xue, several decades might have passed, but don’t tell me you forgot about an old friend so quickly?”

With this, Xue Zheng was able to determine that Qin Yu was the Qin Yu he knew. His face filled with excitement, “Fellow daoist Qin Yu, you…why are you here?”

Zuo Dongdong coughed. “Little Xue, Senior Qin is the new sequencer. Don’t be so impolite.”

Qin Yu waved his hand, “Me and Xue Zheng are friends. This has nothing to do with cultivation or status.”

As for Xue Zheng, he still had yet to fully regain his composure. He knew what kind of business his father-in-law engaged in so he thought that Qin Yu might be a newcomer, but he never imagined that Qin Yu would have such a status.

After coming back, Zuo Dongdong arranged a banquet. Things were soon prepared. Qin Yu pulled Xue Zheng down to take a seat. Although Xue Zheng was the same as usual, his expression was a bit more cautious and formal.

The status of a sequencer was enough to tell him how much of a disparity in strength and status there was between them.

But as Xue Zheng saw that Qin Yu acted the same as before without any arrogance or restraint, he sighed with relief inwardly and slowly calmed down.

As the two were speaking about old times, the banquet was suddenly interrupted. Zuo Dongdong was about to burst into a fit of anger, but once he heard the news from his subordinate he almost stumbled to the ground.

“The young miss’ illness has erupted. Her situation is critical!”

Xue Zheng stood up. He took a step forward but immediately stopped. When he turned around, his forehead was covered in sweat.

Qin Yu had a dignified expression. “I’ll come take a look with you.”

Xue Zheng nodded repeatedly. His lips moved but in the end he didn’t say anything.

Unexpectedly, the bedridden and sick Miss Zuo was a woman as beautiful as a flower. Because of her illness her aura was weak and her skin was pale. This gave her a strangely delicate feeling.

The cultivator responsible for treating her had already attempted to cure her. Seeing Zuo Dongdong and Xue Zheng arrive, his face filled with shock and he shook his head, sighing.

Zuo Dongdong fell to his knees.

Xue Zheng turned around to kneel. But before his knees touched the floor, Qin Yu stopped him. “If you do that, you will be insulting our friendship. Don’t delay any further, make way.”

After stepping next to the bed, he placed a finger between her eyebrows. Several breaths of time later, Qin Yu opened his eyes and shouted, “Evil creature, you are courting death!”

It was like a bolt of lightning sizzled through the air. Xue Zheng subconsciously closed his eyes but tears still streamed down his face. In the next moment there was a sharp and shrill scream before everything calmed down.

Xue Zheng quickly opened his eyes. He saw Qin Yu taking back his finger. His wife’s pale face was ruddier and most of her pained expression had vanished.

Qin Yu nodded. “It’s fine now. Sister-in-law only needs to heal for some time and she will be restored to full health.”

The evil spirit fragment had invaded her soul. This might be an incomparably tricky situation in the eyes of others, but the current Qin Yu could easily eradicate it.

After completing the substantialization of his will, his very existence was the fatal nemesis of such evil spirits!

He stayed another day. After ensuring that Xue Zheng’s wife was fine, Qin Yu bid his farewells.

Zuo Dongdong expressed his thanks once more. Then, he tactfully drew back and let the two speak privately.

Xue Zheng cupped his hands together. “Brother Qin, I have nothing to thank you with for such great graciousness. But in the future if you ever have need of me, I will walk through fire and water to help you.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Good. I will remember Brother Xue’s words. We will meet again in the future.”

He turned and walked away, vanishing from sight. 

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