Chapter 639B – With the Master Dead, the Hatchet Cannot Survive

A crushed stone howled out and struck Zuo Dongdong’s thick belly. He opened his eyes and vomited onto the ground. Then, his entire body was sent flying into the distance along with the stone.

Qin Yu drew several steps backward. Destructive fluctuations wreaked havoc within his body. They were like invisible saber points, tearing apart his flesh and blood and cutting at his bones. Countless tiny spots appeared on the surface of his skin; this was a part of the blood that had accumulated in his body.

He had no expression on his face, as if he didn’t sense the pain of being cut apart tearing through his body. He raised a hand and slammed his chest. With a dull thumping sound, Qin Yu’s flesh and blood violently shook. Countless waves raged in his body, forcefully expelling the intruding strength.

Pa –

On the surface of Qin Yu’s fist, the white cut marks burst open. Bolts of silver white light appeared and tried to fly away as if they had a mind of their own.

With a cold snort, Qin Yu grasped his hand forward, “Extinguish!”

A wild strength instantly erupted, causing space to shake and shatter. These silver white lights were repeatedly smashed apart before they finally vanished into nothingness.

The strength of a god was known to be immortal and everlasting…but Qin Yu’s present strength was enough to pulverize that everlasting immortality into dust. Moreover, his Saint level Demon Body could directly move the rules of the world. And what Woodchopper Fu obtained wasn’t a complete godhead.

But even though this was so, in this battle, Woodchopper Fu now held the advantage.


A loud shout spread in all directions. Wherever it went, the world rules suddenly tightened together, weaving into a swamp. Placed within, Qin Yu felt pressure coming from all sides. It was like an invisible mountain pushing down on him, making it difficult to even breathe.

A great reason for why a god was so terrifying was because they could control all the rules of the world. Just by lifting their hands and feet, they exuded divine might.

The hatchet hummed as if cheering. The silver white light on its surface became even thicker and more dazzling! As the saber slashed down, space and time seemed to break apart. Even though the saber was far away when it was raised, it was already close when it fell.

Bang –

The space where Qin Yu was directly disintegrated. Pitch black spatial fragments tumbled out. Endless silver white light erupted, turning into a silver sea that swallowed Qin Yu up.

But looking at this scene, Woodchopper Fu’s face became more solemn and respectful. He began to walk forward. His silver hair curled around him and each step he took caused thunderous rumbles to spread through the world.

He raised his silver white hatchet and slashed down. Then, more spatial cracks crashed into the void where Qin Yu was, causing the silver sea to grow larger and for it to release an even greater destructive aura.

The cultivators that were wildly escaping turned blue as they felt the terrifying fluctuations spread out from behind them. Without caring for anything else, they desperately fled even faster!

The 19th saber strike.

Woodchopper Fu suddenly sighed. Looking at the silver sea in front of him, he slowly shook his head, as if he sensed something that left him feeling helpless.

Rah –

A raging roar sounded out like a million peals of thunder. It carried with it a vast and boundless aura that seemed to cross through the endless river of time, passing from ancient times to today.

A towering shadow appeared in the silver sea. Its figure stood on par with the heavens. It stretched out both its hands, grasped two sides, and maliciously tore outwards.

The silver sea was instantly torn in half. The true form of that towering shadow was revealed; it was impressively a giant that stood over 10,000 feet tall. Its pupils were like the sun and moon, shocking the world!

The giant took a step forward and punched out a fist. A horrifying strength erupted like a volcano.

Woodchopper Fu slashed out his hatchet. The overwhelming flow of strength was split in half, roaring past him on both sides. But just as his hatchet fell, the giant punched a second time. Deep within Woodchopper Fu’s eyes, he revealed a bitter look.

As expected, he wasn’t able to hide his flaw from the Demon Sovereign’s eyes. Qin Yu had used some unknown method to become the incarnation of a giant and block his 19 sabers. But, he didn’t have the confidence that he could block too many of the giant’s punches…this was because the strength he used right now wasn’t his own in the end.

3rd punch.

4th punch.

5th punch.

Qin Yu had become the incarnation of an Ancient. Every time he punched, his aura became a little more powerful. Woodchopper Fu slashed to block his attacks, and although it seemed he was doing so with ease, his complexion started to gradually pale.

The fragment of a godhead. To be more accurate, it was a projection in which a portion of a godhead’s might had been poured. It could absorb the strength of the heavens and earth to recover on its own, but this process required time.

If the godhead fragment erupted with too much power in a short period of time and lost too much strength, it would instinctually plunder the strength of its host to maintain its existence.

Woodchopper Fu was currently enduring this sort of plundering. Only those experiencing this would know how horrifying the plundering was. Not only did it wrest away his strength, but it even took over control of his body and soul. He didn’t doubt that if he didn’t resist, he would soon be controlled by the godhead both inside and out, becoming a complete slave.

13th punch.

14th punch.

26th punch.

27th punch.

30th punch!

Woodchopper Fu suddenly flung out his arms. The hatchet was thrown far away where it plunged into the sealed stone.

For all things that existed in this world, there was nothing that was truly and absolutely immortal. Even if this sealed stone was said to be indestructible, it could still be cut.

Silver white light erupted from his body. It flowed out of every pore, condensing into a phantom that angrily roared.

Woodchopper Fu gently shivered. Blood seeped out from the orifices of his head. It was clear he was withstanding some sort of incredibly terrifying pain.

But his expression didn’t change and his eyes remained as still as ancient wells. He forcefully suppressed the outbreak of the godhead and allowed the next punch to fall upon his chest.

The sound of shattering bones filled the air. Starting from the chest, they were like an unstoppable tide that swept through every part of his body, breaking everything they came across. Then, he was sent flying backwards like a broken doll, vomiting blood mixed with bits of organs.

The giant withdrew its hand. Its eyes locked onto Woodchopper Fu, “Why?”

Its voice billowed through the air!

Woodchopper Fu seemed to vomit out blood with incomparable joy and freedom. When he finished, he revealed a blinding smile. “My surname is Fu, and I was a woodchopper to begin with. This cannot change nor will it ever change. Otherwise, even if I survive, I will no longer be myself. If I wanted to live in such a way I could have done so long ago, but I have no desire to.”

The giant rapidly shrank to reveal Qin Yu’s pale face. To punch out 30 continuous fists also consumed a great deal of energy from him. He understood what Woodchopper Fu meant. He thought back to the other grinding stones he had killed. They had exhausted all methods to survive, but it was clear that Woodchopper Fu still managed to maintain his own bottom line.

If he was no longer himself, then even if he managed to continue living he would be nothing but a walking bag of skin. What would be the meaning of it?

As with many things in the world, this was easy to say but hard to do. To be able to maintain his own bottom line in the face of death and abandon tens of millions of years of struggle, Woodchopper Fu’s actions were sufficiently worthy of praise.

Sensing the faint feelings shining in Qin Yu’s eyes, Woodchopper Fu weakly laughed, happiness in his tone.

“To have Your Majesty the Demon Sovereign feel admiration, I have no regrets in my life! Do you know how many times I’ve imagined what my own death would be like? I thought I would feel fear, but I feel nothing but serenity right now.

“However, I still have lived for so many years. If I were to die quietly, that would really be unfair for someone my age.”

Woodchopper Fu suddenly raised his hand and slammed his palm into his forehead. No blood flowed out from the wound. Instead, a radiant silver white light emerged.

This light seemed gentle and warm, but it was actually as sharp as a knife. It wildly cut at Woodchopper Fu’s hands, even exposing his white bones to the air. Still, it couldn’t escape the fate of being captured.

His body violently shook. Shuddering, Woodchopper Fu tore out a silver white crystal from between his eyebrows. A figure was trapped inside, imprisoned by blood red chains. It roared and struggled but couldn’t free itself.

“The Immortal Sect wanted to take advantage of me while I was in desperation. While I was in a hopeless situation, they forced me to bow down my head. Since I am going to die today, I won’t let them be any better off. Hehe, many years ago I already knew that this Immortal Sect was completely unreliable. I always kept a hidden hand, but I never thought that I would have to use it.”

He looked at Qin Yu. “Your Majesty Demon Sovereign, as long as you agree to help me with a minor favor, I will leave this godhead fragment to you. Don’t look down on it. Perhaps you will soon find out that this is extremely useful to you.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “If you don’t give it to me, I can still take it.”

Woodchopper Fu laughed, “Your Majesty, there is no need to probe me. If I am not willing, you will never obtain it.” He wheezed several times before saying, “I already know that Your Majesty is on good terms with the Dao Arena Master. All I am asking is for you to deliver a message to him for me.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “What message?”

A strange look came over Woodchopper Fu’s face. “What happened in the past is because of the Immortal Sect.”

Qin Yu maintained his composure. “Why should I believe that you aren’t trying to shift blame?”

Woodchopper Fu chuckled. “Because in the past, I was also one of the participants…beneath the stones of the eastern emperor, blood stained the evening for a moment…the Dao Arena Master will know that what I am saying is not a lie.”

Qin Yu suddenly thought back to Solitary Westgate’s wife and child. He nodded, “Alright, I promise you!”

Woodchopper Fu grinned. He loosened his hand and the godhead fragment flew up. Qin Yu said, “Purple Moon.”

It seemed she had considerable experience in dealing with godheads.

A chilling voice sounded out, “Of course.”

Purple moonlight appeared, wrapping up the silver white godhead fragment. As if sensing a genuine threat, it struggled even further. But in the end, its efforts were for nothing. The moonlight twisted and the godhead fragment vanished.

Woodchopper Fu had completed his final wish. He thought about how even if he died, a great wave would soon be raised through the world. A look of gratitude crossed his face. Then, he fell back onto the ground. Looking at the endless nothingness above him, his eyes gradually glazed over.

When a man is near death, he speaks from the heart…these words didn’t seem too suitable for Woodchopper Fu. But, as Qin Yu watched the life fade from him, he quietly asked, “In the final moments of your life, do you have any other wishes?”

Woodchopper Fu’s lips moved. “I have killed many people in my life. In order to go on living, I was willing to do anything. If hell truly exists, I am doomed to plunge into the 18th level, to suffer pain and torture and never be reincarnated. But I do not regret it. Even if I had a chance to redo everything, I would still do the same.”

His tone was calm, without any fading in his voice. But after he finished speaking, he died, just like that, his aura completely dissipating. Woodchopper Fu’s corpse disintegrated into ashes in the wind, vanishing from the world without a single trace remaining.

Weng –

The hatchet stabbed into the sealed stone shook for a moment. Then, it cracked in half.

The hilt rapidly decayed and the blade rusted away.

With its master dead, the hatchet could no longer exist either. They had already become one body, no longer able to be divided.

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