Chapter 639A – With the Master Dead, the Hatchet Cannot Survive

Bang –

The banquet hall suddenly became the incarnation of a raging sea. All of the cultivators inside instantly paled. Their eyes turned round and their faces filled with fear and panic. None of them knew what had just happened.

What was the meaning of this? As a solemn sequencer, someone wished to take the life of Lord Woodchopper? Today in this grand hall, who dared to do this? And who could possibly achieve it!?

Woodchopper Fu soon unraveled the confusion in their hearts. He raised a hand and grasped out. Space crumpled and a black hatchet flew out, falling into his palm. With the hatchet in hand, Woodchopper Fu’s aura rose once more. The phantom of a hatchet appeared in everyone’s minds, one so vast and large that it seemed it could cut through the highest heavens and deepest earth!

“My surname is Fu. For the first half of my life I chopped firewood to live, and for the second half I used this hatchet to survive. Throughout the long years, the tens of millions of years, I have continued to suffer and struggle. But in the end, I couldn’t give up on the smoke and dust of the mortal world. For this, I have committed many sins, doing many things that go against my conscience.

“I remember many of them but I have forgotten even more. Still, if anyone were to ask me, I would say that I have never regretted it. This world is so wonderful and every day is a new beginning. Just how lucky is it to live? If I was born in this world, how can I give up on it?”

The man pointed his hatchet at Qin Yu. “Crossing through the river of time, I have depended on nothing but this hatchet of mine as well as the will to never give up…so, I ask the Demon Sovereign to please hand over his head today so that my tens of millions of years of toil will finally bear fruit!”

Zuo Dongdong’s eyes widened. His brain was filled with a single thought – he was done for, completely done for! Suddenly, his eyeballs rolled up into his skull and he fainted to the floor.

At his side, Qin Yu finished drinking his cup of wine and placed it down. “Then, I’ll have to see whether or not you have the ability to take this head of mine.”

Their auras clashed. The massive hall was blown open from the inside. Crushed stones flew out, immediately reducing everything to ruins. The stunned guests within still hadn’t regained their composure before they were sent shaken away, all of them spitting out blood in midair.

In the next moment, all of them froze. Their eyes widened as the image of a radiant white saber light was reflected in their pupils. It howled forth as if it would cut down all!

Beneath this saber light, Qin Yu’s eyebrows couldn’t help but twitch. A faint stabbing pain tore at his mind.

What an incredible saber!

He suddenly understood why Solitary Westgate had said that Woodchopper Fu would be the strongest grinding stone. Just as he said, for Woodchopper Fu to survive until today, what he relied on was this hatchet of his.

To raise his hatchet and break through the years, defying the limited years of life that fate had given him…it wasn’t difficult to understand how his hatchet could produce such a terrifying saber strike.

But no matter what happened, he would have to die today.

Qin Yu took out a jade ring pendant and tossed it forward. As for Foxflower’s warning, he never cared about it from the start.

Pa –

The jade pendant was eroded by the saber light and shattered into pieces. The phantom of a towering ancient tree appeared. Its thick branches spread out like a tide, swallowing up the saber light.

Woodchopper Fu’s eyes were cold and callous. There was no fluctuation in his pupils from the sudden change that had occurred. He raised his hatchet and slashed out a second time.

This saber strike was much simpler than the first. The white saber light was less visible and its aura seemed much weaker. But, wherever this saber light went, the space of the Sealed Stone World constantly disintegrated. Numerous spatial cracks followed in its wake.

It had to be known that the Sealed Stone World had an extremely formidable imprisoning power. No matter how dreadful one’s cultivation was, unless they were a sequencer they could give up on any ideas of leaving. For this saber to be able to break apart the space here, this alone proved how terrifying the strike was!

As if cutting into a thick layer of rubber, the ancient tree phantom violently shook and swayed. Countless branches and leaves disintegrated into nothingness as it tightly wrapped around the saber light. The ancient tree phantom twisted but didn’t show signs of breaking. Then, Woodchopper Fu cut for a third time.

The aura of this saber strike was even weaker than the last. When this third saber strike fell, there wasn’t even any stir accompanying it.

A lift, a fall, as if nothing had ever changed.

But the ancient tree shook. Foxflower’s face appeared in the bough of the tree, his earnest eyes filled with helplessness as he said, “My friend, I hope after today I can obtain some of your true trust.”

The ancient tree phantom shattered, turning into countless green flows of energy that gathered together, condensing into a massive green leaf that seemed as if it would drip water.

Qin Yu’s eyes shrank. It was clearly just a leaf, but the feeling it gave off was as if it could cover the whole of the heavens.

One leaf to cover the heavens…this should be it!

Suddenly, the veins on the green leaf were slashed apart and a scar appeared on it. This was just a common-looking scar, but in Qin Yu’s eyes the scar seemed wide enough to tear open the skies. He could clearly feel a destructive energy emanating from the edges of the scar.

Decisive, overbearing, always moving forward!

Foxflower’s weak voice sounded out, “This is as far as I can help you, my friend.”

The green leaf slowly disintegrated and vanished.

Qin Yu stepped forward. “Fellow daoist Woodchopper, after three saber strikes, will you still continue?”

Across from him, Woodchopper Fu shook his head. “These three saber strikes have exhausted my energy. I must say that I admire the Demon Sovereign’s methods!”

In the world of cultivation, it didn’t matter if one’s actions were despicable or not, or even if they were fair. As long as one was the last person smiling in the end, that was the only thing that mattered. Qin Yu hadn’t made a single move and had resisted Woodchopper Fu’s three strongest saber strikes. Woodchopper Fu couldn’t blame anyone or complain to anyone; he could only accept the stark reality of the situation.

Luckily, he had already regarded Qin Yu as his life or death nemesis. Without underestimating him at all, he had already gone to the Immortal Sect ahead of time to prepare for today.

Although those two supreme beings in the Immortal Sect had vowed that the godhead fragment wouldn’t affect his consciousness and he would remain himself, he still didn’t want to use its strength.

Because he knew how terrifying a god was. It was an existence that surpassed the rules and couldn’t strictly be called a living being anymore.

But now he no longer had a choice.

If he didn’t want to die, he could only live on in pain!

Qin Yu’s eyebrows furrowed together. He suddenly felt an intense sense of threat coming from Woodchopper Fu.

It was broad and boundless, looking down upon the world with disdain and suppressing all others.

Woodchopper Fu sighed and slowly closed his eyes. “I have struggled to live for all this time and yet I have never dared to touch upon a strength that I could not control. This is because I’m not sure whether the one that survived would still be me.

“But in the end, I must break down my own bottom line…I ask Your Majesty the Demon Sovereign to please experience the strength of a spiritual god!”

With a straight back, the wrinkles on his face began to rapidly disappear. His youthful appearance returned as his skin became soft and gleaming once more. His bones cracked and popped as his body grew by several inches. The crown of his head tore apart and hair rapidly grew down. It grew to his waist, producing a striking silver white waterfall of hair.

Shua –

Woodchopper Fu opened his eyes and it was like lightning spanning the world. Two runes spun deep within his pupils. An unsurpassed sense of dignity and honor erupted from deep in his body, flooding every inch of the surrounding space.

He looked down at his palm and clenched his hand. Feeling the boundless strength contained in his fingers, Woodchopper Fu muttered to himself, “This is the power of a god?”

Although his voice was quiet, when it spread through the air it rumbled like thunder. This was because each word he spoke automatically touched upon the rules, causing the rules to submit and become controlled.

Qin Yu’s complexion was dignified. He already had a faint guess of what would happen, but now he was able to confirm it. He took a deep breath, calming his racing thoughts.

No matter where Woodchopper Fu had obtained this godhead, this was the reality of what was happening. He could not change any of this and could only accept what was happening.

The surrounding cultivators that had been sent flying away were already scared silly. Fear and panic flooded their eyes.

They had joined the longevity feast with hearts full of excitement and joyful anticipation. To encounter a sequencer welcoming a challenge was already terrifying enough. Who would have thought that today they would even see the arrival of a god!

The same thought appeared in everyone’s minds. No wonder this one seal sequencer had been able to maintain his position for so many years – he actually had such a terrifying card hidden in his hands!

Even the strength of a god had appeared. If so, weren’t the results of today’s challenge already decided?

When people looked at Qin Yu, there was sympathy in their eyes. Although they had no idea who he was, he was absolutely an incomparably terrifying powerhouse. Still, after today, this person would disappear forever!

As the auras of two powerhouses collided, Zuo Dongdong, who was sent away by Qin Yu with a single flick of his sleeve, barely managed to open his eyes. He groaned once and fainted again.

“Your Majesty Demon Sovereign. Please die.” Woodchopper Fu lifted his hatchet and slashed down. Its ragged blade was suddenly covered in a dazzling silver white light. It cut through time and space, producing a straight crack.

This strike was galvanized by the strength of a god. The hatchet erupted with an even more terrifying killing power. In Woodchopper Fu’s hand, this hatcher had experienced a baptism through millions upon millions of years. It had been quenched in endless battlefields and had reached the limit of an object. But now, after being flooded with the strength of a god, it completed some sort of transformation and became even comparable to the existence of a divine tool!

Qin Yu roared out loud. His heart started to wildly beat as blood raced through his body at an astonishing speed. The temperature of his blood rose until it felt like a burning heat flowed through him. It was like the bright red magma flowing beneath a volcano.

His exposed skin quickly turned red. White steam rose up around him, gathering above him in clouds. Each heartbeat was like the beating of a great drum, emitting an incomparably powerful fluctuation of blood energy. These fluctuations shook apart the rules of the world, causing them to break free from the control of the god and shattering the invisible suppressive strength that flooded the atmosphere.

He raised a hand and punched out. Countless rules moved with it. The vigorous erupting strength was like a tsunami that crashed forward.

Rumble rumble –

There were earthshaking explosions as if the apocalypse had arrived. Terrifying fluctuations crashed into each other, sending shockwaves swelling out in all directions.


“Run for your lives!”

Screams filled the air as the surrounding cultivators turned and ran. All of them used every tool at their disposal to escape. If any of them were sucked into the chaos, even if they had ten lives they would still be grinded into dust!

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