Chapter 638B – Drink Wine Before Killing

The massive banquet was divided into several areas. On tables of white jade, food and wine had already been laid out. A delicious aroma wafted through the air.

With the strength of the Divine Wind Trade Association, their position was situated near the edge of the palace gates. But before the two could take a seat, a cultivator rushed forward and respectfully said, “Two guests, please wait a moment. Your position has been rearranged, so please follow me.”

Under the shocked gazes of the surrounding guests, Qin Yu and Zuo Dongdong were brought to the center of the hall. This was a place where only the most honored guests were able to be seated.

A number of people recognized Zuo Dongdong. Waves were set off in their hearts. They couldn’t figure out how this wily old fellow had managed to make his way here!

The honored guests at the table subconsciously furrowed their eyebrows before composing themselves. Many of them smiled and nodded.

Although they had no idea why the solemn sequencer would value such an unimportant person, this didn’t stop them from displaying a respectful attitude.

If the sequencer settled on this person, isn’t it completely logical to show them due respect? If you are planning on taking in a little brother or something, please consider me!

Zuo Dongdong’s face flushed red and his smile nearly reached his ears. Although he had made some achievements in his lifetime, when had he ever experienced such a scene?

But his mind was only a little dizzy. He clearly knew that the lord sequencer didn’t seat them here because of him. Rather, it was because of this silent Senior Qin!

He thought back to when Senior Qin momentarily paused after he stepped onto the sealed stone. He must have been giving a greeting!

That’s right, it was definitely this!

It looked like Senior Qin was old acquaintances with Lord Woodchopper. If so, that was really too wonderful! Even if he couldn’t grab onto Lord Woodchopper’s thigh, being able to flatter Senior Qin was still a reasonable harvest.

The more he thought about it the more beautiful his imagination became. Zuo Dongdong lifted a wine cup and said, “…Brother…Qin…let us take a drink.”

Drinking good wine and killing powerful enemies; this all seemed appropriate.

Zuo Dongdong became even more excited. He lowered his voice and said, “Everything is thanks to Brother Qin today. If you ever need anything from the Divine Wind Trade Association, Brother Qin only needs to ask and I will walk through fire and water to help!”

But just as his voice fell, a cold and arrogant voice said, “The master of the banquet hasn’t yet arrived and yet you two have already started to drink and eat. Don’t you think this is a little bit too disrespectful?”

Zuo Dongdong’s face stiffened. He looked over and couldn’t help but shrink backwards. He didn’t know who the young man speaking was, but the frowning old man beside him was an illustrious character.

He was the patriarch of the South Peace Trade Association’s Jiang Family. A true sequencer had been born in their family. Although he was only ranked seventh, in the Sealed Stone World they were a force that could freely wander wherever they pleased. There was simply no one that dared to provoke them.

“How embarrassing of me. It was I who momentarily forgot my manners. I really do apologize.” He cupped his hands together, his expression humble.

Patriarch Jiang said, “This is Lord Woodchopper’s banquet. Don’t speak too much.”

The young man respectfully nodded. There was a profound meaning in his eyes as he looked at the surrounding cultivators.

The normally quiet one seal sequencer had suddenly decided to host a birthday banquet. Could there be some other meaning behind all of this? Some people naturally wanted to listen clearly and also give a warning to others.

Jiang Tiange was well aware of this and thus why he spoke up; it wasn’t because he was some brainless and arrogant young master who liked to hear his own voice. He wanted to use these words to inform all of the guests not to think they could do whatever they wanted if they could grab hold of a sequencer’s thigh…if he could not give Zuo Dongdong any face, he could also move against anyone else!

Thud –

There was a light sound. As everyone had fallen silent, this sound was especially clear.

Qin Yu laid down his wine cup and casually picked up a pair of chopsticks. He picked up a piece of bamboo shoot and placed it in his mouth, slowly chewing it. He completely disregarded Jiang Tiange’s gloomy expression.

The surrounding cultivators looked over. Although they were forcefully maintaining a calm demeanor, their minor movements revealed just how excited they were inside.

Wasn’t this openly creating hostility?

Zuo Dongdong bitterly smiled and his legs softened. Senior Qin, you might not be scared, but my arms and legs are thin; I’m not someone who can mess with the Jiang Family. If this mess is blamed on me, that will be the beginning of my personal tragedy!

But the scene that everyone was anticipating didn’t occur. In the seat of honor, light distorted and a figure stepped out. Although he had an old appearance, the terrifying aura that emanated from his body without any concealment still caused everyone to shudder.

The great hall fell silent. All sounds vanished. Soon, there was the noise of chairs being pushed back as everyone stood up. “I greet Lord Woodchopper! We wish you a long and prosperous life!”

Only Qin Yu remained still. He stayed sitting at his table, eating and drinking. Everyone’s eyes widened in surprise. Was this person confused?

Just who was this person? Did he come here to do this because he was tired of living?

But unexpectedly, Lord Woodchopper seemed to have not seen this. He smiled and nodded to the surrounding guests, “I would like to thank everyone who came here to participate in this old man’s longevity banquet. Please, sit down.”

The banquet officially began. After offering congratulations, everyone started to take out gifts that were read out in public. The atmosphere was warm and festive. Many precious treasures appeared and there were a similar number of alarmed gasps. Still, many eyes occasionally drifted towards Qin Yu.

There was nothing that could be done about it. The situation just now was too strange.

It had to be known that Lord Woodchopper was one of the sequencers, someone who stood at the peak of the Sealed Stone World. He was someone who couldn’t be offended.

But Qin Yu’s actions of sitting still and not even greeting the master of this banquet…could that even be described as merely ‘offending’?

But in the end, nothing happened. Lord Woodchopper directly ignored it as if nothing happened at all.

What was the meaning of this?

No matter how they wracked their memories, they couldn’t find any useful information.

“Fellow daoist, I am an Elder of the Cang Family. I hope that I can be friends with you.” An old man walked nearby with a smile, a wine cup lifted in the air.

“Qin Yu.” With a nod, he raised his wine cup.

Some people dreaded the Jiang Family and didn’t dare to approach Qin Yu, but there were also those that had the qualifications to ignore the Jiang Family’s face. Seeing that Qin Yu wasn’t someone difficult to approach, more and more people came to raise a drink.

Sitting atop the throne, Woodchopper Fu looked down at Qin Yu who was drinking. A smile crossed his face.

To drink wine before killing…it seemed he was confident. But after living this far, he wouldn’t easily admit defeat.

There was no need to think much more about it. Drink today’s wine and then take the enemy’s head!

Woodchopper Fu raised his wine cup, “Everyone, take a toast!”

With a loud shout, the fragrance of wine filled the hall.

Zuo Dongdong soon drank too much. The ones around him were all great figures he normally couldn’t even reach, but now they were all huddled together drinking wine. Who wouldn’t get drunk in such a situation?

He randomly began to babble, “Qin…Senior Qin…what I deal in is human trafficking…please don’t look down on me…I have also done many good deeds in my time. If it weren’t for me taking others in, many of those people who just entered the Sealed Stone World wouldn’t be able to live…”

Seeing Qin Yu not minding his babbling, Zuo Dongdong’s drunkenness became even more obvious. “Let me tell senior something I am proud of. A few dozen years ago I picked up a fellow. He had almost been beaten to death and his cultivation was pathetically bad. But could you guess what happened afterwards? This brat was a natural in adapting to the Sealed Stone World. In a short 30 years his cultivation made breakthrough after breakthrough and now he is my son-in-law.

“But what a pity, my daughter isn’t someone with good fortune. She was sick ever since she was born and she hasn’t improved throughout all these years. My son-in-law is a truly solid and dependable person. He has always been defending her and I am so proud of him!”

Qin Yu could sense that he was using the excuse of being drunk to get closer to him. But, he didn’t mind. As he heard the story he casually said, “What is your son-in-law’s name?” But, what he didn’t know was that by asking this question, he would also become a part of the story.

Zuo Dongdong rubbed his eyebrows. “Xue Zheng…yes, that’s his name. I told him to take my surname of Zuo, but he dug in his heels and wouldn’t agree…he said that since he couldn’t go back, his name would be his final remembrance…”

Qin Yu laid down his wine cup. He hesitated for a moment before asking again, “What was his name again?”

Most of Zuo Dongdong’s drunkenness instantly dispersed. “Xue…Xue Zheng…Senior Qin, you…”

Qin Yu said, “Have you ever asked him where he came from?”

Zuo Dongdong didn’t dare to conceal the truth. “I’ve never asked him but he is a seafolk. In front of senior, his cultivation isn’t even worth a fart. He definitely isn’t someone that senior is looking for!”

He really wanted to slap himself several times. If there was nothing going on then why did he talk so much? If something happened to his son-in-law, his daughter definitely wouldn’t live much longer. Thinking about this, he started to panic even more.

Qin Yu let out a breath. He muttered to himself, “Xue Zheng…Xue Zheng…it seems there really is fate between us.” He looked at Zuo Dongdong. “Don’t worry, I’m not seeking revenge or anything. Once today’s matters are settled, bring me to see him.”

Without speaking much further, he looked up towards the center of the hall where the seat of honor was. Woodchopper Fu raised his head and their gazes clashed in midair.

It was time to end this!

Woodchopper Fu stood up. Like an awakening volcano, an incomparably terrifying aura began to rise from his body. It was like a great sun was rising in the skies. He opened his mouth, and with his words spurred by his cultivation, it was like the roar of a god, “I have lived for many years but I still haven’t lived long enough. Many people have tried to take my life, but in the end they have all died…today, I hope it will be the same!”


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