Chapter 637B – Substantialization of Will

Immortal Sect.

After the black-robed figure entered, he didn’t conceal his aura. Winds and clouds began to surge above him.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master instantly sensed this. They revealed surprised expressions before they both stepped out.

Shua –

Shua –

In front of the black-robed figure, two supreme beings of the world suddenly appeared. The Nether Domain Master asked, “Brother Woodchopper, since you came to the Immortal Sect today, do you plan on joining us?”

The black-robed figure pulled back his hood to reveal the aged face of Woodchopper Fu. He went straight to the point, “The reason I came here today is to give you some information. The Demonic Path’s Holy Monarch Qin Yu has entered the Sealed Stone World, and he will soon attack the sequence!”

The Buddhist Nation sovereign’s complexion changed. “That’s impossible!” He was well aware of the strength of the Netherworld Lotus. It would be hard enough as it was for Qin Yu to maintain his life. Moreover, even if he did enter the Sealed Stone World, it would be impossible for him to obtain the ability to attack the sequence anytime soon.

Because Woodchopper Fu and the Immortal Sect had come to a certain agreement, they were more knowledgeable of the Sealed Stone World than others.

Woodchopper Fu sneered, “I also didn’t want to believe this, but this is the truth. He and I have met inside there, and I am well aware of the strength he possesses now.

“I am a one seal sequencer. If I am killed, the Demon Sovereign will take my position and obtain the power to freely exit the Sealed Stone World. For the Immortal Sect, this news cannot be any worse than it already is.”

The Nether Domain Master said, “State your reason for coming.”

Woodchopper Fu said, “Simple. I want the Immortal Sect to help me survive. As long as I live, that is the same as the Demonic Path forever losing their Holy Monarch!

“This is a very good deal. I hope that you two can give me a reply as soon as possible. Once the challenge begins, I will be forcefully transmitted back to the Sealed Stone World!”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master glanced at each other. “Brother Woodchopper, please wait a moment.”

The space around the two warped, covering them up inside and isolating all outside perceptions. After a moment, the space distortions vanished. The Nether Domain Master directly said, “The Immortal Sect can help Brother Woodchopper. But, we also require a corresponding price.”

Woodchopper Fu had no expression, “You two are well aware that I value my life above all. If you have any conditions, then tell me. I will agree if it is within my means. I have no intention of bargaining.”

The Nether Domain Master said, “Although Brother Woodchopper hasn’t spoken in detail, the fact remains that if you came this far to seek our help, then that proves the Demon Sovereign is extremely strong right now.”

Woodchopper Fu’s cheeks twitched. To be able to rush to the ancient tree all by himself, this point alone proved how strong Qin Yu was.

Looking at Woodchopper Fu’s reaction, the Nether Domain Master continued to say, “In order to guarantee your absolute safety, we will take out a fragment of a godhead and give it to Brother Woodchopper. With the power of a spiritual god supporting you, your strength will inevitably rise.”

Shua –

Woodchopper Fu’s eyes widened. A cold chill surged in his pupils. “Don’t you two think that this condition is going too far?”

The Nether Domain Master said in a sincere voice, “The fragment of a godhead won’t be enough to affect Brother Woodchopper. You will still be you, it is just that you will no longer be able to leave my Immortal Sect.

“Looking at the entire Land of Divinity and Demons, there is no one but the Immortal Sect that has the assurance to help Brother Woodchopper. I hope you can consider this clearly.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign said, “This is the Immortal Sect’s bottom line.”

Bang –

The space around Woodchopper Fu suddenly shattered before being sucked in by the darkness. He glared at these two world supremes, as if he could fight them at any moment.

“Good! I agree!”

His ice cold voice seemed to come from the nine nether abyss.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign turned around, “The godhead fragment will take some time to fuse with. There is no time to delay.”

The Immortal Sect didn’t wish to see a Demon Sovereign become a sequencer of the Sealed Stone World. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have taken out a godhead fragment at such a critical time and weakened the ability of the Immortal Sect to raise a god!

That’s right, the Immortal Sect had a god.

This was one of the greatest secrets in the Land of Divinity and Demons. In this world, besides these three people, less than a handful of others knew of it.

To be exact, for the Immortal Sect to obtain this deeply slumbering spiritual god, Woodchopper Fu was one of the reasons they were able to.

Of course, the Immortal Sect had paid a steep price for this reason. Otherwise Woodchopper Fu would have died many years ago.

A giant stone tablet was placed atop the ground. The blood red characters exuded an aura that shook the soul. This was the location of the Immortal Sect’s greatest secret. Besides the three heads of the Immortal Sect, no one else could approach this place.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign and Nether Domain Master simultaneously pressed down their hands. Light shimmered across the surface of the stone tablet and an entrance appeared.

“Brother Woodchopper, please!”

Without expression, Woodchopper Fu stepped in.

Within the palace, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. Fog tumbled around him as if it were stirred by some invisible hand.

At this time, his eyes flew open. A sharp light erupted from his pupils and the air suddenly rumbled with thunderous sounds.

The thick fog all around exploded, turning into a visible shockwave that spread out in all directions.

After using up three months and absorbing an unknown number of high-grade stone beads, he had finally made a breakthrough!

With a thought, the fog around him was suppressed. It wildly shrank and compressed itself into an ash gray ball that floated peacefully around him.

Qin Yu smiled. The substantialization of will was complete!

Qin Yu stood up and the smile slowly vanished from his eyes. A cold chill filled the air. It was time to bring things to completion and kill those who needed to be killed.

But before that, he had to see Foxflower. Since this person said that he was a friend, if a friend was going to walk into danger soon, he naturally had to make some gesture.

His lips curved up in a smile. He stepped out of the hall and raced forward, soon arriving beneath the heaven-supporting ancient tree.

Motes of light gathered. Foxflower’s figure appeared, his face full of praise. “My friend, your speed of progression is shocking.” His bright smile was sincere, “I congratulate you on completing your substantialization of will!”

Qin Yu said, “I am here to bid my farewells.”

Foxflower said, “The sequencers are all strong. You should be careful.”

Qin Yu directly said, “Oh, that’s right. I don’t have full faith that I can face a sequencer, so I was thinking that I might need some help.”

Foxflower’s smile stiffened. “Of course. Since we are friends, if you need me to help you in any way, please feel free to speak up.”

Qin Yu said, “I am worried that the one seal sequencer has made preparations and is not waiting for me to come to him. If you can give me anything that can help maintain my life, I would be very thankful to you.”

Foxflower was silent for a long time. He finally squeezed out a smile and said, “Of course. When it comes to our friends, the spirit race has never held back.” He lifted a hand. Light surged in his palm and a ring-like jade pendant appeared. “I have sealed a projection of myself inside. But, my friend, please remember that I am currently in a very weak condition. Each bit of my strength is extremely precious. Unless there is an absolute necessity, I ask that you not use it if possible.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Don’t worry. I will remember.” Once he received the jade pendant he nodded and walked away, soon vanishing into the distance.

Foxflower’s smile faded and an aggrieved, gloomy look filled his eyes. Of course he could see that Qin Yu was intentionally ‘extorting’ him, but he soon let out a deep calming breath. His expression returned to normal.

This was because Foxflower was sure that everything Qin Yu took away from him would be returned twice over in the future!

After glancing over the jade pendant, Qin Yu placed more than a dozen imprisoning spells over it before putting it away. His vigilance towards Foxflower had never weakened. This ‘friend’ of his was now compromising due to their mutual interests. It seemed that he was hoping for a lot from Qin Yu. Qin Yu didn’t want for him to have to lose himself in the end.

In front of the towering complex of palaces, Qin Yu stepped forward. Wherever he went, the fog retreated as if expressing its awe towards him. When the walking corpses sensed his aura, they revealed looks of fear and panic. They either crawled to their knees or fled far away.

In the senses of the walking corpses, his substantialized will was like a moving mountain. Just by approaching him they would be torn to shreds.

Within the Sealed Stone World, there were many trade associations. Of those that had the ability to enter the Sea of Bewildering Fog, there were at least four. Of these trade associations, the Three United Trade Association had experienced tumultuous changes and had collapsed overnight. Not many people knew the truth of what happened, but just the rumors that leaked out were sufficiently astonishing.

After remaining quiet for over two months, only then did another trade association dispatch a ship to enter the Sea of Bewildering Fog. The stone beads were consumable items. Since they were in this trade, they had no other choice but to do this.

On the silent ship, the atmosphere was tense and constrained. The cultivators aboard the ship had stern expressions.

They had received orders to be careful above all else. Their only task was to safely bring back the stone beads after improving them; they were to cause no complications in any way.

Suddenly, loud howls appeared from deep within the fog.

The complexions of those aboard the ship changed. The cultivator at the bow of the ship fiercely shouted, “Barrier!” The Sea of Bewildering Fog was filled with dangers to begin with, much less in these uncertain times. Thus his reaction wasn’t an over exaggeration.

Soon, the fog violently tumbled and a giant shadow appeared at the end of their line of sight. The cultivators aboard the ship rapidly paled.

The Sea of Bewildering Fog’s strange beasts!

This was an extremely cruel and violent species of animal. Once they discovered an intruder, they wouldn’t give up until their enemy was completely slaughtered. Throughout the years, there were a few times when the ships sent out by the trade associations were completely annihilated, and this was almost always related to these strange beasts.

The shadow’s speed was quick. As it approached, the feeling of suppression it brought also increased.

On the ship, everyone’s eyes filled with despair. This was because this terrifying strange beast was rushing towards them!

As for escaping…

Within the Sea of Bewildering Fog, no one could escape the hunting of these strange beasts. This was a lesson they received in exchange for the blood of countless forerunners.

“The array formation has been fully activated. Everyone, use your best abilities to fight it!” The cultivator and the bow roared out loud. Still, his voice couldn’t help but tremble.

His arms shook and his teeth chattered…everyone knew that the words he said were nice to hear, but once the strange beast attacked them it would be a one-sided slaughter.

Closer! It was coming closer!

Suddenly, a cultivator cried out in alarm. “There’s a person! A person on its head!”

Shua –

Countless eyes gathered over. Indeed, atop this flat creature that looked like a catfish that was tens of millions of times enlarged, there was a black-robed cultivator.

Compared to the strange beast he was as small as an ant. But for some unknown reason, anyone that saw this cultivator felt as if they were facing a massive mountain, as if this strange beast was actually a little lizard crawling at the base of the mountain instead.

As the strange beast was about to hit the ship, its body suddenly swung about and it curved through the fog, crossing paths with the ship.

The waves of fog caused the ship to shake. Everyone’s eyes widened as they watched the strange beast howl into the distance.

The cultivator at the bow fell to his knees and loudly shouted, “Thank you senior for your mercy!”

Everyone slowly regained their composure and fell to their knees, their faces filled with the joy of people who had survived a disaster.


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