Chapter 608B – Three Great Elders Apologize

Qin Yu had returned alive. This was not something that the Holy Palace could neglect. Even if he stirred up a great commotion and many people were left unhappy, the necessary procedures still had to happen.

For instance, how to deal with the Holy Son’s forceful request.

After a brief communication, many great figures from the Holy Palace came out from their busy schedules to open up a meeting of Elders.

While the throne of the Holy Monarch was empty, all matters were to be decided upon by the council of Elders – this was only a temporary approach for these unusual times. But after holding great power in their hands for such a long time, it was easy to become addicted to it.

Perhaps these Elders that stood high and lofty above all others might not hope that an existence would appear which would stand above them and dominate them.

In particular, this person, who clearly didn’t have much respect for them.

Within a sea of stars, there was a table with 11 black stone chairs placed around it. Today, the meeting of Elders had begun. The atmosphere was suitably heavy.

The Demon Envoy sat in the third stone chair. His complexion was ugly. He could vaguely smell the scent of the coming storm. Although this was supposed to be a simple discussion, an invisible oppression in the air made it hard to breathe.

At this moment, the Demon Envoy couldn’t help but scold Qin Yu once more for not considering the greater picture! But with things having come this far he could only do his best to stabilize the situation. His teacher wasn’t wrong. In the end, he was still the Demon Envoy. Even though he only sat in the third seat right now, as long as he didn’t misspeak then no one could get past him.

The one presiding over this meeting was Elder Li. He was recognized by everyone to be a good-hearted person. Ever since becoming an Elder he hadn’t come into dispute with anyone. Due to this, he was elected to the first seat and had the greatest authority in name.

“That’s enough. Everyone knows the reason we are here so I won’t explain it. The Holy Son Yao Bin has returned alive. To our Holy Palace, that is undoubtedly something good. Even if some of you aren’t happy, I ask you to look upon the fact that he is young and high-spirited and not lose your patience with him.”

Elder Li had a gentle expression but he seemed to express some dissatisfaction towards Qin Yu. Still, the Demon Envoy relaxed a little and he nodded in thanks.

But how matters developed exceeded his expectations. In the fifth seat, Elder Heavenly Fire said, “The Holy Son has an honored status. Since he believes we were wrong, we naturally need to allow the Holy Son to handle things as he wishes.”

“Indeed. Otherwise, others might think that we old fellows are using our seniority here to bully His Highness the Holy Son.” Another Elder echoed.

The Demon Envoy’s eyebrows leapt up. He said, “The Holy Son was only speaking from a moment of anger, so he was being a little irrational. He doesn’t mean much of it, so I ask that you all not to be so serious about this.”

Elder Heavenly Fire had a light expression, “Demon Envoy, you are wrong. His Highness the Holy Son is the future master of the Holy Son Palace. We must abide by his decisions.”

He stood up, “When the Holy Son Palace was sealed up, I was the first one to recommend that the Holy Son’s subordinate cultivators be dealt with. Since the Holy Son desires a confession, I will go to Eastern Sun City and await the Holy Son’s judgment.”

“Heavenly Fire, you also discussed your original proposition with me in the past. I agree with you.” The Seventh Elder stood up, his face expressionless.

“With just you two, I fear that isn’t enough. Then, count me in.” From the second seat, an old man in silver robes slowly spoke up.

The eyes of the other Elders began to shine, excitement surging in their hearts. Out of the Holy Palace’s 11 Elders, nearly a third had stood up to bear responsibility. Your Highness Holy Son, the confession you wanted has been prepared, but I fear…you won’t be able to withstand it!

The Demon Envoy’s complexion paled. “What do you all plan on doing?”

He had already realized the intentions of the three Elders and was now enraged.

These three people never had anything to do with each other, so why did they decide to join forces now?

Three Elders were pleading guilty and asking for punishment. This was no different from holding a bomb. Even if Qin Yu was the Holy Son, he didn’t have the qualifications to judge them!

As the Demon Envoy thought about how Qin Yu was soon going to be shamed, he became even more anxious. He looked around at everyone and his heart began to sink.

The vote went as he expected. There were seven votes in favor, one in dissent, and three abstaining. The resolution passed without any twists or turns.

The Second Elder stood up. “Since we’ve all gathered here today, let’s take a trip to Eastern Sun City and see how the Holy Son plans to handle the three of us.”

Heavenly Fire and the Seventh Elder nodded, “Let’s do that.”

A cold light flashed in the eyes of the three.

Today, they would make this junior’s reputation sweep the floor! They wanted to see what honor he would have left to maintain the title of Holy Son. In the current Demonic Path, there was more than one candidate for the throne of the Holy Monarch. It was time to let him see the true severity of his situation.

Elder Li revealed a helpless expression. “Since that’s the case, let’s go together.”

With his good-hearted disposition, he wouldn’t overrule a decision made through the meeting of Elders.

He lifted a finger and pointed down. The sea of stars around them began to ripple. After several breaths of time, Elder Li said, “Everyone, we are here.”

In the skies above the Holy Son Palace, space twisted and a door opened up from within. With Elder Li in the lead, the 11 Elders of the Holy Palace walked out.

The Second Elder stepped forward. “Your Highness Holy Son, in accordance with your will, we have come to apologize!” A low and deep voice was lifted by cultivation. It rang through the air like thunder, tumbling through the skies and causing winds and clouds to surge. The bright weather above immediately darkened!

Elder Heavenly Fire and the Seventh Elder didn’t speak but they stepped forward. Their formidable auras were as vast as a sea as they swept out like a tide, instantly submerging the entire Holy Son Palace.

In this situation, Qin Yu’s aura suddenly became clear. It was like a rock in a stormy sea, withstanding all attacks without moving.

Time slowly passed. The still silence caused the complexion of the Second Elder to become increasingly gloomy. He suddenly said, “It seems that His Highness the Holy Son is truly dissatisfied with us. Since he isn’t willing to come out and meet us, we can only take the initiative to see him.”

He stepped down and landed in front of the entrance to the Holy Son Palace. After straightening his robes, he strode right into the palace.

Elder Heavenly Fire was without expression. “I really am curious how His Highness the Holy Son plans to deal with us.” As he spoke a faint chill circulated around him.

The Seventh Elder said, “In a moment we will find out.” To still be so arrogant in such a situation was simply unimaginable. Did this brat really think he could do anything he wanted just because he had the position of Holy Son? Pulling rank right now would only make his future embarrassment that much greater!

The Demon Envoy’s complexion was pale but his eyes flashed with anger. What was Qin Yu doing? Why didn’t he come out? Did he not know this was a trap? As he recalled the cold chill of the Elders around him, his heart became even heavier.

Qin Yu, what’s wrong with you? Quickly come to your senses and come out! If you continue to be so disillusioned with yourself, no one will be able to save you!

The hallway was straight and long. The Second Elder stood in the lead, his footsteps particularly clear. It was unknown whether it was intentional or not, but he, Elder Heavenly Fire, and the Seventh Elder soon began to sync their steps until they became the same.

The sounds of three footsteps overlapped, constantly ringing throughout the hallway and releasing an aura that trampled over all else. It was like great and rough seas were rolling back and forth, firing through the hallway and into the depths of the Holy Son Palace.

Suddenly, light appeared in front of them. The Elders emerged into a large square before a temple. The suppressive aura coming from the Elders didn’t fade at all. Rather, it became even more terrifying.

Above their heads, black clouds wove together!

The Elders looked up towards the temple at the end of the square. With their cultivation and eyesight, they could clearly see that figure sitting on the great throne. Even until this moment he was calm and motionless, as if he were completely unaware of what was happening outside.

With this, the good-hearted and evenly tempered Elder Li couldn’t help but frown. He furrowed his eyebrows, a look of dissatisfaction in his eyes. Even if this youth was high-spirited and hot-blooded, they were still Elders of the Holy Palace. They were figures who wielded great authority and had revered statuses. Qin Yu’s current attitude was extremely disrespectful. To put it a little more severely, he didn’t even place them in his eyes.

The Demon Envoy couldn’t watch as this continued as it did. “Your Highness Holy Son, I have come here with my fellow Elders. We ask you to meet us!”

Even if he came out of the temple now, that would still be giving both sides a few final traces of face to retain so that there was room to recover from this situation.

But the Demon Envoy was left disappointed. Because that person in the temple didn’t have any reaction at all. He could even see the faint expression on Qin Yu’s face.

This boy, did he go insane!?

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