Chapter 608A – Three Great Elders Apologize

Black kiln was a general term that the Demonic Path used for a broad category of mines that had extreme risks accompanied by a terrifying intensity of work. Cultivators sent here were either guilty of great crimes or were sacrificial victims of power struggles. Almost none of these people would ever see the nine suns in the heavens again. They would toil and suffer until they were buried in the black kiln. This was an almost assured destiny for those who entered here.

But where there were people, there was intrigue. This wasn’t just some random saying but one of the world’s most undeniable and unbreakable truths. Due to the massive number of criminals that had gathered in the dark tunnels of the black kiln as well as the long years that had passed, they had formed their own deformed yet highly effective system.

Those that stood at the top of this system might be criminals but they lived lives of pride and luxury. They commanded a large number of criminal subordinates and were even able to engage in negotiation of conditions with the cultivators that stood guard outside the black kiln.

For instance, wine and women.

Wang Chao, Huang Shan, and Hua Yanting were invited out of the rancid-smelling pit. They were cleaned up and dressed up as they sat in a magnificent speedcar. A warm light shined within, illuminating the cloudy and uncertain expressions of the three.

“Screw this, what’s the situation?” Huang Shan fiddled with the collar on his neck that pressed against his throat.

Hua Yanting raised his wine cup and took a deep drink. He wiped his mouth and said, “Who cares what they are planning. At least we are able to enjoy ourselves for now. Let things fall as they will!”

Wang Chao said in a deep voice, “Let’s wait and watch!”

The speedcar finally stopped. The three people were brought to a large building constructed within the mines. Looking at the group of scantily dressed women there, they all subconsciously gulped.

They hadn’t tasted ‘meat’ for several dozen years already…

“Guests, everything in this dwelling has been prepared for you by my master. Please feel free to make use of it as you wish.” The cultivator who brought the three here revealed a look of envy in his eyes. Then, he waved his hand and took his people with him, closing the courtyard doors behind him.

“Master! Come drink with us!”

“Master, your eyes are so scary!”

“Yes, yes, I’m so frightened!”

Huang Shan’s eyes widened as he gasped for breath. He said, “Big Brother, Third Brother, you keep studying them, I will be back soon!”

He rushed out and picked up two women and then vanished without a trace.

Hua Yanting coughed. “Big Brother…” Before he could say anything else he saw Wang Chao walk towards the back of the courtyard without hesitation. Hua Yanting was stunned before he felt a deep sense of admiration – his Big Brother was truly worthy of being his Big Brother. Even in this type of situation he wasn’t affected.

“All of you come over. Today this master is going to go one against ten!”

Hua Yanting staggered to the side and nearly fell over. He howled in sorrow, “Big Brother, don’t do this! At least leave me two!”

The day continued without pause.

The three brothers messed around in bed until their limbs ached. A sumptuous feast was prepared for them afterwards. After batting away the group of chattering women, they began to eat and drink their fill.

After eating until they were full, Wang Chao laid down his chopsticks. “Brothers, what do you think of the current situation?”

Huang Shan and Hua Yanting glanced at each other. Their lips moved but no one said anything. The greater the hope the greater the disappointment. None of them wished for things to not be as they hoped they were.

Wang Chao nodded. He said in a light voice, “It seems that us brothers think the same thing.” His eyes brightened and he licked his lips. “It seems that His Highness has returned!”

The three of them had no background. After the Holy Son Palace was sealed they had been tossed into the black kiln and had been working here for dozens of years without a single questioning word from anyone. If they were being treated like this today, there was only one possibility.

Hua Yanting gulped. “Big Brother, if His Highness really returned, come how the person that arranged for all of this didn’t see us?”

“That’s right.” Huang Shan nodded. “The one who arranged all of this provided us with great food and great women, but they didn’t send us out…” Although he seemed simple and honest, he was actually an insightful person. “I think that His Highness’ current condition isn’t too good.”

Wang Chao sighed, “Second Brother has the same thoughts as me.”

They tossed about in bed for a day and night. Reducing the fires that raged in their loins was one thing, but he had been waiting for this mysterious person to show up. Since he hadn’t appeared, Wang Chao’s heart became heavy.

The three glanced at each other. After several breaths of silence, they bitterly smiled. People were like this. To suddenly see hope in despair, it was an unspeakable type of psychological torture to then lose it.

If the three of them had to experience their past days again, perhaps none of them could endure it once more.

Wang Chao said in a deep voice. “We should have confidence in His Highness. He is someone who excels at creating miracles. He definitely won’t disappoint us!”

Huang Shan and Hua Yanting quickly nodded. At this time they could only remain optimistic about the future.

But in the opinion of the Demon Envoy, when he came back from Eastern Sun City the situation began to rapidly deteriorate. Gradually he felt as if things were spinning out of his control, leaving him angered.

The Holy Son had returned and his attitude was iron hard. He wanted the entire Demonic Path to give him a confession for their actions…

This information rapidly spread out. In particular, the Demon Envoy’s actions after he returned were the best evidence of this.

Originally several great figures had been persuaded. But when they spoke to the Demon Envoy again, their voices were neither friendly nor indifferent, and actually had a cold intent within them.

Even if Qin Yu was the Demonic Path’s Holy Son and had an incomparably honored status, all of this was only theoretical. The Holy Palace had been in decline until now and the Holy Son was simply a nominal position. His influence was far from being comparable to that of an Elder from the Demonic Path.

The sealing of the Holy Son Palace had several parties leading it. But since it happened, this was something tacitly all allowed by the other parties. Of course, in exchange for this ‘tacit allowance’, these other parties received sufficient forms of ‘sincerity’.

Give a confession? Who would give it? In the eyes of these great people, even if Qin Yu was the Holy Son he was going too far!

The Demon Envoy hurried to put out fires everywhere and quell the dissatisfaction. While he was doing this, some people confirmed the news of what happened and quietly gathered.

Somewhere outside a private club with excellent security, a speedcar drove up and stopped at the entrance. The door opened and the smell of alcohol gushed out. A group of drunken young men and women stumbled out and waltzed inside.

Amidst the loud laughter, no one noticed a figure quietly disappear. This person arrived on the fourth floor through a lift and then knocked on the door of a reserved room.

The door opened from within. The man smiled and walked in. Then, the scent of alcohol that lingered around his body immediately vanished.

“My apologies, I have arrived late.” The voice was calm. Even though the room had a respectful and solemn atmosphere, his voice didn’t fluctuate in the least.

Two people were already sitting at a round table. One of them was the Mu Family’s Old Ancestor – Mu Yunli.

“Fellow daoist Chen Yuan is here so we can now begin.” Mu Yunli’s fingers rapped against the table. “We are meeting here because we have our own respective requests. Time is of the essence so let’s get straight into the subject.”

Mu Yunli continued without expression, “The Mu Family can take out a good fortune this one time that will allow Wuma Sizhan’s Demon Body to reach the Emperor level.” In this current situation his Mu Family was at the greatest disadvantage. He naturally had to put forth the greatest sincerity so that the three sides could come to an agreement.

The Wuma Family would have no way to resist this proposal.

The eyes of the middle-aged man to his side brightened. The man nodded and said, “We agree.” He looked up at the cultivator who just arrived and said, “My family once inadvertently discovered a lode of dark stone ore. Although it hasn’t yet been mined, we have carried out a comprehensive survey. This is the data.”

He took out a jade slip and placed it on the table. He flicked his fingers and the round table spun around.

This seemingly young and handsome Chen Yuan was actually a powerful figure in the Dark Night Demon Region. Because he had the trust of the Supreme Seat, his status was only inferior to that of Fallen Wing and Eternal Undeath. He glanced at the jade slip, lightly saying, “Just one lode of dark stone ore isn’t enough to move us.”

The middle-aged man who commanded the Wuma Family had a completely disinterested look in his eyes. Mu Yunli frowned and said, “I once saw an ancient round shield with the character ‘Night’ engraved on its back.”

Chen Yuan fiercely looked up, “Are you sure?”

Mu Yunli said, “I trust my own eyesight.”

“Good, then I agree.” Chen Yuan reached out and picked up the jade slip. “Mister Mu, remember your words. The Dark Night Demon Region will not allow anyone to break their promise.”

Mu Yunli’s complexion changed. “I will deliver the item tomorrow.”

Chen Yuan stood up and nodded before leaving.

After leaving the room, it wasn’t long before the excited smile appeared on his face and the smell of alcohol surrounded him once more.

“Ah! You little brat, where did you run off to? Hurry and come back with me, those women drank too much!” A young man walked towards him and looped an arm around his neck, his face full of joy.

Chen Yuan allowed this young man to drag him away, their laughter echoing from afar. Who could have imagined that a great trap had been quietly arranged just now?

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