Chapter 607B – Give Me A Confession

The Eastern Sun City Lord’s eyes blazed with anger. If looks could kill then perhaps the entire Holy Son Palace would have been burnt to ashes already.

Looking at the palace gates that opened all the way into the very depths of the Holy Son Palace, his complexion became increasingly pale. He clenched his teeth and roared, “You don’t want to come out? Then I will force you to appear!”

He lifted his hand, about to give an order. But then, a bone-chilling voice resounded in his ears. “You are looking for me?”

The City Lord spun around, frowning. This was because this person looked a little familiar. But, he quickly suppressed this thought.

“To enter the forbidden area without authorization is an unforgivable crime! Men, kill him!”

He needed to use cold and cruel methods to serve as a warning. Regardless of who this person in front of him was, no matter who was pulling the strings in the shadow, he would die no matter what.

But what left the City Lord shocked was that the City Lord Mansion experts around him seemed as if they had been immobilized by some strange sorcery. All of them were frozen in place.

“What are you all standing around for!? Kill him!” The City Lord roared in anger.

Qin Yu’s eyes swept over the numerous pale white faces of the City Lord Mansion cultivators. All of them had expressions of stark fear. He lightly said, “They do not dare. If you want to kill me, you should do it yourself.”

Suddenly, a City Lord Mansion expert fell to his knees and bowed deep to the floor. “Your…Your Highness Holy Son…” His body shook like a screen.

The City Lord’s complexion changed. He finally realized where this familiar feeling came from. His face turned deathly white and his field of vision flashed black.

Holy Son…Holy Son…

“Shut up! His Highness the Holy Son has already passed away. This is a verified matter that no one can deny! There is no mistaking it!” The City Lord gasped as he stared at Qin Yu. “You dare to pretend to be the deceased Holy Son? No matter who you are, you will regret this! Men, come with me and kill him!”

Bang –

His aura erupted. The City Lord was the first to rush out. Behind him, several direct descendants wavered for a moment before following.

Without expression, Qin Yu lifted his hand and grasped the void. Space instantly froze as the several people became like fish bound in ice. Horror flooded their faces.

“I kill you not because you offended me, but to take revenge for the palace court ladies you killed.”

Bang –

The frozen space disintegrated. What shattered with it was the City Lord and the several people that followed him. Not a single drop of blood flowed out. This was because their corpses were crushed to nothingness by the collapsing space. Their souls were also annihilated and all traces of them were erased from the world.

“Your Highness Holy Son, please forgive us!” The crowd of City Lord Mansion experts fell to their knees.

Qin Yu looked up. His eyes were like cold knives as he looked around. He opened his mouth and slowly said, “Tell everyone that I am alive and I have returned. The entire Demonic Path must give me a confession.”

Every word he spoke was like a volcano on the edge of eruption, carrying with it a terrifying aura.

The news was like a plague, spreading throughout the entire Demonic Path Holy Land small world. The deceased Holy Son Yao Bin had returned to the Holy Son Palace. 

The Demonic Path shook.

Holy Palace.

The Demon Envoy fiercely stood up. His actions were so abrupt that the teacup he was holding fell down. Even though the boiling hot tea soaked his robes, he didn’t seem to notice at all.

The previous Demon Envoy furrowed his eyebrows. “At such a time you must remain even calmer. So what if a new Holy Son is chosen? You are the Demon Envoy. No one can easily shake your position.”

“Teacher…Yao Bin has returned, he is still alive!”

The previous Demon Envoy’s eyes widened. “Where did this news come from? Is it confirmed?”

The Demon Envoy excitedly said, “This is the most recent news from the informants I placed in Eastern Sun City. I don’t know the specifics yet.”

He took a deep breath. “Teacher, I must go to Eastern Sun City!”

The previous Demon Envoy shook his head. “Go immediately. You must clarify what happened. At such a time, you cannot make any careless mistakes.”

The Demon Envoy nodded. Then, he turned and stepped away, directly teleporting.

In a private room of a luxurious restaurant, Mu Xianglin had a calm expression. He was drinking wine with messengers from a number of Demonic Path noble families and both sides were happily discussing business.

Suddenly, the door to the private room was thrust open. Mu Xianglin looked at the youth who burst in and his face darkened. “What is it? Don’t you know that I am entertaining guests right now?”

The noble family messengers waved their hands, indicating that they didn’t mind. Some people even laughed and asked for the young man to take a seat.

The current Mu Family was even more glorious than the Mu Family of before. Mu Mo had achieved an Emperor level Demon Body and he was the strongest candidate for becoming the next Holy Son.

Once he ascended that position the Mu Family’s influence and power would rise to ten times, even a hundred times more than it was right now. There was even a chance they would be able to restore their original surname.

It was natural for everyone to flatter them!

The youth that rushed in had a pale face. He didn’t even bother returning the greetings of these people. He walked to Mu Xianglin’s side and spoke a few words.

Pa –

The wine cup in Mu Xianglin’s hand was crushed. He stared at his son as if he could eat someone alive. “Is this true?”

The youth shivered and nodded.

The atmosphere in the private room suddenly tensed up. The noble family messengers looked at each other in confusion, wondering just what happened. But then, all of them began to receive transmitted messages from their family. After taking out their messaging treasures and checking them, all of their complexions became incomparably strange. The private room fell into a deep, dreary silence.

“Cough cough! Patriarch Mu, I suddenly remembered that there are some matters I urgently need to attend to, so I will bid my farewells for now.” A messenger stood up and left in a hurry, not even waiting for a response.

“Haha, I also remembered something important that I forgot about. Goodbye!”

Hualala –

In the blink of an eye, the private room was emptied out, leaving behind only the father and son.


Mu Xianglin roared. He smashed his hand into the table and all the dishes atop crashed to the floor.

Within a small courtyard on a mountain summit, Zhao Qianyuan put down a jade slip. His lips curved up in a smile and he softly said, “I knew you wouldn’t die so easily.”

Across from him, Dong Hanzhu’s eyes shined with a sharp light. He clenched his fists together, “I wonder just what level of cultivation he has now?”

Zhao Qianyuan said, “We will soon find out.” After the Holy Son Palace had been sealed up, the subordinates beneath the Holy Son had also suffered. With his temper, how could he let things go like this?

Dong Hanzhu knit his eyebrows together. “The current Demonic Path is much different from how it was dozens of years ago.”

The Mu Family’s Mu Mo had encountered some sort of good fortune and achieved an Emperor level Demon Body. He was just a step away from the Saint level.

If the commotion was too large, even if Qin Yu had the status of the Holy Son, an accident still might occur.

Zhao Qianyun was silent. He stood up and walked forward, facing the breeze on the mountain summit. He looked down at the fog all around him and said in a firm tone, “The Demonic Path of today isn’t the Demonic Path of before. But, would he also be the same as before? Dong Hanzhu, perhaps you don’t want to accept it, but I have a feeling that after returning this time, you still won’t be a match for him.”

Dong Hanzhu didn’t lose his temper. He gripped his fists together and said, “I’m looking forward to it!” The current him was over ten times stronger than he was before!

An angry roar came from Wuma Sizhan’s training chamber. After a loud rumble the stone door was broken down from within. He stepped out, his face pale and a cold light surging in his eyes.

He and Mu Mo were the leading competitors to be crowned the new Holy Son. Qin Yu’s sudden return naturally left him feeling angry.

If the Holy Son was still alive, why would they need to choose a new Holy Son?

Damn it! This bastard!

After recalling his father’s message, Wuma Sizhan gnashed his teeth together. “Whether it is the real Holy Son or fake Holy Son, I want him to die!”

Eastern Sun City.

In the Holy Son Palace’s great hall, the Demon Envoy had an excited look. No matter how much this youth’s aura had changed, the resonance of the Demon Body was still there.

It was Qin Yu! It was him!

Sitting atop the main seat, Qin Yu lifted his head. He said without expression, “I am deeply dissatisfied.”

The Demon Envoy’s expression stiffened. He took a deep breath and said, “I know you are angry right now, but listen to my explanation. There is a reason for everything.”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I only want a confession, I do not need an explanation.”

Qin Yu’s words were ice cold. The Demon Envoy’s heart sank and he couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows together.

“Qin Yu, there are changes sweeping throughout the Demonic Path right now. You cannot be impulsive!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Are you referring to the selection of a new Holy Son?”

The Demon Envoy had a heavy expression. “Mu Mo has already achieved an Emperor level Demon Body. Wuma Sizhan obtained a mysterious inheritance from the Sea of Purgatory. Although his Demon Body is only at the Sovereign level, his strength is no weaker than a common Calamity Immortal!”

This was a reminder to Qin Yu that even if he was the Holy Son, he couldn’t act recklessly…after all, the Demonic Path’s Holy Son had died dozens of years ago. Everyone in the world knew of this.

Maybe thinking that this wasn’t fair to Qin Yu, the Demon Envoy softened his expression. “Yao Bin, I guarantee that I will give a confession to you. But, time is needed for this. Once you ascend the throne of the Holy Monarch in the future, no one will be able to stop you.

“Right now, the most important thing is to stabilize your status as the Holy Son and not to give others the chance to take advantage of you. Do you understand?”

The concern and worry in his voice caused Qin Yu’s indifferent gaze to relax a little. But this didn’t mean that he had forgiven him.

When he went to the Sea of Purgatory in the past, the prime culprit behind why he didn’t set up more arrangements was his own negligence. But, the Demon Envoy’s existence had undeniably caused him to lower his discretion.

Qin Yu was deeply disappointed in the actions of the Demon Envoy these past years…even if he had his own reasons.

“My people will not be wronged in vain. Someone must stand out and give me a confession.” Qin Yu paused and said, “This is my bottom line!”

The Demon Envoy’s complexion was ugly. “Qin Yu, you should know that out of those with the qualifications to interfere in this matter, the lowest amongst them are Elders of the Demonic Path. Even if you are the Holy Son, you still do not have the qualifications to punish a Demonic Path Elder!

“I won’t say the same words twice. You must consider things clearly. If you are swayed by your feelings you will simply ruin the greater plan. Some things cannot be cleaned up!”

Qin Yu looked down. “I understand your good intentions and I decline them. Please return.”

The Demon Envoy’s eyes widened. He never thought that the normally wise and intelligent Qin Yu would make such a rash decision.

But with the resolve in Qin Yu’s voice, it was clear he wouldn’t turn around.

The Demon Envoy clenched his teeth. “Think about it again!”

He turned and walked away.

Qin Yu’s attitude was unlikely to change. If so, he needed to make arrangements ahead of time so that other people couldn’t use him…no matter what, Qin Yu’s status as the Holy Son needed to be preserved.

The Demon Envoy cursed inside. This scoundrel boy!

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