Chapter 606B – He Returned

Although a great sun blazed overhead, there wasn’t a burning feeling at all. Warm sunlight sprinkled down along a mountainside courtyard. Solitary Westgate reclined back in a chair, gently looking at a beautiful middle-aged woman as she wiped the sweat from a little child.

Although his expression seemed comfortable, there was always a light, unconscious uneasiness in his features. Yun Niang and Anning’s conditions were worsening. The rejection of the world was intensifying; there wasn’t much time left for him.

Suddenly, Solitary Westgate furrowed his eyebrows. He lifted his hand and the phantom of a jade slip appeared. He probed it with a finger and his eyes brightened. When he stood up, winds and clouds began to surge and the skies started to darken.

But the beautiful woman and child in the courtyard didn’t seem to sense this. The child saw his father standing up and ran over, shouting, “Daddy, come play with me!”

Solitary Westgate instantly paled. He hugged the child to his chest and said, “Anning, be good and play with your mother. Daddy needs to go out for a moment.”

Anning bit his lips. He said in a quiet voice, “I want to go together with daddy…”

Solitary Westgate was startled. There was a flash of pain in his eyes. “Right now isn’t good. But I promise you that I will bring you out to play in the future.”

Anning shouted, “Why isn’t it good! Daddy said many times that you would bring me out to play, but you never keep your promise!”

Yun Niang quickly came over and picked up the child, hugging him to her chest. “Young man, you must be obedient. Your father has his reasons for not letting you out.” She looked up, her eyes gentle. “Go, don’t worry about the family. He will complain for a while but he’ll be fine soon.”

Solitary Westgate smiled and nodded. When he turned around he nearly cried. Then, with a step, he shot into the skies.

Northern Capital Dao Arena.

Yuan Shi was currently receiving a cultivator sent over by the Northern Capital King. “This senior is an old friend of my master. He came here for a private reason. Please pass on a message to the king explaining that there is no need to worry about this.”

Sitting in a spacious chair across from him, a scholarly-looking man smiled. “That’s good then. The natives in the mountains have become restless again. The king is busy right now so he cannot personally come to pay a visit, so please pass on this explanation on his behalf.”

Yuan Shi smiled and nodded. At this time his complexion suddenly changed and a look of excitement crossed his face. He stood up and said, “I have urgent matters to attend to so I won’t be accompanying you any longer.”

The palace cultivator stood up and bid his farewells.

Yuan Shi left the greeting room and headed straight into a restricted zone in the back of the Dao Arena. When a person’s back appeared in his line of sight his face flushed red and he fell to his knees, “I greet master!”

Solitary Westgate turned and said, “Yuan Shi, bring me to see him.”

Yuan Shi took a deep breath, “Master, please follow me.” He stood up and started to lead the way. It hadn’t been long since he sent out the message and his master had already arrived. From this it could be seen how much Solitary Westgate valued this guest.

Soon, they arrived at the training room.

Yuan Shi walked forward and knocked on the door. After several breaths of time, the training room opened from within and a black-robed figure appeared.

Solitary Westgate furrowed his eyebrows. “Who are you?” His complexion was ugly and his eyes were dreary. This person wasn’t the one he wished to see.

Yuan Shi paled. His lips moved but he didn’t know what to say. How could a solemn Calamity Immortal do something that was so disgraceful!

But, his master really didn’t seem to know this senior…

The black-robed figure was silent for a moment. He cupped his hands together and said, “Senior Westgate, due to some reasons my aura has changed a little. And due to other events I concealed my appearance. I ask senior to be broad-minded about this.”

Solitary Westgate’s eyes brightened. This voice wasn’t wrong. He turned and said, “Withdraw and order no one to disturb us!”

Stepping through the door, he flicked his sleeves and closed the training room. A boundless aura instantly erupted, sealing it away from the outside.

“Qin Yu?” Solitary Westgate knit his eyebrows together.

With a thought, Qin Yu’s black robes vanished. He cupped his hands and said, “Greetings, Senior Westgate!”

This person in front of him was absolutely one of the strongest few people in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Even though he stood right in front of Qin Yu he still gave off a profound and limitless feeling, like a sea of stars.

Solitary Westgate’s expression didn’t change. “I’ve never seen someone whose soul aura has changed. If you cannot give me sufficient evidence to believe you then don’t blame me for being ruthless!”

Qin Yu smiled and undid a part of the imprisonment that the little blue lamp had placed on him. As someone listed on the Ancient Perishment Decree, he instantly formed a connection with the Dao Arena.

Solitary Westgate’s eyes flashed. “That’s enough.” He looked Qin Yu over several times, “You probably don’t want to tell me how you managed to change your soul aura, so I won’t ask.”

As he spoke, his lips curled up in a smile. It was clear he was in a very good mood. And in truth, Solitary Westgate was nearly choked on his own emotions. If it weren’t for his strong restraint he would have shouted out loud.

After bitterly waiting for all these years, reality proved that his calculations were correct. There really was someone in this world who could help him revive his beloved wife and child.

Qin Yu’s current cultivation was proof of that!

From the events of Four Seasons City until now, only several dozen years had passed. To someone like Solitary Westgate who stood above life and death, it wasn’t an exaggeration to say that this span of time was no different from the snap of his fingers.

But Qin Yu had actually become a Calamity Immortal during this time period. And, there was a mysterious aura hidden in his body that even he didn’t fully understand.

Faintly, Solitary Westgate could feel an intense threat from this aura!

Only the person he deduced through his calculations could grow with such speed. Thus, Solitary Westgate was ecstatic with joy.

Qin Yu smiled. “At Four Seasons City in the past, it was thanks to Senior Westgate’s protection that I survived. I have always remembered that great graciousness.”

The Dao Arena Master waved his hand, “You are already a Calamity Immortal so it’s fine if you speak to me as an equal.” He furrowed his eyebrows together, “Qin Yu, is the reason you came to see me today related to the Immortal Sect?”

In the past, Qin Yu had spoken to him about matters of Ning Ling and the Immortal Sect. Now that Qin Yu had become a Calamity Immortal, he should be at his most brave and high-spirited.

To repay grace with gratitude and grievances with revenge…this was all natural!

Qin Yu cupped his hands together and said, “That is the exact reason. Soon, I will go and pay a visit to the Immortal Sect. I hope that…fellow daoist…Westgate, can help me in secret.”

The Dao Arena Master frowned. “Allow me to be honest. Even if you have become a Calamity Immortal, it will still be difficult to shake the Immortal Sect. I urge you to reconsider this.”

This was a fact.

Calamity Immortals stood upon the peak of the world and were considered the highest level for cultivators. They were existences that stood above the highest heavens.

But the Immortal Sect had no lack of powerhouses.

Killing a Calamity Immortal was difficult. But if everyone was on the same level, then three attackers would have a small chance. Five attackers would have a more than 60% chance. As for ten Calamity Immortals of the same level attacking one other, that person would surely die without a doubt!

The Immortal Sect looked down upon the world and their background was unfathomably deep. Although he had no idea how many Calamity Immortals they possessed, it wouldn’t be difficult to collect ten of them.

Once Qin Yu revealed himself to the eyes of the Immortal Sect, then with their usual style of conduct, they would surely try to kill him to avoid future troubles!

Qin Yu had a calm expression. “Fellow daoist Westgate need not worry about this. I will openly and honestly visit the Immortal Sect, so how could they do anything to me?” His eyes brightened and he lifted his head, “Because before going to the Immortal Sect, I plan on becoming the master of the Demonic Path’s Holy Palace.”

Solitary Westgate’s eyes brightened like stars. He stared deeply at Qin Yu and another image appeared in his mind. If it weren’t for Qin Yu telling him about this then he never would have thought about it.

When he put these two images together, although the faces were different, certain facial lines were the exact same.

“Demonic Path Holy Palace’s Holy Son, Yao Bin?”

Qin Yu nodded. “That was my alias.” His thoughts stirred and his appearance changed, restored to his earliest looks. “Fellow daoist Westgate once reminded me to abandon my identity to ensure my safety. And in the Land of Divinity and Demons, only the Demonic Path can stand against the Immortal Sect.”

Solitary Westgate nodded. “Good, I agree!”

Qin Yu revealed a surprised look. “Fellow daoist Westgate isn’t afraid of provoking trouble?” He had prepared attractive conditions, but he hadn’t even been able to propose them.

Solitary Westgate lightly said, “I am not willing to provoke the Immortal Sect, but on the other hand, they likely won’t tear apart all consideration of face against me.” His expression was calm and full of confidence. “Qin Yu, I won’t hide the truth from you. I have a matter that I will need your help with in the future. The reason I rescued you in the past is also because of this reason. Please consider me helping you this time as a reward for helping me in advance.”

Qin Yu was actually more relaxed. He never did figure out why he received help in the past; in this world, there were no gains without reason. Solitary Westgate’s words dispelled the restlessness in his heart.

“Fellow daoist Westgate, please feel free to say it.”

Solitary Westgate shook his head. “It isn’t the time right now. When the time comes, I will tell you. Qin Yu, rest assured about this. Before I begin I will explain everything in detail to you. Although there might be some risks related to this, it will also be a great lucky chance for you!”

Qin Yu nodded, “Good, then I agree!”

Solitary Westgate laughed. He felt as if a 10,000 jin weight had been lifted from his shoulders. He let out a long sigh of relief and said, “Qin Yu, when the Immortal Sect provoked you in the past they would never have imagined that just dozens of years later you would succeed the throne of the Holy Palace and become one of the leaders of the Demonic Path. Haha, I’m already starting to anticipate the expressions of those in the Immortal Sect when you visit them.”

Qin Yu slowly said, “I am also looking forward to it.”

Inviting Solitary Westgate was a decision that Qin Yu had made after long consideration. With this extra layer of protection, he could visit the Immortal Sect with relative peace of mind.

Undying had left, leaving behind the chance for him to summon the projection of Spectral Disaster. But, this could only be used once, in the most critical of moments.

Because that was a terrifying strength that could shake the entire world. Whether it was in killing someone or preserving his own life, it could change the entire flow of the situation!


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