Chapter 606A – He Returned

Severed Spirit Mountain, mountain valley.

Space trembled and then shattered like the surface of a mirror. A bronze door emerged from nothingness and quietly opened. Two figures leapt out. One of them seemed to have just woken up. It wildly flapped its wings about in a flustered panic. It was unknown what it had done but orange flames ignited around its body.

Bang –

A low thump was accompanied by a pitiful cry. The flames suddenly vanished to reveal Qin Yu’s face that had been singed black. His complexion was extremely ugly.

In the next moment, there was a series of happily surprised screams. “Ah! I’m not dreaming! Ah! Someone tell me if I am dreaming! Ah! My most beloved master, heaven must have sent you to save me! Ah…”

Bang –

Green flames erupted. Luckily, Qin Yu was prepared this time. A barrier of deep blue water appeared around him. Then, with a kick, he sent the source flying far away!

The world suddenly fell silent.

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. He looked up and saw the bronze door as it began to vanish. Vaguely, he could feel the earth below his feet send out some sort of excited cheer. The spiritual fluctuations within the heavens and earth become a little more lively.

Undying had taken Spectral Disaster and left.

It was the arrival of Spectral Disaster in this world that had caused the land of exile to decline. Now that it was gone, then perhaps millions of years or even tens of millions of years later, this place would become a holy land of cultivation once more.

Qin Yu shook his head, putting these thoughts to the side. There was no need to ponder over these things that were so far into the future. He looked at the chicken overlord who was lying unconscious on the ground and a strange expression came over his face.

This fellow’s current image…to use the term ‘shining like pearls and gold’ would be appropriate.

The gorgeous and exquisite feathers shined with seven-colored halos of light beneath the sun, flowing all around it. It was like it was telling the world – hey, my entire body is a treasure!

The aura of the divine stone was incomparably thick. The strength had merged into one whole with the chicken overlord, but because there was too much excess strength that couldn’t be absorbed in such a short period of time, flames were constantly emitted.

Even if this was accidentally released flames, the power of those flames was astonishing. Qin Yu had already personally experienced it just now. With the potency of the Demon Body, even if he leapt into tumbling lava he still wouldn’t be injured. As for a singed black face? How ridiculous!

Qin Yu face-palmed. It wasn’t that he didn’t know what friendship and loyalty was, but that he really couldn’t figure it out. Just why did the divine stone choose this fellow?

Speaking of the unconscious chicken overlord, Qin Yu gave it another kick for good measure. Seven-colored divine lights automatically flowed around it. Although it wasn’t injured, it fell into an even deeper sleep.

Nodding with satisfaction, Qin Yu casually tossed it in front of the wooden cabin and then walked in. His thoughts stirred. With a thought, countless trees began to grow within the valley. In several breaths of time they turned into a verdant forest that covered the several wood cabins within.

After all of this was finished, Qin Yu no longer hesitated. He closed his eyes and focused on sensing the changes to his soul.

The ancient rune appeared between the eyebrows of his soul. It was boundless, old, and filled with the aura of grief. As it appeared, so did the passed down inheritances of the ancients.

Within the wooden cabin, a golden mote of light appeared between Qin Yu’s eyebrows. It was like a seed that had taken root and was beginning to germinate after having found suitable soil.

Golden lines stretched out like branches. Starting from the point between his eyebrows they began to spread out until they covered his face. The upper part rose into his hairline and the lower part descended into his robes.

At some unknown time, in the skies above Severed Spirit Mountain, a mass of white clouds appeared. They wriggled and started to quietly grow outwards. If one looked carefully, they would think that their shape was like an eye that gradually opened.

Without moving, it stared at Severed Spirit Mountain. It was like a hunter that had finally found its favorite prey.

Without warning, the space above Qin Yu’s head collapsed. Pitch black nothingness appeared along with the phantom of a great sun. The invisible aura that Qin Yu released was shielded along with it.

Above Severed Spirit Mountain, the slowly growing clouds fiercely separated. A golden vertical eye appeared. It swept back and forth across the earth, but after finding no harvests the pupil slowly contracted as if it were deep in thought.

At this time, the golden vertical eye slowly closed and the clouds vanished like fading shadows.

Land of Divinity and Demons, Great Chu, Northern Capital.

The territory of the Chu Empire was vast and sprawling. In order to efficiently facilitate management of its land, the Chu Empire had a system of naming various kings and lords of different areas so that they could keep a watch over their respective regions. The North Capital was the capital of the northern king. With this city as the core, the Chu Empire had gathered a large army. They were used to suppress the rebellious natives that lurked in the northern mountains.

Perhaps because it had been influenced by the military atmosphere, the architectural style in the Northern Capital was cold and filled with edges that revealed an overwhelming momentum.

Currently, it was night and the massive city looked like a beast that was crouched down, polishing its claws and teeth in the darkness.

But there was a place within the Northern Capital that gave off a completely different feeling. It was built on the edge of a vast blue stone square and the construction was completely pure white without a single flaw.

Not counting the illuminating array formations that were spread out through the entire square, even though it was in the dark of night, many people still streamed through the square.

To cultivate inside this place was far too luxurious for most cultivators. But even if they couldn’t enter, standing some distance away in the square was still something to brag about to friends and family.

This place was the Dao Arena. It was said to have a cultivation environment that was no worse than the various Holy Lands’. Its background was wrapped in mystery and even the great empires needed to maintain sufficient respect towards it.

The gates of the Dao Arena occasionally opened. Some people entered and some people left, but without exception all of them had their chins held high and their chests puffed out. To be able to enter the Dao Arena was something to be arrogant about, because this itself was proof of their status.

In the square, there were some beautiful well-dressed women. They would move around as they obtained news, trying to climb up the great social tree like vines. It wasn’t difficult to live in itself, so there was nothing to criticize about their choices.

At this time, an inconspicuous black-robed figure walked down from the end of the long street, headed straight towards the Dao Arena. Even though simple black robes concealed his body, this person seemed to possess an invisible strength that attracted everyone’s attention.

His tall and straight waist was like a proud ancient tree. Every step he took was calm and evenly placed. Although he wasn’t walking quickly, his presence was like a mountain to everyone watching, slowly growing larger and larger until he flooded their world.

“Ahh!” A cultivator shouted out loud. Unable to withstand the pressure on his mind he slumped to the floor, his deathly pale face streaming with sweat.

The black-robed figure stepped into the blue stone square. As soon as he took the first step, a loud bell rang from deep within the Dao Arena.

The pure white Dao Arena began to shine all over. A mild and glorious halo of light flowed throughout the square like running water, quickly reaching towards the black-robed figure.

A long carpet of light appeared, running throughout the entire square. The black-robed figure was illuminated by this light, It surrounded him like a circle of gold, so dazzlingly beautiful that it was difficult to look straight at.

Rumble rumble –

The entrance to the Dao Arena slowly opened. A group of Dao Arena cultivators walked out, awe on each of their faces.

Seeing the person standing in the front of the group, the people in the square shouted out in surprise. “Lord Arena Steward!” Everyone was shaken. When they looked at the black-robed figure, there was even more awe in their eyes.

Just who was this?

The Northern Capital Dao Arena’s Arena Steward cupped his hands together and bowed deeply, “Northern Capital Dao Arena’s Yuan Shi greets senior. I was unaware of senior’s arrival, so if there was any disrespect shown I ask senior to forgive me.”

These words were like a stroke of thunder, blowing up everyone’s minds and leaving them in a daze. To become an Arena Steward, a person had to be an absolute peak powerhouse. Even if they weren’t a Calamity Immortal they still had to be at the extreme limits of the Blue Sea realm, just a step away from passing the dragon gate.

And for Yuan Shi to be so respectful, that meant this black-robed figure was undoubtedly a genuine Calamity Immortal cultivator, a divine dragon that flew in the highest heavens!

Within the square, countless cultivators fell to their knees and bowed, “We greet the honorable Calamity Immortal almighty being!” All of their faces were filled with excitement.

There were countless cultivators in the world. But, those that could cross the dragon gate and become Calamity Immortals that looked down at them all from above, were all peak existences. Even when facing the emperor of a nation they could greet each other as equals. To common cultivators, such a character was someone they might never see in their entire lives, so it was no wonder that these people went wild with joy.

Calamity Immortal…this was a living legend…a goal that all cultivators in society yearned for!

The black-robed figure spoke up. His voice was light, “Arrange a quiet room for me.”

Yuan Shi turned and gestured his hand, “Senior, please follow me.”

Rumble rumble –

The main doors to the Dao Arena slowly closed, isolating the frantic stares outside. But, this didn’t extinguish the burning heat in their hearts.

An unknown Calamity Immortal powerhouse had arrived at the Dao Arena. This news spread out at an amazing speed, even alarming the Northern Capital Palace.

Calamity Immortal powerhouses stood at the pinnacle of the world and every movement and action they took attracted attention. For an unrecorded Calamity Immortal powerhouse to suddenly appear in the Northern Capital, they had no choice but to be wary.

Yuan Shi personally opened up the Northern Capital Dao Arena’s top training room. He turned and respectfully bowed, “Senior, if you have need of anything please feel free to notify us at any time. To be able to serve senior is our greatest honor.”

The greatest reason he was so respectful was naturally because of this person’s cultivation. But, there was also another reason.

The Dao Arena in itself was a refined treasure. It could sense and remember auras. This Calamity Immortal cultivation was actually someone not recorded in the history of the Dao Arena. 

This was simply unimaginable!

The Dao Arena’s information network couldn’t be considered peerless beneath the heavens, but when it came to collecting information on powerhouses they were no weaker than any other influence.

Then, this black-robed senior had never appeared in the world before, or…he was a newly crowned Calamity Immortal! The latter possibility was much greater than the former, so Yuan Shi definitely had to be more respectful…perhaps there might be a chance of this person becoming an Exalted One of their Dao Arena.

The Dao Arena was spread throughout the world and was located in the various large cities. It wasn’t just the master that supported them. The Exalted Ones that joined the Dao Arena were also a strength that could not be underestimated!

The black-robed figure came to a stop. He turned and said, “Pass on a message to the Dao Arena Master to me. Tell him that an old friend from Four Seasons City has come to visit and please request for him to meet me.”

Yuan Shi was stunned. He hurriedly said, “Senior, please wait a moment, this junior will immediately pass on the message for you.” As soon as he left he didn’t dare to delay any further. He took out the highest rank communication jade he had, entered the information, and then broke it.

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