Chapter 604 – We Welcome Your Return

This illusory figure was a reduced version of the giant itself!

“Ancient Burial!”

The giant roared out loud and clenched its five fingers tight. The phantom figure in its hand shattered and an incomparably terrifying aura gushed out with it.

Beneath the skies, the cold and gloomy man suddenly frowned, his eyes darkening. He lifted a finger and pointed down. Where his fingertip went, space suddenly collapsed.

A white bone finger thrust out from that shattered space, colliding with his fingertip. Without any peace, it was like a raging fire coming into close contact with a field of oil.

In that instant, a heaven-destroying strength was released. It swept through the world like a mighty current.

“This is bad!”

The Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing shouted out at the same time. Without any hesitation, they both used the strongest cards in their hands.

A brilliant clear light and a deep darkness respectively covered the Immortal and Demonic cultivators in the blink of an eye. But no matter how much strength the two used, space seemed frozen, completely unable to be opened.

They couldn’t escape!

“Ahh! Block it!” With loud roars, the Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing exploded with all their cultivation, wildly pouring their energies into their treasures. The bright lights and inky darkness rapidly surged.

In the next instant, that terrifying impact thoroughly submerged them!

Within the temple, as the phantom in the giant’s hands exploded, sparkling motes of light appeared from nothingness and drilled into Qin Yu’s body. Then these lights immediately appeared in his soul space.

Some sort of invisible will instantly sealed up the purple moon and Cosmic Seacross Bell. Then, like birds returning to the forest, the motes of light approached Qin Yu’s soul where they were absorbed by him like drops of water.

His soul instinctively trembled. Qin Yu’s consciousness instantly detected this. When his soul absorbed these lights, he understood everything.

This was the true inheritance of the ancients!

Piece by piece, little bits of memories were marked into his soul. An ancient rune slowly appeared between his eyebrows like a picture that was being revealed.

In the outside world, the giant lifted its hand and grasped between its eyebrows once more. It pulled out another phantom this time, this one even more condensed into reality than the first.

“Ancient Perishment!”

With a loud explosion the phantom burst open. In front of the cold and gloomy man, what drilled out from the shattered space in front of him was no longer a finger, but an entire bone arm!

Every bone was clear and translucent, like the most beautiful jade in the world. Its surface shimmered with light and one could faintly see countless runes flowing along its surface.

The cold and gloomy man had a dignified expression. He formed a fist and punched the bone arm. A shockwave swept out from behind him. Wherever it passed, the land would explode into tatters!

Light appeared in the temple once more. The light mark between the eyebrows of Qin Yu’s soul rapidly became clear. Some sort of ancient and distant aura exuded from his soul.

The giant was Qin Yu and Qin Yu was the giant. The two of them merged into one whole through the inheritance of the ancients. He could clearly sense what the giant was doing right now.

The will of the ancients existed in perpetuity and couldn’t be destroyed by the heavens and earth. As long as they weren’t willing to die, they would remain forever. But to maintain existence like this was an unimaginable pain for their spirit and will.

After suffering for so long and finally finding an inheritor for the path of the ancients, the giant embraced death on its own initiative. Of course, it wouldn’t end its life so easily.

It supported the heavens and earth from birth and wouldn’t fall even after death. This was not a simple mantra. Rather, it displayed a type of indomitable will. Even though it would die, it would gloriously and righteously send out a final roar towards this unfair world.

“Ancient Dao!”

The giant’s roars echoed through the world. It lifted its hand a third time and reached between its eyebrows.

This time, what it pulled out was no longer a phantom of its soul, but a faint rune.

The surface of the rune was covered with little cracks, just like the heart that the great ape had pulled out. It was dark and mottled and seemed as if it would break apart at any moment.

But the moment this rune appeared, it erupted with a torrential aura that drowned everything out. It seemed as if not even 10,000 tribulations could ever shake it.

The cold and gloomy man that arrived at Spectral Disaster spoke for the first time. “You would rather die than lower your head? If the ancient rune is destroyed you will forever fall into darkness. There will never be another chance for you!”

What he received in response was a roar from the giant. The rune in the giant’s hands began to quietly collapse…it had already broken into pieces. The only reason it was able to maintain its shape until the present was because the giant was unwilling to die.

To the giant, death was not something to be afraid of. Rather, it was a form of freedom. The shattered space collapsed, rapidly spreading outwards.

The upper body of a white skeleton squeezed out of the shattered space. It's dark and hollow eye sockets stared tightly at the cold and gloomy man. It opened its mouth and called out in a silent howl.

Beneath the shaking layers of blue light and darkness, the Immortal and Demonic cultivators cried out in pain together. They felt as if someone were stabbing rusty iron needles into their heads.

Bang –

Bang –

Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators began to explode into pieces of flesh and blood, their souls annihilated along with it. Perhaps they might be mighty and renowned powerhouses outside, but today they could only be accompanying burial objects with the Ancient Dao.

The Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing coughed out loud, blood spurting from every orifice on their heads. Fear flooded their eyes.

Just the colliding shock waves had the strength to destroy all of them. If they didn’t join forces, none of them would be able to escape. Without saying much, the blue light and deep darkness overlapped on top of each other. Only by gathering the strength of both sides did the tearing pain on their souls reduce a little.

Glancing at each other, the Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing instantly came to a mutual agreement. They decided to join together to survive…and flee the Source of Disaster! They had to run away. No matter how great this good fortune was, no matter how interested or tempted they were, remaining here would only result in death!

Within the temple, countless cracks started to appear in the towering giant statue.

Its lips seemed to curve up in a smile. Then, the statue broke apart and vanished into thin air.

The inheritance had come to an end and the temple’s mission had been successful. With a deep thunderous ring, the temple began to break apart.

Qin Yu’s soul opened his eyes. The rune between his eyebrows became increasingly real. Then with a light trembling sound, it vanished.

The ancients had their extremes. One side died while the other side lived. The giant’s ancient rune was destroyed, cut off from its connection to the heavens and earth. Only with this could Qin Yu’s ancient rune be born. This was the constraints that the heavens and earth had placed upon the ancients’ path.

The phantom of the giant that was reduced countless times over appeared within the soul space. Its eyes were quiet and flooded with endless weariness. It slowly opened its eyes and said, “My tribe’s future descendant, the ancient dao will continue with you. Hopefully, the ancient dao will not experience misfortune in the future and end in your hands.”

Qin Yu hesitated for a moment. He respectfully bowed and said, “Senior, I am sorry but I am not of the ancient race!” It was only because he cultivated the Demon Body that he was thus able to obtain the ancient demon supernatural arts. He was able to create a projection of the ancient demon in his mind and condense the body of the ancient demon in the outside world by gathering spiritual energy from the heavens and earth.

This was completely unrelated to the ancient race.

The giant was stunned. It immediately grinned and laughed, “This is the inheritance of my race so naturally it can only be inherited by someone that possesses the bloodline of my people. The bloodline of the ancient race flows in your body. That is the true ancient race!”

Before Qin Yu could say anything else, the phantom of the giant vanished like a bubble, popping with a light sound and disappearing. In the next moment, Qin Yu’s consciousness was flung out of his soul space. He could feel his rapidly sinking body and quickly stabilized himself.

He turned around to see the giant standing atop the earth, maintaining the posture of roaring at the heavens, its finger pointed towards the skies.

Even when it died…it hadn’t once bowed its head!

Kacha –

Kacha –

Small crackling sounds filled the air, like the surface of a lake freezing over. The mortal body left behind by the giant began to turn to stone, rapidly becoming a statue.

“Cough…” With a fierce cough, the cold and gloomy man stepped out from the shattered space. His face was pale and his body rippled from time to time, revealing transparent areas.

As his eyes fell on Qin Yu, he reached out a hand and grasped forward. “Newly born ancient, submit beneath my feet or die!”

This was clearly a projection. But even though it was near the edge of collapse, it still contained an unimaginable degree of might. Terrifying strength rose up like sticky mud, surging in from all directions to submerge Qin Yu.

“After so many years have passed, the first time we meet again you want to kill my master and make me fall into a world without sunlight again?”

A calm voice rose up. The terrifying strength that submerged Qin Yu paused for a moment before rapidly fading away.

The cold and gloomy man had an ice cold expression, “Who are you?”

Beneath the stone column, Undying turned around. Black robes fluttered in the wind around him. His lips were curved up in a difficult smile.

“I haven’t had a face for many years. Now that I’ve found it again, my appearance shouldn’t have changed much…but as for you, where did you find that skin? How ridiculous.”

The cold and gloomy man stiffened. He shouted, “You are already dead!”

Undying’s voice was light, “To most living beings, death is the ultimate ending. But, there are always exceptions, and I am one of them.”

He reached back a hand and placed it on the stone column. Its mottled surface completely fell open and a blinding golden light erupted, as if a great sun had arrived!

Rumble rumble

The entire world within Spectral Disaster seemed to come alive. Dark golden beams of light started to shoot up into the heavens from all around.

There were a total of 107!

They wove together. The thick chains that blocked out the skies began to ignite like withered leaves, soon burnt to ashes.

The earth shook and 12 mountain peaks rose up from the ground. Their surfaces broke apart to reveal the metal giants hidden beneath their peaks. These were the products of refining, masterpieces of forge and flame. But right now, terrifying soul fires flickered in their eyes.

Formidable thought fluctuations immediately transmitted outwards. “We welcome your return, master!”


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