Chapter 603 – Inheritance of the Ancients

Within the temple, Qin Yu sat down cross-legged. A ray of seven-colored light flew out from between the giant statue’s eyebrows and wrapped around him.

His consciousness immediately sank as if he had been tossed into an endless black hole. He whistled downwards, endless mottled shades of light and shadow dancing past him.

After an unknown period of time, his hazy consciousness cleared up. Qin Yu struggled to open his eyes. What he saw was the excited face of a giant.

The new little giant had been born and the ancient bloodline would continue. During the night, celebration and revelry rang throughout the hidden giant village.

The massive bonfire almost seared the heavens. It illuminated countless faces as the little newborn giant was passed between pairs of large hands.

Qin Yu could clearly see all of this. He could even feel the rough hands of the giants as they picked him up and the friction as they patted his body.

As if he was the exact same person as this newborn little giant.

The happy little giant gradually grew up beneath the protection of his village. He liked to climb the mountain in front of the village and wait for the return of his father from the hunt.

Each time he could see his father leading the way up front. His father’s broad and strong arms always held rich game hung over his shoulders.

But one day, the little giant waited for a long, long time. He waited until he started to doze off. When he heard familiar footsteps around him, he opened his eyes in pleasant surprise. He could hear his father panting for breath beneath the dim black skies. His chest had been pierced through by some kind of sharp weapon and blood recklessly flowed out.

“Run!” His father opened his mouth and roared towards the direction of the village.

But it was too late. Titanic airships began to descend from the clouds. The airships were equipped with hooked spears. Each time these spears were launched they would emit a shocking thunderclap. The spears easily pierced through the formidable bodies of the giants. With pained shouts, they were pulled into a cage beneath the airship like fish.

The young giant was frightened. He watched helplessly as all the people in his village were taken away. He covered his mouth, refusing to make a single sound.

His panic-stricken eyes found the form of his father’s body. He was lying in the cage, gasping for breath, his face a never before seen white. When their eyes met, his father’s eyes lit up with joyful gratitude. His father gently shook his head and his lips moved.

He had played the word guessing game many times with his father in the past. He immediately understood his meaning – “Do not come out…survive…live on…”

The young giant waited for a long time. Only when all the airships left did he stagger down from the mountain and flee into the darkness.

During the night, countless dim green eyes stared at the young giant with hunger and greed. But for some reason, they didn’t throw themselves upon him.

The scene changed.

The young giant of that year had now grown up. His body was stronger than his father’s and his hands could wrestle with the strongest monster beast on the mountain.

Finally, he left this great mountain where he had been hiding for 10,000 years. He crossed the mountains and rivers, looked towards where the sun was rising from, and started running in that direction.

Along the way, all sorts of formidable beings appeared. They tried to stop the giant from going forward but all of them were easily trampled by him.

Finally, the giant stood in front of a wondrous divine palace. It was noble and regal, towering above the white clouds up high, as if it were as high as the sun.

The giant reared back his head and roared. This was the first call of the ancients since 10,000 years ago. Strong winds were whipped into existence and the thick fog beneath the divine palace was blown away. What was revealed were numerous great sculptures beneath. They had looks of pain and agony. Their feet were submerged into the earth as they supported the divine palace with their hands. They lifted it to the same heights as the sun, the most dazzling place in existence.

Father…mother…village…Uncle Sang who liked to catch fish…as the giant looked at the familiar faces, his eyes began to redden. He let out a heart-wrenching cry. Then, his feet exploded with strength as he leapt up and crashed towards that regal and magnificent divine palace.

In the end, he was defeated.

A handprint descended from the divine palace. It struck him down from the skies, burying him into the earth. The giant’s body smashed deep into the ground and started to collapse. With a loud roar, the giant broke into the darkness around him and left the world of the divine palace.

But he still wasn’t able to escape being hunted down by the divine palace. From the sea of stars a sun shined bright, illuminating the heavens and earth.

Sunlight passed everywhere. There was no place for the giant to catch his breath. He could only flee continually. During this time, his body was constantly broken down and renewed, leaving him weaker and weaker.

Finally, the giant fled into an area covered by silver moonlight. The great sun faced off against the ice cold silver moon and in the end it chose to retreat.

The giant fell into slumber. When it awoke once more, it discovered that it had been enslaved and buried deep beneath the earth. The divine tool was constantly refining its will. Once it gave up its struggle, its final death would arrive and it would merge into a complete whole with it.

The scene changed again.

Qin Yu could clearly see the shocked and terrified Immortal and Demonic cultivators. In normal times they were incomparably formidable in the outside world, filled with overwhelming arrogance. But now, they were like low and humble ants as they cowered in a distant corner.

Across from them was a beautiful man with 12 pairs of wings extending from his back. He held a golden lance in hand. Each time he stabbed down, thunder was quickened and the chains in the heavens crashed against each other in a cacophony.

In another direction was a great ape carrying a black stone rod in its hand. Its thick black hair was almost soaked in blood. It was severely wounded but it felt no fear at all. Instead, it became even more cruel and ferocious. Its giant eyes were so red that they seemed to drip blood.

Bang –

The golden lance tore through space as it descended. Its terrifying aura seemed capable of piercing through the world. When the lance clashed with the giant’s fists, large chunks of flesh and blood cracked and broke apart. But, the giant didn’t seem to feel any pain at all. Shaking away the lance, the giant’s fist smashed into the 24-winged man’s body, slamming him away and sending him tumbling into the mist.

The great ape leapt up into the skies. It roared and grabbed the stone rod with both hands, maliciously pounding it down. The stone rod broke through the air, causing a creepy feeling to tingle in one’s scalp.

The giant raised its injured arm, allowing the stone rod to fall down. The giant’s body that stood on par with the heavens shivered for a brief moment before it released a bellowing roar.

Strength surged up its thighs and it fiercely waved its hand. The stone rod was swept away and the great ape’s hands cracked open to reveal torn flesh, blood, and bone. Still, the great ape opened its mouth and laughed excitedly, “You silly big thing, you are still so strong. I like fighting with your type the most!”

After losing the stone rod, the great ape erupted with an even greater killing power. It laughed and rushed forward, engaging in a vicious melee with the giant. Their fists fell onto each other’s chests, emitting a sound of tsunamis crashing upon the shores.

The 24-winged man appeared above their heads at some unknown time. Strange chanting syllables came from between his lips and the light from his 12 golden pairs of wings started to gather above his head, turning into blazing flames that condensed into a golden tome.

The winged man reached up and grasped the tome in his hands. Then, he began to chant in a loud thrumming tone, “In the name of the highest god, I pronounce your sins. Your flesh and blood will rot away, fusing into the earth. Your soul will decay, fading between the light of the stars. Your consciousness will perish, forever banished within the endless flow of time.”

The giant’s star-like eyes blanked and large discolored spots appeared on his flesh and blood. The thick stench of decay came from his body, as if he were a corpse rotting within the earth.

The giant ape leapt forwards and its sharp saber-like claws submerged into the giant’s chest and drilled out from its back. A tattered and bruised heart was held in the great ape’s hands. The heart was covered with wounds and was gushing out thick purple blood.

“Hou – !”

The giant’s eyes brightened and it roared out loud. It didn’t seem to be any weaker from losing its heart. The wound on its chest suddenly tightened, locking down onto the great ape’s arm like a ravenous mouth.

Then, the giant grabbed onto the great ape and pulled hard. A horrifying sound followed as the great ape’s arm was torn off!

The great ape screamed in pain. Its other hand grasped for the giant’s eyes. The giant closed its eyes and smashed down with its head, directly breaking apart the great ape’s remaining hand.

The great ape was thrown away like a massive stone. It crashed into the ground, blasting open a huge crater!

Without stopping, the giant reached down and pulled out the great ape’s arm that was still in its chest. Then, it brandished this arm and used it to strike the golden-winged man.

Bang –

The golden-winged man was slapped away. But before he could fly too far away, he was chased after and grasped by the giant. Raising its lone arm, the giant slammed down into the ground. The winged man was thrust face-down into the earth.


The winged man screamed in pain. As if he had crashed into the 18th layer of hell, the 12 of his gorgeous wings on his right side were blown apart and were pulled out with its flesh and blood.

But this wasn’t the end. The giant casually reached out a hand and grabbed onto the other half of the wings. Then, it repeated the cruel actions of before.

The winged man fiercely twitched but he didn’t emit a single sound. It was unknown if he had died or if he had fallen unconscious from the pain.

Hualala –

A snow of golden wings appeared once more. But, this time there was much more snow than before, the same as the difference between a little flurry compared to a giant snowstorm. As the wings fluttered throughout all sides, the giant reared back its head and roared. Its terrifying voice resonated through the world, causing one’s soul to tremble deep within them.

The Immortal and Demonic side cultivators were long since frightened by the terrifying eruption of battle. As they looked at the cruel giant who seemed comparable to demons and gods, all of their faces drained of blood.

Even the strong Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing felt weak and lowly. The terrifying strength exposed by the giant was enough to thoroughly trample over them.

Perhaps leaving this place was the most correct choice. With the protection of the giant, none of them could stop Qin Yu any longer. And if they stayed, there was a chance the giant would become hostile towards them. If that happened, they wouldn’t even be able to flee.

The Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing both revealed looks of struggle in their eyes. With their status, when had they been placed in such an aggrieved position? Were they supposed to return empty-handed?

During this brief hesitation, another change occurred on the battlefield. The giant suddenly looked up and its star-like eyes rapidly started turning red.

Roar –

It emitted an even more vicious roar. It knelt down and stabbed its hand deep into the earth, raising a massive block of dirt and rock that it violently tossed into the skies.

Rumble rumble –

The giant chains that blocked out the skies seemed to come to life. They wrapped around the massive chunks of earth and crushed them to pieces.

Dirt sprinkled down, blocking out everyone’s field of vision. The giant’s thighs curved with magic power. The ground hollowed in and collapsed as it broke out from the dust cloud.

Bang –

Bang –

The terrifying sound was like two heaven supporting mountains crashing into each other. Then, an immense black shadow fell down from the dust, crashing into the ground.

It was the giant!

Lan Ruo cried out in alarm, her face full of shock. She simply couldn’t imagine what sort of existence could actually face this giant that was more terrifying than gods and demons in a frontal collision and win.

Strong winds stirred up and the dust vanished in the blink of an eye. Lan Ruo’s pupils shrank. What appeared in her line of sight was actually an unexpectedly ordinary seeming man.

He had a handsome appearance. His slender eyes were narrowed into the stare of a cold snake, causing one to feel fear in their hearts.

It was him. He was the one who had struck down the giant from midair.

As the ground rumbled and shook, the giant roared and stood back up. Its blood red eyes stared stubbornly at the man in the skies. Then, it maliciously reached back a hand and slapped the point between its eyebrows.

Flesh and blood disintegrated. Thick blood leaked down between its figures. A faintly illusory figure was pulled out from between its eyebrows.


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