Chapter 602B – Might Die But Will Not Bow

Between the heavens and earth, the vast and endless spectral aura began to surge inwards like rivers returning to sea. It condensed into a ghastly white fog. Then, two great arms reached out from the fog. They seemed to support the collapsing skies, holding up the phantom of the stick in their hands.

Bang –

The ground violently shook, forming visible ripples that spread outwards. Wherever they went, the earth collapsed. Dirt and rock splashed up, filling the skies with dust.

A towering figure came into view as the dust slowly cleared. Its legs were sunk into the ground. One hand was still placed above its head and the other hadn’t been able to withstand the wild strength and had vanished.

The messy man who held the spatial crack in his hand and nearly killed Qin Yu with a casual strike suddenly had a changed complexion. His eyes widened as if he saw a ghost.

At this moment, an angry roar slammed into everyone’s ears. The impact of the terrifying voice caused them all to pale.

The messy man looked out towards the fog beyond that was now beginning to tumble fiercely. He screamed out, “It’s a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding, a complete misunderstanding!”

A horrifying palm thrust out from the fog and struck the messy man, sending him flying away. He crashed into the earth, and like the strongest plow, created a deep gash in the ground.

Puff –

Puff –

Puff –

The messy man spat out mouthfuls of dirt. He flipped himself onto his feet and cursed out loud, “You stupid big thing, I already said it was a misunderstanding so why did you use such a heavy hand? I hate being pressed into the ground the most. Do you really want to fight me?”

The fog around the stone column was like a flowing river that was severed in half. An extremely terrifying figure walked out. Its shoulders were on par with the skies; its head was like the sun and its eyes the stars. Every step it took caused the earth to tremble and wail.

Lan Ruo called out in alarm, “That’s the giant!”

The golden-winged man’s expression suddenly turned vivid. He showed a panicked and uneasy expression as his wings began to fiercely spread outwards.

But before he could fly away, the skies above his head had started to turn black. A terrifying hand pressed down like a falling mountain, slamming into the winged man and sending him crashing downwards, falling in the steps of the messy man. The winged man was caught in a humorous posture with his wings open and yet incapable of doing anything. When he struck the ground a massive hole was immediately formed. It was pitch black in color and it was unknown just how far down it went.

The messy man had an angry expression. But after a moment of stunned silence, he suddenly laughed out loud, “This bird boy is really fast so I have no chance of punching him even if I wanted to. This foolish big thing is not beautiful at all, but its movements are clean and fast…haha, great, wonderful!”

As he finished laughing, a heaven-shrouding leg stepped on him, pushing him into the earth. Even the countless specters around him were smashed into pieces.

Bang –

The golden-winged man howled out in the deep hole. He breathed heavily like a cow and his delicate and pretty indifferent face had already twisted into disgust.

With a sharp scream, golden light burst out as if a golden sun had appeared. When the blinding light vanished, a massive golden roc appeared in its place.

Bang –

Another stretch of earth shattered and the messy man flew out, his entire body covered in dirt. He angrily gestured and said, “You stupid big thing, I hate being stepped on the most. I won’t let things end with this today!”

He lifted a hand and grasped forward. The vast and enormous spectral aura gathered once more, condensing into an incomparably large spear. In front of this spear, the messy man was even smaller than an ant.

But the messy man held the spear with one hand, even using its tip to draw a dazzling flower in the air. Strong winds began to howl as the spear moved about. The messy man coldly sneered and said, “Today I am going to blow open your ass!”

The golden roc closed its wings behind its back and dove down. Its head and feet were straight, forming a line, with the beak serving as the tip of the arrow.

But what greeted this arrow was the sweeping palm of the giant, as if it were slapping away a fly. The golden roc was blown away, its gorgeous feathers sprinkling down all over, making it seem as if it were golden snow. But, these snowflakes were simply far too late. Each one was enough to cover a large lake.

Puff –

There was the sound of bursting blood and flesh. The giant looked down at his chest and the spear that had pierced through him. Without expression, he grabbed the spear and pulled it out before pounding it into the ground.

Once, twice, three times…

The earth shook each time. But even such a fierce sound wasn’t able to cover the high-pitched screams of the messy man.

The golden roc rushed over once more. But before it could find the chance to peck open some bloody holes on the body of this giant, it was grabbed tight and crazily punched into the ground also.

Rumble rumble –

Rumble rumble –

Rumble rumble –

There seemed to be a rhythm to the motions.

Suddenly, the spear vanished from sight. The golden roc also faded away.

The messy man and golden-winged man were both in a distressed state. They appeared not too far away, looking at the giant with a dignified expression.

“You stupid big thing, stop going crazy! That boy isn’t your descendant!”

The winged man spoke for the first time. His words were cold and withering, “Ancient, make way, we must stop him.”

The giant opened its mouth and roared. It raised its hand and beat its chest, the sounds causing the Immortal and Demonic cultivators who were hiding all around to pale.

The messy man sucked in a deep breath. “Have you considered this clearly yet? Otherwise we will have to be serious this time.”

The winged man lifted his lance and golden light erupted on its surface. An illusory figure appeared, one that had 12 pairs of wings behind its backs. Revered, majestic, formidable…a destructive aura wildly erupted from this phantom, seeming as if it could break apart this entire world!

The giant turned around and crouched to its knees. It bowed its massive head, nearly bumping into Qin Yu who had become the incarnation of the ancient demon.

From the look of the incomparably large face in front of him, Qin Yu was surprised to discover he felt no fear. He could sense a questioning meaning from the giant’s star-like eyes.

Without hesitation, Qin Yu slowly shook his head. He needed to guard Undying who was behind him. This was his promise.

The giant seemed to reveal a look of gratification. With a deep roar, the giant lifted Qin Yu up from the ground and placed him between its eyebrows.

The flesh was like warm mud, softly separating into both sides. Qin Yu who had become the incarnation of the ancient demon was completely submerged within.

Then, there was another small black mole between the giant’s eyebrows…even though this was the incarnation of the ancient demon, it couldn’t compare to a single finger of the giant.

Everything around Qin Yu turned black. When his surroundings brightened, Qin Yu subconsciously closed his eyes. When he opened them once more, he was in a giant temple.

Within this temple there was a giant statue. Its legs were spread out and its arms were raised up high as if it were holding up the world. Its mouth was angrily roaring and its eyes revealed a formidable and unshakeable will.

“Descendant of a future generation, my life has already reached its end. I have bitterly endured until now and finally I have met you. You have passed the test. I will abide by the traditions of our people and send you to the Temple of Inheritance. I hope that you will be able to obtain the complete inheritance of our race…keep this in mind: the bloodline of ancients was born to support the heavens and stand firm upon the earth. We continue forward, never timid, never cowardly. Even after undergoing 100,000 hardships, we will never change our heart…”

A low and deep voice transmitted all throughout the temple. The deep and weary voice carried with it the joy of freedom.

It had already been many, many years, so long that he had forgotten how much time had passed. But in the end, the inheritance of the ancients hadn’t been severed by him.

Now, he could finally lay down all his scruples and erupt in the final battle of his life…he would defend the prestige of the ancients. Even though he would die, he would not bow!

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