Chapter 602A – Might Die But Will Not Bow

Qin Yu retracted his sword and then ruthlessly stabbed it into the earth. There was a pained roar from beneath the ground. The ground shattered and lifted Qin Yu into the air. A half-decayed monster beast specter was beneath his feet, its mouth nailed tight by the sword.

Even if the Immortal and Demonic sides were sharing a tremendous portion of the pressure, Qin Yu was still withstanding the main assault of the specter army.

With a loud stomp, the monster beast specter’s hard skull was cracked apart. Its four strong limbs gave way as it fell prone to the ground.

Qin Yu grabbed the sword hilt with both hands. Then, with a loud shout strength exploded. The sword was released from his hand and it pierced through the skull, sinking deep into the earth below.

In the next moment the ground fiercely shook as if an earth dragon were waking up!

Bang –

Bang –

Sword lights tore along the earth, whistling up and down as they wove together into a dazzling sword curtain. Layers upon layers stacked up on each other, forming a barrier.

Dozens of specters crashed into the sword curtain and were twisted to pieces. The fragments were swept up in the revolving ring of sword light and flung far away.

Five Element Mountain. The five paths of metal, wood, water, fire, earth. Each path represented the comprehension of a part of the world’s rules. When one reached large success these rules would be bound to their heart and mind. According to the unique personality and style of that person, these paths would condense into various supernatural arts that corresponded to them.

For instance, the ‘sea’ that blocked the specter army before was the defensive counterattack supernatural art that Qin Yu managed to perceive after reaching large success in the path of water. He named it the Silent Furious Sea!

This sword curtain was the strongest attack method that Qin Yu possessed after reaching large success in the path of metal. What he had been pursuing at the time was the creation of the most terrifying killing power in the shortest amount of time.

But now, Qin Yu had slightly changed its characteristics. He controlled its might, restricting it to a certain zone in order to delay for as long as he could.

This was the benefit of self-created supernatural arts. They were all controlled through the heart and could be adjusted on the fly. In this way, they were far handier than learning supernatural arts created by others.

Of course, self-creating supernatural arts wasn’t a simple matter at all. After tempering himself through the experiences within the Sea of Purgatory, walking alongside the precipice of life and death and then spending dozens of years in concentration and study, only then did he slowly accumulate all of these things together, finally managing to create two supernatural arts in a single vigorous effort.

The endless lights within the sword curtain howled throughout the world like a million thunderbolts crashing down in unison. Its momentum was earthshaking. Lan Ruo’s eyes widened. As she looked at this sword curtain that resembled a waterfall falling from the highest heavens, she felt her heart shake.

She had once seen her teacher display a sword strike that sealed the world in ice, exterminating all vitality. In her heart, her teacher possessed the most terrifying sword arts in this world.

But now, she had no choice but to acknowledge that in terms of killing strength, this sword curtain was no weaker than her teacher’s technique. The only difference was that one was absolute stillness and the other was rampaging destruction.

This mysterious cultivator was actually strong to such an extent. Then, with the Immortal Sect’s powerful information network, how did they have no information on him? Moreover, with his cultivation and his bewildering supernatural arts, once he appeared in society it would be impossible to forget about him.

Just who was he?

As her mind was in a daze, Lan Ruo suddenly stiffened. A terrifying feeling rushed into her heart. She seemed to smell the thick scent of blood and death all around her.

A brilliant light burst out from her chest. A phantom stepped out. She was someone whose beauty stood upon the apex of a generation and ice and snow seemed to howl around her.

Bang –

A black shadow was shaken away. It froze in midair, crashing into the ground in pieces.


Lan Ruo shouted in excitement.

Shen Yuanyin slowly said, “Hurry and leave this place…” Her figure started to dissipate. Forcibly tearing apart the seal and arriving through her projection was extremely difficult for her.

But at this time, Shen Yuanyin seemed to detect something. She looked up towards the direction of the stone column at the figure within the sword curtain…that person was strange and yet gave off an incomparably familiar feeling…

It was him? How was this possible? He had already died!

Pa –

Shen Yuanyin’s projection vanished.

Lan Ruo looked at the place where her teacher’s projection had vanished. There was a thoughtful look in her eyes. Then, she looked at Qin Yu and suddenly said, “Grand Marshal, let’s leave!”

She never doubted her honorable master’s judgment.

Shangguan Mingjing revealed a hesitant look. But at this moment, a sharp cry pierced into his mind like an arrow. His eyebrows leapt up. He reared back his head to see a winged person flying down from the skies.

This person was 20 feet tall with only a piece of animal hide wrapped around his waist. His strong and mighty body was burnished gold in color and two golden wings extended from his back, even more magnificently dazzling than Fallen Wing’s wings. As this person gently beat his two wings, a terrifying wind was whipped into existence.

Two vertical golden pupils stared stubbornly at Qin Yu. His golden hair fluttered all around him, looking like a mass of golden flames.

This was a pure golden-winged man with no impurities at all…a strange race that had never appeared in this world before.

But no one doubted the strength of this winged person. His terrifying aura was like an invisible mountain pressing down on everyone’s chests, making it difficult to breathe!

The vertical pupils suddenly shrank. The winged man raised up a hand and tossed down a golden lance. This lance was like a golden bolt of lightning that tore down from the clouds and howled through the world.

It was indomitable!

Wherever the golden lance passed, the world within Spectral Disaster started to collapse. The chains in the skies began to wildly shake.

When the winged man appeared, Qin Yu felt an intense threat. He looked up and locked his eyes onto the golden bolt of lightning headed his way. He lifted a finger and pointed down.

The heavy sword curtain instantly erupted with all of its sword light. It condensed into a silver white sword that shined like a great sun.

It couldn’t even be described as a spark of time. Before one could even think, the sword and lance collided together.

The world suddenly darkened as if everything fell still. It gave off an illusion that an eerily long span of time had passed. Then, what followed was an earth-shaking heaven-quaking eruption that left one’s mind wallowing in despair!

Rumble rumble

Rumble –

The earthshaking eruption shook everyone’s mind. Even the formidable Fallen Wing and Grand Marshal quickly retreated, not daring to be caught in the shockwaves. Their eyes flooded with surprise and bewilderment. The strength that erupted from that collision actually caused them to feel fear and alarm!

The winged man lifted his hand and reclaimed his lance. Its radiant golden color had clearly dimmed down. A tiny crack appeared on the end of the lance. Faint traces of sword intent still swirled around it.

Qin Yu’s face paled and beads of sweat covered his forehead. His palm had been torn open and his arm hung limply at his side. Blood flowed down, dripping from his shivering fingertips and smashing into the ground.

“Hoho, so many years have passed and yet you, bird boy, are still trash. A little boy from countless years later can still cause you to fail!” Without concealing the sounds of ridicule, a messy man stepped out from a spatial crack. This messy man casually scratched his head and then reached back and pulled out the spatial crack like he was picking up a branch.

As if not liking the shape of this spatial crack too much, the messy man straightened it and then slapped it against his hand like a stick. Only then did he nod in satisfaction.

The winged man furrowed his eyebrows. A terrifying aura surged around him. His vertical golden pupils became even icier. But, he clearly had scruples as he maintained his silence.

The man’s sloppy and messy appearance was only the first impression he gave off. Looking more carefully, one would discover that his facial features were clean and clear, exuding a comfortable feeling. But then he gently smiled and evil charm surged out, making him seem extremely strange. “You are still so cautious. I want to openly and honestly give you a punch but it really is too difficult!”

The man turned and looked at Qin Yu. “Since bird boy isn’t falling for it, I can only vent myself on you. Because for these past years, I really have been very, very unhappy.”

He raised his hand. Then, he brought that straightened spatial crack smashing down as if it were a stick. Thus, in front of Qin Yu, everything seemed to darken as light itself was swallowed up.

Qin Yu’s mind was fully focused on that spatial crack stick which seemed to blot out the skies. It seemed so large that it flooded the entire world in his field of vision. He couldn’t avoid nor could he resist. He could only passively take on the attack and be turned into ashes, his body and soul forever destroyed.

He bit down on his tongue and freed his consciousness from the grip of despair. After shaking himself free from his fear, Qin Yu stepped forward and let out a deep roar.

Unwilling, unyielding, an aura erupted from within him like a volcano, carrying with it an unshakeable will!

From birth it supported the world and after dying it didn’t fall over – this was the ancient demon.

Rumble rumble –

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