Chapter 600B – Spectral Disaster

“Are there many other worlds?”

“There are many. In essence, although there is no difference between the worlds, some have formidable world sources that can breed and raise terrifying life forms. There are also some that have small and weak world sources, making the lives there especially frail.” Undying thought for a moment and said, “Perhaps this doesn’t include everything. I once heard that somewhere deep in the universe, there are world sources so feeble that those living upon those worlds cannot cultivate. The life forms on these worlds instead opened up a path of the Great Dao called ‘science’. While they are as weak as ants, they can actually draw upon the power of external objects to gain the strength to destroy the heavens and earth.”

Qin Yu licked his dry lips. “What about the world we are in?”

Undying simply replied, “Before the event of Spectral Disaster it could reach an ordinary level. But now it is only inferior.”

This world was capable of breeding terrifying Calamity Immortals that could break the rules and suppress all sides. Yet, this world was nothing but ‘inferior’ in Undying’s words…then, in a superior world, what sort of powerhouses would exist there?

As if guessing Qin Yu’s thoughts, Undying glanced at him. He faintly said, “The world that my family is located in could just about be counted as first class. The fierce characters there could destroy this world with some difficulty…but it is merely some difficulty.”

Qin Yu’s body stiffened. Even with his current boundary, there was still an unfathomable distance before he could do something as terrifying as breaking apart the world.

“Second question.” Qin Yu looked up. His face was pale but his eyes were bright. “How do you go to other worlds?”

Undying revealed a look of acclaim. “You are indeed my master. You were able to stabilize your mind so quickly and not lose heart.”

He lifted his hand and clenched his fist. “Leaving the world is easy. All you need is a fist! But this fist needs to strike the world source so hard that it enters its bones. You need to hit it so bad that it has no choice but to entrust a portion of its strength to you. With the world source, you can then freely go to other worlds.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened even more. To punch the world source so hard and so painfully that it had to submit to him, just thinking about it made his blood boil over!

After taking several deep breaths and restoring his thoughts, Qin Yu raised a third finger. “The third question. Spectral Disaster is your family’s treasure. Do you have any means of obtaining its approval?”

Undying laughed. “Master, I really do admire you. You always know how to ask the most precise questions.” He restrained his laughter and his voice became incomparably dignified. “In truth, I don’t have much assurance. But since I have regained my memories, I still need to give it a try.

“Master, don’t you think it’s strange that I never mentioned the person’s name as I was telling my story? The reason is simple. With his potential and after so many years, he has inevitably become a great figure who looks down upon all others from the highest heavens. Even if he isn’t in this world, just speaking his name will cause him to sense us.

“He placed Spectral Disaster into this world and is using the strength of a trillion specters to refine it. If I try to awaken it, that person will sense me. Breaking through the world source will require some time. If I cannot complete what I need to do before he arrives, all that remains is death.

“Moreover, even if that person cannot arrive, he can still awaken formidable specters deeply slumbering within Spectral Disaster to stop me.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Can you conceal this from him?”

Undying shook his head.

Qin Yu said, “You have to do this?”

Undying nodded.

Qin Yu sighed. “What are your chances?”


“Tell me the truth!”

“15%.” Undying coughed, “This probability is already considerable. If it were anyone else they would still wrestle with fate!”

Qin Yu was left speechless. Even though this was something that had nine chances of death and one chance of life, he still sounded so heroic while saying such words with overwhelming momentum. It was really a bewildering mindset. He took a deep breath and said, “If I help you, how much will your chances increase?”

Undying coughed repeatedly.

Qin Yu’s face turned blue. Even with his help the chances were only 15%. If he didn’t meddle, wouldn’t the chances be even more desperate?

This bastard…

After clenching his teeth for a long time, Qin Yu cursed out loud, “You bastard, it has been difficult for this young master to live up until the present. If you kill me, I won’t let you go even if I become a ghost!”

Undying chuckled. “Master, have you really thought this through? In this world there is no medicine for regret.”

“Shut up, you bastard! If I don’t help you, you will definitely die!” Qin Yu slapped his forehead. “My luck has always been extremely good and I have often turned tragedy into good fortune. We can only hope that things go smoothly this time!”

Undying nodded. “Master, don’t worry. We can definitely succeed!”

“Get out of here and don’t disturb me. I need to close up and restore myself to my peak state before I go all out!” Qin Yu sat down cross-legged and closed his eyes in meditation.

Two days later.

After determining all his injuries were healed, Qin Yu opened his eyes. He had a look on his face that said he wasn’t afraid of death. “Let’s go.”

Undying nodded. With a flick of his sleeves, the space in front of them warped, wrapping him and Qin Yu within it.

Deep within the Source of Disaster, or to be more accurate, Spectral Disaster.

There was a giant stone column that broke through the earth and stabbed towards the heavens. It was unknown how high it truly was as it disappeared into the clouds above.

This stone column was filled with the breath of the years; one could see that it had been preserved here for countless years. The engraved textures upon its surface had been eroded with time and were now mottled and unclear.

Suddenly, at the base of this stone column, space fluctuated and two figures leapt out. One was Undying and the other was Qin Yu.

Qin Yu revealed a look of surprise. “This stone column…?”

Undying said, “In the giant graveyard within the Sea Mausoleum, the imitation we saw was of this. But only the shape is similar. The power is as different as the heavens and earth.”

He lifted a finger. “Within the entire Spectral Disaster, there are 107 such stone columns. But, I only need to subdue one of them to awaken it. Master, are you ready? Once I begin I won’t be able to stop. I won’t be able to worry about anything else. If specters come and attack, you will need to deal with them all.”

Qin Yu nearly blew up with rage. This bastard, what nonsense 15% chances was he talking about? Did he already calculate that he would help? With an incomparably ugly complexion, Qin Yu bitterly said, “Stop wasting time and hurry up!”

He couldn’t turn around and leave. If that was the case, why waste his time arguing?

Undying bowed deeply. “Thank you master!” Then, with an unprecedented state of seriousness, he turned and sat down cross-legged. He lifted a hand and placed it upon the stone column.

The incomparably massive stone column seemed to connect the heavens and earth together. Once this hand touched it, it began to shake.

Kacha –

Kacha –

Cracks started to appear on the surface of the stone column. They began from where Undying’s hand touched and started to rapidly race upwards.

Faint golden light began to pour out from the cracks. It was like this stone column was about to reveal its true form!

Rumble rumble –

Millions of blood red lightning bolts exploded at the same time. Startling thunderclaps rang in the skies without end and a terrifying aura seemed as if it would break the world apart.

Incomparably thick and giant chains appeared out of thin air. They twined about the stone column, extending outwards past the horizon!





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