Chapter 600A – Spectral Disaster

“Undying, how much longer do you need?”

Although he had successfully dodged the second punch, he didn’t have much confidence he could avoid the third. With his current condition, if he was hit one more time by that punch, he would be severely wounded at the bare minimum.

Undying’s voice sounded out, “Just a little bit longer!” His voice was hoarse and weary, but there was also a bit of excitement he couldn’t conceal…like a shark that smelled blood.

Qin Yu was left speechless. Hey brother, I was almost punched to death here so why do you seem as if you’re going into heat or something?

Suddenly, a dignified sound came from the bone cage. The army seemed to have been incited by this sound and their attacks sped up. At the same time, some of the forces that besieged the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path began to race over here.

Qin Yu’s complexion instantly changed. He was barely managing to keep up as it was. If the number of soldiers on him doubled, then that little fist wouldn’t need to make another move before he was beaten to death.

“Undying, if you delay any further then you’ll have to gather my corpse for me!”

“Alright. Attack the bone cage, I will lead master out of here!”

Bang –

The ground shook and a wild strength swelled out, sending the surrounding soldiers flying away. Qin Yu could hear the groans coming from his bones but he couldn’t care about the aching pain spreading through his body. He turned and rushed towards the bone cage.

After taking several steps the bone cage appeared in front of him. Qin Yu lifted a hand and punched out. A common-seeming shadow was quietly wrapped around his fist.

When the fist fell Qin Yu was shaken several steps away. An additional mark was added to the surface of the bone cage.

Then, faint traces of ash gray lines drilled out from this mark, spreading along the surrounding bone. Once the gray lines spread out to an area the size of a human body, they instantly tightened. Like countless sharp knives, they cut through the bones.

It was now!

Qin Yu leapt up like a big fish freeing himself from a net. But at this time, his complexion changed. A delicate fist appeared in his line of sight. But, he couldn’t avoid it otherwise he would lose his chance to escape.


With a loud roar, Qin Yu’s bones thundered within his body. His figure grew several inches as he raised his hand and punched out in response.

Bang –

There was a heaven-shaking ring like two stars colliding. Qin Yu’s entire arm began to crack and pop as the bones in it were broken into numerous pieces. He spat out a mouthful of blood. Then, like a bag of sand he was sent flying away, instantly pushed out of the bone cage.

The moment that bone cage sealed itself back up, Qin Yu could see the master of that fist. She appeared small and petite as she stood amongst the numerous tall and mighty soldiers. Her pitch black eyes were cold and without fluctuations.

Before Qin Yu’s body hit the ground, he roared out loud, “Undying, let’s go!”

Hum –

Space warped around him and surrounded him before he vanished from sight.

Within the bone age, all of the soldiers were divided into two. The place they had originally been wildly rushing towards was now bare.

Lan Ruo revealed a look of disappointment. Had he died? It seemed she would have no chance to unravel this puzzle in her heart.

She turned and lightly said, “Grand Marshal, let’s leave.”

She could naturally see that Shangguan Mingjing was purposefully staying here. He wanted to borrow the strength of the Great Zhou Army to kill this mysterious powerhouse.

Lan Ruo didn’t hope for him to die but she wouldn’t interfere in the Grand Marshal’s decision. In comparison to her curiosity, the interests of the Immortal Sect were far more important.

Source of Disaster, in a cave beneath the ground.

Several specter skeletons were scattered along the ground. Their bones were covered with a dark gray light, causing them to be unable to revive and die here.

Undying stood at the cave entrance. He held his hands against his back and ‘looked’ up at the bright skies outside. Although he was silent, one could sense the surging emotions in his heart.

Deep within the cave, Qin Yu let out a long breath. His eyes flashed with a sharp light. He gripped his fists. Although he felt a bit sore, he couldn’t help but nod in satisfaction.

The Demon Body’s regenerative powers were incomparably potent. When combined with the enhancing abilities of the paths of water and wood, broken bones couldn’t be considered anything. In at most one or two days, his broken arm would be as good as new.

“Master, you’re awake.” Undying turned around and cupped a hand across his chest before bowing, “I must apologize to master.”

Qin Yu’s smile stiffened. His eyes twitched several times. “Don’t tell me you already had the energy to open up the bone cage from the start?”

Undying simply nodded.

Qin Yu’s field of vision flashed black and he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood. He had almost died because of this scoundrel! That little girl’s two fists had nearly killed him! He had barely managed to survive after suffering for such a long time, and all of this was thanks to Undying.

After taking several deep breaths and suppressing the fires in his heart, Qin Yu clenched his teeth and said, “You had better explain yourself!”

Undying straightened himself. His calm voice seemed to contain the vicissitudes and feelings of time. “Master, I have restored my memories…at the very least, a major part of them.”

Qin Yu was startled. He furrowed his eyebrows. “And this is related to the bone cage?”

Undying nodded and shook his head. “It is only an introduction.” He stomped his feet and pointed to the skies outside the cave.

Qin Yu sucked in a breath of cold air. “The Source of Disaster is related to you?”

A hundred million years ago the land of exile had been a truly prosperous land of cultivation with powerhouses as common as rain. Compared to the current Land of Divinity and Demons, it was an even more dazzling sight to behold.

But one day, catastrophe arrived to this land. Life withered away and the powerhouses died for no reason. As for what the specific reasons for this were, it was impossible to figure out or verify it anymore.

The final origin of the catastrophe was sealed away. Only a small number of influences still had knowledge about it. They called it the Source of Disaster!

Within the jade slip that the Grand Marshal had given him, the information was sparse and simple. But the little bit of information was enough to express the great terrors hidden within.

Undying’s origin was mysterious and his various methods were strange and unpredictable. Even though Qin Yu had guessed numerous possibilities, he was still left shaken.

It had to be known that the Source of Disaster was the ultimate culprit responsible for the land of exile no longer being able to recover and falling to its current situation! It had been a place more formidable than the Land of Divinity and Demons…but those existences that shined like stars in the heavens had perished during that great turbulence.

Seeing Qin Yu’s shocked and speechless expression, Undying calmly nodded. When this simple movement fell into Qin Yu’s eyes, it was like a trillion thunderbolts crashing into his mind, leaving him completely bewildered.

After a long time, Qin Yu was finally able to focus his thoughts. He looked at the calmly waiting Undying and wryly smiled, “I suddenly feel as if I want to hold onto your thigh…”

Undying laughed. “Master, don’t you want to know what the story is?”

Qin Yu hurriedly nodded. How ridiculous, anyone would want to know about such an astonishing event.

Undying didn’t stop speaking. His gentle voice narrated a story for Qin Yu, one that occurred a long, long time ago.

There were many points that were unclear but Qin Yu could summarize the story as followed: Undying’s family had adopted an orphan with immense talent. They trained this orphan so that he grew up well. In order to ensure control over the orphan, Undying’s family placed an extremely formidable spell upon the orphan’s soul using a secret art.

With the spell present, Undying’s family was completely assured of the loyalty of the orphan. So, they started to entrust him with more and more responsibility, giving him more resources until he eventually became the most dazzling existence amongst the younger generation. Many years later, a great lucky chance appeared. Undying’s family joined the competition and they sent the orphan to lead the direct descendant juniors in a bid to obtain the lucky chance.

But in reality, the orphan’s talent was far more dreadful than anyone realized. The orphan had long since discovered the existence of the spell that Undying’s family placed on him, but he had simply been enduring it and not revealing that he knew about it. In the competition for the lucky chance, the orphan unraveled the imprisonment on his soul and killed off all the direct descendant juniors. He also stole a mighty treasure from Undying’s family.

Undying’s family rapidly deteriorated until it became a tiny bubble in the endless river of time. The orphan wasn’t able to completely control the treasure, so he decided to place it in another world and borrow the long span of years to slowly refine it.

That treasure was named Spectral Disaster. This was the Source of Disaster where Qin Yu currently was. There was a great deal of information in Undying’s story, so much that it left Qin Yu muddled for a moment. He rubbed his forehead and then raised a finger, “First question. What do you mean by ‘another world’?”

Undying said, “It is as simple as it sounds. Master doesn’t believe that the Calamity Immortal realm is the endpoint of cultivation, right? Or that life only exists here in the universe? Did you forget about when you brought Meimei back from that different world? In fact, you have already come into contact with and been exposed to information about a diverse number of worlds.”

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