Chapter 599B – Submerged

As soon as this thought appeared, everyone’s hearts shrank. Fallen Wing raised his hands and a black ring of light surrounded the specters. Inside the ring, everything turned black as if it was eternal ice from ancient times, capable of freezing everything.

The howls stopped by the black clouds in the skies didn’t fade away. Rather, they began to increase with time.

“You made your move too late…hahaha…to exist here forever with you is our greatest glory…”

Fallen Wing clenched his palm. The dark ring vanished in the blink of an eye. What vanished along with it were the six Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators who had been transformed into specters.

Sensing the complex looks of those around him, Fallen Wing’s complexion became even uglier. What he used just now was a great supernatural art of the Dark Night Demon Region. Though it appeared somewhat easy to use, the costs were actually significant.

He looked up at the Grand Marshal. The two had no expression, but there was a bit of helplessness in their eyes. If they knew that the situation would develop to this step, they would have made a move earlier…the protection of the rules made it so that these specters couldn’t be killed, but to these almighty Calamity Immortal beings with transcendent methods, destroying the rules wasn’t too difficult a matter.

It was already too late to regret. They could only take things as they came. However, in this current situation there still might be some ways to obtain a harvest. For instance…killing with a borrowed knife!

“Eternal Darkness Descends!”

Fallen Wing roared out loud. His subordinates began to move at the same time. A shroud of darkness started to cover them.

The Immortal Sect’s movements were no slower. A glittering and translucent lotus flower formed above their heads. It bloomed in the skies, releasing divine light that streamed down around them.

Qin Yu was abandoned outside. If he couldn’t defend against the great terrors that came from the Source of Disaster, then the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path would have one less formidable opponent.

In the next moment, a cage of bones appeared from the black clouds up above. It was like a giant bamboo basket formed from bones. As it crashed down, it covered everyone within.

“Living beings that intrude into the world of specters will sacrifice their flesh and blood in exchange for the forgiveness of the god of specters…I speak on behalf of god to grant you death.”

Low and strange syllables carried with them the richness of the years. One could easily understand their significance.

Everyone’s souls trembled as an instinctual fear gushed out. It seemed that death would soon arrive for them!

The cage of bones erupted with light. Figures began to emerge from it. They wore ancient battle garb and their eyes glowed with a dark green light.

These specters seemed different to those formed from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators. They had no intelligence of their own. Their dark green eyes blazed solely with the intent to slaughter and destroy.


The loud shouts were like thunderclaps. The cultivators from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path shook, fear and alarm overwhelming their hearts. It wasn’t because they were weak, but because these specters dressed in ancient garb seemed to come out from a battlefield formed from a sea of blood and a mountain of corpses. Their slaughter aura was overwhelming!

“Great Zhou Army!” The Grand Marshal shouted out loud, his pupils shrinking. A rumor emerged in his mind.

At one point in the past, the Great Zhou Dynasty was experiencing a rocky and turbulent era. But, the army of the imperial capital still maintained a strong and undefeatable combat strength. They valiantly fought against forces all around hundreds of times and never lost once.

But in some great battle, the army mysteriously vanished. Due to this, the government of Great Zhou fell into a flustered panic, causing them to accelerate towards their eventual downfall.

He never thought that the Great Zhou Army that vanished tens of millions of years ago would unexpectedly appear here!

Fallen Wing roared out, “Defend with everything!”

The Great Zhou Army was known for possessing the greatest attack power beneath the heavens. They could raze cities and rush strongholds, killing trillions of people in their way. No one dared to belittle them!

Qin Yu’s complexion turned ugly. Even if he didn’t know the reputation of the Great Zhou Army, from their auras alone he could clearly feel that they weren’t the type that was ‘best not to mess with’.

No matter how strong he was, if he fell into an encirclement then even if he had six arms and three heads, it wouldn’t be enough for these fellows to chop off.

Qin Yu stormed backwards. If he couldn’t wait for them to surround him then he had to take the initiative and attack. He raised a hand and punched out. Wild strength roared forth like angry waves. Several soldiers that hurtled towards him were sent flying away.

But what happened next caused everyone to suck in a breath of cold air. These soldiers fell down to the ground but they seemed to have sustained no injuries. They crawled back up to their feet and roared angrily.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. He hadn’t held back in his attack just now, yet he hadn’t been able to ‘break their defenses’. Just what were these specters? Even if they were strong, they should still have become pancakes by now!

With this, Qin Yu decided that he couldn’t wait here for his death. He needed to find some way to escape.

He raced forward, his blood energy billowing like a true dragon. Wherever he passed, soldiers were struck and sent flying away. The bone cage appeared in front of him. He lifted a hand and curved his finger. Then, as if drawing a giant bowstring, a radiant silver-white light began to rapidly condense.

He let go. The sound of piercing air followed. The space along the way seemed to be imprisoned. Although it violently twisted, space didn’t collapse.

In the next moment, the path of gold he used with all his power smashed into the bone cage. There was a dull thumping sound as the silver white light sank into it.

A great gash appeared on the bone cage. But before Qin Yu could show any joy, the bones began to wriggle and stir. The gash vanished in the blink of an eye.

Although he already expected that the bone cage wouldn’t be so easily broken like this, Qin Yu still couldn’t help but curse in his heart.

“Undying, is there a way we can leave here?” The path of metal didn’t work. With this being the case, Qin Yu knew that with his strength alone it was impossible to break out.

If he wanted to survive, he would need to look towards Undying!

In these past years, Undying had used practical actions to prove that he was nearly undefeatable when it came to escaping!

Undying’s voice sounded out, “Space has become one with the bone cage. If you want to leave, you must break through the cage.” Qin Yu’s complexion became even uglier. Luckily, Undying soon said, “Perhaps I have a way to open the bone cage, but I will need some time.”

“Hurry up and get to it!” This was all Qin Yu could say before he was submerged by waves of soldiers. There was a massive explosion of strength as soldiers were sent flying away. However, even though they were blown away, these soldiers didn’t die and they continued running back in. Qin Yu’s figure never reappeared from the waves of soldiers.

The Immortal Sect and Demonic Path cultivators naturally attracted even more Great Zhou Army soldiers. These soldiers held spears in their hands and threw them out. The spears crossed through the skies like golden arrows.

Although they already knew that the Great Zhou Army was said to possess an unparalleled attack force, only after personally experiencing this did they realize how terrifying the truth was.

Eternal Darkness Descends and the Precelestial Ice Lotus were both greatly renowned supernatural defensive arts of the Dark Night Demon Region and Lucid Nether Domain. They gathered the strength of the people within to form a formidable asylum. With the cultivation of Fallen Wing and the Grand Marshal as well as the numerous powerhouses amongst their subordinates, this protection was capable of resisting an army.

But now, the curtain of night formed by Eternal Darkness Descends and the streams of light created by the Precelestial Ice Lotus began to violently shake and tremble, like the surface of a lake during a rainstorm. Although there was no imminent danger of collapse, this sight still left the cultivators from both sides pale white.

If they lost this protection, then besides the several great lords here, everyone else would immediately be nailed tight to the ground by the spears.

What exactly was the Source of Disaster? It actually concealed such a terrifying spectral strength!

All of the confidence they had before entering had vanished without a trace. This was because this was only the first disastrous encounter they had experienced after arriving here. Who knew what other terrifying existences were hidden deeper within!

Although Lan Ruo was pale, she wasn’t truly panicked. As the Little Palace Master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace, she knew more than the others here.

The Immortal Sect people came with a great treasure. Although they might not be invincible here with it, leaving this place wasn’t actually too difficult.

At this time, she couldn’t help but look outside the ice lotus barrier where a number of soldiers were piled up atop each other. She furrowed her eyebrows.

Lan Ruo wasn’t rich in experiences, but she believed she had a calm mind and heart. She wasn’t someone who would easily be moved by the ‘beauty’ of others. But for some unknown reason, the first time she saw that person, she couldn’t help but feel a little closer to him.

This feeling was strange and came without warning. It gave Lan Ruo a fight. She immediately suppressed this thought and only after sensing her cultivation method and determining there was nothing wrong did she relax.

Her cultivation of the Sublime Lost Emotion Code had only just passed through the initial threshold. Still, she had eliminated many unnecessary emotional fluctuations and yet here she was with a weirdly favorable impression of a stranger…it was no wonder that Lan Ruo would think something was wrong.

Her cultivation method was normal…there was nothing wrong with her…then what was the reason? After mulling over this for a long time, she didn’t find the answer she was looking for. But she did have some admiration towards this man. No wonder that extremely overbearing and prideful Fallen Wing had chosen to patiently endure things for the time being. This mysterious cultivator's strength was indeed incredibly tyrannical.

She hoped that he wouldn’t die. Of course, there was no other meaning behind this. Lan Ruo purely wanted to figure out why she felt so inexplicably close to him.

Qin Yu had no idea that a little girl was staring at him. At this time, every gasping breath he took caused his chest to ache and burn with pain.

There was a deep blue and purple fist mark on his chest. If it weren’t for the Holy Son Robes counterbalancing the majority of the striking power, Qin Yu even suspected that he would have been killed by this punch. Luckily, the soldier that sneak attacked him seemed to have hit some sort of limit. After punching out, they fell silent for a long time.

At this time, Qin Yu’s heart fiercely shrank and all the hairs on his body stood on end. He tumbled to the side, barely avoiding a punch that came rumbling at him.

He quickly turned and caught its trajectory. It was a small fist, one that had clear and fair skin. One could even see the faint blue blood vessels beneath.

But this fist that could almost be called beautiful had nearly killed him with its second strike.

Bang –

The ground shook and a fist imprint appeared. It was dark and tunneled non-stop into the pitch black earth. There weren’t any cracks extending from the edges – all of the strength of that punch had been contained to that exact area.

Qin Yu’s mind shook. The higher level a strength was, the more difficult it was to control. This was why high boundary powerhouses would cause mountains to swing and shake when they raised their hands and attacked. This wasn’t because they liked to put on an act to impress everyone but because they couldn’t control the natural fluctuations of strength they released.

It was like a person running along a road. They would inevitably cause a faint wind to stir around them that stirred nearby fallen leaves.

The master of this fist had achieved a state where they truly concentrated all of their strength into a single spot without leaking any of it outside. Perhaps their true cultivation wasn’t too strong, but because of this ability to focus their power, they could erupt with a terrifying strength.

If so, this could explain why the master of this fist had an extremely long gap between the times they could attack. They likely had to carry out some preparations before they could erupt with such strength.

After learning this, Qin Yu relaxed a little. When he rose up from the ground, that delicate little fist had vanished from sight.


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