Chapter 599A – Specters

Qin Yu lightly said, “I thank fellow daoists for agreeing. But before entering the Source of Disaster, I hope that you could share information related to it with me.”

Fallen Wing’s expression was ice cold. “Are you threatening us?”

Who said that the cruel had no brains? With a few words, he had tossed Qin Yu on the opposite side of the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path. To be able to rise within the Dark Night Demon Region and be someone only inferior to the Supreme Seat, his methods were indeed sharp.

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “You are overthinking this. I just want there to be a little bit more sincerity in our cooperation.” He paused and then continued, “Of course, if the Dark Night Demon Region wishes to be like this, then do as you will.”

To choose the Immortal Sect and point his spear at the Dark Night Demon Region…to sit quietly in the middle and not lean on either side was the most difficult task to accomplish. In order to prevent both sides from secretly collaborating to attack him, he needed to make a choice.

Shangguan Mingjing’s eyes brightened. He smiled and said, “The Source of Disaster has opened today so information related to it will soon spread out. If fellow daoist is curious, then take it.”

He tossed over a jade slip.

The Source of Disaster was originally a secret so the Immortal Sect only had vague records of it. The Grand Marshal had also erased some key points, so it was even more worthless.

But he had no idea that what Qin Yu lacked was this seemingly worthless information. Otherwise, if Qin Yu were to walk in blind he really would be lacking confidence.

Qin Yu smiled widely and received the jade slip, “Thank you, Grand Marshal.”

The Grand Marshal dismissively waved his hand, “Does fellow daoist have any connection to my Immortal Sect?”

Qin Yu simply replied, “The connection is deep.”

The Grand Marshal’s smile became almost blinding. “As I thought. I originally thought fellow daoist was someone easy to get along with. If there is a chance in the future, we should get to know each other better.”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

Watching these two ‘flirting with their eyes’ and having such a friendly attitude with each other, Fallen Wing’s complexion was a little pale. He coldly sneered and said, “Stop delaying; open the gate!”

The Grand Marshal chuckled, no anger in his tone. He gestured at Qin Yu, “Fellow daoist, please.”

Whether it was real or fake, as long as Qin Yu was willing to come closer to the Immortal Sect, it was a good deed in this current situation.

From the words spoken, there was almost no chance that he would cooperate with the Demonic Path. This was more than enough.

Qin Yu’s fingers opened. The imprisoning strength vanished and the jade block flew up on its own volition, merging together with the jade block left by the sea races.

Rumble rumble –

In the vortex within the skies, the giant stone gate began to slowly open. A dry and bleak aura of extinction flowed out. The sparse and grey vegetation that grew around the wilderness began to wither away at a speed visible to the naked eyes.

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. This aura could unexpectedly sink into a person’s body and erase their vitality. With a thought, his cultivation erupted, blocking all of the aura that flowed forth from the stone gate!

At this time, a horrific roar sounded out from above their heads. A layer of black light blocked the inside of the stone gate. Now, that black light was lifted and pushed out, forming into an outline of sharp claws. It was like a devil sleeping deep in the abyss had awakened and was about to descend upon the world!

But although that black light was thin, it contained an inconceivably mighty energy. No matter how wildly those sharp claws scratched at it, it couldn’t break it.

It was unknown what happened in the world behind the stone gate. With a pained cry, the sharp claws drew back. But, what happened in these short several breaths of time was enough to prove how terrifying the scene behind that layer of black light was.

The cultivators from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path both revealed dignified expressions. But, they couldn’t allow this to frighten them away from their goal of the divine stone.

Fallen Wing roared, “Let’s go!”

With a flick of his sleeves, the Demonic Path cultivators flew into the air.

The Grand Marshal lightly said, “Immortal Sect cultivators, enter the Source of Disaster!” The Immortal Sect naturally wouldn’t give the Demonic Path the chance to take the advantage.

Qin Yu followed at the back. When he approached the stone gate, his eyes flashed – he could feel fluctuations of the divine stone on the stone door. The chicken overlord was really hiding here!

Although he had already guessed this, once he was able to confirm it he finally relaxed. If it weren’t for the sake of rescuing this fellow he wouldn’t have bothered with meddling in this battle between the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path.

The black light that sealed the stone gate didn’t block outsiders from entering. After his body submerged within, he felt as if he had fallen into an ice-cold swamp, constantly sinking into it. It was like wet and cold tongues were constantly licking at every inch of his exposed skin.

The process was unexpectedly long. The surroundings were pitch black, and one could hear the sounds of swallowing mouths along the way.

Qin Yu’s body tensed. His blood energy seethed within him as he prepared to fight. But, the existences hidden all around him seemed to sense his great strength and, after a brief moment of hesitation, retreated.


Several pitiful cries drew his attention. Wild fluctuations of strength erupted in the darkness. Then, the scent of blood filled the air.

After that, the darkness melted away like fog beneath a blazing sun. Soon, light flooded the surroundings and everyone’s field of vision was restored.

It was harshly bright, so bright that it felt like 100 suns were shining down. Qin Yu narrowed his eyes to block out the light, but he still couldn’t help but leak out some tears.

Five skeletons fell to the ground, incomparably white. If it weren’t for the clothing that covered these skeletons and the thick stench of blood that had yet to disperse, one would have assumed they had been buried here for countless years.

Looking at these skeletons that had been plundered clean of all vitality, the cultivators from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path all revealed shocked and angered expressions.

Fallen Wing and the Grand Marshal both had dignified looks. Their eyes were dark and gloomy. They never expected that even with their personal protection, the group would suffer casualties as soon as they stepped into the Source of Disaster.

Looking up, one could see a black vortex that was similarly several thousand miles wide. There was also a stone gate in the vortex. It looked completely the same as the outside world. It was like this sky was the surface of a still lake and everything was a reflection of the other side.

It was truly strange!

Suddenly, loud cracking sounds filled the air, drawing everyone’s attention. When they saw the source of the noise they were all left terrified.

The five skeletons erased of all vitality were crawling back up from the ground. Their empty eye sockets shined with dark green flames.

Hu –

A mass of gray-white fog appeared out of thin air, wrapping around the five skeletons. Roars echoed out from within.

Soon, the fog vanished. The five skeletons had completely regrown their flesh and blood, restored to their original appearance. The only difference was that their eyes were still a dark ghastly green in color and their skin was white without the slightest trace of blood.

Hu –

The five people roared out, a terrifying spectral aura erupting from them.

“Stay behind, accompany us!”

“Do not leave!”

Bang –

The ground blew apart. Five figures rushed forward like bolts of lightning, their speeds astonishing.

“Hai Qing, I am Cheng Jun, hurry and wake up!” An Immortal Sect cultivator called out in alarm. Looking at the person rushing towards him, he tried to awaken his memory.

Puff –

A hand tore through his chest and penetrated out from his back. A still-beating heart was held in the hand.

“Cheng Jun, you are my best friend so of course you wouldn’t be so cruel as to watch me suffer here alone. So, join me together!” Hai Qing pulled back his hand and placed the heart in his mouth, chewing on it. Blood splattered all over as he wildly cackled.

The Grand Marshal flicked his sleeves and a formidable strength struck Hai Qing backwards. Hai Qing blew up in midair, shattering into countless pieces. Then, the Grand Marshal coldly said, “They have already turned into specters. Do not hold back!”

But soon, his complexion turned ugly. This was because the remnants of the struck-dead Hai Qing began to wriggle and jump up from the ground, gathering together. Once the pieces touched they glued to each other and started to wildly regenerate.

In a few blinks of the eye, Hai Qing had grown back. He twisted his neck and then eerily smiled. “Grand Marshal, you cannot kill us.”

To the side, Cheng Jun’s corpse began to rapidly wither away, turning into bones. Then, that gray fog wrapped around the skeleton and a sixth specter soon appeared.

Cheng Jun who had ‘died and been reborn’, thrust out a black tongue and licked his lips, excitedly saying, “There is so much delicious flesh and blood here. I really am impatient to try it.”

The Grand Marshal thrust out a hand. A formidable strength gathered and rumbled forth like a great tide, sweeping up Hai Qing and Cheng Jun within, tearing them apart and shredding them into pieces. But, the Grand Marshal didn’t relax. Instead, his complexion became even uglier.

This was because the Grand Marshal could sense that he hadn’t killed them…this world seemed to have some rule that protected them. Was this the Source of Disaster? No wonder the Immortal Sect had regarded this place as a deep taboo!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows together. When he saw the specters that were unable to die, he naturally thought back to his bitter experiences in the Sea Mausoleum.

Those specters also couldn’t be killed. It was clearly the same here but the specters in the Source of Disaster were obviously even more formidable. They actually managed to retain their intelligence. Could there be some form of connection between them?

Before Qin Yu could consider things further, the specters reared back their heads and called out. Sad and shrill screams echoed in all directions!

There was no sun in the skies yet it was blindingly bright. But now, these bright skies instantly darkened. Dark clouds appeared like ink poured into water, rapidly spreading outwards.

They were summoning companions!


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