Chapter 598B – Source of Disaster

This was because she was Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace’s Little Palace Master. Within the Immortal Sect, her status was only inferior to the three heads.

Lan Ruo had a stiff and straight back. Her expression was cold and indifferent, almost the same as her master, as if they had come from the same mold. A flash of panic appeared in the depths of her eyes but she quickly concealed it. Several breaths of time later she said, “I came out this time on the orders of my master, to follow the Grand Marshal and see and hear as much as possible. My goal here is to gain experience, not to meddle in any sect business. Grand Marshall should make the decision you believe is best.”

Unfortunately, this type of excuse that was pushing back responsibility was simply far too weak and naïve in front of the expert Grand Marshal. Shangguan Mingjing smiled and said, “Since Little Palace Master doesn’t oppose, I will take this as your agreement.” His expression turned severe and he said, “Report to the Immortal Sect that I am preparing to open the Source of Disaster in the land of exile to seek out the location of the divine stone.”

Lan Ruo’s complexion changed, feeling a little as if she had been dragged down into the water. When she felt the fluctuations of aura from those behind her, she vaguely shook her head.

Her teacher’s orders had been strange. She had been ordered to come to the land of exiles but hadn’t been given any instructions. Was she only supposed to look upon this land?

Although the land of exiles was once the most dazzling center of cultivation civilization in the ancient past, it had already been in decline for tens and hundreds of millions of years. Now, the highest cultivation boundary here was a mere initial Divine Soul, so what was there for her to care about here?

So, Lan Ruo felt that there was another story behind all of this. But her teacher hadn’t told her because of various reasons. Only by staying here in the land of exiles would she be able to learn the truth. This was why she stopped the watchers assigned from the palace from speaking up.

The Source of Disaster…before she left, her teacher told her to be cautious in her actions. But in the heart of Lan Ruo, the Immortal Sect was formidable to the point of being nearly omnipotent. In this land of exiles that had declined for millions upon millions of years, what true dangers could possibly exist?

Even if there was, Shangguan Mingjing’s strength was sufficient to deal with any problems. And although she felt that the Grand Marshal was a little sinister and crafty, she still acknowledged his strength.

“Source of Disaster?” Fallen Wing had no expression, “Since we have determined that the person who has obtained the approval of the divine stone is hiding within, then we will open it.”

Within the Myriad Demon Caves, the complexions of several Demonic Path powerhouses changed.

One of them said, “Sir, it is said that a great terror is hidden in the Source of Disaster. Older generations have passed down an edict within the Demonic Path, saying that it cannot be opened…should we delay embarking on a path of action until we obtain further instructions?”

Fallen Wing said, “Your meaning is that I can’t make a decision here?”

The person paled. He quickly explained, “I mean no disrespect…”

Before he could finish speaking he was sent flying away. He crashed into the ground, blood gushing out from his nose and mouth.

Fallen Wing’s eyes were deep like an abyss. “I said that we will open the Source of Disaster. Is there anyone who objects?”

Everyone remained silent.

Soon, the sea races received a message from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path, stating that they would open the Source of Disaster.

As news spread out, the entirety of the sea races was shaken. Even the branch clans that desired to compete for the divine stone the most expressed their most ardent rejection of this.

They were different from the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path. The sea races had a little more knowledge concerning the Source of Disaster – they had many ancient texts passed down through the generations.

Many years ago, in that heaven-shaking change, there had been countless casualties amongst the sea races. From that moment on, the royal family had been in sharp decline.

If the Source of Disaster were opened up, who knew what kind of terrifying scene would occur…even if they had to give up on the divine stone, there was no way they could open it!

The Grand Marshal and Fallen Wing personally appeared at the coastline. They negotiated with the eight great branches of the sea races and their manners were aggressive and forceful.

The sea region was vast and endless and powerhouses poured forth like water from a broken dam. But, what they lacked was a genuine peak existence that could suppress and deter all sides.

Facing the might of the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path, the sea races had no choice but to bow their heads. They agreed to hand over the key to open the Source of Disaster, but stated that they would not participate.

All of this occurred during the seven days when Pill Crucible was being healed. When Qin Yu and Gu Ling’er reunited once more, the Immortal Sect and Demonic Path had both gathered in the Land of Sealed Demons. This was the land rumored to be cursed.

Fallen Wing stood to the left with the Dark Night Demon Region and Grand Marshal Shangguan Mingjing stood to the right with the forces of the Immortal Sect. Their auras inadvertently collided together, seeming to split the skies in half.

The left side was pitch black like ink, with demonic visages appearing and roaring. The right side was bright and brilliant, with flowers raining down from the heavens and celestial sounds lingering in the air.

Fallen Wing’s expression was dark, “Shangguan, I still remember your sword from that year.”

The Grand Marshal smiled. “I also have a deep memory of your fist.”

Fallen Wing revealed a fierce smile. “After entering the Source of Disaster, you had best not give me any openings to attack, otherwise I will not hesitate to send you to the depths of hell!”

The Grand Marshal’s smile widened, “The feeling is mutual.”

“Humph!” Fallen Wing composed himself, “Begin.”

He lifted a hand. Two square jade blocks in his hand rose up in the air. Each one had mottled marks covering it, as if they had experienced catastrophe in the past.

And what was mysterious was that within each of these two square jade bocks, there was a key. But, the jade blocks were completely whole without any traces of them being constructed or attached. It seemed as if these keys had directly grown within the jade blocks themselves.

The keys inside these jade blocks were the keys to opening the Source of Disaster. One of them was taken from the sea races.

The Grand Marshal turned his hand. He took out the third key, one possessed by the Immortal Sect.

Hum –

Hum –

Hum –

The three jade blocks resonated with each other. They gently trembled. The keys within suddenly erupted with an incomparably dazzling light.

This light blended together like water, turning into a bright beam of light that shot into the heavens.

In Immortal Eclipse Valley, Qin Yu’s complexion suddenly changed. His figure flickered and he appeared outside. He looked up into the distance.

There, a great beam of light shot into the skies. The aura it emitted caused his mind to tense up.

“Senior, what has happened?” Daoist Wang and Jiang Li quickly caught up.

Qin Yu said in a low voice, “A great change has occurred in the land of exiles. All of you seal up Immortal Eclipse Valley. If there is nothing then don’t go out!”

He flicked his sleeves and 13 sword phantoms soared into the skies. After twisting apart the clouds, they fell back down and buried themselves into the earth.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Sword light appeared, turning into a thick sword curtain that protected Immortal Eclipse Valley within.

This was a sword array obtained from the Sea of Purgatory. It was capable of withstanding the barrage of a Calamity Immortal. After finishing this arrangement, Qin Yu no longer delayed. He took a step forward and vanished from sight!

Bang –

A low and deep sound entered everyone’s ears, as if a door that had been closed for countless years was slowly being opened. A black vortex appeared in the skies. It was several thousand miles wide and its shadow covered the entire wilderness.

An inconceivably large stone gate appeared in the vortex, rapidly condensing into reality.

Just by glancing at it, anyone who saw it felt their blood almost freeze over and inexhaustible fear swell up in their souls.

As if something terrifying capable of destroying the world was hidden behind this stone gate!

Even the formidable Fallen Wing and Grand Marshal had dignified expressions. A sharp light exploded in their eyes.

As if by prior agreement, the two people took a step forward at the same time. Their auras erupted like twin volcanoes, sweeping over the world.

This was a warning to all those hiding in the shadows, telling them not to try sneaking into the Source of Disaster. But, the two of them had over-thought things. Because while the stone gate appeared, it didn’t show any intent of opening. It remained indifferently closed, blocking everyone.

The Grand Marshal’s face darkened. “There is something wrong with the key!”

Out of the three jade blocks, the key obtained from the sea races emitted a darker light.

Fallen Wing roared out, “Sea races, you are courting death!”

Hu –

A pair of wings launched behind his back. He was about to break through space and look for the sea races to settle this debt.

But at this time, a calm voice sounded out from behind him, “There is no need to trouble yourself. The final key should be in my hands.”

Fallen Wing fiercely turned, “It’s you?”

Qin Yu stepped through the void. His voice was light, “Fallen Wing, we meet again.”

With these words, the Grand Marshal immediately realized that this was the mysterious powerhouse who came into conflict with Fallen Wing seven days ago. His thoughts raced and he quickly extinguished the cold thoughts he had. He cupped his hands together and said, “I am a Grand Marshal from the Immortal Sect’s Lucid Nether Domain. Fellow daoist, may I ask if what you say is true?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “Of course.”

He lifted a hand. A jade block appeared. Its strength was imprisoned in his palm so that its aura wasn’t released.

Even so, it caused the other three jade blocks to tremble; it was clear they came from the same source.

Looking at the jade block, Qin Yu sighed inwardly. He never expected that this jade block the sea race priests had given to him in the past would actually contain such a great secret.

The priests had left behind a jade slip, saying that this thing concerned the world’s secrets and was the key to reawakening the Sea Spirit’s consciousness…now, it was unexpectedly related to the Source of Disaster…

Although Qin Yu didn’t know what the Source of Disaster was, he remained calm and composed as if he understood everything…and since he took out the key, no one here could assume that he was completely clueless as to what was happening.

The Grand Marshal went straight to the point. “If fellow daoist has taken out a key, that means you have the qualifications to enter the Source of Disaster with us!”

A cold light flashed in Fallen Wing’s eyes. But, he soon calmed down. Since the Immortal Sect had already agreed, he couldn’t oppose this any further otherwise he would be pushing this mysterious powerhouse into the arms of the Immortal Sect.

“I have no opinion.”



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