Chapter 598A – Source of Disaster

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. This was really the thinking process of a young girl. No matter what the occasion was, they always placed appearances in the most important position.

He coughed, saying, “This is a very long story. In short, I am still me…” He sighed with gratification. “You are indeed the little sister that I grew up with. Even though others didn’t recognize me, you still recognized your big brother.”

Gu Ling’er wrinkled her nose. She proudly said, “Of course. I will always remember what big brother looks like!”

“You’re crying and laughing, you silly girl!” Qin Yu flicked her nose and then pulled her down to sit. He began to warn her, “It isn’t convenient to reveal my current identity. So I didn’t tell anyone that I returned…if some people question you, just tell them that I am a good friend of Qin Yu’s from the Land of Divinity and Demons.”

Gu Ling’er nodded. “Big brother, don’t worry, I will remember this.”

Brother and sister had reunited after many years. After chatting for several hours, Gu Ling’er left, glowing with liveliness. Her big brother had returned and his cultivation was also extremely fierce now. With such a backer, it was natural to possess such energy!

Daoist Wang had been impatiently waiting for a long time. He was afraid that Gu Ling’er would suffer a loss. He hurried forward and took her aside, “Ling’er…what did you speak about that took such a long time?”

Looking at Gu Ling’er’s tender and beautiful appearance…Daoist Wang felt pained in his heart. Qin Yu had given her to Immortal Eclipse Valley to be looked after. If she were bullied here, he wouldn’t have the face to meet his friends in the afterlife!

Gu Ling’er realized that he was worried. “We didn’t speak much, we only talked about big brother’s matters.” She intentionally muddied the waters, “Martial uncle, it turns out that this senior is a friend of big brother’s from the Land of Divinity and Demons. He came here because of the divine stone and ended up helping us in the meantime!”

She puffed out her chest, her face full of pride. “Senior said that big brother has already become a great figure in the Land of Divinity and Demons. He is extremely fierce right now and said that later on he would bring us to the Land of Divinity and Demons.”

There was a look of yearning on her face.

Daoist Wang revealed an embarrassed expression. He quietly rejoiced that he had kept his questions vague, otherwise this really would have been a great loss of face.

It was no wonder that they couldn’t find any information as to how this senior knew them even after scouring the ancient records of the sect. It seemed that this senior was that boy Qin Yu’s friend.

But that didn’t seem right…just how many years had passed? Even if that boy’s progress was amazingly fast, would he have the qualifications to be friends with such a character? Perhaps he was an Elder from a sect…and could be considered a friend. This girl was probably bragging and exaggerating about her big brother…

Mm, this must be it!

Having found a reason, Daoist Wang finally relaxed. These past days, everyone in Immortal Eclipse Valley had been walking on their tiptoes, afraid that Jiang Li’s worries would become reality.

Only Eclipse Lenqing paled after hearing this news. He finally understood why this senior glared at him earlier. His intestines almost twisted with regret and he wanted to slap his cheeks red. You bastard, you shouldn’t speak if there wasn’t anything to say!

Within the old site of the Land of Sealed Demons, there was an underground cave deep below the earth. It was freezing cold here and the temperatures were frighteningly low. Massive icicles jutted out from all over. In the deepest part of the cave there was a frozen lake formed by dripping water.

Its translucent surface glittered, allowing one to see clearly through it. They could see the massive black stone in the bottom of the lake as well as the skeleton that was wrapped up in the stone.

Two soul flames lit up in the skeleton’s eyes. Its roars of anger resounded throughout the entire cave.

“Who are you, just who are you! You dare to kill my avatar and destroy my divine sense!?

“I will kill you! I will absolutely kill you!”

The black stone trembled. Loud cracking sounds began to spread out as countless fissures appeared on the surface of the frozen lake.

Massive icicles started to shatter, crashing down onto the ground.

The entire underground cave swung and shook for a long time before calming down. The cracks on the surface of the frozen lake began to repair at a speed visible to the naked eye, soon restoring to how it was in the beginning.

To the skeleton in the black stone, this frozen lake was both protection and an unsolvable imprisonment. It couldn’t break free, so unless it wanted to be stranded here forever, it had to figure out other means of escape.

Fortunately, it had already placed down a chess piece and now it seemed that the chess game was playing out in its favor. Soon, a chance would appear where it could find the lost connection to its main body.

At that time, this place would no longer be able to imprison it.

“Soon, it is coming soon. I will finally be separated from here and regain everything that I have lost.”

A hair-curling cackle echoed through the underground cave, constantly reverberating against the walls.


In the east of the Southern Empire, atop the fertile plains, Ning City.

Within the spatial fragment where the Gold Noble Family lived, all of the important figures had moved out into the city. With the arrival of great figures from the Immortal Sect, their cultivation was simply far too great. It wasn’t something that the small spatial fragment could withstand.

Throughout the city, everyone knew that a group of formidable and mysterious cultivators had arrived. Even the solemn Ning Family had to grovel before them, so it could be imagined how frightened and uneasy everyone else was. The disciples were commanded to be cautious and to never stir up any trouble.

The highest quality courtyards of the Ning Family Mansion had been cleared out, turned into temporary residences for the lords and ladies of the Immortal Sect.

Those that served them were direct descendant juniors of the Ning Family. The common followers had been sent away a long time ago and none of them were allowed to approach.

In an exquisitely decorated hall, there was a group of Immortal Sect cultivators. A blue-robed middle-aged man sat in the seat of honor. He had a calm expression and elegant demeanor. Though he couldn’t be considered too handsome, his dazzling eyes were full of brilliant splendor, giving him a charming appearance.

This person calmly spoke. His voice was rich and magnetic, “It was a mysterious powerhouse who spurred Fallen Wing to action and forced him to retreat. We still don’t have any information on him.”

Speaking to here, he revealed a cautious expression. “The existence of the divine stone has attracted the eyes of the world. Some extremely deeply hidden influences also couldn’t hold back and have made their move. We must end this matter as soon as possible to prevent further accidents from popping up.”

An Immortal Sect cultivator stood up. He respectfully said, “Grand Marshall, we have borrowed the strength of the great searching array to look throughout the entire land of exiles, yet we still haven’t found the aura of the divine stone. Now, there are only two remaining possibilities. The first is that the person who obtained the approval of the divine stone has left, and the second is that this person has hidden away in a place the searching array cannot reach.”

Another Immortal Sect cultivator said in a low voice, “When the aura of the divine stone gathered, our division was immediately ordered to come to the land of exiles to activate the great searching array. The person who obtained the approval of the divine stone absolutely has not left yet.”

The Lucid Nether Domain’s Grand Marshal was also a title given to a person that was under only one person and above countless others. There were only four such positions and they existed to help the Nether Domain Master in governing their territory. Moreover, in these current times, two of those seats were vacant, making the status of those that were here even more respected.

But now, hearing the report of these subordinates, there was a look of dignity in the eyes of the Shangguan Mingjing.

The land of exiles had been in decline for millions upon millions of years. Their current average cultivation level was extremely low and it was impossible for anyone here to stop the probing of the searching array. Then, only one possibility remained…

Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but lift a hand and rub his forehead.

The Nether Domain Master had paid a considerable price for the Buddhist Nation Sovereign to draw back from this matter and he highly valued the divine stone. How could he return back empty-handed? But if it really was there, then no one could control what would happen after he opened it. There was a high chance something horrifying would occur.

Thinking of this, Shangguan Mingjing couldn’t help but praise the wisdom of the Domain Master. Could it be that the Domain Master already expected trouble to occur, thus he agreed to allow this fellow colleague to come?

“Little Palace Master, in your opinion, what should we do?”

The Grand Marshal’s attitude was considerably respectful. But, the one he was speaking so earnestly to was a young girl who wasn’t too old. Her puffed out cheeks looked like buns and there was some baby fat that had yet to disappear.

Even so, no one dared to show any disrespect to her. This was because in terms of status, this girl was one of the most honored people here.


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