Chapter 597B – Fallen Wing

His black robes fluttered in the wind. With his hair dancing in the wind and his handsome face bathed beneath the sunlight, he appeared like a god descending from heaven.

Killing intent surged, causing his aura to tumble all around him. In Shan Wugu’s sense, this man’s presence seemed to cause the sun and moon to lose color and the world to collapse.

This person’s cultivation was like a sea of stars; it was unfathomably deep!

Shan Wugu was left in an absent-minded daze. There was a brief sense of strange familiarity, but this feeling disappeared as soon as it arrived. He quickly lowered his head and bowed respectfully. When could he have possibly come to know of such an incomparably formidable existence?

Thinking about it, this person must also be another super powerhouse from the Land of Divinity and Demons. But why did he help out by killing off Heavenseek Old Demon’s avatar?

Qin Yu was about to speak, but he suddenly frowned. He lifted his hand and thrust out towards the skies.

Bang –

Heaven and earth spiritual energy surged. It gathered from all directions, condensing into a massive palm that thrust into the heavens.

With a loud rumbling sound, the heavens were crushed by a wild strength, revealing an arrow that shot down from the highest heavens. At this time the arrow trembled and slowly disintegrated.

A cold voice spread out, each word containing the suppression of a grand mountain. “Just who are you that you dare to interfere in the affairs of my Dark Night Demon Region, even killing an avatar of our sect!”

Shua –

A figure appeared in the skies. His voluminous and magnificent robes were black and gold. When his eyes opened and closed, divine light flashed within, as if thunder was roaring in his pupils.

Just by standing there, this person seemed capable of suppressing the heavens. His existence made even the sun seem pale.

This wasn’t an illusion. Rather, all rays of light that approached him would be ‘extinguished’ on their own initiative. This was a phenomenon that occurred in those that reached the highest attainments of the Dark Night Demon Region’s supernatural arts.

Qin Yu calmly said, “I have some origins with the land of exiles’ Immortal Eclipse Valley. Since your subordinate wants to kill them, I can only kill him.”

“He hasn’t injured these cultivators.”

“Having the intent to kill is already more than enough.”

The black and gold-robed figure furrowed his eyebrows. His deep voice reverberated in the air, “I am the left hand of the supreme seat, Fallen Wing, from the Demonic Path’s Dark Night Demon Region. Strange and unknown powerhouse, tell me your name.”

At this time, if the Dark Night Demon Region sent out an existence like Fallen Wing, it could be seen just how much they valued the divine stone. If he were to reveal his identity, then with the tensions between the Dark Night Demon Region and the Holy Palace, there were sure to be great disturbances.

Moreover, the most crucial factor was that if the Dark Night Demon Region connected him to Shan Wugu, the latter would be in incredible danger.

As Qin Yu was worrying about whether or not to conceal his status, Fallen Wing stood waiting with absolute contempt. His aura deepened and his eyes began to flood with a cold chill.

“Now, I can determine that you will become an enemy of my Dark Night Demon Region.” Above the head of Fallen Wing, black energy condensed into a pair of giant wings. When they landed on his back, his aura drastically rose.

The wild oppressive strength caused space to violently tremble. If it didn’t stop, the shaking spatial fluctuations would be enough to exterminate everyone in the surroundings.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He flicked his sleeves and another strength crashed into the void, cancelling out these fluctuations. His eyes were cold as he slowly said, “In this current land of exiles, there is more than just the Demonic Path. Do you really want to become my undying enemy?”

Fallen Wing was without expression. He looked over deeply and said, “Remember what happened today, enemy of my Dark Night Demon Region. No matter who it is, they will never have a good ending.”

He stepped out. Space collapsed and his form vanished.

Shan Wugu respectfully bowed. He turned and followed behind.

Qin Yu looked off into where he vanished, an apologetic look in his eyes. At this time he still wasn’t able to expose his identity. Unexpectedly, Shan Wugu had become a part of the Dark Night Demon Region.

Even if he succeeded the throne of the Holy Monarch and nominally became the wielder of highest authority within the Demonic Path, he still wouldn’t be able to interfere in the business of the Dark Night Demon Region. He needed to carefully process this matter.

Suppressing these thoughts, Qin Yu’s figure flickered and he appeared beside Daoist Wang. He placed a hand on his chest.

A cold light flashed in his eyes. Heavenseek Old Demon had left an extremely cruel demonic energy in his body. It had sunk into his marrow.

If he couldn’t drive out this demonic energy, once it erupted then Daoist Wang would die. This old demon was actually ruthless to the extreme.

Qin Yu’s hand shook with strength. Daoist Wang hacked out a cough. His body trembled and black blood started to seep out from every pore of his body.

But his dark green and white face regained a bit of ruddiness. Daoist Wang struggled to stand up. He bowed in gratitude and said, “I thank senior for the lifesaving graciousness!”

Daoist Wang only learned now that Heavenseek Old Demon had intended to take his life. He hesitated for a moment and fell to his knees, bowing his head deep. “I dare to ask senior to please save the life of my Immortal Eclipse Valley’s master!”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. “Pill Crucible is injured? Lead the way!”

Daoist Wang’s heart shook. He never imagined that this incomparably strong powerhouse would know the name of the Valley Master.

Could it be true that he was old acquaintances with Immortal Eclipse Valley and wasn’t lying?

Although he couldn’t figure it out, this wasn’t something he could worry about at the moment. He hurriedly said, “Senior, please follow me!”

The imminent disaster had disappeared in the blink of an eye and the heavily wounded Valley Master now had a faint hope of surviving. Daoist Wang was overjoyed and even his steps became livelier.

He grabbed onto the faintly absent-minded Gu Ling’er and hurried down the stone steps.

The doors of the underground temple had already been sealed up. Jiang Li had been drowning in his own sorrow when he suddenly heard the loud shouts of Daoist Wang from outside, “Old Jiang, hurry and open the door!”

Not knowing what had happened outside, Jiang Li activated the array formation and hurriedly opened the entrance. When he saw Daoist Wang and Gu Ling’er in perfect condition, he was pleasantly surprised but also puzzled.

What kind of situation was this? Could Heavenseek Old Demon have been touched by their sacrifice so he decided to let them go instead? Don’t even joke around here!

There were also those two terrifying auras that appeared which left one on the edge of desperation. What happened with that?

Daoist Wang didn’t give him the chance to ask anything. He pulled Gu Ling’er to the side and said, “Senior, please.”

Qin Yu walked in. He nodded at Jiang Li. Without stopping, he followed Daoist Wang and went straight to where Pill Crucible was recovering.

Jiang Li had finally obtained a chance to speak up. “Ling’er, what happened? Where did Heavenseek Old Demon go and where did that senior come from?”

Gu Ling’er regained her composure. She retold everything that occurred outside.

When Jiang Li heard about how Heavenseek Old Demon’s two avatars had been instantly killed off, he felt a little dizzy.

Luckily, when Gu Ling’er spoke about what happened when Qin Yu faced Fallen Wing, he finally managed to regain his bearings a little.

If that incomparably terrifying existence truly wanted to kill Heavenseek Old Demon, it really wouldn’t be much more difficult than killing a fly.

Now, Jiang Li felt the same as Daoist Wang. He was similarly confused and puzzled – since when did Immortal Eclipse Valley have such a formidable old friend? Let alone this generation of people, even if they looked back all the way to their beginnings they had never heard of anything like this. Could this person be mistaken?

Thinking of this, Jiang Li’s heart shook and his face stiffened. Immortal Eclipse Valley had already obtained the benefits. If this person really had been mistaken in any way, would he let them off?

But with things having come to this point, no matter how anxious he felt he could only resign himself to fate and hope that the ancestors of the sect blessed them. For the sake of everyone here, he hoped that one of their ancestors really had formed a connection with this person!

Pill Crucible’s wounds were heavy. If it weren’t for Immortal Eclipse Valley’s precious life-saving medicines, he would have already died. But even so, his aura was as weak as threads of silk and he had already reached the state of being a completely dried up lamp.

Qin Yu took back the finger he placed on Pill Crucible’s forehead. He thought back to how proud and regal his senior-apprentice brother had been in the past. Looking at his current withered appearance, bitterness surged in his heart.

Heavenseek Old Demon…this time, even if all the gods and buddhas in heaven gather together, they still won’t be able to protect you! Qin Yu took a deep breath, stabilizing his mind. He said in a deep voice, “His injuries are severe. I will need to go into seclusion for some time to help Pill Crucible recover. You leave first and make sure not to disturb me.”

Pill Crucible only had a final breath remaining. During the healing process, if Qin Yu overused his strength even a little bit, it might erase his last traces of vitality.

He needed to be extra careful. Qin Yu would never allow this cheap senior-apprentice brother who had looked after him so much to die such a pitiful death here.

Daoist Wang nodded repeatedly. After determining that Qin Yu didn’t need his help, he turned and left in a hurry. He anxiously stood guard outside the room, his complexion incomparably pale.

He never expected that this incomparably strong senior wouldn’t be able to directly heal the Valley Master. From this, it could be seen how serious his injuries were.

When Jiang Li and Gu Ling’er rushed over, what they saw was his heavyhearted and worried expression.

Daoist Wang felt bothered. He gave a simple explanation and started chasing people away. “All of you leave, stop dawdling around here, the Valley Master is fine!” He hesitated for a moment before continuing to say, “Leave the underground temple first. Once the Valley Master’s injuries stabilize, we will speak further.”

He was worried that there would be other accidents that occurred while Qin Yu was treating Pill Crucible. But in reality, he was overthinking things. With Fallen Wing’s status, once he recognized this fight was over, he wouldn’t return to vent his rage upon them.

Jiang Li nodded in understanding, bringing everyone to leave. Although Pill Crucible was still in a critical condition, he relaxed a great deal.

Immortal Eclipse Valley’s life or death crisis had been resolved. To them, this was undoubtedly the best news. No one wanted to live days where they could die at any moment.

In the blink of an eye, seven days passed. Pill Crucible’s injuries were finally stabilized. Although he had yet to regain consciousness, the situation had already taken a turn for the better.

Qin Yu walked out of the room, a weary look on his face. These past days had been filled with incredible dangers. Even though he had been careful, Pill Crucible almost died several times.

The disciples standing guard outside quickly bowed as they saw Qin Yu. One of them ran out to inform the others. Soon, Daoist Wang and Jiang Li arrived.

“Senior, the Valley Master’s injuries…”

Qin Yu nodded. “He’s better now. He just needs to rest a little.” He lifted a hand and rubbed his temples. “Arrange a room for me. I need to go into seclusion for some time.”

Daoist Wang had a grateful expression. “It must have been laborious for senior. A room has already been arranged, please come with me.”

Qin Yu waved, “Anyone is fine. Just keep watch over Pill Crucible. If there are any problems, contact me as soon as possible.”

Daoist Wang nodded again and again. He ordered people to bring Qin Yu to his room. Then, he and Jiang Li entered the chamber. When they saw Pill Crucible quietly sleeping, it was only then that they felt truly relieved.

After resting for a day, Qin Yu opened his eyes. A brilliant light gleamed in his pupils. He had already restored himself to his peak condition. He left his room and visited Pill Crucible. After determining that he was healed, he finally revealed a smile.

In a corner, Gu Ling’er suddenly said. “Senior, there are some matters that this junior wishes to speak about alone with you.”

The atmosphere fell deathly silent. A group of cultivators from Immortal Eclipse Valley tensed up. They still hadn’t figured out what connection this senior had with Immortal Eclipse Valley. If Gu Ling’er spoke up at such a moment, they feared they would cause this senior to be unhappy.

Eclipse Lenqing shouted out, “Silence! Senior’s time is precious, so how can he be bothered with a junior? Hurry up and draw back!”

His eyes were icy cold. He had already been dissatisfied with Gu Ling’er because of the matter of Heavenseek Old Demon, and now he was venting his anger on her.

But just as Eclipse Lenqing finished speaking, he suddenly stiffened. Qin Yu turned away his cold glare and said, “Alright. Come with me.”

They left behind a group of bewildered Immortal Eclipse Valley disciples. None of them knew what was going on.

Within a side hall of the underground temple, Qin Yu took a seat. He hesitated for a moment and said, “Sit.”

Gu Ling’er didn’t move. She stared stubbornly at Qin Yu, large drops of tears falling down her cheek.

“Big brother…I know it is you…but…but why…why won’t you recognize me…did I make a mistake somewhere…”

She began to cry.

Qin Yu immediately panicked. He rushed over and held her in his arms. “Ling’er, don’t cry, please don’t cry. It’s not that I don’t want to recognize you, it’s just that the situation is special and I am worried about my identity being exposed and provoking further disaster for you.”

Gu Ling’er was originally upset, and her tears were for the grievances in her heart. Now that her worries were settled…her crying only became louder!

After a long time she finally stopped sobbing. She turned her inflamed eyes toward Qin Yu and said, “Big brother, when did you become so handsome?”



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