Chapter 597A – Fallen Wing

Terrible fluctuations of strength swept through Immortal Eclipse Valley, surging like dreadful tides. The nearly tangible dark slaughter energy collided with the pitch black demonic energy, causing the skies to darken and making it look as if the sun itself had fallen.

Shan Wugu’s spear shuttled through the air like a winding dragon. Every strike erupted with an incomparably terrifying piercing strength, breaking apart all the demonic energy that came from around him.

On the surface, it looked as if the handsome youth had the upper hand. But in truth, the two sides were evenly matched.

“Shan Wugu, I never expected you would possess such great strength after leaving the Myriad Demon Caves. It seems I underestimated you.”

The handsome youth had a look of acclaim on his face. But then, his face twisted into an eerie smile. “But, do you think this can stop me? You are too naïve!”

Bang –

Outside of Immortal Eclipse Valley, space suddenly shattered and a two meter tall figure appeared. This newcomer was a burly fellow whose muscles swelled up like drums, nearly bursting his clothes at the seams.

The man grinned, “I control more than one body.” The burly fellow flew forward and crashed into Immortal Eclipse Valley, impacting into the ground in a kneeling position and slamming his fists into the earth.

Billowing strength caused ripples to spread outwards in circles. Several breaths of time later, the burly fellow looked up, a sharp light flashing in his eyes, “Found you!”

Shan Wugu thrust out his spear, instantly dividing into countless spear phantoms that pierced through the surrounding demonic energy. A terrifying wound appeared on the handsome youth’s face. It passed through his eyebrows and vanished into his lower jaw, nearly severing his entire head.

“Heavenseek Old Demon, if you dare to harm them I swear I will kill you!”

He stepped forward, wanting to stop the burly fellow. But, the handsome youth whose face was dyed in blood suddenly screamed in anger, “Shan Wugu, this is the body that I like to use the most! You deserve to die!”

The demonic energy was even thicker. It rolled and seethed, gathering from all directions.

The burly fellow moved towards the depths of Immortal Eclipse Valley. Each step he took left behind a deep footprint. Wild energy rumbled into the earth.

“In the past, Qin Yu nearly put me to death. Now that he has disappeared without a trace, I can only take revenge on those close to him…Shan Wugu, today in front of you, I will kill everyone here. If you want to take revenge, then I will welcome you at any time!”

By the time he said these words, the burly fellow had appeared deep within Immortal Eclipse Valley. He looked around him and licked his lips, “Here it is!”

Bang –

Bang –

Bang –

A loud banging resonated through the ground and the entire underground temple began to shake. It was like they were in a stormy sea with countless waves crashing into them. The sound grew increasingly loud and the impact against the underground temple grew with each strike. The cultivators hidden there all revealed looks of fear.

Suddenly, the banging vanished. The strength that the underground temple endured also disappeared.

Was it over?

Just as this thought appeared, the earth violently shook. A wild strength raced forth like a galloping river, bursting deep into the earth.

Array formations began to light up and shine, counterbalancing the destructive strength. Even so, the entire underground temple started to creak and groan.


Panic-stricken screams rang out. The people in the underground temple suddenly paled.

The burly fellow was like a man gone mad. His fists constantly bombarded the ground and there was a feverish, frantic look on his face. However, his eye remained ice cold.

The ground was supported by an array formation and was even firmer than stone. But beneath this wild barrage of attacks, it began to rapidly crack open.

Giant cracks rapidly spread outwards, like a web that was growing ever larger in size.

At this rate, it would only be a few moments more before the array formation collapsed. At that time, everyone hiding in the underground temple would be mercilessly slaughtered.

No one would come to help them. Their fates were sealed!

“Aunty Gu, are we going to die? I’m so scared!”

“I don’t want to die! Can anyone save us!?”

“Sob sob…Aunty Gu, I want my father and mother…I want to go home…”

The room was filled with the sounds of crying. When had these young girls ever experienced something like this? Their minds had already collapsed.

Gu Ling’er paled. As she listened to the thunderous ringing around her, she was silent for some time before she looked up. “Don’t worry, aunty won’t let any of you be harmed.”

She stood up and looked at the young female disciples. She suddenly smiled and said, “If you can survive past today, remember to diligently cultivate and don’t try to slack off anymore.”

She turned, pushed open the door, and left. A group of wide-eyed girls were left behind her, all of them confused as to what was happening.

Within the main hall of the underground temple, Jiang Li and Daoist Wang’s complexions changed as they saw Gu Ling’er calmly walking towards them. “You brat, what are you doing out here? Hurry back inside!”

Gu Ling’er respectfully bowed, “During these years, I have always received the help of you two elders. I haven’t yet been able to repay you, so please accept my bow.”

Hearing this, Jiang Li and Daoist Wang grew increasingly anxious.

Daoist Wang scrunched up his face and scolded, “You foolish girl, you are usually so smart and sensible so why are you saying something this stupid right now? Hurry up and go back in. Stop adding to the chaos out here!”

Gu Ling’er bitterly smiled. “Even if I listened to martial uncle and went back in, would anything change? I would simply live a few moments longer. The demon outside came for me. If I leave, perhaps I can save the lives of those in here.”

Jiang Li shouted, “You foolish child! Heavenseek Old Demon is a long-standing nemesis of my Immortal Eclipse Valley. Now that he has a chance today, why would he be softhearted? We promised Qin Yu that we would take good care of you. You silly girl, do you want to turn us into people who violate our given word?”

Gu Ling’er had a firm look. “Even if there is only a one in a million chance, I still want to give it a try. Otherwise even if I die, it will be difficult for me to find peace.” She bowed her head to the ground. “I have already made up my mind. I ask that martial uncles accept my plea. If you see my big brother in the future, please tell him that I hold no enmity towards him in my heart and for him to not feel guilty.”

As she finished speaking, her resolve had been firmed. “Martial uncles, please open the temple doors. If martial uncles don’t agree, I will commit suicide in front of you.”

Daoist Wang and Jiang Li moved their lips. They sighed inwardly. They had clearly learned this girl’s personality these past years.

She seemed delicate on the surface but she was extremely opinionated within. She was proud and didn’t like to owe anyone. If they tried to stop her she really would kill herself.

Daoist Wang took a deep breath. “Then I’ll follow you out.” He turned and said, “Time is of the essence. Old Jiang, don’t try and argue. You are the most familiar with the great array, so you need to stay here to manage it. If we really can exchange our lives for a slim chance of survival, then you will need to spend a little bit more effort caring for Immortal Eclipse Valley in the future.

“You brat Ling’er, let’s not delay. Come with me!” He took out a token. The front doors of the underground temple began to slowly shake as they opened on both sides.

The burly fellow furrowed his eyebrows. He revealed a strange look on his face. He stood up and faintly smiled.

The ground began to shake. It started to separate, revealing a flight of stone steps leading underground.

Daoist Wang stepped out, Gu Ling’er walking behind him.

“Heavenseek Old Demon, she is Qin Yu’s little sister and I can be considered Qin Yu’s half-teacher. Within Immortal Eclipse Valley, we are the closest to him. If you want to take revenge, killing the two of us is enough. Don’t implicate outsiders!”

Gu Ling’er was suppressed by the aura around her and her complexion was pale. But, her eyes were calm and firm. “The brother’s debt is paid by his sister. My name is Gu Ling’er and I am Qin Yu’s little sister. If you want to take revenge then killing me is enough.”

The burly fellow grinned. “How touching. Even at death’s door you still consider others.” He looked around several times and said, “Little girl, if you promise me that you won’t commit suicide, then I will let the people of Immortal Eclipse Valley off. I will even let that Daoist Wang standing beside you go free.”

Do not commit suicide…? Sometimes, living was a fate worse than death. Gu Ling’er immediately trembled and a deep sense of fear surged in her eyes.

The burly fellow revealed a row of white teeth. “What, you don’t agree?”

Daoist Wang was enraged, “Heavenseek Old Demon, there is no need to be too excessive when killing others! For better or worse, you are still a grandmaster of the demonic path, a figure that has shaken the world for thousands of years. Why must you embarrass a young junior!?”

The burly fellow punched out a fist. “Shut up. When I am speaking, you have no right to interrupt!”

A wild strength tore through the void. Daoist Wang stiffly coughed and he was slammed backwards. He crashed into the ground, blood spurting from his nose and mouth.

This was an absolute disparity in cultivation. It wasn’t something that could be blocked.

The burly fellow lifted a hand and grasped at the void. Daoist Wang’s body was lifted up from the ground by an invisible strength. “Little girl, hurry up and give me your reply. If you don’t agree, then I will first kill him and then I will butcher the entirety of Immortal Eclipse Valley until not even a chicken or dog is left alive!”

Gu Ling’er screamed, “No! I promise, I promise you!”

The burly fellow reared back his head and laughed. “Good! Good! Then I will abide by my pledge and I won’t exterminate Immortal Eclipse Valley. Girl, come with me!”

He casually tossed Daoist Wang away and grabbed at Gu Ling’er.

“Heavenseek Old Demon, go and die!”

An ice cold voice suddenly echoed throughout the heavens and earth. The burly fellow’s complexion changed, “Who is it!?”

There was no response. Space fiercely twisted around him, opening up into a savage and large mouth that swallowed him within.

Crack –

Crack –

The sounds of tearing flesh and blood rang out. In a breath of time, all that was left behind was a puddle of liquid goo.

The handsome youth that was fighting Shang Wugu suddenly cried out loud. A look of extreme horror came across his face as he turned and fled.

But what awaited him was a blinding silver light. It was ten times, a hundred times faster than lightning, instantly cutting through him.

The handsome youth froze in place. Then, from his eyebrows down, his entire body was severed in half. Before he could fall from the air, a breeze blew past and his body was reduced to ashes. All of his vitality was cut and annihilated by that silver light.

Shan Wugu looked up. At the end of his sight, he could see a figure walking towards him from the void.


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