Chapter 596B – Returning Home

This stone tablet was also a special signboard that he had set up because he didn’t want to be disturbed by any cultivators that gathered around the mountain.

Shaking his head, Qin Yu took another step forward. He shuttled through space, appearing in the mountain valley.

After dozens of years, the wood cabin he built was still preserved, fully intact. One could see clear traces of repair on its surface.

A flock of brightly feathered and arrogant chickens occupied most of the valley. They stood in beautiful postures, their manners elegant as they lazed around in the sun.

Qin Yu’s sudden appearance not only didn’t frighten them, but instead left these chickens extremely excited. They circled around him, all of them eager to see him.

After a moment of stunned disbelief, Qin Yu finally regained his composure. He looked at this immense flock of chickens and couldn’t help but force a smile. As expected, a dog couldn’t change what it ate and shit and a chicken couldn’t change its lascivious nature. These chickens had a faint tinge of that fellow’s aura around them; they were clearly his descendants.

With a flick of his sleeve, a surge of strength rushed out and sent the chickens flying away. This left these generations of normally lawless and prideful chickens screaming and clucking loudly. When they discovered that their chicken father didn’t rush out to immediately support them, they began to scatter.

Qin Yu couldn’t bother dealing with such ridiculous things. He walked into the wooden cabin. Probing around, he found that that fellow’s aura had weakened considerably. It had clearly been gone for a long time already.

This wasn’t beyond his expectations. It had always been a timid chicken that valued its life above all. Now that it had been caught up in something troublesome, why would it stay and not escape?

If so, there was no need to hurry out and look for it. This abandoned land had gathered attention from all sides. He needed to hurry and make a few arrangements to prevent further troubles.

Just as he was about to leave, there was a loud sound from up ahead.

Qin Yu listened closely. He couldn’t help but furrow his eyebrows. He suddenly lifted his hand and swiped forward. All of the fog around him instantly vanished with this single action.

The chickens that fled in a panic suddenly froze in place. Along with them, there was also a stunned group of cultivators in the mountain valley.

The thin and deathly pale Supremacy Sage, Zhang Wei, saw Qin Yu in the mountain valley. He was shocked for a time before he regained his composure and shouted out in joy. “The master of my Supremacy Sect, the Ruler of a Hundred Miles with incomprehensible magic powers, has finally emerged from seclusion! Now, we can finally escape this calamity!”

Behind him were several shivering and panic-stricken disciples of the Supremacy Sect. When they heard their master’s words their spirits were immediately lifted. However, once they saw Qin Yu, a confused expression came across their faces. They had seen the portrait of the Hundred Mile Ruler before and this person wasn’t him.

When this expression fell into the gazes of the cultivators that were chasing after them, they felt much more relaxed. Still, the sudden disappearance of the fog caused them to be wary.

Hesitating a little, one of these people walked forward and cupped his hands, “Fellow daoist, the Supremacy Sect is ordinarily domineering and tyrannical. We came here today to take revenge on them. If this matter is unrelated to you, I ask fellow daoist to not interfere.”

His words were neither arrogant nor humble and contained a trace of regality.

But what a pity, Qin Yu didn’t even glance at them. He said with a light expression, “This is my dwelling. Do not cause trouble here. Leave.”

The group of chasing cultivators all revealed gloomy expressions. The man who spoke furrowed his eyebrows and coldly said, “This place is clearly the abode of the Hundred Mile Ruler. It seems that fellow daoist intends to make things difficult for us. I’m not afraid to tell you that a divine stone fell from heaven and landed in this mountain. We are following orders to come here and search for it. If fellow daoist wishes to interfere in our business, I fear you will only be courting disaster! Let me give you some advice. Don’t place yourself on such a high pedestal, because in this world there is no medicine for regret!”

Hua –

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. A strong wind whipped up in the void, curling around the cultivators. With loud shouts they immediately vanished from sight, tossed somewhere unknown.

The Supremacy Sect people were all left dumbfounded. With their experiences and field of vision, how could they have seen such great supernatural arts before? All of their eyes were wide with shock and awe.

Zhang Wei paled. There was no free lunch in this world. This person in front seemed young, but he was most likely an old monster who had lived for an untold number of years. There was no way he would help them without reason.

The two guardian spirits of the Hundred Mile Ruler had disappeared…perhaps they had fallen beneath the hands of this person. Was this person also someone seeking the divine stone? Did he leave them alive to interrogate them for information...?

Everything was over for them. If they ended up in the hands of someone so strong, how could things turn out well for them? As long as this person was dissatisfied, they would likely all suffer fates worse than death. If they really did know anything, they could speak it out to preserve their lives. But, the problem was that the entire Supremacy Sect from top to bottom had no knowledge of anything!

If they were to say to this strong person that they only saw a fireball descend from the skies and then nothing happen afterwards…that would simply be courting death!

The more he thought about it, the paler Zhang Wei became. He fell to his knees, tears dripping down his face. “Senior, please forgive us. We were helplessly forced here and that is the only reason we bothered you. We had no intention of offending you…”

As he sobbed and wailed his thoughts raced, thinking about how he could escape. The several Supremacy Sect disciples behind him were also frozen in fear. They quivered as they bowed their heads to the ground repeatedly.

Qin Yu lightly said, “Stop crying. During these past years, the Supremacy Sect has been guarding this land?”

His voice was loud but it clearly spread into the ears of everyone present. It carried with it an undeniable will. Zhang Wei’s heart trembled and filled with infinite awe. He quickly stopped crying and said, “Reporting to senior, the Supremacy Sect is a subordinate of the Hundred Mile Ruler. We have followed his orders these past years to guard this land and we haven’t shirked in our duty.”

Qin Yu could see the sleekness behind Zhang Wei’s words, but he also knew that he wasn’t lying. If he was, he wouldn’t have come here seeking help while being chased down.

“The disaster that the Supremacy Sect suffered today is all because they were implicated. Then, take this blue cloud sword as your compensation. There is no need to continue to stay here guarding in the future.”

With a flick of his sleeves a blinding sword light flashed and submerged into the ground.

Looking up, everyone from the Supremacy Sect felt a stabbing pain in their eyes. Tears flowed down and they quickly closed their eyes. When they opened their eyes again, Qin Yu had vanished.

A sword was thrust into the earth. Its blade flowed with blue light like gentle blue clouds fluttering across its surface.

Zhang Wei shivered with excitement. He grasped the hilt and pulled up the sword. Then, sword light soared into the heavens, as if the skies would be split in half. After a brief scare, he was immediately ecstatic with joy, “Treasure, this is a great treasure!”

His feet trampled across a nearby disciple as he fell to his knees. Several loud knocking sounds followed of heads striking the dirt.

“The entire Supremacy Sect thanks the Hundred Mile Ruler for the generous gift! We shall never forget this graciousness!”

Zhang Wei had thought about it a little bit more. Although this person was much more handsome, there were several points of familiarity on his face.

After bowing several times, Zhang Wei crawled back up and started running ahead, “You little rabbits, hurry up and run with me or stay here and wait for death!” As he spoke he took out a cloth and wrapped up the blue cloud sword, keeping it hugged tight to his chest.

That sword light had been far too striking just now. It might have drawn the attention of others. He had lived long enough to know that the treasures one possessed could arouse the envy of others.

Immortal Eclipse Valley.

It was empty and hollow, no longer lively as it usually was. The temple doors were closed all around and not a single figure could be seen.

The only door open was that of a temple in the shadow of the valley. Right now, slaughter energy raged within, seeming as if it condensed into genuine waves.

The source of this slaughter energy came from a man sitting in the seat of honor. He wore black scaled armor and even though his eyes were closed, he still gave off an extremely terrifying feeling.

The sun outside was bright and clear, but it couldn’t bring any warmth to this temple.

Suddenly, the black-armored figure opened his eyes. A flash of red crossed his eyes, like a vicious beast awakening from its slumber.

He took a step forward and instantly shot out from the temple. He grasped his hand forward and the slaughter energy tumbling all around him began to condense together, forming a long black spear.

The end of the spear point had a red line wriggling about. It was like a living creature, incomparably strange!

The sunny skies began to darken. Black clouds started to roil as a handsome young man stepped out from amidst them.

His eyes were deep and profound, emanating an endless sense of vicissitudes. As he looked at the black-armored man wielding the spear, he furrowed his eyebrows a bit helplessly.

“Shan Wugu, are you really planning to stop me?”

The black-armored man was without expression. “This is my place. Leave immediately.”

The handsome man sighed. “Since that’s the case we can only fight. But remember this: cultivators of the Dark Night Demon Region do not forbid internal killings.”

Shan Wugu lifted his spear. “Once I kill you, I won’t experience any trouble.”

“Hahaha! I have lived for countless years in this world. The number of people that have wanted to kill me can fill up the entirety of Immortal Eclipse Valley. But, I am still alive and I will continue living on. As for those people who wished for my death, they have all become bones beneath the dirt.”

“After today, I fear another set of bones will join them beneath the ground.” The handsome youth lifted his hand and pressed forward. There was a loud thunderous roar as a giant black hand appeared in the air. The flesh on its surface was rotting and it emitted a revolting stench.

Shan Wugu was silent. His spear instantly shot out. The blood line on his spear point erupted with a dazzling light, transforming into a heaven-shrouding spear phantom.

The rotten hand collided with the spear phantom. With a loud thunderous bang a wild strength swept out, instantly razing the temple to the ground.

Luckily, this place was remote to begin with and had been cleared out earlier, so there were no collateral casualties.

Deep within Immortal Eclipse Valley, in an underground temple covered by an array formation, those within could sense the earth around them vibrating as a terrifying aura faintly washed over them. Several female disciples immediately paled.

“Aunty Gu, that person has come again. Will we be okay?” A girl asked in a trembling voice.

Across from her, Gu Ling’er patted her shoulder and said in a comforting voice, “Don’t worry. We are safe.”

Feeling her calm demeanor, the several female disciples calmed down a little. But, they still appeared uneasy.

“Why is that demon deliberately targeting our Immortal Eclipse Valley? How hateful!”

“That’s right. There are so many sects yet they chose us!”

“I really have no idea when these anxious days will come to an end!”

Hearing these aggrieved cries, Gu Ling’er stiffened and she revealed a bit of guilt in her eyes.

Her brother’s enemy was naturally her own. It was natural for them to come to her seeking revenge.

But in the end, they implicated Immortal Eclipse Valley as well as these innocent disciples.

If she couldn’t block them then she would walk out and allow that demon to kill her to avoid implicating even more people.

Her big brother would definitely take revenge for her. Definitely!

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