Chapter 596A – Returning Home

On the top floor of an inn, the South Garden King was dressed as a tribal merchant. He was no longer laughing and talking as he was in previous days. Right now his face was gloomy and twisted up and he paced back and forth like an ant in a hot pot.

This was the eighth day but no news had come back. Even though the royal palace remained calm as usual, he gradually felt an uneasy restlessness.

Just what had happened? Was the Sea Mausoleum really so terrifying? Even that incomparably formidable human cultivator had perished inside?

If this was really true, it was better to extinguish any thoughts of capturing the divine stone.

What nonsense. If the situation was really as he thought, then even if he put the entire capital city to death and also added in all the seafolk of the Bolie Clan, that still might not be enough to fill the gaps between the teeth of the Sea Mausoleum!

He couldn’t continue waiting. He needed to determine what the current situation was. This was because besides the human cultivator dying within, there was also another terrifying possibility – the human cultivator had already taken the divine stone and left.

Thinking of this, the South Garden King’s forehead began to drip with a cold sweat. He had been continually pressed by his clan these past days and had no choice but to truthfully tell them what had happened.

If the divine stone was really taken away, he would become a fool who had been played around with in the hands of others. At that time, he would become the disgraced scapegoat who lost the divine stone!

Coming to a sudden halt, the South Garden King hurried towards the door. But when he was about to push it open, a light voice sounded out from behind him.

“Leaving so soon?”

The South Garden King froze. His eyes widened and he spun around, his eyes full of joy. “Senior you returned!” This joy wasn’t fake. Qin Yu’s present meant that the most horrifying scenario he imagined hadn’t come to pass.

In a corner of the room there was a beautiful coral plant. A lamp from above shined down, causing a shadow to extend from it.

Qin Yu emerged from this shadow. He flipped his hand and took out the divine stone. “This is what you wanted.”

The South Garden King was overcome with happiness, but this happiness only lasted for an extremely short period of time. “S…senior…this divine stone…doesn’t seem…right…”

He stammered as he spoke, his face full of caution.

Qin Yu lightly said, “It seems you have seen other fragments of the divine stone. When I picked it up, it was releasing a strange purple light as if it were breathing. But after several breaths of time, the light was extinguished.”

The South Garden King lost his composure. “How could that be!?” His complexion was extremely ugly. “Could someone have already obtained the good fortune of the divine stone?”

It was impossible for him to not suspect Qin Yu. But, he suppressed this thought as soon as it appeared.

Those that obtained the divine stone’s good fortune would become the enemy of everyone. This human cultivator might be strong but it was impossible for him to resist the joint powers of every faction gathered together. He wouldn’t even have enough time to run, so why would he come back to the capital city?

Thinking of this, the South Garden King hesitated for a moment before respectfully saying, “Senior, the divine stones resonate with each other. Since you obtained this divine stone, you should know which piece it was that obtained the good fortune. I ask that senior tell me where its position is; the Bolie Clan will be forever grateful!”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows before calming himself. “Since I wasn’t able to bring back the complete divine stone, consider this information my compensation. Remember the promise you gave me.”

He lifted a hand and pointed behind him.

Qin Yu laid down the divine stone and walked away. He stepped into the shadows and vanished from sight.

Within the room, the South Garden King’s complexion changed. A trace of fluster appeared in his eyes. Without any delay, he passed news back to his clan using a secret channel and then hurriedly left the capital city.

A Bolie Clan battleship was stationed in a canyon not too far away from the capital city. When the South Garden King returned everyone came to greet him. They could all feel his poor mood.

“Royal brother, what happened?” Xian Yugong asked in a timid voice.

The South Garden King lost himself in a daze for a long time before he regained his bearings. He reiterated everything that Qin Yu had said to him.

Xian Yugong nearly leapt up to his feet. “The divine stone has recognized a master? How can there be such a coincidence? It is likely that the human cultivator is deceiving you!”

The South Garden King ruthlessly glared at him. “Shut up! If he really obtained the divine stone, why would he feel the need to waste so much time arguing with me? Moreover, the seven fragments of the divine stone will form a connection to their master. It is impossible to fake.”

At this time, his complexion changed. He flipped his palm and took out a golden conch. Then, he took a deep breath and put it close to his ear.

Although it was unknown what the message was, everyone could see the South Garden King’s face pale.

“Royal brother, what is it?”

The South Garden King muttered, “The information is true.”

Xian Yugong’s face flushed red. He quickly said, “Since the information is true, then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry and give chase! If we can really succeed in obtaining the divine stone’s good fortune, not only will there be no trouble, but it will even be a great merit!”

The South Garden King paled. “You don’t understand…” A look of horror came over his face, as if he remembered something horrifying. “The piece of divine stone that recognized a master fell in the land of exiles…and the land of exiles has another name, the Land of Extinction…have you never been curious as to why the Eastern Emperor’s royal sea race bloodline has declined to their current situation?”

The complexions of the surrounding Bolie Clan seafolk changed. A cold chill surged from the depths of their hearts, causing them to shiver.

“The decline of the Eastern Emperor’s bloodline is most likely because of the location of the capital city!” The South Garden King bitterly said, pain in his voice. “I don’t know much, but there is something you all need to remember. The land of exiles is not as simple as it seems on the surface. In fact, there is even a possibility that it is the most dangerous place beneath the heavens.”

Right now, Qin Yu was rushing towards the ‘most dangerous place beneath the heavens’ that the South Garden King mentioned. Waves billowed beneath him and the sun blazed brightly above, scattering a comfortable warmth across his body.

In the distance, the black coastline was like a winding dragon, lying prone atop the sea.

Qin Yu took a deep breath. He couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

The land of exiles. This was the place where he had been born, grown up, struggled, and even grown in splendor. Now, dozens of years later, he was finally returning!

But soon, the excitement in his heart gradually subsided. Qin Yu began to lightly frown.

At this time, the winding dragon-like coastline and its magnificent appearance seemed to be sending out some kind of…pained atmosphere.

That’s right, it was pain!

It was like a great dragon had crashed down from the highest heavens and was nailed tight to the sea. It struggled in pain and howled in sorrow. Qin Yu was suddenly startled. But as he looked again, that terrifying feeling just now had already vanished from sight.

As if it had all been an illusion…but, was that really the case?

Qin Yu revealed a dignified expression. When he looked at this incomparably familiar land once more, he thought that it seemed a little bit foggier, a little bit blurrier in his mind.

He closed his eyes. Then, all of his concentration erupted. After a long period of time he let out a deep breath. He hadn’t found anything.

Qin Yu mulled over this. Finally, he suppressed his thoughts, even though he felt a little uneasy.

He stepped forward into a spatial fluctuation and vanished from sight.

When he reappeared, he was above a mountain range. The forest was a lush green and full of life.

In front of him was a severed mountain. The surface was smooth, as if it had been cut by a saber.

At the summit stood a large tablet: The surrounding 3000 miles are forbidden; those who enter shall die!

It was overflowing with killing intent!

But now as he looked again, that killing intent seemed a bit immature and laughable. When he had some success in his cultivation in the past, it seemed he had been overly arrogant in his abilities.

But when had a youth not experienced moments of frivolity? Although it seemed vain and absurd now, he never once regretted it.

This place was Severed Spirit Mountain. The hidden dwelling where Qin Yu went into seclusion in the past.


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