Chapter 594B - Give Up Escaping

Deep in the graveyard, shrouded in a black fog, there was a massive bone dragon. It opened its jaws and violently growled, “Kill him!”

Slender bone hands shot forward, aiming at Qin Yu’s throat. The incomparably charming maid at his side was now nothing more than a red-tinted skeleton.

But what a pity, her hand couldn’t approach Qin Yu before it was shaken and sent flying away by a formidable strength. It collapsed in midair, reduced to shattered bones.

But these shattered bones leapt up and bounced away. They began to recompose themselves. Soon, two arms lifted a skull and with a light cracking sound, reattached it.

“Sir has a ruthless heart. We sisters really did like you. Since you won’t agree to the king’s condition, then you can stay here with us sisters forever and enjoy a wonderful time together.”

The 13 beautiful dancers were an amalgamation of women’s souls, twisted together like writhing snakes.

These women’s souls wriggled together, their heads constantly emerging one after another. Words came from these new lips as they spoke. The sight was ghastly and gruesome.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The 13 dancers howled outwards. Their bodies each landed in front of a graveyard gate. Then, they unfurled like paper fans, covering the gates.

Within the hall, specters began to rise up one after another, flames gathering in their eyes. Another pure spectral strength gathered together into a fierce ghost face, dancing up and down in the air.

In the blink of an eye, Qin Yu was besieged on all sides!

Bang –

A wild strength swept out like a tide. It instantly erupted, rolling across the specters and blasting them away.

Piki paka –

Countless bones fell. Even if the specters had firm bodies, they still collapsed and disintegrated beneath the impact of this tremendous strength.

But these specters were similar to the one that had broken down before. As soon as their bones hit the ground they started to move and reform on their own.

In several breaths of time, the random bones that haphazardly fell were completely restored. Their auras weren’t diminished in the slightest.

The ancient dragon’s voice sounded from deep in the graveyard. “Human, this is a world of the dead. We have obtained its asylum and we will never be killed. Although you are powerful, you will pay a grievous price for your utterly stupid decision.

“I will obtain your soul and place it in the flames of purgatory, burning you for 10,000, for a million years. I will have you live in eternal pain and suffering, never able to free yourself!”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, a dignified look in his eyes. These specters were on completely different levels from those he had killed before.

He had already noticed that even if he increased his strength and smashed them, their shattered bodies would still be able to reform. Although their bones had many cracks in them, the degree of their firmness didn’t reduce.

“Humph!” With a cold snort, Qin Yu took a step forward. A visible circle of impact swept out, causing endless dust to fly out and sending all the specters that were pouncing at him flying away.

With the strength of his foot, countless cracks appeared in the earth that started to spread outwards like a spider web.

A formidable strength thrust Qin Yu away. Like a massive stone falling down a mountain peak, he howled towards the entrance of the graveyard. He lifted his hands and punched out!

His wild strength was like a flood dragon roaring through the sea. He smashed against the door formed of women’s souls that covered the gates of the graveyard. However, even though this terrifying impact caused their souls to cave in, it tightened like rubber and bounced back, not breaking.

“Aiyo, what a heartless man! You almost beat me to death!”

“Hehe, now that I savor it, it’s actually quite comfortable. My dear, use some more strength!”

“My dear, please hurry and come. I’m waiting impatiently!”

Qin Yu landed on the ground, his eyebrows tightening even further. He had no idea what sort of change these women’s souls had gone through that they were actually so tough. He couldn’t break through them at all.

The voice of the ancient dragon resounded once more. “You cannot escape. You are doomed to stay here forever, accompanying us until the end of time.”

“Stay behind forever!”

“Join us in suffering!”

“Even after all these years, we cannot be freed!”

“Join us!”

Specters wildly laughed. They roared and rushed over.

Qin Yu coldly sneered, “My apologies, but I really cannot develop any interest in a bunch of bones and specters. If you want someone to accompany you, go find someone else!”

Hum –

He lifted his hand. The space within his palm faintly trembled and a little bell appeared. It was a little broken, but it shined brightly as if it were new.

With a movement of his hand, a clear tinkling sound rang out. As this sound fell into Qin Yu’s ears, his spirits were lifted and his mind reached an unprecedented state of brightness and concentration.

But to the specters in this massive graveyard, this ringing sound was a terrifying attack that destroyed their minds. They wailed in pain before blowing up.

The women’s souls that covered the 13 graveyard gates were able to endure it a little longer. But in the end, they couldn’t resist the strength from the Cosmic Seacross Bell.

This was a supreme soul treasure of the world. Not only did it target the souls of the living, but it also possessed a terrifying power against the souls of the dead!

“Ahh! Stop the shaking! We will let you go!”

“Stop it! Stop it!”

“We were wrong, please forgive us!”

Qin Yu was without expression, not moved by these pleas. His hand shook quicker and the ringing of the bell became even more rapid.


The countless screeching women exploded together. The 13 graveyard gates blew up, turning into swathes of white fog. The phantoms of tens of thousands of women flew out from the fog. They faced Qin Yu, bowed in gratitude, and then vanished into nothingness.

It was no wonder the doors formed by these women had been so tenacious. Their forms had been built up using the souls of countless women.

To these women, this had been an indescribable form of torture. They had been merged into one whole using dark and evil methods, never to be freed. It was no surprise they had bowed to Qin Yu in gratitude after being killed, because to them, true death was the best result.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed with a cold light. His feet moved like lightning as he ran out of the main tomb. But, he still remained in the graveyard.

The ancient dragon’s pained and cruel roars spread out from the graveyard. “Do not let him escape, otherwise you will all suffer!”

Countless specters gathered from all directions. In just several breaths of time, Qin Yu’s line of sight was completely blocked by them.

There were so many that it left one’s scalp tingling. Qin Yu closed his eyes and reopened them. The purple moon deep in his eyes shined even brighter. His vision pierced through the layers of dense fog, finding the exit to the graveyard.

He took a step forward and his figure exploded like lightning. The Cosmic Seacross Bell’s strength was limited and it couldn’t be used forever. He could only bring it out in critical moments.

Luckily, with his cultivation, even though there were many specters it was only a little bit more troublesome. They couldn’t stop his advance.

Within his chest, his heart beat vigorously, transforming into a wild strength that pushed his blood through his body. An inconceivably rich blood energy condensed above his head, turning into the phantom of an ancient demon.

This blood energy represented extreme light and extreme yang. It burned like a blazing sun, greatly suppressing all specters. As long as a specter approached him, its body would sizzle as if it had been doused with boiling oil. Its body would smoke and sizzle and it would howl in misery.

Specter after specter continued to appear and race after Qin Yu. Looking from above, it was like a clear white line had formed in the center of the graveyard and was rapidly extending outwards.

This so-called great city in the depths of the Sea Mausoleum was actually a massive graveyard. The long streets were roads through the graveyard. The crowded shops and houses were tombs of the dead. When the seafolk that walked through the streets turned their heads and saw Qin Yu, they roared and revealed their true forms, adding themselves to the army of specters blocking his way.


“Suffer with us!”

“No escape!”

Qin Yu didn’t pay attention to these cries at all. He raced forward and whenever he found his path ahead blocked, he would lift a hand and punch out.

It was said that overwhelming strength overcame all methods. Although this wasn’t too appropriate when used here, no matter how many specters were in his way, he sent them all flying away with a single punch!

At this moment, he could see the entrance of the massive graveyard in sight. The seafolk coming in and out of the city all revealed shocked looks.

It was like they didn’t know what was happening in the city. Amidst the cries of alarm, they fled in all directions.

An old man held onto two children. But soon, he was drowned out and lost in the stream of people. The two children cried out in panic, tears falling down their faces.

Qin Yu dashed over. He furrowed his eyebrows. Then, with a flick of his sleeves he pulled the two children to his side and continued racing towards the exit.

But then, the two seafolk children suddenly lifted their heads and revealed macabre grins. One had eyes that were pure black and one had eyes that were pure white.

Pa –

Their bodies broke apart. They turned into white and black energies that drilled into Qin Yu’s body.

At the city entrance, the flustered seafolk suddenly stopped fleeing. They turned into fog that faded away.

All that was left was an old man. He had a faint expression, “I said that you cannot escape.”

Qin Yu frowned. A pained expression came across his face. He stuffily coughed and then he slumped to the floor.

But, the moment he touched the ground, his palm smashed into the earth and his body flung towards the old man like an arrow.


The old man sneered. But at this time, his body actually froze.

That brief time was enough for Qin Yu. His hand smashed the old man away and his figure flew towards the city gates.

But the moment he entered the city gates, there was a sharp roar all around him. The city gates suddenly bit down!

This wasn’t city gates at all. It was clearly an unfathomably large specter’s head, one that had drilled up from the ground!

Ding –

Ding –

Ding –

A clear and lucent bell sound rang out from the mouth and nose of this terrifying specter. It began to wildly tumble across the ground.

Bang –

The massive head blew open. Qin Yu flew into the skies, instantly flying out of the massive graveyard.

The old man’s roar was filled with hatred. His voice drilled into the ears like the screams of ghosts, “You my prey, you can give up on escaping here!”

Bang –

His body exploded, transforming into endless fog. A bone dragon flew out, its body covering the skies above the graveyard. It opened its massive mouth and an incomparably terrifying swallowing strength erupted. With loud screams, numerous specters were swallowed into its stomach!

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