Chapter 594A - Give Up Escaping

Without any fear, he mounted the carriage, sitting upon the soft white seat.

The carriage passed through the city gates and headed right into the city center. The curtains covering the glass windows were lifted up by the wind. He could see the dense shops lining the streets and countless seafolk bustling around; it was a lively scene.

The city was extremely large. But the deeper one went, the fewer seafolk there were and the larger the courtyards became. Everything revealed a sense of luxury and majesty.

Finally, the carriage stopped in front of a giant courtyard. The front doors were already opened and a group of beautiful maids were respectfully waiting, all of them carrying lanterns in their hands.

The carriage came to a halt. The steward opened the door and kneeled on the ground, serving as a stepping stool.

Qin Yu had a calm expression as he stepped on the steward’s back and came down. He swept his eyes over the massive gate in front of him.

Although the area was silent and tranquil, he could naturally feel a distinguished aura being exuded all around him.

So much that it left one daunted!

“Welcome honored guest. The banquet has already begun. I ask honored guest to follow us forward.” The group of maids bowed before turning and leading the way in.

Two rows of glorious lanterns were lifted in their hands. They emitted a warm yellow light that cast down a warm and comfortable heat. These maids were all incredibly beautiful, with soft curving physiques. When they walked they swung like branches of a willow tree, entrancing the heart.

Qin Yu only glanced over them before following behind without further question. He soon reached the front doors and then passed through with a single step.

Hiss –

That faint electric numbing feeling swept over him once again. Qin Yu paused for a moment before returning to normal.

The courtyard was deep and broad. It was beautiful all over and covered in fog that added a quiet aesthetic sense. The sounds of music wafted through the air, gently flowing like a refreshing spring breeze.

After turning a corridor, a great hall came into view. 13 rows of doors were open and one could see a large banquet being held within.

Guests were chatting over wine and food. Maids in beautiful dresses fluttered about like butterflies dancing around flowers, shuttling back and forth along the crowded tables.

The ones dancing and singing were 13 extremely beautiful seafolk women. There were some kind of translucent wings growing from their backs that wrapped around their bodies. When they danced around these wings would often launch outwards, displaying a spring scenery that left one amazed.

At the highest point of the temple sat a regal middle-aged seafolk. He clapped his hands and laughed out loud, “Our honored guest has arrived!”

The dance and music stopped. The beautiful seafolk women turned and fell back.

All the maids knelt down to the ground. They lowered their heads to reveal the snow white napes of their necks.

Countless eyes gathered from all directions, looking at Qin Yu. Some were curious, some were surprised, and some were appreciative.

Of course, most of them were ice cold and indifferent.

Qin Yu considered all of this as empty air. He stepped into the hall and cupped his hands together, “I am nothing but an unexpected visitor who has disturbed your banquet. I really must apologize.”

The middle-aged seafolk laughed, “Honored guest need not feel so bothered. This banquet was especially held to wait for you.” He gestured towards an empty seat to his left, “Honored guest, please take a seat!”

Qin Yu said, “I accept your request.” With great confidence and with numerous eyes looking at him, he walked right into the hall and took a seat in the empty chair.

The middle-aged seafolk’s laughter became even louder. He picked up a wine cup, “Everyone, let us raise our cups together to welcome the arrival of our honored guest!”

Shua –

Within the great hall, numerous arms rose up in unison. However, not a single person spoke, making the scene appear a bit strange.

By his side, a maid lifted a wine pot and poured into a white jade cup. The amber wine emitted a rich fragrance.

Qin Yu lifted the jade cup, “I thank everyone for accommodating me.”

He reared back his head and took a drink.


The middle-aged seafolk’s voice echoed through the hall, “Let us drink together!”

The dance continued. These beautiful dancing women shyly look at Qin Yu, their eyes like little hooks as they fluttered around him.

“Honored guest, these dancers of mine might not have much of a background, but I have held them in high favor these years and their field of vision has become quite high. You are the first one to move the hearts of these 13 dancers of mine. This reason alone is sufficient for us to drink several cups!” The middle-aged seafolk said in an honest voice.

Qin Yu lightly said, “I dare not accept your praise.”

“Humph! What do you mean you cannot accept? There is nothing wrong in what the king said!” Several tablets to the right, a thin seafolk sneered. He raised a wine cup and said, “I will have a drink with this honored guest. Honored guest wouldn’t ruin my face, right?”

Qin Yu glanced at the maid beside him, “Fill it.”

He tossed it down.

“Good! Honored guest knows how to enjoy!”

“Come, come, allow me to share another cup with honored guest!”

“Good things must come in pairs. If we drink we must drink twice. When has anyone only ever had one cup?”

For a time, numerous people urged him to drink. Qin Yu welcomed them all and soon the pot of wine became light.

Perhaps because she was constantly pouring wine, the maid beside him had small beads of sweat form on her forehead.

The banquet was loud and lively. It wasn’t until Qin Yu had drunk all of the wine that the people wishing to toast him began to gradually subside.

But from start to finish, he never even touched the delicious-looking and exquisite food in front of him.

He laid down the wine glass. The tapping sound was light, but it instantly overcame the sounds of the music. All of the charming dancers around the hall immediately froze in place.

Then, Qin Yu calmly said, “I have already accepted your good intentions. Now, the banquet should also come to an end so that we can dive into the main topic.”

The hall fell silent. All of those seafolk that were laughing and cheering had all emotions wiped from their faces. They were like clay figures, frozen in time.

The bright and animated banquet hall suddenly became a little gloomy.

In the seat of honor, the middle-aged seafolk laughed and broke the silence, “We shall do as honored guest wishes. Since honored guest doesn’t want to delay any further, then please speak.”

Qin Yu calmly said, “I am here to take the divine stone that fell in the Sea Mausoleum not too long ago.”

“How dissolute!” A seafolk roared, “The divine stone has a great good fortune and is a treasure bestowed upon our king by the heavens. You dare to covet it!?”

Another seafolk stood up, “I had already guessed that a human like you came here with ill intentions. The divine stone is a supreme treasure of the heavens. In this world, only my king has the qualifications to possess it!”

“You lowly pathetic human, what rights do you have to open your mouth and ask for it!?”

Qin Yu was without expression, “My rights are based on the fact that I accepted all of your toasts just now.” He reached out a hand and opened his palm. Pa…pa…pa…thick drops of black liquid fell to the ground. Each drop had countless hideous faces screaming within, continuously crying and groaning.

“Is this enough?”

Each cup of wine was something that could quietly kill. They could wither and annihilate the soul!

Within the hall, the complexions of the seafolk changed. Some of them revealed dread, but some of them quickly sneered, “To us, this wine is a wonderful tonic. Don’t blame us just because you don’t have the good fortune to enjoy it!”

Qin Yu took back his hand. He looked around the hall and faintly said, “It seems that no one here is prepared to speak reason. If so, then there is no need for us to speak any longer.”

In the seat of honor, the silent middle-aged seafolk suddenly spoke up, “Honored guest, there is no need to be angered. In truth, this was only a test of mine. Since you drank the wine and are fine, then you have the qualifications to exchange with me.”

He smiled, his expression sincere. “As long as honored guest agrees with a matter then I will gift you the divine stone with both hands and escort you out of here.”

Qin Yu turned and asked, “What request do you have? Please tell me.”

The middle-aged seafolk smiled, “To honored guest, this is only a minor matter. In a corner of this mansion there are nine stone pillars. As long as honored guest can remove any one of the stone pillars, that will be enough.”

Qin Yu was silent for a long time. He furrowed his eyebrows, “Your request seems to be a little difficult. The nine stone pillars are connected to each other so how can they be easily moved?”

The middle-aged seafolk’s smile widened. “Honored guest, there is no need to worry. I have a detailed record of information related to the nine stone pillars. Everything is recorded in this jade slip. As long as honored guest moves according to the information here, you can easily accomplish this.”

Qin Yu sensed that nothing was wrong and took the jade slip. He probed it with his divine sense and then opened his eyes.

The middle-aged seafolk asked, “How is it? Honored guest should know by now that the task requested of you isn’t too difficult. As long as you agree, I can make a vow to give you the divine stone.”

Qin Yu said, “Since you clearly know everything there is to know about these nine stone pillars, why ask an outsider to help you? You can simply order your men to move it and be done with it.”

The middle-aged seafolk’s face stiffened and his smile paled. “This isn’t something that honored guest should care about. Now, it is time to make your decision. Will you agree to my condition…or would you rather stay here forever and become an eternal guest of mine?”

Qin Yu looked at him for a long time. He suddenly asked, “But why? The one who constructed these stone pillars in the past should have been you yourself. Thinking about it, you should have expected what would happen afterwards.”

The middle-aged seafolk was without expression, “Honored guest is drunk!”

Qin Yu shook his head, “It’s best if these stone pillars remain where they are. If I move even just a single one, I fear this world will fall into chaos.”

“Shut up!” The middle-aged seafolk’s face suddenly turned ferocious, “I don’t care what nonsense you are spouting. Just remember the choices that I gave you. You can either take the divine stone and leave or you can stay here forever! Think carefully about your answer, because you will not be given the chance to choose again!”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I will not touch the stone pillars. But the divine stone…I will also take it.”

Qin Yu stood up. A reflection of a purple crescent moon appeared in the depths of his eyes. The world around him immediately changed. The luxurious mansion immediately vanished; the place he was in now was a grim and gloomy graveyard filled with an overwhelming momentum.

The neatly dressed and coldly arrogant seafolk that were in the hall were nothing more than white skeletons with rotten robes hung over their bodies.

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