Chapter 592B - Sea Mausoleum

Sang Yueyue had a doubtful expression. “Really?” In truth, she didn’t care much about what happened to the souls of her ancestors. These ancestors that refused to rest had caused considerable turmoil through the years. They were long overdue for their eternal rest.

Qin Yu casually said, “When I take action, is there anything I cannot complete? What would a little girl like you understand? Just watch me as I return in triumph.”

Sang Yueyue hesitated repeatedly. Then, once she obtained Qin Yu’s guarantee and almost had him swear an oath, she finally left to inform the Sea Sovereign.

If she could think through something, the Sea Sovereign could naturally understand. It was a growing disaster if the divine stone were left in the capital city. They could only express their gratitude towards Qin Yu for helping.

As for a human entering the Sea Mausoleum forbidden zone and whether or not that would be disrespectful towards the ancestors…no one was dumb enough to speak such a ridiculous thought. No one was stupid enough to jump out and blabber on about this.

Like this, the matter was settled.

The Sea Sovereign bid Sang Yueyue to tell Qin Yu that no matter what it was he needed, the seafolk would help him without any objections.

Sang Yueyue accurately conveyed the Sea Sovereign’s words to him. She emphasized that he could take whatever he wanted. Even if he wanted to open his mouth a little wider and swallow up a piece of the heavens, that still wouldn’t be a problem.

Qin Yu smiled and shook his head. “No need, I’m fine by myself.”

Soupman’s eyes lit up. His stiff smile immediately turned blindingly bright, like a man who had been saved from the edge of death.

Along the way, he felt as if his heart would break in half. As he thought about how he would need to give away the wealth that His Majesty had slowly saved up over the years, he found himself gasping for breath.

He never thought that Qin Yu would actually ‘turn a new leaf’. When he went home he needed to pray to all the gods and buddhas and thank them for their blessing!

Sang Yueyue anxiously said, “Big Brother Qin Yu, how can you not want anything? The Sea Mausoleum is extremely dangerous. I know that within uncle’s treasure house, there is a soul-protecting treasure called the 13 Returning Beads, as well as a fierce yang armor that can be used to withstand yin energies. All of these are treasures that can help you. There is also a Soul Gathering Bead, God Exterminating Thorn, Devil Flower Seed, and so forth; I have already recorded them all in this jade slip. Hurry up and take a look!”

Soupman looked at the jade slip in Sang Yueyue’s hands and nearly fainted before he could say a single word. My Crown Princess, His Majesty’s treasures will be yours in the future! Even if you want to waste away your family wealth you cannot do it in such an exaggerated manner!

He already said he didn’t want anything but you hurriedly wanted to give it away and even prepared a list for him…just thinking about this caused Soupman’s liver and heart to ache.

But even so, Soupman had no standing to speak. He could only fiercely wink his eyes as if he were convulsing. Sang Yueyue pretended not to see him.

Soupman wanted to cry!

Qin Yu laughed and received the jade slip. He probed it with his divine sense. Hoh, there really were many things inside. If he really were to take everything listed in here, even if that didn’t fully empty the Sea Sovereign’s treasury, it would still cause it to feel far more empty.

This little girl, her outwards favoritism was extremely thorough. Although he was satisfied, he still shook his head and said, “I really have no need.”

In the past when his cultivation was low and he didn’t have many experiences, he walked into the Sea Sovereign’s treasury and thought that everything was a treasure. He had wished he could hug them all and take everything away.

As for now, if he wanted to be honest about it, if he were given the entire treasury he would simply think it was a waste of space. After wandering through the Sea of Purgatory for dozens of years, he had obtained countless good things. So how could he look at something that was no different from a few melons and vegetables to him?

Seeing Sang Yueyue’s twisted lips and her unhappy expression, Qin Yu patted her head and said, “But there is something that I would like to ask of Soupman.

“There is a vine that grows beneath the royal palace. I once received its graciousness long ago. Then, I would like to ask Soupman to request that His Majesty let it go free.”

Soupman let out a long breath and quickly nodded. “Mister Qin, rest assured that I will remember this and will manage everything perfectly!” He hesitated for a moment and then dryly asked, “Mister Qin, do you have need of anything else?”

Qin Yu waved his hand. Soupman quickly bowed and then hurried away.

What nonsense. If he didn’t leave now, what would happen if Qin Yu changed his mind?

“Big Brother Qin Yu!” Sang Yueyue bitterly cried out. “How can you not heed my words? When walking through this world, how can you not have anything on you! Even if you don’t need it, if you take it then you can still trade it away for money in the future.

“Uncle has never been so generous to anyone before. This was such a good opportunity yet you let it go. You really irritate me to death!”

Qin Yu laughed.

“Laughing! I can’t believe you’re laughing! If you regret it in the future, don’t say that I didn’t remind you!”

This girl…

Qin Yu lifted a hand and took out a storage ring. “You are currently the Crown Princess and will succeed the throne of the Sea Sovereign in the future. I have no idea where I will be when that time comes, so I will give you a gift ahead of time. Take a look; you will definitely like it.”

Sang Yueyue humphed several times. But in the end, she couldn’t resist the temptation of gifts. She took the ring and after looking through it, soon gasped in alarm. Inside was a complete set of phoenix coronet and robes. It was a treasure that Qin Yu had snatched from the hands of a fierce monster beast in the Sea of Purgatory.

For Qin Yu to store it separately, it wasn’t an exaggeration to call it a treasure. Moreover, with his current field of vision, one could understand how precious it was.

Sang Yueyue could feel a formidable aura rippling from the set of phoenix coronet and robes. Her heart shook but she quickly regained her composure, “No, I can’t, this treasure is too precious, I cannot take it!”

Qin Yu shook his head. “You almost gave away half of His Majesty’s wealth to me, but now you are refusing my gift?”

Seeing her shake her head again and again, Qin Yu had no choice but to take out the storage ring he used. Then…there was no then. Sang Yueyue was visibly shaken by the amount of treasures. Her face flushed red and she sat down in a chair in a daze, often muttering and laughing to herself.

Qin Yu covered his eyes…how disgraceful…he seemed to have forgotten his own ecstatic shouts and screams of joy when he first plundered these treasures.

Before Qin Yu entered the Sea Mausoleum he naturally had to accept a long lecture from Sang Yueyue. In summary, it was like this: Big Brother Qin Yu, you must be careful and emerge safely, otherwise I will go in and look for you myself. If you don’t want me to die, then you must live!

After being berated for such a long time, even Qin Yu could feel his face stiffen. He quickly excused himself and flew away, and his surroundings became much more peaceful.

The sky was low and dark and vast pieces of fog floated through the air. They tumbled about, often looking like living creatures prowling around.

Qin Yu had already suspected that the Sea Mausoleum was an independent space. Otherwise, even a formidable array formation wouldn’t be capable of imprisoning so many dead souls.

Now it looked like his hypothesis was correct.

With a thought, his divine sense loudly erupted and howled deep into the Sea Mausoleum. Even though he was fully confident in his own strength, it was never wrong to be careful.

Soon, his expression became dignified. His eyes were deep like a fathomless abyss.

The space where the Sea Mausoleum was located was much larger than he expected. Moreover, deep within there were many powerful auras. When Qin Yu’s divine sense arrived, those powerful auras instantly reacted.

Before he reached the end, he understood that this Sea Mausoleum was much more terrifying than he imagined. If that girl Sang Yueyue came here, she wouldn’t even be enough to fill the teeth of whatever horrors lurked within.

He took a deep breath and composed himself. His eyes calmed down. With his current cultivation, as long as he didn’t rush into death, it was extremely hard for him to be killed.

Now, besides the divine stone, he was actually a little bit more interested in this Sea Mausoleum…it seemed that there was some amazing secret hidden within.

These dead spirits had strange methods, but in the end they were simply transformed from souls that died and refused to disperse. Pure soul strength was actually able to become so strong and even develop their own will…

If someone said there wasn’t something strange about this Sea Mausoleum, he wouldn’t believe it even if they chopped off his head!

But thinking further about it was useless. Since he had come here, he could take a look with his own eyes. 

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