Chapter 592A - Sea Mausoleum

Sang Yueyue pranced around. Her usually noble and moderate image had fallen away and she was now a little chatterbox, chirping non-stop in front of Qin Yu.

In these past years she had made great strides in her cultivation. Her progress had been so incredible that she had changed the minds of her father and mother to allow her back to the capital city. But, where was that now?

As for the young woman who had pressured Leon to work diligently so that he could rise to his current position, where was that forceful young woman now?

Of course, one couldn’t forget that every time she wanted to say something to her Big Brother Qin Yu, not only did one not become fed up of her incessant talking, but one could actually feel the wistful thoughts in her voice.

Qin Yu smiled as he listened, feeling at ease. He accidentally returned to his former homeland, but whether it was Little Sea or Leon, even though they were close to him there was still an extra invisible sense of awe in their eyes.

Since he had nothing to say about it, he could only let them act as they wished to. So, when Sang Yueyue revealed her true feelings and it turned out she hadn’t changed at all, her actions were particularly precious to him.

He liked this kind of feeling that everything had returned to the past. It was like he was still a young human cultivator temporarily residing in the sea race capital city and she was still a small and naïve royal princess.

It was only after Sang Yueyue spoke until her mouth was dry and she took a big sip of tea did she notice that Qin Yu was looking at her.

She lowered her head and a blush started to creep up her cheeks. Then, the impression that Qin Yu had of her in his mind as a prideful little girl was almost choked to death by her next sentence.

“Big Brother Qin Yu, did you change your mind? I have always liked you. As long as you want to, we can get married today!”

Qin Yu hacked out a loud cough and his face turned red. Looking at the innocent and plaintive expression on Sang Yueyue’s face, he had no idea whether to laugh or to cry.

This little girl, she really deserved a strike on the rear…cough cough…alright, he really couldn’t strike her buttocks this time.

Sang Yueyue twisted her lips. She indignantly said, “Alright, alright, I already knew that you have someone you like so you cannot take a liking to me, but there is no need for you to act so frightened! I am not going to make you take responsibility for anything!”

“Wait, wait!” Qin Yu waved his hand. “Nothing has happened between us, so what responsibility do I have to take?”

Sang Yueyue thrust out her chest. She humphed and said, “You dare say that the last time you held me you didn’t feel anything at all?”

It was clearly Sang Yueyue who forced herself on him, but he really didn’t have the shame to say such words. Qin Yu was left in an awkward position. He could only cough several times to cover up his expression.

“Alright, I won’t scare Big Brother Qin Yu anymore. These past years, have you found that person you love?” Sang Yueyue curiously asked.

Qin Yu nodded and also shook his head.

Dark lines formed on Sang Yueyue’s forehead, “What do you mean by that?”

Qin Yu had a calm expression, “I found her but then I lost her. I believe that the time of our reunion isn’t too far away.

“This time, I won’t let anyone or anything take her from my side again.”

There was a deep weight behind his calm words!

Sang Yueyue nodded vigorously. “I believe that Big Brother Qin Yu can accomplish this!”

Qin Yu smiled in gratification. Then, he yawned and said, “But I really am tired…”

Sang Yueyue stood up, “Big Brother Qin Yu, please rest. I will go and prepare some hot water for you. Once you take a bath you will feel much better.”

Watching her leave, Qin Yu smiled. This girl really had a good heart and mind. After sensing his mood she had obediently left. She was a smart young lady.

Qin Yu leaned back on his chair. No matter how he tried to suppress it, the urgency in his heart only became stronger. He really didn’t want to delay any further. He wished he could immediately return to the Land of Divinity and Demons and succeed the throne of the Holy Monarch.

Because only like this would he control sufficient strength!


Once he finished everything here and could leave in peace…Ning Ling, trust me, no matter where you are, I will find you!

Outside the capital city, seawater began to shake. The South Garden King’s figure reappeared. He looked down at the brilliantly illuminated great city down below. After revealing a brief unease, he took a deep breath and then flew down within.

After entering the capital city, the South Garden King carefully hid. He smoothly submerged into the royal palace as he arrived at the southeast area where a number of temples were located.

“I thought I said for you all to leave the capital city. Did you really think I wouldn’t kill you?” An ice cold voice sounded out from behind him.

The South Garden King stiffened. His heart felt as if it were covered in a shroud of darkness. An endless yin chill seemed to extinguish all breath, causing his soul to scream in fear. He didn’t doubt that if he couldn’t give an immediate explanation, what would arrive in the next moment would be a merciless thunder-quick attack.

“Senior, please forgive me! I came here with no ill intent, I ask that senior understand!” As the South Garden King pleaded for mercy, his body remained entirely still. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to move but that he didn’t dare to move. His aura had already been locked onto. Just a tiny rash action would bring down a barrage of attacks.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He didn’t doubt these words. If this person knew he was guarding the royal palace but he still dared to come, these were actions no different from suicide.

“Give me a reason to not kill you.”

The South Garden King relaxed a little and let out a long breath. What he feared most was that this person wouldn’t even give him a chance to speak before killing him. The most dangerous critical moment had passed, but the South Garden King didn’t dare to lower his guard.

He turned and respectfully said, “Senior possesses a transcendent cultivation with unfathomable prestige. As long as you remain here, no one will dare to touch the capital city…but senior, it is impossible for you to stay here forever.

“The divine stone is in the Sea Mausoleum. Right now, only the Bolie Clan knows of this, but, paper cannot be used to wrap up fire. Once other influences find out about this, there will be a catastrophe. I admit that the Bolie Clan has been disrespectful to the royal family. But we still care for bloodline and status, so we don’t use any truly ruthless methods. However, what if other cultivators from the Land of Divinity and Demons come in the future?”

The South Garden King spoke even more cautiously. His eyes swept over Qin Yu, “The divine stone staying in the Sea Mausoleum is no different from a constant source of catastrophe. If senior intends to take the divine stone, then I dare not contend with you. I will immediately leave the capital city. But, if senior inadvertently meddled, it is best…it is best if you find a way to take out the divine stone….my Bolie Clan will be eternally grateful for senior’s assistance!”

That’s right, his idea was that Qin Yu had inadvertently stumbled into this competition for the divine stone. Although he didn’t have genuine evidence, during that confrontation at the royal palace if Qin Yu really wanted the divine stone he didn’t need to go through so much trouble. He simply needed to reveal his cultivation to frighten the entire Bolie Clan away.

Of course, there were no absolutes in the world. Thus, the South Garden King had added some extra words to indicate his awe and humility.

Qin Yu was without expression. But, he understood that these words were right. No matter what sort of great lucky chance this divine stone was hiding, it wasn’t something that the sea race capital city had the qualifications to hold.

But the divine stone had fallen deep into the Sea Mausoleum. Right now, he knew a little of the situation. Only those with a sufficiently formidable royal bloodline were able to enter. As such, only the Sea Sovereign and Sang Yueyue satisfied this condition…how could he take the divine stone?

Undying’s voice suddenly rang out in his mind, “Master, why not go yourself? Even if there are formidable ghosts in the Sea Mausoleum, they absolutely aren’t your match.”

Qin Yu’s eyes brightened. He looked at the wary South Garden King and his thoughts turned. He coldly said, “I will go and take out the divine stone from the Sea Mausoleum to give to you. But, the Bolie Clan must agree to never covet the capital city in the future!”

The South Garden King was overjoyed, “Everything will be as senior wishes!”

Before, he didn’t know that the royal family had such a great backer behind them. But now that he did, he didn’t dare have any other thoughts.

Qin Yu lightly said, “I hope that the Bolie Clan will remember their pledge…by sunset tomorrow at the latest, I will give the divine stone to you.”

The South Garden King’s smile froze. He could sense a faintly brutal scent in these words.

He paled. After nodding several times, he bowed respectfully and left.

“What!? Big Brother Qin Yu, you want to go to the Sea Mausoleum? No, that’s impossible! You aren’t a seafolk; after entering you will anger the specters of all the ancestors that are sleeping! It’s far too dangerous!” Sang Yueyue erupted as she heard this. Her head shook like a rattle-drum.

Qin Yu’s heart warmed. “You know it’s dangerous, so why did you agree to begin with? If I didn’t stop you then you might have died by now.”

Sang Yueyue stuck out her tongue, “I am a close bloodline so the ancestors of my people might be merciful and not punish me too harshly…don’t try to switch the topic – I cannot agree to this matter!”

Qin Yu smiled, “Don’t worry, I am doing well and I’m not at the point where I want to commit suicide. Since I dare to enter the Sea Mausoleum I am naturally confident in myself.” A faint smile appeared on the corners of his lips. “As for those ancestors who have died for countless years but still aren’t willing to disappear, they had best ask for my blessing and try not to provoke me, otherwise they might be left in a miserable position.”

Undying’s strange cackling entered his mind. He knew that his little plans couldn’t be hidden from his master’s eyes.

Those extremely terrifying specters that were almost unkillable for others were actually fat sheep in the eyes of Undying.

Now that he could openly and honestly go in and eat his fill, just thinking about it left him thrilled. 

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