Chapter 549B – Trust

Holy Palace, Demon Envoy’s Temple Hall.

Warm sunlight sprinkled down. Hai Lanlan lifted her hands and could feel the taste of sunlight mixed with wind on her fingertips. Tears began to surge in her indifferent eyes, shimmering with a dazzling light. At this moment, she temporarily put aside everything in her mind and genuinely basked in this thing called freedom. From today forth, she was no longer held down by shackles. She could freely walk through this world no longer suppressed by the sea all around her.

The carefully maintained garden was in full bloom. All sorts of fresh flowers swayed about and butterflies and honeybees flew among them. Beneath the sunlight, she felt as if she had entered paradise.

Qin Yu looked out the window, seeing all of this. There was a faint fluctuation of emotion in his heart. He could approximately understand what Hai Lanlan was feeling right now. He turned his eyes back and looked at the Demon Envoy who was sitting across from him. He said, “She’s been waiting for this moment today for many years already. Since I brought her here, I hope no one ruins this in the future.”

The Demon Envoy calmly looked out the window. “I have the same thoughts as you. But in the end, the key to all of this lies with you.” He turned and looked at Qin Yu, his eyes as sharp as blades. “If you can succeed the throne of the Holy Monarch then everything will go according to your will. But if you fail, then however much hope you’ve given her will be replaced by a despair that is ten times or even a hundred times greater.”

After today’s events, the Holy Nether Guard had already made clear where they stood. If Qin Yu couldn’t inherit the throne, then once a new Holy Monarch appeared he would surely carry out a brutal purge and cleanse them of Qin Yu’s taint. This was because it was impossible to keep guards that weren’t sufficiently loyal. While Qin Yu had no path of retreat, the Holy Nether Guard didn’t either.

Qin Yu frowned, as if sensing the invisible pressure on his shoulders. He took a deep breath. “How can I believe you?”

The Demon Envoy arched an eyebrow. “My current performance isn’t enough to have you believe me?”

Qin Yu nodded and then shook his head. “I believe you, so that’s why I followed you here. But believing is different from trusting. I need a more explicit reason. Lord Demon Envoy, why are you helping me?”

The Demon Envoy was silent for a long time. He began to slowly say, “The reason is simple. It’s the usual played-out stereotypical story you can hear anywhere. My grudge with the Mu Family is as deep as the sea. I will not allow them to take the position of Holy Monarch once more.”

“Lord Demon Envoy, if you can explain in detail.”

“The Mu Family’s throne of the Holy Monarch in the past was seized from my ancestors!” In that instant, space seemed to freeze and an invisible aura erupted outwards. Qin Yu seemed to hear the sorrowful wails of the rules around him. But all of this was contained in their room, none of it leaking outside.

Within Qin Yu’s chest, his heart beat vigorously, pushing blood through his body. Every inch of his flesh and bones emitted a silent roar. The Holy Son Armor appeared on its own volition and a dark purple halo of light flowed across his body, making him seem like a reviving demon god.

The Demon Envoy revealed a shocked expression. “Your Emperor level Demon Body has finished its transformation?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Yes.” In his heart, he had already determined that this person was the one who had sent him into the Endless Sea. If so, then he shouldn’t have any ill intent towards him.

His thoughts raced. Qin Yu thought back to Heavenly Demon City. When the Demon Envoy appeared and probed him, it was likely then that some of his secrets had been exposed, leading him to know about his current Emperor level Demon Body.

Even though the Demon Envoy had already sensed this, when Qin Yu nodded his head in acknowledgment, he still felt great waves surge in his heart. After a long period of silence, he said, “You are more outstanding than I expected. Even in the long cultivation history of the Demon Body, it’s impossible to find someone that can compare with you. I originally thought that you would need several more years to complete your Demon Body transformation.”

He shook his head. “No wonder you didn’t hesitate to leave the Endless Sea, even if that meant rushing through the road of Ascending Heaven. Cultivating the Demon Body is like sailing a boat against the current; you cannot lose the momentum you have gathered behind you. If you were to delay for several years without advancing, that would be harmful to you. In this way, when I initially sent you into the Endless Sea, it seems I hadn’t considered the situation well enough.”

It really was him.

Qin Yu said, “Lord Demon Envoy, perhaps it’s time for us to have an open and honest discussion with each other.”

An hour later, the two sat in silence, quietly digesting each other’s words. Qin Yu helped dispel the Demon Envoy’s confusion, as well as the reason why he was able to obtain the Emperor level Demon Body. Of course, he didn’t give the complete answer. At the same time, Qin Yu also believed that the Demon Envoy was holding things back. Still, through all of this, he was able to make a judgment. The Demon Envoy could be trusted…at least he could be trusted for now.

“The Holy Palace’s main body will open soon. Since you have completed your Emperor level Demon Body transformation, you will have a great advantage over everyone else. If you can obtain an inheritance of the Holy Monarch’s lineage, then you can obtain the status of Holy Son. The Holy Son is the only successor of the Holy Monarch so this is an incomparably honored status. Moreover, you will be able to obtain some of the authority granted to His Majesty the Holy Monarch ahead of time. Believe me, as long as you obtain this partial authority, no one within the Demonic Path will try to harm you in the future.” The Demon Envoy’s eyes suddenly turned dignified. “But let me remind you, even if you have an Emperor level Demon Body, you absolutely cannot be negligent and underestimate anyone. The Mu Family have made many arrangements for this. They will do everything in their power to obtain the Holy Palace’s inheritance!”

Qin Yu stood up and walked to the window. He looked at the bright figure that was playing amidst the flowers. “Lord Demon Envoy, rest assured that I will do my best.” This was for himself, as well as for the people who had placed their destiny in his hands.

The previous Demon Envoy sighed with emotion. “Emperor level Demon Body, this is the Emperor level Demon Body! It seems I really am too old; I cannot see through the depths of the youngsters these days.” He shook his head repeatedly. In front of his closest and most intimate disciple, he didn’t conceal his shock.

“To speak honestly, this disciple spent a great deal of strength to not lose face in front of Yao Bin. I was barely able to maintain my composure.” The Demon Envoy forced a smile. “Teacher, is a white sun boundary talent really so formidable? In all the previous historical records, I have never read about such cultivation speed before.”

The previous Demon Envoy’s eyes flashed. “Perhaps there is some secret on Yao Bin’s body that neither you nor I know about.” He suddenly switched the topic. “Have you completed the investigation into his background yet?”

The Demon Envoy nodded. “There are indeed some problems with Yao Bin’s background.” He reiterated everything he learned from the Black Demon Sect. “According to the records, he is at least several hundred years old. It doesn’t match with his current appearance.”

The previous Demon Envoy frowned. “Continue the investigation. If there is anything wrong…” His expression was ice cold.

The Demon Envoy hesitated for a moment. “Teacher, perhaps you are overthinking things. There shouldn’t be any connection between Yao Bin and the Immortal Sect.”

The previous Demon Envoy lightly said, “When it concerns the throne of the Holy Monarch, one cannot be too careful.”

“Yes, this disciple understands.”

Cloud Grove City, Mu Family.

Yao Bin breaking through the road of Ascending Heaven and leaving the Endless Sea was like a heavy slap in the head, leaving the ears and minds of everyone in the Mu Family buzzing and their field of vision flashing black. Many of these people felt anger, and this anger was most directly towards Mu Xianglin. Some people weren’t happy that he was in charge of the daily matters of the family, and their eyes flashed in gloating as they reveled in his misfortune.

“Old Ancestor, this is all my mistake. I will definitely investigate this matter and give you an explanation!” Mu Xianglin clenched his teeth, his heart filled with puzzlement. According to the information he had gathered from various sources, it should have been impossible for Yao Bin to escape. But reality had always been so cruel and uncaring. He had no choice but to accept this fact.

Mu Yuantai took a deep breath. “Old Ancestor, this isn’t the time to assign responsibility and punishment for this. Since Yao Bin has suddenly appeared, there might be an accident with the inheritance of the Holy Palace.”

The Mu Family Old Ancestor opened his eyes. “How is Mu Mo’s current condition?”

Mu Xianglin quickly said, “Reporting to Old Ancestor, Mu Mo has already smoothly made his breakthrough and now has a Sovereign level Demon Body. He is currently consolidating his boundary.” He said in a deep voice, “Even if Yao Bin has a white sun boundary talent, it is impossible for him to have achieved a Sovereign level Demon Body in a mere year! When the main body of the Holy Palace opens, Mu Mo will be able to step into the Holy Palace first and everything will be decided by then!”

The Mu Family Old Ancestor was silent for several breaths of time. He lifted his hand. Black light surged and a black crystal appeared. “Give this to Mu Mo. Tell him that no accidents can occur.”

Mu Xianglin’s eyes widened before filling with pleasant surprise. “Thank you, Old Ancestor. With this holy ancestor’s treasure in hand, he will definitely succeed!” So what if Yao Bin had a white sun boundary talent? As long as Mu Mo obtained the Holy Monarch’s inheritance, he would assume the position of the Holy Son!

All of the plans that the Mu Family had labored for throughout the years were finally about to bloom!

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