Chapter 549A – Trust

The Mu Family Old Ancestor’s eyes flashed. He had used a soul suppression secret art to deliberately humiliate Qin Yu in front of everyone. But, he never expected that he would remain so calm. With his plan having failed, surprise flickered in his eyes, followed by killing intent. With such astonishing talent and restraint, if he wasn’t eliminated soon, he would surely become a great source of pain for the Mu Family!

The thoughts of this old monster that had lived for an untold number of years were as deep as the sea. Even if there was killing intent surging in his heart, none of this was revealed on the surface. “Yao Bin, I wonder how you managed to accomplish this?”

Qin Yu said, “Long ago I inadvertently obtained a special treasure. It has saved my life several times in the past. Unfortunately, the number of times it can be used is limited, so unless it’s a critical moment, I wouldn’t.” As he spoke to here he shook his head and said, “It’s just that today, the power of this treasure was much more than I thought it was.”

These words were both true and false. The sea map had indeed saved Qin Yu in the past, and he really didn’t expect its display of strength today.

The reason he changed his answer and gave such a vague response was due to the dread he felt towards this old monster from the Mu Family.

Whether or not he was believed, he would frighten him first. Before this old freak clearly investigated things, he wouldn’t dare to act recklessly.

The Demon Envoy suddenly spoke up, “Mister Mu, this matter will be clearly investigated by the Holy Palace. With your honored status, there is no need to waste time on a junior.” His voice was light as he spoke, but there were some fluctuations in his words that broke through the void and interrupted the suppressive aura all around.

The Mu Family Old Ancestor fell silent for a moment. Then he suddenly laughed, “You’re right. I’m already a dead man walking, so if I were to interfere in these matters I fear that others might secretly complain about me. But Demon Envoy, there is a point where you are wrong. Yao Bin possesses a white sun boundary talent and he is even able to rush through the road of Ascending Heaven and break out of the sea today. To say that he is the future hope of my Demonic Path isn’t going too far. Moreover, he has an extremely high chance of succeeding the throne of the Holy Monarch. He isn’t someone that can be summarized with the word ‘junior’.” His cold eyes swept around one more time, then he chuckled and stepped away, vanishing from sight.

The Demon Envoy’s tense body relaxed a little and he let out a deep breath of air he didn’t know he was holding in. He was actually very worried that this old monster would suddenly decide to attack. It had to be known that the current Yao Bin represented a formidable threat to the Mu Family, and there were other vital interests at work too. Luckily, the old monster seemed to have some scruples and didn’t dare to recklessly attack in the end.

The Mu Family members left. After a brief pause, some of the other great figures of the Demonic Path diverged. But, the majority of them actually stayed behind. They didn’t do much, only arriving at Qin Yu’s side and greeting him. There weren’t any vows or pledges made. They simply spoke some words to him and then left. But the significance behind this was already sufficiently shocking.

This was the privilege of the great figures. Most of the other Demonic Path cultivators still lingering in the periphery didn’t have the qualifications to approach. But, Zhao Qianyuan was an exception. He wasn’t a Calamity Immortal, but his status within the Demonic Path wasn’t below that of a Calamity Immortal. In fact, when he decided to step forward, a Calamity Immortal mulled over it and decided to wait for a moment. From this alone, it could be seen that the current Zhao Qianyuan had already stepped into the heavens.

“I have always believed that you would eventually emerge from the Endless Sea and shock all those that doubted you. But, I never imagined you would do it so quickly.” His voice was mild and temperate, without any change from before.

Qin Yu didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but he could sense a bit of cautious probing in Zhao Qianyuan’s face. He carefully looked for it again, but this feeling had already vanished.

After a pause, Qin Yu smiled and said, “Brother Zhao’s cultivation increases with every day. If I don’t want to be left behind, I need to try even harder.” He had his own reasons for saying this. While he didn’t know of Zhao Qianyuan’s current illustrious reputation within the Demonic Path, he could feel his invisible aura all around, containing in it the potential to shake the world. This Zhao Qianyuan was no weaker than a Calamity Immortal.

Someone who wasn’t a Calamity Immortal but was actually no weaker than a Calamity Immortal. If one thought deeply about the true implications behind this, how astonishing was it!

Zhao Qianyuan shook his head. “Brother Yao is too modest.” He cupped his hands together. “Today isn’t the time to talk. If I have free time I will pay a visit in the future. Then, I’ll excuse myself first.”

“Brother Zhao, take care.”

As the two bid their farewells and left, this sight fell into the eyes of many people and they all sighed with emotion. These two had only entered the Demonic Path a little over a year ago, but they had become people that walked amongst the clouds, throwing their peers far behind them. Without accident, this disparity would only grow larger and larger until there was no more chance to overtake them.

Dong Hanzhu looked away and silently left. A year ago he believed he still had the qualifications to compete with Qin Yu, but now, he didn’t even have the right to speak to him. This wasn’t because he didn’t put in sufficient effort, but some people simply couldn’t even be classified as monstrous geniuses.

He clenched his fists beneath his sleeves. But, Dong Hanzhu didn’t feel despair over this. Perhaps Zhao Qianyuan and Qin Yu had tossed him far behind right now, but that didn’t mean he didn’t have the chance to catch up. The opening of the Holy Palace’s main body was right before him. This was a great lucky chance. If he had a good harvest then his strength would rise by leaps and bounds.

Sun Zifu lowered his head. He suddenly said, “Honorable master, let’s go.”

“You don’t want to greet him?” A chubby old man narrowed his eyes, a telling grin on his face.

Sun Zifu bitterly smiled. “Where do I have the qualifications to?” He took a deep breath. “At least I don’t today.”

The old man nodded. “It’s good that you know how great the disparity is. Cultivate well later and don’t waste…” He mumbled, his little eyes veering back and forth. Only when he saw no one paying attention to them did he slap his forehead in relief.

Sun Zifu helplessly smiled. His teacher was good, but sometimes he lacked a guard for his mouth.

He looked deeply at Qin Yu who was surrounded by a crowd. Then, he turned and left, the old man smiling and following him.

In this world, everything changed with the passing of time. If a person grew, the others around him wouldn’t stop growing either.

Today Qin Yu was able to proudly smile and laugh towards all those around him. But, what would this scene be like ten years from now?

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