Chapter 548B – Holy Son Armor

Countless eyes filled with envy, and even the great figures of the Demonic Path were no exception. It had to be known that the status of being the Holy Monarch’s personal guard was extremely honored. There was not much true authority to this rank, the rank was only lower than that of a commander. But, because they were the personal guard of the Holy Monarch, they had to deal with all sorts of terrifying situations and as a result, they possessed the idealized armor, one which only personal guards possessed. Its defensive capabilities were mind-boggling and not even a Calamity Immortal could easily break through it. It could be considered a valuable defensive treasure of the entire Demonic Path.

100,000 years ago when the Holy Monarch died a violent death, his personal guards were stripped of their status. During the time for which the throne was empty, only several people managed to obtain the idealized armor, and each one was an existence that was fought over by all factions. And now today, four of them had appeared at once…mm? Something didn’t seem right…

Yao Bin, where was this boy’s idealized armor?

The eyes of many people still lingered on Hai Lanlan’s body and the idealized armor she wore. But, the truly great individuals had already turned their eyes somewhere else and found where the key issue was.

Four sets of idealized armor had arrived. Three sets had appeared, and it didn’t make sense that Yao Bin’s hadn’t come out. Mu Yuantai’s heart skipped a beat. He didn’t know why, but he felt an extremely foreboding premonition.

As if something was going to happen right now.

Suddenly, layers of light surged on the surface of Qin Yu’s body. It was like pure darkness blended with a deep purple color. But the feeling it gave off wasn’t strange. Rather, it was filled with an unexplainable sense of honor and majesty. Just looking at it made one feel awe in their heart.

Circles of complex and exquisite patterns appeared, slowly forming the outline of a suit of armor. It appeared from the layers of light, rapidly condensing into reality.

“Holy Monarch Armor!” A great figure suddenly shouted out loud. His pupils shrank and shock filled his face.

Above the Endless Sea, everyone’s breathing almost completely vanished. There was not a single sound that could be heard in that instant.

In this world, the only one that could possess the Holy Monarch Armor was the Holy Monarch!

As this thought appeared, everyone’s heart quaked. It was like a million bolts of thunder striking down together, shaking the soul.

If Qin Yu could obtain the Holy Monarch Armor today, then from this point forth he was the Demonic Path’s unsurpassed Holy Monarch!

This was without a doubt!

There was a flash of excitement in the Demon Envoy’s eyes before he revealed some disappointment. This wasn’t the Holy Monarch Armor. Still, with this set of armor, Qin Yu’s status in the Demonic Path would dramatically rise.

“No, it isn’t the Holy Monarch Armor, it is the one rank lower Holy Son Armor!” Mu Yuantai loudly shouted. He relaxed a little, but his back had already been drenched with a cold sweat. If a new Holy Monarch had truly appeared today, then the only thing that awaited the Mu Family was the fate of destruction. Even if he were a Calamity Immortal, he feared he wouldn’t be able to escape disaster!

“That’s right, that’s the Holy Son Armor!”

“Strange, why would the Holy Palace bestow the Holy Son Armor upon him?”

“Could it be that Yao Bin’s white sun boundary talent was sensed by the Holy Palace?”

“Although there has been no precedent, it can be explained with his white sun boundary talent.”

Many great figures of the Demonic Path started to discuss amongst themselves, their hearts much more relaxed. If a new Holy Monarch had suddenly popped out of nowhere today, they would have found it hard to accept. But after seeing what they did, their gazes had changed. It seemed that the Holy Palace favored Yao Bin…could this be a representation of some intent? Moreover, with the opening of the Holy Palace’s main body imminent…one couldn’t help but speculate about the possibilities.

Mu Yuantai felt as if he had survived a disaster. His complexion was even uglier to look at. He could sense the opinions of those around him rapidly changing. If he allowed this to freely continue, then the Mu Family’s situation would only worsen. His thoughts raced and he took a step forward, saying in a deep voice, “Yao Bin, I am asking you with my status as a Calamity Immortal of the Demonic Path. Just what was that beam of light which fell from the highest heavens just now?”

One couldn’t help but acknowledge that there were no Calamity Immortals that were easy to deal with. Mu Yuantai easily grasped the key point of the situation. Yao Bin already possessed a white sun boundary talent, so obtaining the Holy Son Armor was only improving upon this perfection; it didn’t affect things too much because he was already astonishing enough.

But, the beam of light from the skies was different. It possessed the strength to kill a Calamity Immortal, and thus was the heaviest topic on everyone’s mind.

Qin Yu looked up. With the Holy Son Armor serving to contrast his calm demeanor and expression, it lent him an even greater air of resoluteness and dignity. But before Qin Yu could speak up, the Demon Envoy interrupted, “Mu Yuantai, perhaps this matter involves Yao Bin’s greatest secrets. How can he reveal it in front of everyone? It won’t be too late to ask him later.”

Mu Yuantai clenched his teeth. “No! This matter is too important and might involve the safety of the Demonic Path. It has to be clearly explained!” To question him in public view of everyone else was the best opportunity he had right now. Otherwise, if he were to miss out on this chance and Yao Bin’s name and reputation spread throughout the Demonic Path, that would create a trend that would be disadvantageous to the Mu Family.

The Demon Envoy’s eyes were icy cold. “How dissolute! Since when did you have the qualifications to speak against me!”

Bang –

The boundless aura of a Calamity Immortal erupted, like a great mountain pressing down on everyone.

How could the Demon Envoy not know what Mu Yuantai was thinking?

Since Yao Bin had leapt into sight of everyone, it was impossible for him to keep a low profile and continue growing. If so, then he had to expose his stance today to give the greatest show of support to Yao Bin!

Although he didn’t know what that beam of light was, the Demon Envoy understood that even if it came from Yao Bin, there was an over 90% chance that it was some terrifying one-time use method.

But even this small uncertainty was enough to awe everyone. The later this could be verified, the more it would help Qin Yu. It would help Qin Yu consolidate his reputation and harvest more goodwill.

“Yuantai really doesn’t understand the rules, but what if this old man wishes to know?” A light voice spread out. A figure suddenly appeared, one with a headful of white hair and a face stacked with wrinkles. The scent of decay wreathed him, but that rickety figure emitted an aura that shook the world.

Circles of weak fluctuations spread out with him at the center, as if he was in the middle of a lake being blown on by a cool spring breeze. The complexions of the surrounding great figures changed, their eyes shaking a little. This undying old monster from the Mu Family was actually strong to such a degree! For this freak to make an appearance today and even blatantly expose such a terrifying strength, it was clear that Yao Bin’s existence made him feel nervous.

And more importantly, Yao Bin now had to give an explanation for that beam of light which fell from the heavens. This was because even the Demon Envoy didn’t have much speaking power in front of the Mu Family’s Old Ancestor.

The Mu Family Old Ancestor turned around, his eyes looking straight ahead. Even though he didn’t say a single extra word, the world seemed to freeze.

The Demon Envoy’s eyes flashed with a cold brilliance. It was unknown what he was thinking but he finally suppressed his thoughts. His expression was cloudy and he kept silent.

Qin Yu felt as if he was facing a towering mountain. A terrifying oppression caused his soul to instinctively scream out. While this old freak that suddenly popped out of nowhere might not be able to compare to the Dao Arena Master, he was definitely one of the peak super powerhouses that existed within this world. Qin Yu didn’t know who he was, but there was one thing he could determine – this old monster didn’t have a favorable impression towards him, and even wished that he could tear him apart.

Mu Yuantai…Mu Family…

Qin Yu’s heart chilled. This family was indeed worthy of being the previous Holy Monarch’s descendants; they actually possessed two Calamity Immortals, and one of them was even this terrifying. Luckily, he had completed the transformation of his Emperor level Demon Body and even obtained something that had fused with his Demon God Armor and transformed into the so-called Holy Son Armor. So, with his current level of strength, he at least didn’t need to fear that he would be struck dead with a single blow.


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