Chapter 548A – Holy Son Armor

The beam of light that descended from the highest heavens easily pierced through the Endless Sea. After this, there was a brief silence throughout the entirety of the Demonic Path’s small world before everything broke into chaos. Almost all the high level figures immediately stopped what they were doing and started to head towards the Endless Sea at the fastest speed possible.

Compared to the shaken factions in the small world, the surface of the Endless Sea was even more peaceful and quiet than before. The great figures that arrived afterwards seemed to come to a mutual understanding as they restrained their auras and looked at the sea.

If the beam of light that suddenly arrived from the skies had nothing to do with the Holy Nether Guards traversing the road of Ascending Heaven right now, then they wouldn’t believe that at all. But, if the Holy Nether Guard truly possessed such terrifying strength, why would they allow themselves to be bitterly trapped for 100,000 years?

But none of this was important. The only thought in their heads was to clarify just where this beam of light came from!

No matter whether or not they were in the Endless Sea, Calamity Immortal existences were able to instantly feel the dreadful might and prestige contained in that beam of light.

That beam of light had crashed into the Endless Sea. But what if it had fallen on top of them? Who could have resisted it?

At this moment, even the Demon Envoy was silent. There was a strange palpitating trepidation that still lingered around him. He had felt a strong threat of death coming from that beam of light.

Perhaps in the entire Demonic Path, only his teacher and a small number of other people would have the confidence to survive that terrifying beam of light. Anyone else would die as soon as they touched it.

Originally, there were still some vague worries in the Demon Envoy’s heart, but these worries had already faded away. It was impossible for Yao Bin to possess such a terrifying strength, so he shouldn’t be in the road of Ascending Heaven today.

This was also good. Right now, he should be hiding in the Endless Sea, relying on that powerful barrier to protect him from the plotting of others and growing stronger the entire time.

In at most several years, he and his teacher would slaughter their way into the Demon Realm together, finding the formidable demon blood required for him to break through to the Saint level Demon Body.

By that time, Yao Bin should have completed the transformation of his Emperor level Demon Body. Once he was given the demon blood, he would have the opportunity to leap into the heavens with a single bound. As long as he succeeded, he would undoubtedly inherit the throne of the Holy Monarch and the situation would then be decided! As for today’s events and even the opening of the Holy Palace’s main body for the inheritances within, he could give those things to others.

The Demon Envoy’s eyes flashed. He stepped forward. He suddenly discovered four figures appearing along the sea surface. When that beam of light fell down from the heavens, not only had it pierced through the Endless Sea but it had all crushed everyone’s pride and sense of moderation. So, if their urgency towards these Holy Nether Guards could be described as eight points before, then it was now at least ten times if not a hundred times higher!

He had to succeed in gathering them.

The Mu Family’s new Calamity Immortal was named Mu Yuantai. Although his cultivation boundary was much lower than the Demon Envoy’s, he was skilled in maintaining a strong front that didn’t give way to others. Moreover, he could also feel the aura of the Old Ancestor. Although he hadn’t yet appeared, his presence had already reached the Endless Sea.

So, he naturally had the energy to stand tall.

Zhao Qianyuan stood in the crowd. Even though he stood among the numerous great figures of the Demonic Path, they weren’t able to fully conceal his light. Just by quietly waiting, he attracted numerous gazes.

Qin Yu had stayed in the Endless Sea for over a year, and Zhao Qianyuan hadn’t been slacking off during this time. Four months ago it was said he fought against a mysterious Calamity Immortal and hadn’t been defeated. This thrust his reputation to the peak.

It was said that Zhao Qianyuan was only a step away from reaching the Calamity Immortal realm. Once he made that final step he would soar into the heavens and even be comparable to the older established Calamity Immortals!

But at this time, his eyebrows were furrowed as he looked towards the surface of the Endless Sea. There was dread and surprise on his face. There were numerous almighty beings present, but perhaps only he could make out some clues from the depths of that beam of light…could she still be alive?

Whoosh –

Seawater splashed up into the skies. Qin Yu stepped out, his black robes flapping against the wind. Because of his serious losses, his face was pallid. He quietly looked around. Such a stir happening in the Endless Sea must have shaken all sides. He had already prepared himself for the current situation.

Compared to when he entered the Endless Sea a year ago, the Qin Yu of today was as different as the heavens and earth. While he couldn’t say that he could fearlessly look upon everyone here with disdain, he still had some strength to preserve his own life.

So, he might as well appear openly and honestly. If anyone wanted to be enemies with him, he would welcome their challenge.

At this moment, Qin Yu felt no dread in his heart.

Because he felt no fear he felt no dread, and because he felt no dread he was able to remain calm. At this time, Qin Yu was at the center of all attention, his expression faint and indifferent. It stood in stark contrast to the still-shocked bewildered expressions of everyone looking at him, making him appear particularly dignified, as if he were a lion sitting upon his throne and looking down upon all his subjects.

Of course, this was just an illusion. The great figures all around had formidable mindsets and soon composed themselves. It was just that there was still some awe flashing in their eyes, proving that their innermost feelings weren’t as calm as what they revealed on the outside.

How could it be him?

It was actually him!

It was him!

This was a gradual change of thought. From shock to disbelief and finally acceptance of reality. This was because Qin Yu stood in front of them right now…and most importantly, he stood at the front of the group. The Demonic Path paid great attention to ranking and standing. Where a person stood was able to define what role they held, if they were the leader or not. Moreover, Hai Lanlan, Tuba, and Tutou kept their heads slightly lowered, and their imperceptible show of respect spoke for itself. Then, could it be that the terrifying beam of light that appeared just now was due to Qin Yu?

As soon as this thought appeared, the complexions of the numerous great figures present began to change once more. Their eyes filled with an even deeper dignity and a subtle transformation started to appear in the depths of their hearts. However, they still couldn’t figure it out. How could a junior at the Blue Sea boundary control that beam of light which seemed capable of destroying the heavens and earth? Was a white sun boundary talent really so terrifying?

It had been a long time since the Demon Envoy had lost his composure like this in front of so many people. He had firmly believed that Qin Yu wouldn’t appear here just now, but in the next moment he broke through the sea’s surface and proved him wrong. The sudden change and flipping of his expectations had caused a splendid look to appear on his face. However, everyone present also had similar appearances and no one would mock others for having the same.

The Demon Envoy’s emotions surged like the sea and countless thoughts shuttled through his mind like schools of fish. He felt as if the entire situation had surpassed his imagination and spun out of his control. His expectations towards Qin Yu were that he would soar into the heavens several years from now, but it seemed reality was much more wonderful than his imagination could ever be…it seemed that from the very start, despite all of the careful and tentative plans he had arranged to help this body, none of them had ever gone smoothly.

By breaking through the road of Sea Burial and burying the Endless Sea, Qin Yu had shocked the Demonic Path once more. The first time was during the Demon Body talent examination. Without a doubt, the Demon Envoy knew that there would no longer be a chance to suppress Qin Yu and give him some time to freely grow. He hoped that Qin Yu was prepared for everything that was to come. The brilliance of this scene would soon fade and by that time he would welcome the scheming and plotting attempts of numerous factions. But, perhaps he wasn’t afraid of this? The beam of light that descended from the heavens had left a deep impression in his mind. Even if some people had ill intent, perhaps they would be too scared to make a move.

Mu Yuantai’s initial excitement had vanished into thin air. All that remained was a pale face and a simmering fury in his eyes. Killing intent surged like a tide in his heart. At this time, he had already cursed out Mu Xianglin 10,000 times over. That stupid damned pig, news of Yao Bin’s death had already been spread throughout the family for an entire year already. But look, he was still alive and hopping around, even breaking out of the Endless Sea! This was simply absurd! As for whether or not cursing his own bloodline would implicate him, the enraged Mu Yuantai couldn’t care about any of this!

In the previous moments, he had still been thinking about how to recruit these people no matter the cost. But before he could recruit them, he discovered that those he wanted to recruit were his sworn enemy! This feeling couldn’t even be described as cataclysmic. If it weren’t for the fact that a Calamity Immortal had sufficiently strong willpower, he would have likely spat out a mouthful of blood.

Mu Yuantai could sense the countless eyes that turned towards him. Some of them were filled with worry, but some of them were thoughtful, sympathetic, and even filled with ridicule. The Mu Family was indeed strong, but within the Demonic Path, they still had many enemies, enemies that were either in the open or hidden in the dark. As a massive family that had occupied the honored role of the previous Holy Monarch’s descendants for 100,000 years, their existence in itself naturally encroached upon the benefits of many people. This was an inevitable result.

Yao Bin’s appearance today had caused many terrible speculations to occur. This would greatly influence the Mu Family, and there was even a chance it would affect the entire Mu Family’s foundation in the future.

Suddenly, four streaks of light shot across the horizon, a long tail dragging behind them. They howled forth like meteors, and without pause, the four streaks of light fused into the bodies of Qin Yu and the other three.

In the next moment a deep and heavy sound echoed through the Endless Sea, carrying with it a deep majesty and dignity. “To bravely rush through the road of Ascending Heaven, you are bestowed the rank of personal guard. May you share in the revered glory of the Holy Monarch!”

A suit of exquisite armor appeared on the bodies of Hai Lanlan, Tuba, and Tutou. It was different from the full-bodied armors of the True Demon Guard and Holy Nether Guard. This armor only protected the key parts of the body and the empty spaces were covered with a dark golden halo of light. A potent aura erupted, sweeping out in all directions. 

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