Chapter 546B – The Sea Wants to Kill

Although the Sky Hub Division only needed to pass on a message to the Holy Palace, the current throne of the Holy Monarch was empty right now, thus the Holy Palace was nothing more than a symbol of supreme power. News of what was happening in the Endless Sea rapidly spread throughout the Demonic Path in the shortest time possible, leaving countless Demonic Path cultivators shaken. Anyone who knew the story behind the Endless Sea Array would understand what this meant. Just what sort of character had appeared in the ranks of the Holy Nether Guard that could actually Ascend to the Heavens? Just by being called the road of Ascending Heaven, one could understand how difficult this path was to traverse!

Qing Ruhong had managed the Sky Hub Division for many years and she was known for her calm and meticulous work. Since she had someone spread out this news, it definitely wasn’t a lie.

As everyone thought about how the main body of the Holy Palace would open and how the Holy Nether Guard had chosen this time to open the road of Ascending Heaven, all sorts of interpretations were made, leaving everyone’s thoughts in chaos.

But no matter what others thought, their attention had already fallen onto this sea region that had nearly been forgotten. Some high level figures of the Demonic Path had already left to travel there, prepared to witness a moment in history for themselves.

Of course, many of these people came for their own self interest. According to the agreement between the Holy Palace and the Holy Nether Guard, anyone that could rush through the road of Ascending Heaven would be able to regain their freedom and would obtain the qualifications to be part of the Holy Monarch’s personal guard.

Moreover, if there was someone capable of rushing through the road of Ascending Heaven, even an idiot could understand that this was inevitably a peak master of the Holy Nether Guard. If these people could recruit such a person as their subordinate, they would become that much more powerful.

And while the throne of the Holy Palace was empty, the status of being the Holy Monarch’s personal guard was still an incomparably honored one. This person would possess an incredibly high status within the Holy Palace. In the struggle for the throne of the Holy Palace, the title of a personal guard would play a vital role.

Those that had the qualifications to scheme for the throne of the Holy Palace were all peak figures of the Demonic Path. While they weren’t omnipotent, they could at least clearly see these things.

As a result, the Demon Envoy arrived at the Endless Sea. As a commander of part of the True Demon Guard, he was inherently close to the Holy Nether Guard. If someone were truly able to rush past the road of Ascending Heaven, he would have an advantage that no one else had in recruiting this person into his ranks.

The Mu Family also sent over a great figure. While it wasn’t the Mu Family’s High Ancestor, it was still the new Calamity Immortal within their family. Even if he was facing the Demon Envoy, he could do so with a calm expression. 100,000 years ago when the previous Holy Monarch died a violent death, their surname had been cut in half to Mu. Still, as the family of the previous Holy Monarch, they continued to possess an honored status.

Looking at the calm surface of the Endless Sea, the Mu Family’s new Calamity Immortal licked his lips in anticipation. This was because to be accurate, the Holy Nether Guard were the personal troops of the last Holy Monarch, someone who had belonged to the Mu Family. The Mu Family had the status of being the descendants of the Holy Monarch, and in addition, they were also sufficiently strong as they were. To be able to bring this Holy Nether Guard who rushed through the road of Ascending Heaven into their ranks shouldn’t be too hard.

There was also Mu Mo’s existence. This gave the Mu Family hope of contending for the throne of the Holy Monarch. In fact, he could even be said to be the person with the highest chances of success within the entire Demonic Path. And only the Holy Monarch could truly relieve the imprisonment of the Holy Nether Guard. As long as he explained this clearly to whoever was coming up, why would he need to fear that they wouldn’t immediately bow their head and pledge allegiance to his Mu Family?

Thinking of this, the Mu Family’s new Calamity Immortal felt even more urgency. He truly wished that this person or persons from the Holy Nether Guard would be able to cross the road of Ascending Heaven!

Qin Yu didn’t know that the Demonic Path’s small world was seething with excitement once more because of his actions. He also didn’t know that many others wished he could make it out from the Endless Sea…

Even if he knew this, none of their hopes and wishes could provide him with any help.

Fortunately, while his path of water hadn’t yet reached the stage of large success, it was actually strengthened beneath the Endless Sea and was able to play a formidable role. It wasn’t realistic to directly chop these sea monster beasts to pieces, but tearing open wounds on their bodies was simple enough. When combined with the terrifying poisons contained in his right hand’s index finger, eliminating these monster beasts was relatively easy.

This was because strictly speaking, the Great Dao Body was a level of strength that dominated above that of a Calamity Immortal. It was the mortal body that could only be possessed by someone of a higher boundary. Even if there was no change on the surface, the inside had nearly formed its own small world.

Qin Yu took advantage of the strength of poison, constantly transforming his right hand’s index finger until it evolved into being a part of the Great Dao Body. The poisons contained within his finger had also started to change, becoming increasingly terrifying and toxic. When all of this combined together, it led to the scene of him easily slaying the sea monster beasts as if he were chopping up chickens and ducks.

Hai Lanlan had already made her move. What she did was simple. She used her own ability to change the direction in which the undercurrents flowed. This was different from forcefully controlling everything around her. In this, the range of control was much smaller and the losses were correspondingly much less. However, her actions played an important role.

Altering the directions of the undercurrents prevented the monster beasts from wildly rushing towards them in the sea. Once these monster beasts entered the range of the joint killing zone formed by the path of water and poison, they wouldn’t be able to approach after that.

This was because once these monster beasts discovered that they were just sending themselves to die, they changed their strategy and started to self-explode.

That’s right, it was this type of completely artless technique that used the final moments of their lives to go all-out. Still, it created considerable trouble for Qin Yu.

One monster beast self-exploding wasn’t a problem. But, what if it were ten, a hundred, a thousand, or even more? Even if his Emperor level Demon Body was incomparably potent, he would eventually be reduced to ground up meat from the explosions.

With Hai Lanlan’s help, the poisoned sea monster beasts were stopped for a few moments, greatly reducing the threat of their self-explosion. So in the end…they still died in vain.

Suddenly, a bright smile lit up Hai Lanlan’s face. Because she was a naturally indifferent person, when she smiled at this time it was particularly charming. Qin Yu had to admit that he was also attracted, looking at her for two extra blinks of the eye.

“We’re going to reach the surface soon.” She earnestly sensed upwards and then continued to say, “Without accident, we should break out of the sea in ten breaths of time.”

She glanced over at Qin Yu. Until this moment, Hai Lanlan had still felt as if everything was a dream. When the golden blood appeared, that should have been a situation of absolute death…but how come it seemed so easy in front of him?

Of course, Hai Lanlan understood that this so-called ‘easy’ was based upon the premise of the terrifying strength that Qin Yu had exposed. If it were anyone else, they would have all been buried in the bellies of monster beasts by now. Seeing Qin Yu look at her in a daze, Hai Lanlan’s smile dimmed down, but there actually wasn’t much anger in her heart. There was no close sentiment between a man and a woman here. It was only the respect and tolerance given to a genuine powerhouse.

Qin Yu immediately regained his composure. He wasn’t excited like Tuba and Tutou were right now. Rather, his eyebrows furrowed together and he gave off a heavy expression. Once a person’s cultivation reached a certain boundary, they had a little sense of their unknown future. This could be called a formidable intuition.

Before entering the road of Sea Burial, Qin Yu had felt an enormous threat coming from it. It was only because Undying was hidden in his shadows as well as having another hidden card in his hand that he had the courage to rush through.

But as they passed through the road of Sea Burial and were about to break through the surface, they hadn’t encountered any true dangers – this simply didn’t make sense. The golden blood and the berserk monster beasts that followed were indeed terrifying, but from Qin Yu’s point of view, it simply wasn’t that dangerous.

And a more important point was that even though they were just ten breaths of time from the sea’s surface, that constrained and heavy feeling in his heart hadn’t yet disappeared. Instead, it grew increasingly heavy, increasingly dark. Qin Yu thought about it but didn’t say too much. His feet moved and he went first. If an accident really occurred, he would just need to adapt to the situation.

One breath.

Two breaths.

Three breaths.

In the distance, he could see some light.

Four breaths.

Five breaths.

Six breaths.

The light grew increasingly strong. This was the surface of the sea!

Seven breaths.

Eight breaths.

Nine breaths.

Qin Yu came to a sudden stop. Behind him, Hai Lanlan screamed in pain as blood wildly spurted out from her nose and mouth. The air bubbles that surrounded Tuba and Tutou suddenly blasted open and seawater wrapped around them. Blue veins stuck up on their foreheads and their bones creaked and groaned in pain.

This part of the sea had instantly transformed into an invisible hand, grabbing all four of them. A terrifying strength raged around them, constantly tightening its grip.

It wanted to kill them!


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