Chapter 546A – The Sea Wants to Kill

Sky Hub Division Deputy Zhang Yuanling was in a terrified and restless mood. As time passed and things gradually calmed down, he couldn’t help but sigh in satisfaction at the choice he made initially. Luckily, his prompt response had been decisive enough and the catastrophe of that day had vanished.

Otherwise, if he really had to truthfully report what happened, then even if he disregarded his current status which had taken him so many years to obtain, he would have likely been cast into prison by now and be suffering a miserable fate. As for any problems that might come from the Endless Sea Array…Zhang Yuanling didn’t care at all.

Those people were nothing but a group of prisoners that would never taste freedom. Even if they were all killed off by pill toxins, that was just having them die a little ahead of time. In any case, they were going to die regardless, so perhaps dying now was helping free them from their suffering.

But accidents always happened quickly and without warning, catching anyone off guard. As Zhang Yuanling was sitting quietly at a table and taking a sip of tea, his eyebrows furrowed together as he saw an assistant running towards him with a flustered look. After wielding authority for so many years, Zhang Yuanling had tasted power and had a high regard towards his own prestige.

“What are you so panicked for? Calm down and catch your breath before you say anything!”

The subordinate paled. His voice trembled as he said, “My lord, there’s been a change in the Endless Sea Array!”

Pa –

A few days ago, he had received a high-quality jade teacup as a gift. Now that teacup fell to the ground, shattering into pieces. But, he didn’t care about this at all right now. Deputy Zhang’s calm expression suddenly became one of panic. What he feared most right now was to hear the words ‘Endless Sea’.

“My lord…” Seeing him sit in a stunned silence, the subordinate couldn’t help but remind him.

Zhang Yuanling’s eyes spun around. He leapt up and roared out loud, “Bring me over!”

There couldn’t be an accident, there absolutely couldn’t be an accident!

Within the Sky Hub Division, there was a treasure map that hung suspended in midair. It flashed with light, reflecting the entirety of the Demonic Path’s small world. The condition of every single array formation could be seen at a glance. But right now, the region that represented the Endless Sea’s array formation was red like blood, a color so deep that it was like a great stone pushing down upon one’s heart.

The surrounding Sky Hub Division cultivators all around had already stood up, staring at the map with stunned shock in their eyes, as well as a little panic. Initially, when an accident occurred with the Endless Sea Array, the situation had been processed quickly so news of it hadn’t spread out far. However, what happened in the Sky Hub Division wasn’t actually a secret. It was just that this accident was incredibly significant and no one wished to provoke trouble, so everyone came to a tacit understanding to maintain silence and pretend that nothing occurred.

But right now there was clearly a great change occurring in the Endless Sea Array. No one knew whether or not this was related to the incident that occurred with the secret array formation a year ago. If this were true, it inevitably meant that some vital accident occurred in the Endless Sea.

Once things became noisy enough, it would spin out of control, and even the initial covering up of the previous accident would be revealed. Although there were some people in front that could take responsibility, not even a single person in the Sky Hub Division would be able to escape punishment.

Zhang Yuanling pushed his way through the crowd of people. As he saw the bright red spots of light erupting from the region of the Endless Sea Great Array, his field of vision flashed black and he nearly crumpled to the floor. As the Deputy of the Sky Hub Division, he clearly understood that this meant a great accident had occurred in the array formation.

According to the rules, the Sky Hub Division had to immediately report this and ask the Holy Palace to carry out an inspection to see what had happened. The Endless Sea was one of the Demonic Path’s holy lands, so naturally only the Holy Palace could investigate.

This was the source of his greatest fear!

Although the Holy Nether Guard had been exiled into the Endless Sea, in the end they were still one of the Holy Palace’s core armed forces. Once news of the initial accident was found, the consequences…Zhang Yuanling dripped with a cold sweat and didn’t dare to think about it further. After a moment of panic, there was just a single thought echoing in his mind.

Since he had started, he would carry it through to the end. He had to conceal this. Just like the initial accident with the Endless Sea Great Array, as long as everyone in the Sky Hub Division stayed silent, no one would know what had happened.

Yes, this was it!

Zhang Yuanling took a deep breath and forcefully suppressed his tumbling emotions. He turned around and swept over the crowd with an icy cold gaze, “There is a false alarm originating from the Endless Sea’s great array formation. We will temporarily shut down the monitoring for this part of the region. Once I’ve investigated the reason, it will be restored. Do you all understand?”

Everyone was panic-stricken. Their eyes widened, as if this was the first time they had seen the deputy. He had always been a careful and cautious person, but after an accident occurred his methods were actually this swift and fierce. He really couldn’t be underestimated.

His decision-making had been sufficiently resolute. However, Deputy Zhang underestimated the influence of this matter. The Endless Sea’s secret array was significant, but in the end it only harmed the benefits of the Holy Nether Guard. If he wanted to conceal it, there naturally wouldn’t be anyone willing to stand up and provoke trouble just for the sake of the Holy Nether Guard.

But today was different. The Endless Sea Great Array involved a massive region and was one of the Demonic Path’s several ultra-large array formations; it was a key point of supervision. In addition to that, all previous Holy Monarchs and numerous high level Demonic Path figures were buried in the Endless Sea. If an accident occurred, anyone who tried to conceal it would die.

“You want to shut down monitoring of the array formation? Zhang Yuanling, who gave you that right?” An ice-cold voice sounded out from behind, each word like a knife that tore off flesh and blood.

Deputy Zhang, who was currently trying to frighten everyone with his eyes, suddenly looked as if he had been struck by thunder. He shivered as he turned around. When he saw the black-robed Elder Qing Ruhong behind him, he froze in place and nearly toppled to the ground.

Qin Ruhong’s gaze was cold. As the master of the Sky Hub Division, even if she had been in seclusion during this time, if she didn’t handle this matter properly she would inevitably have to shoulder responsibility for it. With her status, although no one would try to punish her even if a mistake occurred, since this incident involved the Endless Sea she couldn’t underestimate it at all.

“Men! Take Zhang Yuanling away and strip his status. Detain him in prison. Once this matter is finished, he will be tried again!”

Zhang Yuanling’s body shook and he howled in sorrow, “Elder, please don’t! Show mercy and forgive me this one time; I promise I will never dare do something like this again!”

Qing Ruhong was without expression. “Lock him up!” She quickly stepped in front of the magic tool map. She closed her eyes and fused her mind into it. After several breaths of time, she opened her eyes and her complexion was even cloudier than before.

“You even closed the communication channel with the Endless Sea? Good, very good, I was just in seclusion for a short period of time and you all want to overturn the heavens?”

There was the sound of loud rustling all around as the cultivators of the Sky Hub Division fell to their knees, their bodies shaking and their faces deathly white.

Qing Ruhong took a deep breath. She coldly said, “Everything that happened while I was in seclusion will be investigated to the end. Now, reopen the channel. I want to know just what is going on!”

Several Sky Hub Division cultivators immediately leapt up from the ground. They rushed towards their seats at the control desk and restarted the Endless Sea’s communication channel at the fastest possible speed. It was a part of the great array formation to begin with. After it was restarted, one could obtain detailed information on what was occurring within the array formation.

On the floating map, the array formation in the region of the Endless Sea began to emit an even brighter red light. A thick blood red light scattered down on every person present, making it seem as if they were doused in blood. Even if it was only light, everyone could actually taste and smell blood.

Everyone in the Sky Hub Division paled. Their eyes widened as if they saw some terrifying image. Their minds rumbled and shook, like a dam had burst in their heads.

A trace of surprise appeared in Qing Ruhong’s icy cold expression before she immediately composed herself. But if one looked carefully, they would find billowing waves surging in the depths of her eyes! She knew what the true function of the Endless Sea Great Array was, thus she understood the true meaning of what was happening in front of her.

Within the Holy Nether Guard, someone had opened the road of Ascending Heaven!

This was something that Qing Ruhong had experienced many times already throughout her years here. But, without exception, all attempts from anyone at gaining freedom and breaking their shackles of destiny had ended in abject failure. In fact, there were few people from the Holy Nether Guard that had ever been able to truly stimulate the formidable strength contained in this great array formation.

But now, that thick blood red light indicated that the person who opened the road of Ascending Heaven was soon about to rush to the surface of the sea. As a result, the entire strength of the Endless Sea Great Array had fully erupted. If these people were to succeed, they would open up a new chapter in the history of the Holy Nether Guard, perhaps even having a chance to change their pitiful destiny of being trapped there for 100,000 years.

Qing Ruhong let out a long breath. “Immediately contact the Holy Palace. Tell them that the road of Ascending Heaven has been opened once more and there is a chance of them breaking through the sea. Ask them to be prepared.”

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