Chapter 545B – Final Glimmer

Tuba and Tutou’s movements became increasingly heavy. Soon, they could no longer fend off attacks from the monster beasts. They relied on their incomparably potent mortal bodies, receiving blows upon themselves in exchange for an even faster killing speed! They hoped that before their strength was exhausted they could send His Highness out of the Endless Sea. But looking at the current pace of things, they clearly wouldn’t be able to accomplish this.

It was unknown how many monster beasts died a horrific death beneath their iron fists. But, their numbers didn’t diminish in the slightest. All that flooded their field of sight was infinite monster beasts, enough to cause one to fall into despair.

Tutou was the first to exhaust his strength. With a punch, he killed an octopus monster beast across from him. Then his body wavered and the lines that covered him began to rapidly fade away. As they vanished, the aura emanating from his body that was like 100,000 erupting volcanoes also dissipated, instantly leaving him weakened.

In their berserk state, the monster beasts had lost most of their reasoning. But, they still retained their hunting instincts. A black-scaled sea snake tensed its body and shot out like an arrow. Its speed was quick and its blood red eyes were filled with an earnest desire to kill. But unfortunately, it wasn’t able to achieve its goal.

The instant it was about to pierce Tutou’s throat, a hand appeared and grabbed it. After being grabbed, the sea snake’s tense body weakened and it was casually tossed to the side where it sank to the seabed.

Tutou clenched his teeth. “Your Highness, do not worry about me!” He knew that if he continued to live he would be nothing but a burden.

Qin Yu had a light expression. “Don’t have such stupid thoughts. You can die, but it won’t be today.” He looked at Hai Lanlan. “I’ll leave these two to you. It’s my turn to step up.”

“Alright.” Without saying much more, she stepped up. Two air bubbles appeared and wrapped around Tuba and Tutou. In the next moment, their strong auras dissipated and they fell quiet.

Looking at Qin Yu, Hai Lanlan wanted to know just how he could remain so calm at this moment. This thought appeared in the hearts of everyone within Holy Nether City. As they saw Tuba and Tutou exhaust themselves, it felt like arrows had pierced through their hearts. But even though their eyes were filled with despair, Qin Yu’s calmness caused a final glimmer of light to remain.

Could the Lord Commander really reverse such a hopeless situation? Although their instincts told them this was impossible, a drowning person wouldn’t care about whether a single straw could save their life. They would desperately grab onto it!

To the Holy Nether Guard, Qin Yu was not only the final straw they could grasp, but also the incarnation of all their future hopes. To most of them, a life of endless imprisonment was a fate more despairing than death.

So even at this moment, they forced themselves to maintain a final ray of hope in their hearts. They fervently prayed that a miracle would appear, even if their thoughts were being drowned in sorrow and gloom.

And in their gazes that were mixed with despair and hope, Qin Yu finally made his move. He lifted a hand and thrust it out. It was like he had pulled an invisible zither string, causing sounds to erupt in all directions. Then, the raging sea looked as if it had been torn apart into countless pieces.

White lines extended out like a giant spider web with Qin Yu at the center. They avoided Hai Lanlan, Tuba, and Tutou, as they swept out in all directions.

All of the monster beasts that were covered by these white lines emitted pained cries. Countless terrifying wounds began to appear on the surface of their bodies. Blood spilled out, dyeing the white net red. Because the monster beasts had fallen into a berserk state, their blood-filled eyes looked even more terrifying. They weren’t frightened from being injured. Rather, the final dregs of cruelty stirred in their hearts. They eyed Qin Yu, wanting to rip him to pieces.

Unfortunately these monster beasts would never have the chance to take revenge. A numbing feeling began to spread out from the incomparably painful wounds on their bodies. Then, their blood-drenched wounds started to lose their color, like pieces of meat hung out to dry in the sun for a long time. Their powerful bodies slowly stiffened and the viciousness in their eyes began to stagnate.

Qin Yu stood in the deep sea. Besides the sounds of water tumbling around him, the scene fell into peaceful silence. Countless mighty monster beasts weakly struggled as they sank towards the bottom of the sea. Qin Yu’s expression was calm, as if he wasn’t the person who had sent these monster beasts to the depths of hell with a single strike of his palm.

But it was exactly the contrast between this calmness and the overwhelmingly tyrannical sight around him that left everyone’s hearts shaken. At the same time, awe and reverence appeared from deep within them.

Tuba and Tutou were shocked for a brief moment before they recovered themselves. There was pride on their weak and weary faces. In their opinion, since Qin Yu was the Nine Realm Holy Land’s Saint Son, anything he did was understandable. With such blind worship, accepting this sight was much simpler.

But relatively speaking, this had a much greater psychological impact on Hai Lanlan. Although she had heard all sorts of rumors related to the Commander, she had never witnessed them for herself.

Now her eyes widened a little. She knew Qin Yu was fierce, but she never imagined he would be fierce to such a degree.

“Let’s go!”

When she heard Qin Yu’s voice, she was stunned for a moment before she responded. Although she concealed herself well, her fair and delicate ears had reddened a little.

In Holy Nether City, it was even quieter. Countless people watched with wide eyes, their mouths having unconsciously fallen open. There were even some that were drooling without noticing it. Every one of them had incomparably strange looks on their faces. Some wanted to laugh out loud, but because their facial muscles were paralyzed, it produced awkward distortions instead.

The previous silence was because of the despair that drowned their hearts. Now, the current silence was because the joyous surprise had come far, far too fast, so fast that they found it hard to accept. Still, they clearly realized that what they just saw happen was the truth. The violent fluctuations in their emotions right now weren’t something that an outsider would be able to understand.

The Lord Commander had thrust out his palm, looking as if he hadn’t done anything at all, and then those vicious and bloodthirsty monster beasts had turned into corpses and started sinking into the depths of the sea? If they didn’t see this with their own eyes, they absolutely wouldn’t have believed it!

Fu Shan gasped for breath. He felt as if he had crossed some barrier and returned to a vacuum state of nothingness to finally feeling emotions. His intense heartbeat caused him to feel a heat spreading throughout his body, as if his entire being was coming ‘alive’.

The golden blood had caused endless monster beasts to rush over. This was the most terrifying scenario in the Endless Sea. The inexhaustible waves of monster beasts were enough to drown anyone.

No matter how strong a person was, unless they could surpass the limit and reach a level where they crushed everything before them and directly ripped open a way out, then in the end nothing remained but eventual death.

And what Qin Yu exposed before them was an unknown strength. Though they couldn’t determine what sort of ability this was, this strength was clearly able to overwhelm the monster beasts in the Endless Sea.

And most importantly, when he moved it seemed casual and easy, without any change in expression at all. It was clear that this technique wasn’t too difficult for Qin Yu.

This represented the hope of living!

As long as the Lord Commander could maintain this terrifying strength, no matter how many monster beasts there were in the Endless Sea, they would only be seeking their own death.

At this moment, even the calm Fu Shan couldn’t help but shout out praises in his heart. Commander, oh Commander, you really are unfathomably deep! My admiration for you is like an endless river!

At his side, Yuan Zhen’s eyes were reddened. If he wasn’t trying to maintain a dignified image in front of his subordinates, he would have already started crying in joy. Only those who fell into despair could understand the intense impact that shook one’s heart when hope appeared once more.

It was just…Lord Commander, I beg you to not play with us again. If you have any hidden cards please take them out. Although our hearts are good, I don’t think we can stand being tossed around anymore!

Shang Yuntai clenched his fists. Although he had full confidence in the Lord Commander, when this scene appeared he was still left excited. He really hadn’t misjudged. The Lord Commander was destined to step upon the pinnacle of the Land of Divinity and Demons in the future, overseeing the world below. How could he quietly perish in the Endless Sea?

“Old Shang, thank you! Thank you!” Wang Chao’s face flushed red. There was joy and shame on his face. He suddenly felt fearful. If it weren’t for Shang Yuntai stopping him, he would have likely died by now.

It would have been fine if he died alone, but if his intrusion caused another incident to occur in the road of Sea Burial, harming the Commander and ruining everyone’s hopes, then even 10,000 deaths wouldn’t be enough punishment.

Hua Yanting and Huang Shan’s flushed red. They wanted to apologize but they couldn’t open their mouths. However, they secretly vowed to themselves that they recognized this brother Shang Yuntai!



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