Chapter 544A – Hopes Shattered

The two Demon Envoys sat across from each other, a red square table placed between them. Atop it was a teapot with its lid left open. Tendrils of water vapor curled up in the air, tumbling about and leaving behind a delicate fragrance. From time to time, the steam took on the appearance of a pine tree, or the appearance of a willow with a young shepherd child playing beneath, or a sea of fog, or a grand rising mountain. Just this simple water vapor seemed to contain an endless amount of possible variations.

“The main body of the Holy Palace fast approaches. The Mu Family has made many preparations. It seems that their ambitions great. If they were to obtain the key inheritance…” The previous Demon Envoy poured himself a cup of tea. Although his words trailed off, the meaning behind them was already clear.

The Demon Envoy had a calm expression. “When I sent Yao Bin into the Endless Sea, I had already prepared for this. The Holy Palace’s inheritance is undoubtedly important, but ownership of the throne depends on the boundary of a person’s Demon Body in the end. As long as he can achieve the Saint level, even if the Mu Family has a thousand methods there is nothing they can do but bow their heads in hate.”

“But you and I both know that while trapped in the Endless Sea, there is no way to achieve a Saint level Demon Body.”

The Demon Envoy said in a low voice, “This disciple understands. So, I have been preparing in secret. After everything is done, I will make a trip to the Demon Realm.”

There was a long silence. The previous Demon Envoy put down his teacup. “You should be well aware how dangerous the Demon Realm is. Even with your current cultivation, you might not be able to escape unscathed.”

The Demon Envoy lightly said, “In this world, if you want to obtain something, you must pay the corresponding price. The Mu Family can only be the Mu Family. I will not give them a chance to restore their surname.” As he spoke, his voice became cruel and callous. “The position of Holy Monarch shouldn’t be theirs to begin with.”

There was another long period of silence. The teacher and disciple drank tea quietly, thoughts spinning in their hearts.

The previous Demon Envoy sighed and put down his teacup once more. “Your teacher will go to the Demon Realm with you. I hope we will find success.”

The Demon Envoy stood up and bowed. “Thank you teacher!”

Cloud Grove City, Mu Family Residence.

Within an underground temple somewhere, an exquisite illuminating array formation gently sprinkled light around. The pure halo of light illuminated the faces of those people in the underground temple.

There weren’t many people who had the qualifications to participate in today’s meeting. But those that did held true power in the Mu Family. Mu Xianglin was one of these people, but even he was ranked below the several old Ancestors.

The one sitting in the seat of honor was an old man with white hair and wrinkles piled up on his face. His eyes were partly open, giving off a somewhat weary feeling. But, if one sensed carefully, they would discover a terrifying aura beneath this old bag of leathery skin, one so vast that it left a person’s soul shivering…as one of the top families of the Demonic Path, how could they not have a Calamity Immortal assuming personal command?

“How is Mu Mo’s condition these days?” The first one to the left of the High Ancestor spoke up, asking. His appearance was somewhat younger. His hair was gray and he was full of spirit.

Mu Xianglin hurriedly said. “Mu Mo is in seclusion right now, trying to rush to the next boundary. With the Holy Monarch’s item bestowed by the High Ancestor, he has an enormous chance of success.” As he spoke, his spirits lifted and his smile widened.

The old man in the main seat opened his eyes, his voice calm and even. “Tell Mu Mo that he can only succeed; he cannot fail here.”

Mu Xianglin bowed. “I ask High Ancestor to rest assured!” After he finished speaking, he hesitated a little.

The Mu Family’s Calamity Immortal, Sea Suppressing Divine Needle Mu Rugui, closed his eyes once more. “I have already dealt with things on the side of the Holy Palace. You merely need to follow the plan accordingly.”

After speaking these words, there was an even deeper weariness on his face. He lifted his hand and waved dismissively.

Everyone stood up and respectfully bowed as they excused themselves.

Once everyone left the underground temple, the illuminating array formation gradually extinguished itself. Darkness shrouded this place once more and a dense yin chill flooded the air.


Faintly, there seemed to be screams of despair coming from the depths of the underground temple.

Mu Xianglin’s face paled a little. But he immediately suppressed his state of mind and his expression became firmer.

A new Holy Monarch had to appear within the Mu Family! This had to happen!

The Demonic Path’s long-sealed Holy Palace’s main body would soon open. As all the young disciples with King level Demon Bodies were shaking with excitement, in the far-off Immortal Sect, they were also welcoming a great celebration. On this day, Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace finally welcomed a new master.

In a pavilion built on the summit of a mountain, there was a woman of unparalleled grace and talent. She wore a magnificent flowing dress and there was no hint of emotion on her beautiful face. Just by standing there, she seemed to merge together with the surrounding world. She was like an incarnation of the infinite heavens and earth, making one instinctively feel awe.

Space faintly fluctuated and Purple Moon stepped out. Her gaze was calm but there was a trace of pride on her face that couldn’t be concealed. As she thought, her judgment of others was far too sharp. The disciple she received in the past had finally risen on up and was now someone who stood upon the highest heavens.

From today, she was the Master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace. Out of the endless trillions of lives within the Land of Divinity and Demons, she was one of the noblest existences there.

“Yuanyin, the time has arrived. Go to the main hall and receive the bows.”

Beneath the pavilion, the woman turned around and slightly bowed. “Yes, honorable master.” Her voice was cool and without any fluctuations. While her stance was respectful, there was no mood in her eyes. It was as if the person in front of her was simply someone called ‘honorable master’ that she needed to nod to. Or, it could even be a stone…to the current Shen Yuanyin, there wasn’t much difference between a human or a stone.

After cultivating the Sublime Lost Emotion Code to large success, all of one’s own emotions and sentiments disappeared. Everything in this world and all that lived within it was nothing but ants in one’s eyes. Naturally there was no need to care for ants.

Shen Yuanyin took a step out of the pavilion. Then, she stopped and looked back. There was a brief flash of confusion in her eyes, but this confusion soon disappeared like snow in the sun. Her faint and formidable will had already thoroughly grinded these emotions that shouldn’t have existed to begin with into nothing. Since she couldn’t figure out why this place stirred up her heart that should be as serene as a lake, then she would simply erase it from this world so it wouldn’t affect her any longer.

One step rose and one step fell. Shen Yuanyin vanished from sight.

Soon, a bell resounded through the nine heavens, its sound like rumbling thunder. The grand ceremony of ascending the throne had already begun. From this moment on, Shen Yuanyin was doomed to be the center of all attention, becoming an unsurpassed divine existence that received endless gazes filled with awe and reverence.

A breeze blew past, stirring Purple Moon’s skirt. She looked blankly at the place where Shen Yuanyin vanished. It seemed that the disciple who used to smile so affectionately at her in the past would no longer return. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly thought back to that young man who loved to drink wine here and her lips tightened.

“I wasn’t wrong…Yuanyin’s destiny is to become the Master of Nineheaven Mirrormoon Palace…I have cultivated her, growing her into becoming the most honored woman in the world…

“Since you have already died, then just disappear. Stop trying to affect her heart and ruin her infinitely bright future…I wasn’t wrong, I wasn’t wrong!”


Endless Sea, Holy Nether City.

Qin Yu didn’t know that his life’s most important woman had stepped upon the world’s peak this day, becoming a peerless great figure who wielded authority within the Immortal Sect. Right now he was diligently cultivating. Deep blue ripples of light surrounded his body, gentle and soft like the sea above his head.

Cultivating the path of water in the Endless Sea seemed to produce an additional supportive effect. Since Qin Yu saw Hai Lanlan and inadvertently peeped into the threshold, his cultivation had gone as smoothly as wind and water. It could even be said that he was progressing with ‘leaps and bounds’. While he was still a long distance away from reaching large success, using the path of water’s gentle attributes to nourish his body was already simple.

The main body of the Holy Palace would soon open, allowing people to search for the formidable inheritances within. While the most basic qualification was to possess a King level Demon Body, there was no information regarding what standards there were to obtain the inheritances inside. However, it was clear that the boundary of a person’s Demon Body was key. While the Emperor level Demon Body was sufficiently powerful, Qin Yu didn’t mind becoming stronger.

If he ascended the throne of the Holy Palace, that could help him leap into the highest heavens with a single bound. Since there was such a great shortcut opened up in front of him, he naturally took it incomparably seriously.

Moreover, there was no other path open to him. If the Mu Family could try to kill him even in the Endless Sea, then that meant they would never leave behind any hidden dangers for themselves…he had to seize the position of Holy Monarch no matter what.

As for whether or not he could pass the road of Sea Burial…Qin Yu didn’t worry about it too much. Not to mention that his strength gave him great self-confidence, he also had a hidden card that might be able to show some wondrous effect.

As Qin Yu was cultivating, Tuba and Tutou were trying to control the strength they had fused with. A vast amount of extra strength had appeared within them. They had never trained in magic arts or supernatural arts before. Luckily, the titan tribe had their own inherited cultivation system. After the two groped about for a long time, they finally found a way to integrate this newfound strength into their own abilities.

His Highness was the hope of the titan tribe. Fu Shan had already warned them how terrifyingly dangerous the road of Sea Burial was. The two had to try their best to become as formidable as possible before they headed out.

They could die, but nothing could happen to His Highness. This was a firm belief that had never once wavered in Tuba and Tutou’s hearts.

Shang Yuntai was also cultivating.

After the poisons in his body were eliminated, his tattered body soon recovered under Wang Chao’s care. Then, he burst out with an unsurpassed fervor for cultivation. It was as if he wanted to make up for all the time he lost…using Wang Chao’s native dialect, this silly baby had gone crazy!

The crazy Shang Yuntai carried with him a steadfast heart that had been tempered through sorrow and despair and had even made a round trip to death’s door. And this heart was only growing stronger and stronger.

Many people said that the road of Sea Burial was incomparably horrifying. There had never been a single recorded case of success within the Holy Nether Guard. Even Wang Chao sighed woefully in private.

But Shang Yuntai had full faith in the Lord Commander. This faith had penetrated deep into his marrow on the day when he had been dragged back from the precipice of death. He fully believed that the Lord Commander would succeed!

Shang Yuntai would follow the Lord Commander back to the Demonic Path in the future. Everything that he suffered, all that he endured, would be returned to him. He would make sure that those close to him were no longer sad. He would make sure that those who harmed him felt pain and despair. He would make sure that those who failed him lived their lives in remorse.

That day wouldn’t be too far away!

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