Chapter 543 – Holy Palace Inheritance

Fu Shan explained the information related to this process that was called either Ascending Heaven or Sea Burial in detail. In truth, simply put the summary was like this: At most, four people would work together, and with Holy Nether City as the starting point, they would rush straight into the Endless Sea up above. If they could break out of the sea, then they would be considered successful.

Of course, while this sounded simple, the difficulty was terrifyingly high. Throughout the inherited records of the Holy Nether Guard, there had not been a single success. But, there were actually piles and piles of failures to serve as examples. In the end, everyone that attempted this method was swallowed up by the Endless Sea and not even bones were left of them.

“The path of the Sea Burial is almost ten chances of death and no chances of survival. Perhaps you can continue to wait; a favorable turn might appear.” Fu Shan’s voice was filled with worry. The appearance of an Emperor level Demon Body should be a matter worth cheering, but he couldn’t summon any happiness. The Holy Nether Guard Commander that was exiled into the Endless Sea actually possessed an Emperor level Demon Body, just a step away from the Saint level…this was such a great taunt!

Qin Yu lightly said, “You and I both know that in this current situation, I can only take this risk. So there is no need to try and persuade me.”

Fu Shan clenched his teeth, a sharp light appearing in his eyes. “If Lord Commander really wishes to rush through this path, then you must accept my arrangements. The Holy Nether Guard’s hopes are all placed upon your body so I will do my best to ensure your safety!”

Qin Yu wasn’t suspicious about this. “What are you proposing to do?”

Fu Shan paced around. “Four people working together is the optimum result obtained from the casualties of countless Holy Nether Guards. One of the spots will be left to Hai Lanlan. That girl possesses a special physique and can mobilize the power of the sea. She will be able to provide a formidable boost to you in overcoming any obstacles.

“As for the other two spots, I will need some more time to prepare. While Calamity Immortals cannot be born in the Holy Nether Guard, through our countless years of inheritance, there have always been some shocking talented seniors who died in seclusion and collected all of their cultivation to be passed down. I will choose experts within the Holy Nether Guard to undergo fusion. Once the fusion is complete, they will be able to provide Commander with potent protection.”

As he said this, a pained look crossed his eyes.

In this world, there were no gains without reason. To inherit such a terrifying cultivation, there was likely an equally high risk. If one failed, all that remained was death. There wasn’t an unlimited number of attempts to inherit the cultivation of these dead seniors. At most there were only five chances for each cultivation inheritance. After those failures, the inherited cultivation would scatter and disperse. Thus, only the most talented individuals would be chosen to undergo this process.

Moreover, they had to complete two cultivation fusions this time. It was unknown how many outstanding juniors would perish because of this. But this was something Fu Shan had no choice in. Qin Yu had already decided to go all-out so the Holy Nether Guard also had to do everything in their power to ensure he lived.

Qin Yu frowned. “Is the difficulty of fusion very high?”

Fu Shan took a deep breath. “The Holy Nether Guard isn’t afraid of death. As long as the Commander can be safe, any price we pay is worth it.” As he spoke, there was a strong smell of blood in his words.

Qin Yu was silent. He had a premonition that what Fu Shan was going to do would cause many people to lose their lives. And these people had parents, they had children, relatives, friends…still, he couldn’t refuse this.

“Where is the difficulty in fusion? Perhaps I can provide some help.”

This was all Qin Yu could do.

Fu Shan had a pained look. “The main problem is that our mortal bodies aren’t strong enough. The Holy Nether Guard refines slaughter aura beneath the sea. Although we can obtain a formidable strength from this, the slaughter aura constantly corrodes our bodies, leaving numerous wounds within us. Even though we are all wary of this and even try to help it by cultivating body tempering arts, we cannot cultivate them to the highest realms. And once the inherited strength of our seniors is poured into a body, it is like a volcano erupting inside you, rolling through your limbs and bones. If a person has a slightly frailer body, it is extremely difficult to withstand it.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. His thoughts raced. After a long time he slowly said, “If it is just a problem concerning the mortal body, then I have better candidates.” He flicked his sleeves and two towering large fellows appeared out of thin air. They bowed and said, “Greetings, master!”

Fu Shan’s eyes widened, his face full of shock. Where did these two people come from? He hadn’t sensed them at all…just how many secrets did the Lord Commander have hidden on his body?

Qin Yu lifted a hand. “Fu Shan, what do you think of the two of them?”

Tuba and Tutou had already silently received instruction. They stepped forward in unison and their blood energy suddenly erupted. There was a loud thunderous boom in the air as the ground disintegrated.

Tuba’s body had long since broken into the Blue Sea level and Tutou had now also stepped into this boundary. Combined with their tall and burly bodies, this was an amazing sight.

Fu Shan regained his composure. After probing the two, he was immediately overjoyed. These two barbarian-like fellows had mortal bodies so strong that it was a complete mess. Withstanding the fusion shouldn’t be difficult at all.

“Commander, if they accept the fusion process, I believe there is at least an 80% chance of success!” He hesitated and then clenched his teeth. “There is something I didn’t mention just now…after inheriting the strength of the seniors and completing the fusion, it will form an invisible imprisonment around them. In the future, there will be no possibility for their cultivation to advance.”

Qin Yu frowned. This was actually unexpected. But as he thought carefully about it, this was also within reason. If one wished to obtain a powerful cultivation out of nowhere, then that person also had to pay a similarly steep price. As he was hesitating, Tuba laughed and grinned, “Master has forgotten. We titans cultivate our mortal bodies. Our cultivation or whatever not being able to advance, that is useless to us.”

Fu Shan was stunned. This was the first time he had seen a tribe of people who only cultivated the body. But if they didn’t have any cultivation foundation, whether or not they could smoothly fuse with the strength of the seniors became an unknown. He spoke out his worries. Before Qin Yu could say anything, Tutou curled his lips and said, “We’ll know once we try.”

Tuba nodded in agreement.

As the titan tribe with incomparably strong bodies, their bravado was this great. If they failed, they would at most vomit out some blood. Would it take their lives?

Of course, compared to His Highness, the mortal bodies they were so proud of couldn’t be considered much at all. Tuba and Tutou glanced at each other, envy in each other’s eyes. They really wanted to know what His Highness ate growing up. Their bodies weren’t much different at the beginning, but after some time where they didn’t see each other, Qin Yu’s body had become preposterously strong.

As the titan tribe which specialized in body cultivation, they had an extremely keen perception towards blood energy. Others might not be able to feel the aura of Qin Yu’s body that he restrained, but in the eyes of Tuba and Tutou, Qin Yu’s seemingly common body possessed a horrific strength that could destroy the heavens and ruin the earth.

Fu Shan’s mind was filled with the casual utterance of ‘we’ll know once we try’. He wanted to remind these two that fusing with another’s cultivation wasn’t a joke. But when he saw how confident Tuba and Tutou were and how the Lord Commander didn’t intend to stop them, he hesitated and then suppressed these words in his heart.

Darkly considering things, he simply didn’t know who Tuba and Tutou were. Since these two wanted to give it a try, he would allow them to do so. There was nothing to lose if the process failed, and if they succeeded, the Holy Nether Guard would be able to avoid many unnecessary losses.

It had to be known that just before this, he had already decided to have his one and only son participate in the cultivation fusion process. As the Vice Commander, if he wasn’t willing to set an example for the others, how could he be able to convince them?

When Fu Shan thought of this, he truly hoped that Tuba and Tutou could succeed.

He didn’t delay any further. He bowed and left. The cultivation fusion process wasn’t simple. There were many preparations to be done and many people to be informed.

Fu Shan convened the three Lieutenants of the Holy Nether Guard as well as some core high level figures. He spoke straight to the point and informed everyone of the situation. As expected, the revelation of the Emperor level Demon Body caused cheers all around. But soon after, the conundrum of making another breakthrough left everyone pale.

Fu Shan slapped the table. “The Lord Commander has already decided to take the path of the Sea Burial to rush out of the Endless Sea. Only like this will he be able to find a turning point in his breakthrough.”

Everyone debated for a long time. Some people proposed that the Commander shouldn’t be so impulsive. But after Fu Shan conveyed Qin Yu’s firm will they fell silent and grew to admire him even more.

If a person knew this was a path of almost certain death and was still willing to try…

The Lord Commander’s current achievements were definitely not just because he possessed a white sun boundary talent.

A vote was taken and passed. It was accepted that Tuba and Tutou would undergo the fusion process. The high level figures of the Holy Nether Guard began to mobilize. There were a number of arrangements that needed to be prepared for the cultivation fusion and they were rapidly carried out.

The first attempt didn’t go smoothly. Not long after the cultivation fusion started, Tuba and Tutou both failed in succession. To the shock of everyone watching, they spat out several mouthfuls of blood, wiped the blood from their lips without a care at all, and then shouted to begin once more.

The titan tribe specialized in cultivating the mortal body. From youth, they tempered their body and spirit together, reaching a deeply profound level. The intensity of their bodies had reached a shocking degree. In addition, the array formation that the Holy Nether Guard prepared had an added cushioning effect. All of this resulted in the seemingly superficial injuries.

If it were anyone else, failing the fusion process would result in their life’s cultivation dispersing and their mortal bodies being broken into several pieces.

Fu Shan relaxed a great deal. He hurriedly sent people to find out what the reason behind it was. If these two could fail in the fusion process, it meant that they at least met the conditions for fusion.

Most importantly, since Tuba and Tutou had such astonishingly strong bodies, from the way things were going now, they could try a few dozen more times without issue.

Ten days later, the slightly dispirited Tuba and Tutou sat in their own respective array formations. Magic power constantly drew in faint wisps of inherited cultivation, pouring it into their bodies.

Fu Shan and the others watched from afar, praise and gratification on their faces. They had experimented 30-40 times before this and several inherited cultivations had been used up. But in the end, they had succeeded.

And during this time, they all had a feeling in their heart that the Lord Commander was a truly epic person. He actually had such fierce characters hidden up his sleeves. The bodies of these two were so strong that they were like walking lumps of iron.

Completing the fusion in 30 to 40 attempts was the result of constantly adjusting the array formations after observing the results. If people from the Holy Nether Guard were to try this, they would die after a failed attempt and there wouldn't be any experimental knowledge gained. As a result, their death rate would be ten times or even dozens of times higher.

They could only rely on luck.

Another half a day passed. Once it was determined that Tuba and Tutou’s cultivation fusion was proceeding smoothly and there wouldn’t be any more problems, Fu Shan appeared in front of Qin Yu once more.

“Without further incident, Tuba and Tutou will need one year to fully control the cultivation in their bodies.” He paused and then continued, “I would like to give Lord Commander a suggestion. That is, to attempt the path of Sea Burial a year from now, because that is when the Holy Palace’s main body will open up.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “The Holy Palace’s main body?”

Fu Shan said in a low voice, “Once the throne of the Holy Monarch becomes empty, the Holy Palace’s main body is sealed up, only to be opened on a special date. I have researched the records and found that the next opening period of the Holy Palace’s main body will be a year from now. Once it does, those with a King level Demon Body and above may enter to seek out formidable inheritances in the Holy Palace.”

His eyes brightened. “It is rumored that within the Holy Palace, there is something behind by the Holy Monarch. After obtaining it, you can automatically gain the partial approval of the Holy Palace and assume the position of Holy Son. And the status of the Holy Son is that of the Holy Monarch’s successor. If Lord Commander can obtain that, you can immediately become an extremely heavy and valuable existence within the Demonic Path. In fact, by relying on that status, you can receive the help of Demonic Path powerhouses, vastly increasing your chances of hunting down a Calamity Immortal realm demon beast.”

“Holy Palace inheritance?” Qin Yu whispered, his eyes gradually lighting up.


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